Grand Challenge X-Bow Deck

Hello guys, it’s KairosTime Gaming! In this page, I am going to show you a solid X-Bow deck which got me a stunning 12-0 win in the Grand Challenge. I am an avid siege deck fan, I have tried lots of X-Bow Decks on both Classic and Grand Challenge. Personally I like using Mortar more (I am using it on the ladder at the moment) but overall X-Bow is a better card for Tournament, Challenge and Ladder on equal level.

I’ve been using this deck above 4k trophies in the ladder for awhile now and if played right, it can destroy any deck type! This deck is working very well in the current meta game. I have been getting lots of wins against popular decks and a few tricky decks containing Furnace, Goblin Barrel, Mirror, Lumberjack…

X-Bow Deck

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Clash Royale fireballClash Royale Fire SpiritsClash Royale Inferno TowerClash Royale The Long

Grand Challenge X-Bow Deck – General Gameplan


  • The Log – Switch this for Zap if you don’t have it. The Log and Zap don’t work exactly the same, but your primary concern with this card is Skeleton Army, Goblins, and Goblin Barrel. The Zap does a pretty good job at taking care of these, but The Log does add more versatility.
  • Fireball – During my Grand Challenge, I used the Fireball but I found that Royal Giant decks were difficult to face, so I switched it for the Elixir Pump and had excellent success using the Pump during my Classic Challenge, and in the Ladder. If you make this switch, try to pump up as much as you can until 2x Elixir.

Using the Xbow

Playing Siege takes some good skill. It requires you to know the counters to X-Bow very well, and have a way to defend against those counters fairly easily. In addition, playing with Siege requires that you remember what cards your opponent has, and for you to be more aware of what cards they have in their cycle more than any other type of playstyle. This takes some practice, but if you get the hang of it, it is a powerful deck even in this tank-heavy meta we’re experiencing.

Setting up the X-Bow: This isn’t as simple as dragging and dropping! Although this can take your opponent off guard, it is much better to set up the X-Bow with added support or when you have an elixir advantage. My favorite card to start out with is the Ice Golem behind the King’s tower. It’s not an expensive investment, and gives you plenty of time to get things set up. If you don’t have the Ice Golem, a Mega Minion is a good option as well. The best opening hand will include the Mega Minion, Ice Golem, and X-Bowso you can build up a push and defend as well, if needed. Once the Ice Golem or Mega Minion is right where you’ll drop your X-Bow, put down the X-Bow and be prepared to protect your X-Bow by all means necessary, since your opponent will likely try to take it out as quickly as they can!

Protecting your X-Bow: Once you know what counters your opponent has in their deck to your X-Bow, it’s all about being prepared for your answers to their counters before your opponent knows what’s happening. Here are some common X-Bow counters, and what you should do to protect your X-Bow:

  • Inferno Tower – Prematurely drop the Skeleton Army, Ice Golem, or Mega Minion
  • Barbarians – Fire Spirits and The Log, or Fireball
  • Minions – Mega Minion or Fire Spirits
  • Mega Minion – Ice Golem as a distraction, paired with Mega Minion or Fire Spirits + Mega Minion
  • Minion Horde – Be prepared to drop Fire Spirits as soon as their Horde drops, or the Fireball
  • Skeleton Army – Use the Ice Golem preemptively, or be prepared with The Log
  • Hog Rider – The Log and Mega Minion, or Skeleton Army
  • Big Tanks – Set up your Xbow at the bridge when you’re almost exactly at 10 Elixir, and the Inferno Tower to the side of it as soon as you can! If you’re in 2x Elixir, you’ll even have enough Elixir to use the Log to push the tank onto the Inferno Tower. You can also use the Skeleton Army if your opponent’s Zap or Log are out of rotation.

Turtling: Turtling is when you place your X-Bow in the back to be used as an added defense. This is your defensive stance to be used when you have a bad deck cycle and can’t keep up with your opponent, or if your opponent has a really tanky deck (Giant Bowler, Golem, Royal Giant, etc.). Turtling allows you to force your opponent to play the way you want them to play. I’ve found one of the best ways to take out heavy decks is to cycle between an offensive position and the turtling position. Turtling is almost essential if you’re going to beat a Royal Giant deck. Also, I use this when my opponent has a bigger push built up, and I’m not ready to rush the other lane. An Xbow paired up with an Inferno Tower can usually stop any large push.

Here is a video of the Grand and Classic challenge winning replays:


Hog Rider – If you have a good cycle, this won’t be too hard to defend. Just remember their counters, and be prepared for The Log, Mega Minion, Skeleton Army, or Fireball when you need it.

Giant Decks – Place your Inferno Tower to the side of the bridge first, and then place the Xbow 1 square back in line with the Bridge. Be prepared with the Skeleton Army for when your opponent Zaps the Inferno Tower. You can also push the Giant into the Inferno Tower, preserving your Xbow’s health. If your opponent has Giant Bowler, cycle between Turtling and the offensive position.

Royal Giant – Switching between Turtling and the offensive placement of the Xbow is almost always necessary against Royal Giant decks. If you don’t have the time to turtle, try to force your opponent to play the Royal Giant before you place the Xbow so you can place the Xbow when the Royal Giant isn’t in rotation. Another thing you can do is drop the Xbow into position first, and the Inferno Tower to the side of it right after. Hopefully, your opponent will drop the Royal Giant into a position where it’ll target the Inferno Tower instead of the Xbow.

Golem Decks – Turtle, bridge, turtle, bridge. Use the Fireball to get rid of masses of troops in one blow. By doing this, Golem Decks actually aren’t too difficult to handle.

Lavahound Decks – The best thing to do is to drop your Xbow on the opposite lane of the Lavahound and protect it until it targets the Tower. As soon as it’s done this, focus on taking out the Lavahound. If needed, you can Turtle by using the Xbow as a tank, and the Inferno Tower to clear the Hound while your Xbow gets rid of ground troops like Miners, Ice Golems, and Tombstones.

For those of you that want lots of replays against lots of types of decks, here’s a video without commentary, but lots of replays:

Thank you so much for reading this guide! I hope you learned something and enjoyed the guide. If you have any questions at all, feel free to leave it as a comment in my video and I’ll respond as soon as I can!


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      Its given above. Zap

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    Lot of fun.

    Good guide.
    Hope you post videos if possible.



    But if I am not having LOG or ICE GOLEM instead what shall we use

    • Gamewarrior

      U can replace log with zap, which suprisely doesn’t have. And ice golem with mini pekka, or such to help u deal with tanks along inferno tower

    • John Smith

      knight and zap

  • Justin

    Why not use valk for knight, it can rip through swarms with ease. And what do I use if my fireball is really low level (lv 5, that plus zap won’t kill musketeers :/)

    • Darth Cha-Cha

      Probably lightening for fireball. Mirror might work well too as it will allow you to drop double fire spirits or ice golem.

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    Log replacement please!

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      I used ice wizard and its been working pretty well. Arrows should be good too.

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      I don’t think u should replace log because log is for destroying the enemy small troop and noticed that level 1 ice wizard doesn’t 1 hit level 9 skeleton

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        I would but I don’t have log, I do have princess and sparky…

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          Zap definitely works. I’m also using an xbow deck, but it has no legendaries (even though I have all of them) and it has zap > log. I personally prefer zap because ice golem/zap kills minions (assuming tournament standard).

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      says in the guide. but to save you time, zap.

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    KekTheTurtle’s Legendary Log:

    Currently in Arena 8

    Lava Hound: 9/15/2016 via Crown Chest
    Princess: 10/28/2016 via Free Chest
    Inferno Dragon: 11/1/2016 via Legendary Chest won from battle

    Things are looking good so far…

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      that’s pretty nice! how long have you been playing?

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        since June, then got so addicted to the game lol

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      dam you got inferno dragon
      dude I am only missing 2 legendary inferno dragon and graveyard and currently in arena 9 using a log golem deck

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        i have all from luck except on legendary chest i bought
        lava hound lumberjack level 2
        ice wizard

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    how about guide on meta golem deck 😀

    • Felix Ma

      For pushing to arena 8:
      Golem (You COULD use the Giant Skeleton, PEKKA or Giant)
      Mega Minion
      Fire Spirits
      Spear Goblins
      3.3 for golem, 3.1 for PEKKA, 3 for GS, 3 for giant

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    hello, right now I am using the deck found here:
    but I am having a lot of trouble countering big pushes such as Giant+Musketeer+Wizard+Mini PEKKA, since I started using this deck I have dropped from 2500 to 2300 trophies. Almost every time I get overrun by huge pushes. I upgraded every card in the deck as much as I could, and yet I couldn’t maintain my trophies, let alone push to legendary arena. What am I doing wrong?
    Is it the deck, or my strategy?

    • Felix Ma

      Tombstone Musketeer Minions Goblins Fire Spirits (use the ice spirit if you have it, at least try) zap arrows
      A beast on defense

      • Xrehaanx Xrajax

        Never use zap and arrows in the same deck

        • Ryan Wong

          why not? it hard counters zap bait decks

        • Felix Ma

          Haha yeah. I don’t.

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          no, they serve different purpose

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      If you see the guy starting a big push on the other lane then you should start pushing on your lane so that he has to react and his push isn’t a big push anymore. If he ignores your push then I guess it would be a towere to tower trade

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      Add rocket or lightning to take out a lot of the troops in the other guys push. I keep rocket in my deck. It really helps with 3 musketeers, sparky, inferno tower since i have LH in my deck. Added bonuses are when their tower is at like 400 health sudden death and if they are a spawner and their buildings are around their tower i just rocket the whole thing dealing damage to their tower and destroying all spawner buildings. For example if they do golem archers wizard just rocket everything and then do a skelly army or something. Positive elixir trades are really important and rocket is pretty good maintaing those despite its high cost. Hope I helped!!!

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    I don’t have The Log yet 🙁

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      I only have 1 legendary

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    Can I use ice wizard instead of something?

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      Ice Golem, maybe? if ur’e below arena 8

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    > You can use Ice Spirit If your Ice Golem is below level 4

    I think its vital for your golem to be level 7 so its blast can skill skeelies (which you see quite a lot)

  • Sage King

    In legendary arena with
    Skeleton Army
    The Log
    Mega Minion
    Elixir Pump

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      Replace arrows with a spirit

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