Hog Rider Ice Golem Cycle (Ice Rider Cycle)

Hello guys, it’s CaptainCP. Currently I am pushing through Arena 8 with this interesting Hog Rider Ice Golem deck. This deck is a very defensive and cheap deck allowing you to turn defense into easy offense by dropping a Hog on top of your defensive troops.


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Hog Rider Ice Golem Deck for Arena 8+

Hog Rider: Your main damage dealer. This deck provides a multitude of different troops to push with alongside your Hog. You’re going to want to build up a small push and drop your Hog just as they are all about to reach the bridge or add him alongside your defensive troops after you’ve stopped your opponents push.

Ice Golem: Ice Golem is 99% just there for distraction. at a decent level he provides really good HP for a 2 elixir card and he is great at distracting and allowing your Tower to take out small attacks such as Goblins, Spear Goblins, Mega Minion, Princes, Mini P.E.K.K.A… Distract larger pushes and drop other defensive troops to take them out while they’re distracted. Throw him in an offensive push in the front and let him soak damage and protect your Hog Rider and other troops coming behind. I strongly recommend you take a look at this guide to see all tips for the Ice Golem!

Valkyrie: Probably the main defensive stopper but can also provide a good offensive push when dropping the Hog right behind her at the bridge, only do this when you know your opponent is low on Elixir. For the opponents that like to push with ground troops behind a Giant or any of the tanks, wait for it all to pass the bridge onto your side, drop the Valkyrie behind the Giant to destroy their backup and then deal with the Giant separately with the help of the Ice Wizard.


Mega Minion: Great for both defense and offense. A great offensive pairing with your Hog. If he does manage to get to the tower he can do some serious work or manage some pretty decent damage on your opponents troops along the way. Great for taking out one or two troops on his own along with your tower, or distract their push with the ice golem and let your mega minions do some serious defensive work. Read more about the Mega Minion at here!

Fireball: Fireball compliments this deck very well. Turn a defensive stand into an offensive push with your Hog Rider or send a cheap pairing alongside him and then if your opponent drops some weaker defensive troops at their tower to defend let that Fireball fly, either taking out the troops, or severely weakening them as well as damaging their tower. Even if the troops aren’t completely destroyed and they’re weakened but you don’t think your tower can take them out alone, drop the Ice Golem to buy your tower more time and save Elixir for your next move. Read the in-depth Fireball guide for more details!

Princess (Arrows): Princess or Arrows both work well to take out cheap air troops, or send Arrows/drop your Princess at the bridge to shoot towards their tower if they drop something like Minion horde or Spear goblins, etc to defend your Hog Rider. Use them both defensively for the same troops, make sure the Princess is out of reach of their oncoming attack though. Princess is also good to drop at the bridge of the opposite lane of your push forcing them to either waste Elixir to kill her. Better spent on defending your offensive push or allowing her to do some serious chip damage on the other tower. Make sure you have some Elixir to defend whatever your opponent chooses to defend her with.

Ice Wizard: (Wizard/Spear Goblins/Archers) Used mostly for weak troops both air or ground or to slow and opponents push, great to drop defensively while their attack is distracted by your Ice Golem only . Slowing them further allowing your tower or another troop to finish them off. Throw him in an offensive push with your Hog Rider to buy him some extra time on that tower and maybe get in a couple extra swings. Great splash damage.

Guards: Most of the time only used for defense or rarely used for distraction against an Inferno Tower once you’ve taken a crown tower. Great to take out your opponents offensive tanks like the Giant but make sure you protect your guards from the opponents other offensive troops with your Ice Golem or Valkyrie. Consider replacing Guards with Mini P.E.K.K.A If you still find it hard to remove tanks.

Again, this is not a perfect deck so don’t hesitate to comment and help us improve the deck. Love you guys!

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    How’s it going everyone Fuse here from Sereniti here back at it again with another deck guide and today I’m going to show you a hog cycle deck that pushed me from Spell Valley to Royal Arena in less than two days!

    Disclaimer- After you have reached arena 7 this deck will not work very well due to the different play style among players, however this should easily get you to Royal Arena!

    The Deck

    Hog Rider (lvl 5+) I have always loved using the hog rider as it is one of the most powerful and aggressive cards in the game due to its amazing speed and damage. The point of the hog in this deck is to use your opponent’s pushes against them and while they are weak create an aggressive push using the hog where the opponent can do nothing but watch their poor tower get massacred by the hogs hammer. Another great thing about the hog is that it can deal large amounts of damage while soaking up hits from the tower for other troops to some serious damage…Below are some recommended combos to get the most value out of your Hog Rider push…

    Hog+Fire Spirits: This push is super deadly and a secure push to make as the enemy can’t use minions or minion horde or any other squishy troop to do damage to the hog. Not to mention the Fire Spirits will do a good amount of damage to the tower if your opponent ignores it.

    Hog+Goblins: If you can get this push setup you are golden. This is one of the most deadly pushes in the entire game because the goblins can do about 70+ damage per goblin on top of the Hog Rider’s 200+ damage per hit. The only issue with using this push is that it can easily be zapped or fireballed away and ruin the entire push and leave you with less elixir than the enemy. While this push is very rewarding it can also hurt you very badly if you play it at the wrong time.

    Hog+Spear Goblins: This was always one of my favorite pushes with the hog because often time my opponent would ignore the spear goblins and only worry about the Hog Rider allowing these shirtless warriors to chip down the tower for only 2 Elixir!

    Cannon (lvl 7+) Ah the cannon. Now becoming so under used due to the recent popularity of the Inferno Tower. The cannon is very cheap and will give you more value than an Inferno Tower if placed properly. If you have read any of my other guides you will know that placing the cannon properly in “The Killzone” will create a chance for the other side tower to shoot at the enemy attacker which will add another 80-100 damage (depending on player level) to the enemy troop and make it a super valuable trade. Also the cannon is strong against Mortar decks as those are becoming popular around Builders WorkShop again.

    Goblins (lvl 8+) If you read above you will see that using these guys with the Hog is one of the deadliest pushes in the game for such cheap elixir, but what else are these guys good for other than assisting the Hog Rider? A cheap high damage distraction is probably the top of the list for uses of Goblins. They have the ability to take down Mini Tank cards easily such as (Knight, Prince, Miner, Musketeer, Ice Wizard, Mini Pekka) So these little guys cannot be replaced by anything not even guards as their role is very strong and specific.

    Spear Goblins (lvl 7+) For two elixir these guys can get you amazing elixir trades and turn their counters for multiple troops into a dangerous push with the Hog Rider. The best way to use the Spear Goblins in this deck is to counter medium health troops such as (Prince, Knight, Musketeer, Miner, Ice Wizard, Witch) Once you have countered these cards it is smart to begin your push with the Hog Rider. This will leave your opponent very weak on elixir and unable to counter your Hog and Spear Goblin push which if ignored can and will take a tower. Another great thing about Spear Goblins is that with the help of The Zap Spell they can takedown most Air Troops (Minions, Minion Horde, Inferno Dragon, Mega Minion) The only air attacker that they aren’t effective against are (Baby Dragon, Lava Hound) They are also very weak against zap as their health is very low but that isn’t a big deal because you will not lose any elixir from the zap as the Spear Goblins and Zap are the same amount of elixir. These guys are a key part of this deck do not replace them with archers or anything else the only possible replacement is with the Ice Wizard or Princess.

    Fire Spirits (lvl 8+) The reason I labeled these guys as being level 8 and above is because going onto Royal Arena almost everyone you play will be a level 7 or 8. If you have level 8 Fire Spirits and you are playing a level 8 player the enemy tower will take two shots to kill each one allowing 2 of them to deal some chip damage to the opponent’s tower if ignored which can be fatal if they allow it multiple times. Don’t worry if yours are below the recommended level because they are still very good for taking out weak ground and air troops (Minions, Spear Goblins, Goblins, Skeletons, Princess) Also they are hard to zap because of how fast they are and you can’t really go wrong with them. Everytime I use them I almost always get a positive elixir trade in my direction which is why I use them in almost all of my decks from Spell Valley to Legendary Arena.

    Fireball (lvl 4+) While this does seem like a very low level to have the fireball recommended at you really don’t need more than a level 4 fireball because the only purpose in it for this deck is to damage or kill popular support cards (Ice Wizard, Wizard, Musketeer, Witch, Mega Minion, Inferno Dragon, Princess, Archers) Usually I can stop pushes easily with… Fireball+Zap+Cannon because the Fireball and Zap will kill any support cards that the enemy is using and the cannon if placed in the “KillZone” can take out a Giant all by itself. Another purpose of the fireball in this deck is to provide you with a direct damage spell to kill Spawner and Elixir collectors if need be.

    Zap (lvl 8+) Zap will always be an excellent card in Clash Royale it really is a steal for 2 elixir. It deals decent damage to all air and ground troops and that’s not even the best part. Ever wish you could stop that Sparky from charging up and shooting at your tower or maybe stop the Prince’s deadly charge from dealing 600+ damage to your tower? Well Zap is here to help. This spell can make minions a one shot, Kill Goblins and Spear Goblins and reset charges on the Inferno Tower, Prince and Sparky. What’s not to love? I do not recommend using these below level 8 because the closer you get to Royal Arena the more level 8 and 9 troops you will see. Having a level 7- Zap Spell will not kill Goblins which can be dangerous for you and cause you to loose.

    Minion Horde (lvl 7+) These guys can be one of the most dirty cards in the entire game if used properly. They provide excellent defense from any Ground or Air troop in the game but are very Vulnerable to be taken down or highly damaged from many spells (Zap, Arrows, Fireball, Poison) This can lead you to being low on elixir which can get you into a lot of trouble with strong pushes. Usually these guys are a defensive card that is very strong but in this deck they can be used very effectively offensively… If you can bait out your enemy’s fireball or Arrows or you are sure they don’t have one use a Minion Horde Hog Rider push with a zap spell ready. Almost nothing can counter this push at all because if the Hog Rider goes down to barbarians or a Mini Pekka the 6 minions will be home free against the tower which will just obliterate the tower quickly.

    Possible Replacements

    Cannon: The cannon can be replaced with the Inferno Tower or Hidden Tesla but I do not recommend this unless it is below the recommended level as it is cheap and gets the job done for cheaper cost. Also if you are a strict no tower user and you hate using towers you could replace it with The Mini Pekka or Valkyrie. These are the only suitable replacements for the cannon in this deck (Trust me I’ve tried it all)

    Fireball: While I always loved the fireball some people despise it and would rather use Poison. I was never a fan of poison but it is suitable to use if you have a level 2+ for it. At level 1 I definitely would not recommend using it

    Spear Goblins: When I got the Princess my first reaction was to replace them with my Spear Goblins. From there I lost multiple matches confused why. If you replace the Spear Goblins with the Ice Wizard or Princess understand that your deck will play different and move a bit slower since you have replaced the Spear Goblins. If you are a fast paced player I highly recomend not making these changes to the deck

    Zap: If your Zap is below the recommended level do not use it. Replace it with Arrows or if you are lucky The Log. When I used this deck I replaced the Zap with my Log and a few other minor replacements and had great success pushing to Frozen Peak

    Minion Horde: I was always a fan of the Minion Horde even when I stopped using them. If yours are too low level or you just don’t like them replace them with Mini Pekka, Barbarians, or Minions. These cards have less reward but are less vulnerable and a little bit easier to use. These changes are perfectly fine to make as it is all preference when it comes to selecting the card you would like to use in substitution for the Minion Horde.

    That’s all for today Clashers! thanks for reading and if you have any questions or comments leave them down below for me or msg me @[email protected] Also stop by our clan Sereniti if you want other decks or some personal training from me… bye!

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    can u make a good and cheap lumberjacl deck pls??

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      a good cheap luberjack deck that got me to arena 8 was:
      Ice Spirits
      Mega Minion
      Spear Goblins

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      Hog Rider, Ice Spirit, Poison, Ice Golem, Princess, Lumberjack, Skeletons, Zap. Works at my trophy range (3200 – 3400). If you haven’t got Ice Golem you can replace him with Knight or Valkyrie. This deck is kinda weak on defense especially against Giant Poison so I don’t recommend trying it out in tourneys or challenges (My results have been decent if you compare them to my other decks). You can pair up almost any combo in the deck and get a good result out of it (Either a positive elixir trade or significant tower damage). My favorite combos are following (In order): Hog Rider + Lumberjack + Ice Golem or Ice Spirit
      Lumberjack + Ice Golem + Ice Spirit
      Hog Rider + Ice Golem + Poison
      Hog Rider + Poison
      Lumberjack + Ice Spirit
      Lumberjack + Ice Spirit + Poison
      I’m sure you guys can figure out more and more combos until you just can think of Hog Rider, Lumberjack and this ice stuff. Hope I could help!!

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      Well I guess the guy finds it better for him to have arrows as a replacement instead of zap, of course you don’t have to exactly follow what he says so you could possibly replace with zap instead if it suits you better.

      Also is it okay to replace the Ice Wizard with fire spirits instead of the other replacements? Fire spirits do more damage and still do easy work of hordes and while they die and don’t slow down they are a great accompaniment to the hog.

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      Zap is not really necessary in this deck since we have Fireball, Guards and Ice Golem to protect the Hog Rider. Princess is insane at disturbing. She can easily for your opponents to react quickly If they don’t want to lure hundreds HP.

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    7/10 (bound to change but so far I’m a fan)

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    Update: Switched the fireball to poison works a bit better in my opinion but both good

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      It’s better to use The Log instead of Princess imo!

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