Get to Royal Arena with Golem Rage Deck

The Golem Deck is one of the most overpowered decks in Clash Royale and I (DaBeast) have had a lot of experience with it. But the majority of people I have played against, do not know how to use it correctly. That is good for me, but I want all of you to make it to Royal Arena or better. I am currently in Arena 7, and because of this deck, I pushed through Arena 6 (Builders Workshop) easily.


Get to Royal Arena with Golem Rage Deck


Golem: Main tank. Opponents tend to waste a lot of Elixir attempting to defend against it, so you need to take advantage of this by making it wasteful. It splits into two when dead, extending your push. Many people prefer the Giant because it is cheaper, but once the Giant dies, so does your push. I choose to take advantage of the Golemites.

Wizard: Opponents frequently expend hordes of troops trying to eliminate the Golem. The Wizard is used to take out these troops, most commonly Barbarians and Minion Horde, and sometimes the Skeleton Army.

Barbarians: Great defense against Princes, Giants, P.E.K.K.A, and Hog Rider. Also can be used on offense but it is weak to the Fireball. Also, because of their very slow movement speed, I use them on defense most of the time.

Minion Horde: Overpowered card. Most of the people I math up against use the Zap spell rather than Arrows, which leaves Minions at low health but still alive. The Golem is the only troop that needs to stay at high health; the low health Minion Horde will fly behind it and rack up damage. These also take out Balloons very quickly.

Goblins: These cards are highly underestimated. They work as great distractions for Princes, PEKKAs, and other high damaging single-target troops. I prefer these to Spear Goblins because they do much more damage. These may also be used to cycle through your deck to the Golem, which should start every push.

Arrows: Takes care of low health troops such as any variations of Minions, Skeletons, and Goblins. I prefer not to waste them on Goblins or Spear Goblins, as they do not do much damage unless paired with a high health troop.

Fireball: Use on low health towers, as well as Barbarians, Musketeer, and Wizard. I prefer to save this card for the Barbarians, because the Wizard does not have much health, and Barbarians do much more than a Musketeer. Use Goblins to eliminate Musketeers. This card is just super useful. Please take a look at this guide for more tips and tricks for using this card!

Rage: The Rage spell increases troop speed by 40%, enabling all troops to deal a ridiculous amount of damage. I only use this when my push is weak. It would be a waste of Elixir if destruction of the tower is guaranteed. But if you have a lot of troops that all have the same weakness, you should not waste the Rage. Rage placement is the most common thing I struggle with, so you probably will too. Rage is very overpowered with Barbarians and the Minion Horde alone, but I also use it when there is little time left to gain a Crown, or when I only have a Golem and Wizard. It will not harm you to waste this card in Double Elixir time, because you will regain the Elixir (3) very quickly.

General Gameplan

Start by gaining a full Elixir bar. If you feel like you have a strong enough starting deck to do a push, do it. When placing a Golem, it is useful to have Arrows and/or Goblins as a cheap defense available. It should be dropped behind your King Tower, and by the time it reaches the bridge you will have 10 Elixir, unless you were forced to play defense.

Do not place support troops behind the Golem until it reaches the bridge. Place troops to counter their defense. If they have not placed a defense yet, drop two troops behind the Golem. Wizard and Minion Horde are my favorite, but you can also use Wizard and Goblins, or Wizard and Barbarians. Never use the Minion Horde with Spear Goblins, because they can both be Arrowed, and do not do a Barbarian and Minion Horde combination, because you need the Wizard as an AoE troop.

If you do not have Golem available, just play defense and cycle through your deck until you get to it. If you know they do not have either Arrows or Wizard or Fire Spirits, try to use your Minion Horde behind the Golem.


Goblins are very effective on offense too because they can deal massive damage If get ignored. They are not as effective with the actual Golem because opponents will try harder to defend against it. But if there is little time left and you are losing, you can spam whatever you want behind it and pray that their internet stopped working. I tend to ignore small troops that will not deal a ton of damage (such as varieties of Goblins). You may think you need to defend your tower that has extremely low health, but 95% of players carry direct damage cards, so you would be wasting time and Elixir defending the inevitable.

In Double Elixir time, You can get every single one of your support cards behind the Golem (Barbarians, Minion Horde, and Wizard) and still have Elixir to defend. Special Circumstances: When their is little time left, spam cheap troops and defend against their pushes, expending Fireballs and Arrows to finish off their already highly damaged tower. You should know how much damage each of these cards do to Crown Towers, so you know, for example, that you need two Fireballs and one Arrow to take out their tower, so you can use your Arrows as defense if necessary. Also, in overtime, I like to place my Golem as close to their low HP tower as possible and enrage it, and use the remainder of my Elixir to defend against their push. Usually, they will recognize the overtime Golem as a threat to their success and expend a majority of their Elixir defending against it, but it deals so much damage (especially when enraged) and has so much health that they will not be able to stop it.

When I already have one tower destroyed and it is overtime, I also commonly wait for my opponent to spend their Elixir on destroying my tower, then drop a Wizard in the corner next to their second Arena Tower. This is only a good option when their tower can be destroyed by one shot from your Wizard.


Princes: Barbarians, easy. The Prince deals a lot of Damage, but can only damage a single target at a time. If these are not available use Goblins to deal some damage and suck up the rest.

Dark Prince: Minion Horde. This card deals splash damage, but only to ground troops. It also has low health so Minions will eliminate it quickly. A Fireball would be a waste since this card has a shield. If your Minion Horde is not available, place your Wizard next to the tower it is attacking so the Wizard will not be damaged.

Tank Troops: The Minion Horde and Barbarians are extremely good at taking care of these troops, but always eliminate the support troops behind the tank first, as they are used to take care of your defense.

Barbarians: Fireball. Destroyed.

Spam Troops (Variations of Minions, Skeletons, and Goblins): These can all be taken out with Arrows, but they may use cards as a diversion so you waste your Arrows. If this happens, use your Wizard to eliminate their push.

Hog Rider: Barbarians and Goblins quickly take this out. Only use your Wizard and Minion Horde if absolutely necessary.

Counters to your Golem

P.E.K.K.A: When my opponent drops a P.E.K.K.A to take out my Golem, I try to drop as many spam troops against it as possible to eliminate it as quickly as possible.

Inferno: There is no polite way to say this, but God bless the people who take out my Golem with an Inferno, because they are going to *the underworld*. When people drop an Inferno, I use my Minion Horde in front of the Golem to take it out, as it is susceptible to hordes of troops. If they Arrow your Minion Horde, say Well Played because they just stopped your push. Usually if this happens, and I play a worthy opponent, I defend until Double Elixir time and use my Golem as a distraction and do a quick spam push on the other side with rage.

Wizard: I know it seems like it wouldn’t stop your Golem, but it does stop the Barbarians or Minion Horde behind it, which are the main damage dealers of your push. When people drop a Wizard, I kill it with my Wizard and then drop the Barbarians or Minion Horde. When people eliminate my support troops first, I edit my next push so their defense will not work again. For example, when they drop ground troops to take out my Wizard, the next time I will surround my Wizard with Barbarians. You should always take advantage of cards your opponent wastes. If they waste Arrows, use your Minion Horde. If they waste their Fireball, use your Wizard and Barbarians.

I have about a 4:1 win/loss ratio, so do not feel bad if you lose. It took me a while to get used to the Golem, and a lot of adjustments to my deck. In fact, I still frequently make mistakes with it. Just use it for a while, and you will get better with it.