Hog Bowler Counterpush Deck

Hello guys my name is St.Warden and today I am going show you my Hog Bowler Counterpush Deck.

After experimenting a lot, I have finally made a no legendary deck that can keep you up in the Legendary Arena.

Lately all those highly skilled F2P lvl 9 and 10 are having a hard time in the Legendary Arena. They either face higher level opponents, higher level spells, or P2W guys.

So if you are facing the same problem as above, then this deck is for you and it doesn’t contain any Legendary! Though it does have some legendary replacements if you aren’t comfy.

Hog Bowler Counterpush Deck

Clash Royale BowlerClash Royale Hog RiderClash Royale Elite BarbariansClash Royale Tombstone
Clash Royale ZapClash Royale Mega MinionClash Royale Ice GolemClash Royale fireball

Hog Bowler Counterpush Deck


  • Great Hard Hitting Offense
  • The Defense turns into a spell-proof counter push !
  • Easy to make a comeback
  • Catches opponent off-guard very easily if they overcommit.


  • Weak to Rocket Cycle decks.
  • Prediction required. If not, in every starting push, or you may have to catch opponent off-guard some times.
  • As I Am an f2p lvl 10 at 3600, and believe my readers to be so, we all face lvl 12 commons and lvl 9 rares. Low Level Cards may be a problem in defense.[ lvl 5 SKARMY vs ICE GOLEM, Or Lvl 9 Furnace, lvl 12 Minions ETC. !] Weak to air

Cards Breakdown

Hog Rider – He is the main win condition of the deck. He is pretty lively in the meta since defensive buildings are not seen (very less, like 4 in every 10 battles). Pig pushing is forbidden in the deck as you can see It can be done only with the Ice Golem. Should be sent in the first push (If in starting hand). Zap must be kept ready For Skeleton Army or Tombstone.

If you have explored all the counters to your Hog Rider… wait for overcommitment or bait through Elite Barbarians Or Mega Minion.

Bowler – The Most tanky defensive troop Eva! In the current meta with Fireballs, Zap and The Log dominating, we rarely see Lightning or Rockets (If you do find one…. well then…). That’s where Bowler comes in. He tops the Hog Rider (1-2 hits), stop Elite Barbarians (positive elixir trade !), tanks for your Mega Minion while defending Beatdown pushes !

On offense, this big purple dude covers so much area while throwing his rocks that opponents are forbidden to stop him from small units ! BOWWLIING !

Elite Barbarians – The cultured brothers of Barbarians are almost a staple of every deck. If ignored GGWP.

Nowadays, people send them coupled up with something hoping to decimate the tower… That is not how u gotta use them. They work as tank shredders in my deck that convert into an unstoppable counterpush.

Skeleton Army is still seen a lot these days… So if u need to get a tower real bad, an Ice Golem + Elite Barbs + Zap Can be bet on, Ice Golem takes care of swarms, Elite Barbarians take care of what remains. Just remember, this shouldn’t be your main win condition. It is mainly used to catch your opponent off-guard.

This card saves you from Royal Giant, Golem, Giant etc puhses. Who needs Inferno Tower now?

Mega Minion – Yeah the Mega Minion, ever since it came its use rate has been as high as sky, It shreds tanks, Prevents the Valkyrie, Mini P.E.K.K.A, or the Knight from even hitting your tower once, stop the Hog Rider completely if paired with Tombstone, and if it reaches the tower with full health, it would be GGWP. It may be used as the starting card behind the tower as it can defend both lanes.

Tombstone – This “Legendary” is our only choice in the meta when it comes to a defensive building. It is the only building that can help re-target the Royal Giant, pull the Giant to oblivion, defend against the Graveyard, or act as a Pump, yes by this I mean it can be used to bank Elixir if you don’t have a good starting hand. An Ice Golem+Tombstone takes out lone Elite Barbarians, positive Elixir trade! It can used for lots of positive Elixir trades. When Paired up with your Bowler, or Mega Minion it can stop almost any push !

Zap – Hmmmm… Do I Need to explain ? Yes I DO ! A lvl 7 Ice Golem and level 10 zap can take out any level Minion Horde ! Or any higher leveled swarm! This spell must be used predictively in the deck. That’s what makes the difference in winning, whether you play reactively or you wait and see your troops get KEELED.


Fireball – Okay little explaining required. Used for chipping the tower whilst damaging a troop, prediction Fireball for Barbarians and Minion Horde, Or your last resort for Elite Barbarians. Placement of Fireball is important while countering Elite Barbarians with this spell as you don’t want to push them to your Tower.

Ice Golem – Yeah. This frosty dude with a black collar is the most useful card in the deck ! Used to kite Prince, Skeleton Army, Minion Horde, Elite Barbarians and many more. Ice Golem + Tombstone or Ice Golem + Mega Minion is your main defense most of the time ! Ice Golem + Bowler maybe used to counter Elite Barbs in 2x elixir time as it turns into a counter push, plus his Frost Nova Is just cool to watch.

In Zap bait decks this card just Kill’s your opponent!


According to me only three cards can or may be replaced in the deck, but you are free to experiment anyway!

  • Mega Minion – Replace with Minions/Archers If you are having a hard time countering graveyard. They also synergize with the Hog pretty well.
  • Ice Golem – If you hate having no Legendaries in your deck then this card can be replaced with the Ice Wizard… but then you don’t have the benefit of kiting. Again every card is different :).
    Ice Spirit can also be used, Is can help to kit, pig push and cycle faster, but you will need an awesome defense skill.
  • Tombstone- You can experiment with a lumberjack, it turns this deck into a blitz beatdown one, but then again you ll have a hard time against Giant beatdown, or Golems. Again every card is Different :))).

General Gameplan

Starting Hand

The best possible one:  Hog + Ice Golem + Zap or Mega Minion + Hog + Zap or Hog + Fireball. Basically anything with the Hog Rider is a good one.

There is no worst hand in the case, You can bank with Tombstone or play Mega Minion in the back or play your lone Hog to explore counter’s.


Most of the times you are the one to initiate the battle.

Hog + Ice Golem can be your starting push, and must remain throughout the battle.

Elite Barbarians as I said can be used to catch opponents off guard. For example, If your opponent uses a Miner Horde combo you can send your Ice Golem and Zap to finish the Horde and just ignore the Miner and then send your Elite Barbarians.

Sometime Tombstone/Ice Golem is important while kiting.

2x Elixir

You might be confused on what to push with during this time… Don’t overcommit yourselves!

Keep sending the Hog Rider and keep the spells handy as you don’t want to send Hog and Elite Barbarians both only to see it countered by a Skeleton Army before you can Zap it….

Attack Combos

  • Hog Rider + Ice Golem + Zap
  • Elite Barbarians+ Ice Golem + Zap (x2 Elixir)
  • Hog + Fireball/Zap ( Zap for Tombstone/Skeleton Army, Fireball for Archers and others)
  • Bowler + Mega Minion + Hog + Zap.  Well you don’t want to make this push up yourselves as it will be too expensive.


Miner Cycle – You might feel being humiliated in the start… but in double Elixir time these players are always overcommiting by sending Horde + The Log + Princess + Miner. Just place your Elite Barbarians, Ice Golem and Zap on the other lane.

Giant Beatdown -You cannot keep your hands at rest against this one! Keep pushing or get humiliated as their supports will be gone in countering your Hog push

Golem + Graveyard/Anything – Same as above but your hands need to work even more! It is a pleasure to watch your Elite Barbarians counter the Golem and your Hog hammering the tower! Graveyard must kept in mind all the time while defending. (After Golem is placed) Think that Graveyard can be casted any moment from now and you will defend better

Lava Hound/Miner – Okay this the deck that I lose against. you just cant push the other lane this time as we don’t have enough anti air. First please ignore the Lava Hound, react only when it has popped. All you need to counter is the support behind which is mainly Mega Minion, Minion Horde or normal Minions Which can be done by our trusty Ice Golem and Fireball and or Zap.

Royal Giang + Hog Bait – You shouldn’t counter the Hog with Tombstone as soon as you know he has an Royal Giant! Elite Barbarians are your best friends. These decks are often accompanied by Furnaces… BOWLING!!

Elite Barbarians as their main win condition – You have every counter to it i guess…

Bowler Graveyard Freeze – You can pretty much smell this deck as soon as you see Archers, Tombstone and Bowler. No need to panic we have our Bowler, but as his hit speed is 1.7 secs it must be paired with the Ice Golem. Now there is one thing you need to worry about is his 8th card. It is either a Freeze or Fireball. Fireball is no problem , but the freeze really is, but as it cost 4 elixir, you have to push other lane as you cant send 7 elixir just to get Freezed and your tower get destroyed.

So Yeah that’s pretty much it. That’s what I believe. Any recommendations are accepted, changes are welcomed. Thanks !