AxeYard – Graveyard Poison Tornado Deck

Wassup Guys! It’s B-Yatch’CH (aka DabMaster2) back at it again with another deck guide for your guys.

Today, I’ll be explaining my AxeYard deck. It’s my custom-tailored version of the popular SplashYard deck. I modified the original SplashYard deck to be able to better counter its weaknesses.

AxeYard – Graveyard Tornado Splashing Deck

Clash Royale GraveyardClash Royale ValkyrieClash Royale ExecutionerClash Royale Poison
Clash Royale SkeletonClash Royale KnightClash Royale TornadoClash Royale Baby Dragon

I named the deck the AxeYard deck because it use the Executioner and Valkyrie who bring strong splash damage with their axes.

This deck is designed to have a better fighting chance against Graveyard, Lavaloon, and heavy beatdown decks.

Let’s get into it!


  • Graveyard – None
  • Executioner – Bowler
  • Valkyrie – Electro Wizard, Musketeer, Mega Minion
  • Baby Dragon – Mega Minions, Minions, Archers
  • Knight – Ice Golem
  • Skeletons – Ice Spirit
  • Tornado – Zap, Log, Arrows

Cards Breakdown

Graveyard – Your main win condition. Use another card to tank for it and only use the Graveyard if you can Poison. Without the Poison spell, the Graveyard can be countered easily. Use good placement so it doesn’t activate the king tower.

Executioner – He is your main support card. Mostly use him on defense to destroy swarms. Paired with Tornado, he can stop almost any push.

Valkyrie – She is another strong swarm kill card. This sexy lady is very tanky and can easily take care of Graveyards. Simply place her in the middle of a swarm of troops and she’ll clean it up.

Baby Dragon – He’s an underrated card. Although he doesn’t provide too much DPS, he can still give decent splash support. He’s also very tanky so he can tank for the Graveyard.

Knight – The Knight’s usage rate has increased drastically and he has replaced the ice Golem in decks. He can counter many cards and tanks damage from the Graveyard.

Skeletons – The doots are versatile cycle cards. They’re great for distractions and provide good DPS against tanks.

Poison – The Poison is mostly only used on offense with the Graveyard. It will clear out any swarms your opponent uses to counter your Graveyard. Since you have so many splash damage cards, Poison is rarely used on defense.

Tornado – Use Tornado to clump up enemy troops to allow all your splash damage troops to decimate them. Also use it to activate your king tower. To take a look at the best uses of the Tornado, please visit this page!

Starting Plays

Best starting plays:

  • Knight in the back
  • Valkyrie in the back
  • Baby Dragon in the back
  • Executioner in the back
  • Skeletons at the back

It’s normally not a promising idea to start the Executioner at the back because he’s a vital card to use on defense.

If the Executioner is the only card to play, wait for your opponent to place their own card and place the Executioner in the same lane to be able to counter your opponent’s card.

Playing Knight, Valkyrie, or Baby Dragon at the back can set up for a Graveyard push.


All your offensive pushes are very similar.

Here’s the formula: Tank + Support + Graveyard + Poison

Your main tank to use is the Knight in front of your support troops. With many high-health troops, you can use many different tanks for the Graveyard.


Your next best tank is Baby Dragon. Valkyrie and Executioner normally aren’t used as tanks unless in a counter push.

Your main support is going to be the Executioner. The Knight will protect him while he dishes out strong area damage. The second support is the Baby Dragon. He also provides good splash damage. Normally reserve the Valkyrie on defense.

Only use the Graveyard if you are can also play the Poison with it. Without Poison, the Graveyard will get destroyed by any swarms. If you know your opponent’s only Graveyard counters can’t be Poison, save your Poison to conserve your Elixir.

A simple Knight + Graveyard + Poison push can also be used blitz your opponent.


The best way to defend is to place the Knight and the Valkyrie in the middle of all your opponent’s troops while the Executioner and Baby Dragon help with ranged splash support.

The Skeletons can also distract the provide strong DPS. This is the best way to stop almost any enemy push.

Tornado is the star of your defense. Simply use any or your splash troops then Tornado them together and your opponent’s push is gone. Use the Knight to tank damage and the Skeletons to provide extra DPS against high-health troops.

The Executioner is your best push-stopper. Save him up for when it really counts if your opponent uses a large push. Baby Dragon and Valkyrie are your backups for splash damage.

Always try to activate your King’s Tower with the Tornado. Since this deck has no defense, your activated king tower can do wonders to help your defense. With an activated king tower, drag all the enemy troops to the center with the king tower to help.

Countering Valkyrie

Valkyrie is always a nightmare to deal with when you are using the Graveyard.

If you’ve got your big push coming, Tornado to her out of the Graveyard while your support troops distract her and take her down.

Tornado her right in front of the tower to allow the Executioner to hit through her and hit the tower too.

Place the Graveyard so that Skeletons can spawn on every side of the tower. This allows more damage on the tower and lowers the capabilities of the Valkyrie to shut down the Graveyard.

Always Poison any troops your opponent has which are “Poisonable” (is that a word?). This minimizes the counter push your opponent might have.

Another option is to simply wait for your opponent to use up their Valkyrie then quickly rush with Knight Graveyard Poison. Without the Valkyrie, your opponent will be caught off-guard and you can do some massive damage to the enemy tower.

Defending Tanks

This deck struggles the most against heavy beatdown tanks, especially Golem decks. Although this deck is built with cards which are light-proof, the Golem can be extremely hard to stop without any building.

If your opponent places down a Golem (considering both you and your opponent are equal in Elixir), immediately rush the other lane with Knight Graveyard Poison. You opponent has no Elixir to defend and your opponent can’t leave it alone or else the tower will get destroyed. If your opponent decides to go all out on his Golem push, he’ll end up getting huge damage on his king tower by your Skeletons.

To defend the Golem, Skeletons, Executioner, and Tornado is all you’ll need if your opponent doesn’t have too many support troops. If the Golem is completely alone, Tornado it to the king tower and use Skeletons to take it down.

Taking Down a Second Tower

If you are taking down a second tower, place the Graveyard directly in the middle of the tower to allow more Skeletons to accumulate on the tower and you wouldn’t need to worry about activating the king tower again.

I usually don’t place any troops in the middle of your opponent’s base because that troops will just get owned. The only card to play in the pocket is the Knight for taking damage.


This is an extremely solid Graveyard Poison deck. It was modified from the original SplashYard deck to be able to counter its weaknesses more easily.

That’s it for now, if you have any questions, comments, or insults, post them in the comments below.

Have a Clashtastic Day!