Leinadium’s Golem Rocket Deck for Arena 8+

Hog Rider, Royal Giant, Giant, Miner Cycle, Hog Cycle, Trifecta, Airfecta… the current Meta of this game is making me mad. I really love games where you can costumize everything, like a Deck here in CR… but it seems only copies… where is the originality? Where are the creativity? I really like to be different, so I tried to never use Giant, Royal Giant and Hog Rider, and then Golem make its way into my mind. And I even it’s very unusual to see any Golem deck, I decided to be even more different! So here is my final product, a deck that after some training, can be dangerous enough to get me a 11 win-streak in the game (not on challenges! On the Arena 9!). Here it is!


Clash Royale GolemClash Royale Ice WizardClash Royale GuardsClash Royale Zap
Clash Royale MusketeerClash Royale Mini P.E.K.K.AClash Royale RocketClash Royale Inferno Tower

Leinadium’s Golem Rocket Deck

Golem – The Golem is the biggest tank in the Game, great on attack due its High HP, dangerous due its High Cost. In this deck, you want him in the front of almost every attack. The explanation of the deck in a game will be under

GuardsIn my opinion this card is the best low cost card to deal with Mini P.E.K.K.A, Prince or any High DPS card, as a zap can’t kill it in one hit. A needed card in this deck

Ice Wizard (Wizard,Arrow,Poison,Spear Goblins) Ok, ok. It’s a Legendary, not everyone have it… but here, it’s a needed card. I put some candidates for change, but the Ice Wizard is, hands down, my favorite Card. Kills low-cost cards, Minion Horde and Barbarians with some help. You want him on defense and attack

ZapNothing to say here… My favorite common card in the current game, the Zap offers great value with a insane low-cost.

Musketeer My favorite rare card in the game, the Musketeer is the best support for your Golem… can attack both air and ground, can outrange the Cannon, can reach the front of the Golem with ease, can defend a line from the other, as all the cards here, a needed card in this deck.

Mini P.E.K.K.AThe Mini P.E.K.K.A is your emergency defense (if Inferno Tower isn’t on rotation, or isn’t valuable to play). But he really shines on defense. Sometimes I don’t have to even play my Golem in some games, as counterpush Mini P.E.K.K.A tears apart a tower if my opponent plays a mistake. Of course, a needed card in this deck. I strongly recommend you take a look at this page to read more uses of the Pancake Hero!

RocketHere things get a little tricky. Why Rocket? you say, Isn’t Fireball enough? you asks. A 4.4 deck with a Rocket doesn’t seems right, but this is the difference in Golem decks, this is the unusual part. It a support card on my pushes, not a last-second card to finish towers. It can get pretty valuable when I kill a Sparky+Wizard, or Barbarians + Hog Rider. This is a surprise card. Don’t give away on the first push, only if necessary or you have a big opportunity (something like Sparky+Musketeer, or Ice Wizard + Musketeer + Mini P.E.K.K.A). This unusual play normally gets my opponent surprise when it whipped all its defense, while a Golem melts his tower down. Pretty underestimated card, but necessary here.

Inferno TowerIn the current Meta, a Inferno Tower is needed card as it melts down any Giant, Hog Riders if placed correctly or anything if paired with a Musketeer or Ice Wizards. Can be hardly changed to Bomb Tower, but then it makes the air control difficulty or any High HP card in general

General Gameplan



At First, you want your opponent to start (you can wait 1 minute, than place a card to ensure if actually your opponent leaved the game without it showing). If he places a support card far back, you can respond too with a support card (If you have the BAD hand = Golem + Rocket+Inferno Tower+Zap, use Inferno or Golem). If he uses a collector, you can choose to play a rocket (I don’t do that, but you decides) or a mini push, like Mini P.E.K.K.A + Guards (+Ice Wiz)

Attacking before 2x Elixir

If you placed a Golem, when he gets to the bridge, you will have 10 elixir, so you play either a Ice Wizard (if he has minion horde), a musketter (if he has only glass cannons – high DPS, low HP) or a Mini P.E.K.K.A (if he doesn’t have any air troop)… store the last 6-7 elixir for a Rocket or Zap. Remember, when you places a Golem, be ready do defend a surprise counterpush. Normally, my first push don’t take out the tower (only if I get lucky, or he makes a mistake), but can lower a tower to significant health.

Attacking in 2x elixir

This is when the deck shines… here you can make an enormous push… if he doesn’t have a Fireball or so you can place a LOT of things together, and he won’t be able to defend. It he stacks troops, use the Rocket! It’s here for a reason!

rocket-2 rocket-1


First, let’s list the cards you have available to defend: Inferno Tower, Rocket, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Ice Wizard, Musketeer and Guards. You will have at least two of these cards in your hand to defend, so this is not get so tricky… I will list the current Meta, and let’s see how I would defend.

Giant Poison (Before the update 10/20) – Inferno Tower to pull his giant, if he uses Zap, throw Mini P.E.K.K.A, and you can use Rocket/Guards/Mini P.E.K.K.A, in his support. Always counterpush (if you can, place Golem on the bridge, so your troops can make a push. All troops can turn defensive mode to offensive mode, this is the best of this deck)

Hog Cycle – You can defend with Inferno Tower (even paired with Zap, a single Hog won’t defeat a Inferno Tower if placed on middle). Zap if needed. If it is a Trifecta, you can rocket everything! Than, as always, counterpush. Oh, and if you don’t have Inferno, you can use Mini P.E.K.K.A too

Royal Giant – Inferno (+Mini P.E.K.K.A if needed). To kill the support, Rocket/Musketter/Mini P.E.K.K.A/Zap

P.E.K.K.A – Although it seems, this is not a trouble, just try keep attacking in the same lane that he put his P.E.K.K.A, so his P.E.K.K.A is distracted by your Golem while your support kills him. As always, Rocket his support if needed.

So here we are guys. If you didn’t like this deck, change what you think it’s the best! Just one tip: be different, and I will tell why. Supercell likes to buff low-use cards, and debuff high-use cards. Golem has already buffed 3 times since I start to use it 🙂

Thanks guys, I am Leinadium, co-Leader of the clan Brazil Team, and I will be in the comment section ready to clear all of your answer (I speak Portuguese too….!). Thanks guys, and I see you in the Arena!

  • Leinadium

    Any doubt guys, I will be here responding!

    • Aidan McFarland

      I don’t have Golem can I use Giant/PEKKA?

      • Leinadium

        With Giant, you can make more pushes than a Golem, but there are no Golemites, just keep an eye out for that. But you can use

        With PEKKA, you can too, just ready your Zap/Rocket for any units like Barbarians, Goblins, Skeleton Army…

        • Aidan McFarland

          O.K thanks, I have guards + Ice Wiz though 🙂

  • King$7


  • SivHawk Gaming

    Leinadium, how many trophies u at right now? And just wondering… (I have ice wizard), what do u think about fire spirits for ice wizard?

    • Leinadium

      I’m at 3200 or so, but I don’t think if it is good to change for Fire Spirits, because the Ice Wiz is a defensive card to slow things down, and dealing with air too… the Fire Spirits can be killed by zap AND does only do a single damage, not damage over time. I can think in Ice Spirit MAYBE…

    • Xx bismuth xX

      Cheaper more damage but one time use better for cycling and for killing that last minute minion horde etc but worse on Defence due to lack of slow ability

  • Ethan

    Cool unusual deck, I like it 😀 tbh though I most likely wont be using it as Im more used to cheaper cycle style decks. This deck does seem pretty thought out at defending the meta decks so i could definitely see this tearing up Goison, Airfecta, and almost any other meta deck. Great job!

    • Leinadium

      Thank you! I like cheap cycle decks, but I cant get rid of my golem 🙂

  • Juan Vargas

    What should you use for ice wizard if you dont have it?

    • Leinadium

      I write some substitutions there… Wizard, Fireball, Arrow, Poison, Spear Gobiln, Fire or Ice Spirits

      • Xx bismuth xX

        Can I replace with my profile pic (not really lol but u get what I mean u know ice wizz…princess

    • DavidThePro21

      Wizard,Arrow,Poison,Spear Goblins
      read the guide please

    • Will Potter

      There are some great subs in the guide for you!

  • Joel Donald

    This deck won’t work without a pump, any hog cycle deck/lava hound deck would destroy it.

    • lamepotato

      well it is getting nerfed

    • Leinadium

      Nope. I use Golem with out collector for a long time ago, and it isn’t necessary. Lava hound decks, if you use it right, you can at least get a draw. Inferno, Zap, Musketter, Ice Wiz (Rocket on a ballom), this deck has everything to get at least a draw

      • Xx bismuth xX

        I know how to make up for pump…make great trades and use a couple cheap units for cycling purposes such as units like:

        Ice spirit
        Fire spirits

        And so on

        • Leinadium

          I understood, but I’m so used to not use collector that I didnt use it



    • Will Potter

      hehe xD

      • Leinadium

        Hahahaha, thank you!

    • Leinadium

      Haha, the Rocket is such a suprise

  • D-Mate19

    IMO I prefer hog freeze, the freeze offers enough suprise value without being to anti-meta

    • Will Potter

      Hog Freeze is rocking right now in Arena 9!

      • Blaze Stone

        Hey Will, I saw a video on YouTube which shows a leak of December update. It shows a cave that spawns an ice spirit and a dragon legendary. Is that true?

    • Leinadium

      This deck can counter Hog Freeze, just put inferno, if he uses Freeze, uses mini pekka

  • Springa15

    I use a giant lumberjack deck but recently switched to skyfecta. That deck is seriously over powered. I’m now a 3530 trophies. I hate golem since inferno wrecks it. I have lvl 4 though such a waste.

  • Springa15

    Giant nerf incoming 🙁 and poison too. Both good cards but that giant poison prince deck is everywhere. I’m happy and sad. Also pump nerf is garbage. Skyfecta destroys giant poison though so eh.

  • M Faiz

    Just realized that lv8 giant’s hp is just little bit lower compared to lv3 golem. It’s really non sense that they have 3 elixir difference. golem needs more love. Gotta try this deck

    • Leinadium

      I like Golem because every update they buff golem lel

      • Blaze Stone

        Same is with the log. I think supercell is gonna make it the best legendary from the worst.

        • Leinadium

          Yes lol, I didnt get it yet

          • EthanoSmo

            lol I got my log in free chest. It actually provides so much value for 2 elixir.

        • Xx bismuth xX

          True log needs and desrves more attention than it gets for the fact that it is a legendary and it’s still legendary for a reason even through its possibly(I don’t have the log)worse than the other legendaries or at least in many players minds it is

  • Issei

    I just used this deck.. before today’s maintenance.. 2 matches.. both a win.. effective against both hog cycle and skyfecta.. Thank you for sharing this wonderful deck man.. i could use a change of decks since goison nerf..

    • Leinadium

      Thanks! Really glad that it helped someone!

  • Blaze Stone

    What’s airfecta? Never heard of it…but if its in the current meta..I might have faced it.

    • Xx bismuth xX

      Lava hound inferno dragon and miner

      • Blaze Stone

        Oh..I faced them many times.Just didn’t know that they r called airfecta.

      • Ethan

        Miner??? I always thought is was hound, inferno dragon, and mega minion but you could be right…

        • Xx bismuth xX

          I think it’s miner so it can tank for pups and u already have inferno dragon so u don’t need another Healy damage unit like MM(mega minion)

          • EthanoSmo

            No the Airfecta combo is Mega Minion, Inferno Dragon, Hound. Hence the word “air” in Airfecta. The standard Airfecta doesn’t even run miner.

  • Blaze Stone

    I agree with Leinadium…inferno tower is the best defense building for the current meta.

    • Leinadium

      As the current meta is only Giants, the Inferno Rocks

  • Alkpone

    Opa cara e ae beleza ?? 🙂
    Thank you for the deck it looks really awesome.
    I was playing something similar a few days ago (before I get Miner 🙂 :
    Golem, Dark Prince, Zap, Lightning, Witch, Ice Wiz, Pump, Mini Pekka.
    Was pretty good I reached like 2500 or 2600 crowns with it. However dunno if it’s still viable with nerf.

    What I wanted to ask you is : what do you think about replacing Rocket by Lightning ? (Yeah I never used rocket before.. so I think I’m better with Lightning).

    Last question, do you think the deck is still viable after update ? =)

    • Leinadium

      Ok let me respond. If do you want me to talk in portuguese, no problem 🙂

      I use Rocket because of its damage. Lightining doesn’t do that much damage. If you have a high level Lightining, use it! Higher range, but be careful, you need to aim in a way that it catchs the support, NOT THE TANK!

      I used Dark Prince, because it cleans barbarians and low health troops, which was good, but I couldn’t fit it on my deck. He is good on Golem decks! If you have any suggestions on where do I put it, say! I love suggestions.

      And yes, it is viable in the update! No one card was debuffed, only the Golem was buffed, and now less people will use Poison, which was pretty dangerous in this deck.

      Any more help, I will be here!

  • Nelson

    Nothing to replace the guards with?

    • Darth Cha-Cha

      Just tried it with minions and it works well.

  • XXX

    I am at 2650 trophies now using my deck
    Giant lvl 6
    Witch lvl 3
    Bowler lvl 3
    Inferno tower lvl 7
    Zap lvl 9
    Mega minion lvl 6
    Guards lvl 3
    Princess lvl 2

    Witch might be better than poison now….

    • EthanoSmo

      bruh how r u still at 2650 with ur card lvls? I am in legend with lvl 6 rares and a lvl 1 legendary

  • Hamish

    What is a suitable replacement for ice wizard?

    • Zigge

      Archers or Bomber.

      • SivHawk Gaming

        Bomber doesn’t hit air

    • Darth Cha-Cha

      Probably wizard, witch, arrows, or fire spirits cause you’ll need a splash damage for air.

    • Leinadium

      I said it on the guide, and posted something here in the comment section already

  • GamerDaily

    Hey dudes! I have a question..
    Should I open my A9 Magical chest when the new Graveyard come out or nah?
    If the new Graveyard come out, means that legendary has more chances to get?

    • Leinadium

      Maybe. Well, you have nothing tl lose 🙂

    • SivHawk Gaming

      Yeah I would save it even though the chances of getting a specific legendary out of a magical chest is pretty damn small.

      • GamerDaily

        Only increased by at least 1.12%…
        Is it worth it?

  • Lorenzo Moscatelli

    Since I don’t have ice wiz I was thinking about substituting it with a cannon and change the inferno tower with the inferno dragon? What do you think?
    I do also have a L2 lumberjack, possible to use instead of pekka? It’s less defensive but..

    • SivHawk Gaming

      1) Inferno tower is much better than inferno dragon on defense for many reasons so I would keep inferno tower in there.
      2) The lumberjack is better than the mini pekka on offense, however it is worse on defense. its really your choice although I think I would prefer a lumberjack.
      3) Don’t put cannon in. Put in one of the cards he recommended such as spear gobs.

      Hope I helped

      • Leinadium

        That is what I would say 🙂

        • Mitch Hollamby

          what about replacing ice wiz with fire spirits??

          • Leinadium

            It doesn’t have the slow effect, but it does more damage. Consider doind that

  • SivHawk Gaming

    lol that sucks

  • Ryan Wong

    this deck needs elixir collector

    • Leinadium

      If you think so, where would you put it.

  • John Smith

    just got to arena 9, SO HAPPY, i almost have enough gold for a legendary.

    • Leinadium

      Congrats John!
      Now don’t fall off 😉

  • MDB

    Maybe a dumb question, but.. Wouldn’t you say this needs a elixir collector?


    Guys, I just increased by 300 trophies with this deck (im at 2692 trophies) Im a lvl 9 f2p in arena 8

    Lava hound – lvl 1
    Miner – lvl 1
    Furnace – lvl 6
    Minion horde – lvl 8
    Mega minion – lvl 6
    Musketeer – lvl 6
    Arrows – lvl 8
    Valkyrie – lvl 6

    What do you guys think about the deck?