Supreme Hog Freeze Deck for Arena 8+

Hey guys it’s RSivak back with a great new Hog Freeze deck I have been trying out in Legendary Arena with great success! Featuring the deadly combo of Hog Rider and Freeze, this deck will sure give your opponents a cold fright! No Legendaries make this deck great for Free to Play players. Lets get into the cards!

Hog Freeze Deck

Clash Royale Hog RiderClash Royale FreezeClash Royale Ice SpiritClash Royale Ice Golem
Clash Royale MinionsClash Royale Mini P.E.K.K.AClash Royale MusketeerClash Royale Zap

Hog Freeze Deck for Arena 8+

Hog Rider – Your first win condition, you want this card to deal the brunt of damage to a tower, and slowly but surely whittle it down until you can understand what cards they tend to counter with and play each push accordingly.

Freeze – Your second win condition, I don’t recommend using it till Double Elixir, as misplays can cost you a tower extremely fast. Keep this card as a surprise for you opponent, when they drop Barbarians on your Hog Rider, good time to freeze. Freeze is great because of it’s element of surprise. You will get the most out of it when you first use it. That is why I suggest using it to finish off a tower with the Hog Rider that is at around 800-1000 HP.
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Mini P.E.K.K.A – Your tank shredder, support mauler, all round defensive card, until you start a counter push with it. If you can get the Mini P.E.K.K.A to hit the tower even once that is great damage. Can be used behind a Hog Rider with Freeze to shut down any ground support that would otherwise cut through your Hog Rider.
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Ice Golem – Place this before your Hog and the Hog will push it to the tower, Ice Golem will shut down Skarmy and weaken Minion Horde so you can Zap them to allow your Hog Rider to get more hits on the tower. Great card to kite big P.E.K.K.A pushes your opponent might have, or to soak up some damage protecting your tower and giving it more time.
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Ice Spirit – Essentially a mini freeze card itself it can be great for halting a lone Musketeer or Witch from doing too much damage to your tower. Works well at weakening Minions, Minion Horde, and can deny Mega Minion a hit on your tower.

Zap – Counters Minion Horde, resets Inferno Dragon, Tower and Sparkies. Perfect utility card to take out Goblin Barrels or give your Hog another shot at the tower.

Minions – Perfect defense, although Mega Minions are more popular  I really like these small troops as they can be paired with a Hog Rider in front tanking while they cut through any defenses and go on to chip at the tower. Their speed is key to this deck which is why I prefer them to Meta Minion


Musketeer – Your all around air defense, can deny Minion Hordes when paired with your arena tower, kill Baby Dragons, Mega Minions, Inferno Dragons, Minions before they reach your tower, capable of shutting down Lava Hounds very quickly. This card is one of favorite cards due to it’s versatility.

General Gameplan

This deck is meant to cycle quickly with a 3.0 average Elixir cost, however a lack of buildings can be seen as a weak, your ability to get down hordes of high damage troops compensates.

You will want to try and push with a simple Ice Golem Hog Rider to see how they like to counter your Hog. If they use Minion Horde, Goblins or Spear Goblins, prepare a Zap next time. If you don’t have the simple Hog push in your hand, try an aggressive Mini P.E.K.K.A, with Zap ready to counter any small troops, this is great because more often then not, they will defend with Barbarians which you can easily kill with Minions, now giving you an opportunity to use your Ice Golem Hog push without fear of Barbarians shutting it down.

You want to stay ahead of your opponent, make positive elixir trades and understand how he defends you Hog Rider, if he overextends, and you are pushing back with Hog Rider, and he drops Musketeer, Wizard, Witch, Barbarians and it’s double elixir drop a Freeze and let the Hog Rider deal 3 more hits, roughly 780 damage!! (Note this is at Tourney Standard).


Ice Golem, Hog Rider: Simple push great when testing the waters and seeing your opponents counters, the great thing is this will allow at least one hit on the tower, and since you can cycle so fast even any buildings your opponents use will end up out of rotation as they can’t cycle as fast as you can.

Ice Golem, Hog Rider, Musketeer: Can shut down a tower if unchecked, this is a deadly combo costing a full elixir bar, so be careful when using this, I tend to use the Musketeer on defense and then drop an Ice Golem and Hog Rider in front to form a great counterpush.

Ice Golem, and Musketeer or Mini P.E.K.K.A: A simple push after you defend, the Ice Golem tanks while your troop behind deals some damage to a tower.

Mini P.E.K.K.A, Zap: Perfect if your opponent is low on elixir his weak troops will be taken out by Zap allowing you Mini P.E.K.K.A to hit the tower for 500 damage!

Hog Rider or Mini P.E.K.K.A with Minions: Does great damage, with the Minions destroying any weak troops sent to kill the Hog Rider, and once the Minions get to a tower, they can deal hefty sums of damage.


This deck does not have too much problems with any of the major decks, only problem you could face are Lava Hound Lightning decks but as long as you keep the pressure on the other lane, forcing them to defend you will be able to split their push making each one weaker and easier to destroy.


  • Don’t use the Freeze until you think they are bone dry in elixir, or they dropped everything to stop your hog, they get desperate and will drop everything, Freeze it all and let the Hog have at the tower.
  • Don’t sit on elixir, the wonderful thing about this cycle deck is that you can keep the pressure on your opponent, so waiting elixir makes it harder for you.
  • If your up a tower, and you opponent has a big push coming don’t be afraid to drop the Freeze on defense buying more time to marshal your defenses.
  • A single Ice Spirit can deny any damage from a full health Mega Minion on your tower.
  • Musketeer, and Mini P.E.K.K.A are your best forms of defense, after you defend form a counter push by dropping an Ice Golem, can allow you rack up hundreds of damage in your opponents tower.

That’s all guys how you liked! This is a great deck with no Legendaries to play and does so well in the current meta as long as you play well! Hog Freeze is a lot of fun to play and makes battling waay more enjoyable! That’s it guys, until next time.