Golem Push Deck for Arena 7

I am pretty sure that lots of players can easily push to 2700+ trophies with our Hog Rider decks but find it very hard to push further (of course, this is where the game is called pay-to-win). Anyway, I have discovered a deck which successfully helped me push to Legendary Arena with ease. This deck is pretty easy to use. I am sure that you will love it! Thanks ultradolp a lot for sharing this deck!

Golem Push Deck for Arena 7

Golem Push Deck for Arena 7


Clash Royale GolemClash Royale elixir collectorClash Royale PoisonClash Royale Arrows
Clash Royale MusketeerClash Royale ArchersClash Royale ValkyrieClash Royale Mini P.E.K.K.A

Golem is the main tank of this deck, obviously. But sometimes, you can use it as a distraction that force your opponent to defend against the strong army behind your Golem. If your Golem is low level, you definitely replace him with your P.E.K.K.A, Giant or Giant Skeleton but the main playstyle will be changed. Golem has loads of HP, which is the shining point of him. This is the best tank ever in game!

Elixir Collector is strongly recommended for almost every deck which contains high HP troops such as Golem, P.E.K.K.A, … This is one of the best opening cards in game which forces your opponent to attack first but don’t too greedy with it.

Arrows is a need here since you face Princess and Minion Horde most of the time! Arrows is also very great against swarms. Sometimes, when combined with Poison, you can easily kill a big push with Arrows + Poison combo.

Poison is definitely the MVP of this deck. It works extremely well with Golem. It can be also used as a defense option. Pre-deploying your Poison while pushing can easily prevent your opponent from dropping proper units to kill your golem. IT also does loads of damage to buildings.

Musketeers is a safe damage dealer, who can do disgusting amount of damage to opponent’s Tower. Due to her attack range, she can stay safe while you keep generating pressure back. An ignored Musketeer can easily deal 1000+ damage to opponent’s Tower. Sometimes, you can use her to deal with misplaced Inferno Tower and Cannon.

Mini P.E.K.K.A is an excellent damage dealer! You can use Mini P.E.K.K.A to deal with Hog Rider, Royal Giant, Giant,.. It also works pretty well against Valkyrie and Wizard.

Valkyrie is excellent against Hog Rider pushes and lots of other ground pushes. She is also great at dealing with backline troops, P.E.K.K.A, Prince,… She helps you save up precious Elixir to make the counter push.


Archers is a great defensive card! Not much thing to say here about them. They are just great!

General Gameplan

The strategy of this deck is pretty easy to use. Just save Elixir and generate a Golem push and put the pressure on your opponent. Golem push is costly to launch but your opponent will also need loads of Elixir to defend due to the high HP of Golem. The key of this Golem deck is to commit just enough and timing the push correctly.
Launching a super push with Golem deck is very straightforward and the major difficulty of them is to defend against opponent’s big push while pushing.


The most important thing while using Golem deck you need to care about is defending. As this deck has some high Elixir cost cards, it is not always easy to cycle the deck and get cards you want to defend. Don’t place any high Elixir card before your Elixir bar hits 10, also, understanding your opponent’s deck is a great way to defend well.

While using this deck, you are very likely to get lots of damage in the opening as you just can’t defend quicky. But don’t worry, everything you need to to is to launch a well calculated Golem push. Losing 1 Tower is very common so you will always want to think about the possibility to 2 crown or even 3 crown your opponent. Sometimes, it is better to just give up a Tower to launch your big Golem push! Here are some common openings for you:

  1. Hog + Goblins + Zap: You will always want to use Valkyrie in this situation. Mini P.E.K.K.A is great too but you will neeed more supports If your opponent plays Spear Goblins.
  2. Royal Giant + Support troops: Mini P.E.K.K.A is the best answer for this but you will also want to place Archers or Musketeers behind her. He can take down the Royal Giant quickly and help you minimize the damage dealt by Royal Giant. Valkyrie is also great If your opponent place some ground supports nearby the Goyal Giant.
  3. P.E.K.K.A/Giant/Golem push: This can be called the mirror matchup xD. You will place your Elixir Collector in the middle most of the time. If your opponent plays P.E.K.K.A, try to force it to backtrack by placing your Valkyrie correctly. Also, Poison works very well against big pushes.


The main strategy of this deck is to surprise your opponent with your Golem push. The extremely high HP Golem allows you to decide how to support it with ease. Just don’t get too eager at placing your support troops closely as your opponent would like to push on the other lane once he has seen your Golem. Make sure you have a good hand to defend such as Valkyrie, Archers and Mini P.E.K.K.A. Your opponent will quickly regret his choice when he find his big push gets stopped easily. Don’t hesitate to use more than 1 card to defend, as long as you can reserve some Elixir for your Golem push.

If your opponent commits very hard on 1 lane, you can easily push with Valkyrie + DPS on the other lane! Use your Poison to counter Barbarians and Archers behind to support your Golem. If your opponent drops his Barbarians early, those Barbarians will not be able to touch your Archers. By the time your Golem touches the opponent’s Tower, Barbarians should be killed and your Archers can deal loads of damage!

You will not like Inferno Tower at all and truly we can’t do much against it. Mini P.E.K.K.A can help you take down the Inferno Tower quickly but it is pretty easy to distract her. Poison Spell is your best card in this situation as it slows down the Inferno Tower and helps you make your push stronger.


Okay so that’s everything I want to share about this deck today! Hope you have enjoyed the guide my friend!

  • Adam

    So awesome when I go to the site, look at a guide, then exit out and there is already a new one.

    • Trump Wall

      Haha, I like ur humor. But if u need help getting out of arena 4, let me know bc I got the perfect deck that helped me get to arena 6 and almost arena 7! My high was 1979 with this deck. Let me know if ur interested in using it bc id be happy to share it!

      • Adam

        🙂 Thanks, that’s alright though. I just made a deck that has been working really well. The only problem is that I’m a lvl 6 fighting lvl 7s and even 8s.

        • Trump Wall

          Do u mind sharing ur deck with me so I can give it a try? And yeah I hate that struggle too, I’m a lvl 8 and play lvl 10 people just in arena 6! They should be in a arena 7-8 lol.

          • SivHawk

            You play level 10 people in Arena 6? Sure… I don’t even play level 10 people and I’m at 2600

          • Trump Wall

            Unfortunately I do. It’s bc I used to be really good and I got to arena 6 at lvl 4-5 so I got some really good troops. I’ve beat maybe 3/20. (Estimated)

          • xReMuSx

            Yesterday i saw a lvl 1 vs lvl 7 game haha becuase the lvl 7 guy had only 67 trophies. I think supercell still needs to work on this matchmaking thing.

          • SivHawk

            Lots of people drop low to do challenges and stuff, but no one drops to arena 6 to do that stuff.

          • Will Potter

            Maybe that level 10 guy was just not good?

          • SivHawk

            Honestly, to get above level 9 it is P2W unless you are seriously devoted

          • SivHawk

            Maybe though

          • Will Potter

            Yea I agree! I saw a level 1 vs level 10 match before haha

          • Adam

            Sure, I’m using the Musketeer, Hog, Valk, Skeletons, Goblins, Cannon, Fireball, and Zap.
            P.S. I just got to Spell Valley!

          • Trump Wall

            Ok thx! And congrats!!!

        • Snowstorm 64

          I’m a level 5 in pekkas playhouse and I face level 6’s and 7’s daily. Also faced a level 8 once

        • Muguet

          Arena 4 is full of Level7-8 noobs.. Carry on, you’ll be there. On an alt of mine I hit 1000 trophies as a Level 1.

          • Luis Plaza

            Bruh,just lost against a dude using a spammer valk and hog deck.Was at 1858 dropped to 1797

    • Will Potter

      xD Good luck further man!

  • Lexis

    I just tried this deck out and it works really well, it is extremely strong when there is 1min left. Thank you to share this awrsome deck 😀 !

    • Will Potter

      Nice deck! Thanks for sharing this buddy! I will definitely give it a try!

  • bojio

    I run a PEKKA version of this deck and use Wizard over mini PEKKA as AOE/anti-air had more utility for me in order to better defend the high-HP troop against swarms.

    Also, for Inferno Tower/Sparky, would suggest replacing Arrows for Zap, to reset their charges. Stacks perfectly with Poison as that 1 second stun means 1 extra Poison damage. With Archers and Musketeer (and Wizard), you don’t really have to worry about not completely killing off Minion Horde. For Princess, let her lock on to a building/tower, and she’s pretty much not that threatening. Still, kill her fast 😛

    • Will Potter

      Great share buddy! Thank you so much xD

    • Luis Plaza

      How is it working out for you

  • Dan1502

    Can archers be replaced with spear goblins?

    • Muguet

      I guess so, yet Archers are bulkier and have higher combined damage but Goblins provide more distraction. TBH I like the best of both worlds which is why I use both of them in my Deck!

    • Will Potter

      Yes, you can do that buddy!

  • -sirius-


  • Lucas BeAben

    Why are you sharing a nooby lvl 9 tjat just made it to legendart arena

    • Will Potter

      Why do you care about his level?

      1. He probably donated a lot and got to level 9.
      2. No matter If he was bad, this deck is great!

  • Giovanni

    So I’m missing just the golem and the poison ez

    • Will Potter


  • Alex Constandache

    Is it bad to have golem Level 1? Cause is still win 60% of the time.

    • Will Potter

      60% win is not bad at all man!

  • Warden

    Will Porter I Am Still Waiting …………………………… ( :d)

  • Luis Plaza

    I thank you sir for this deck, ive gone up a bunch of trophies

    • Will Potter

      Glad to hear that man!

  • Aditya m

    Will I reach to arena 7 with this deck pls reply fast.

  • Will Potter

    Good luck with it further man! You are doing great!

  • Poseidon

    What should be the ideal lvl of Poison? I’ve got it on one. And also of all the rares

  • Poseidon

    I find the poison the answer to those buildings and spwaners. I’ve had a decent record yet. 10-3-5(W-D-L). I stumbled a bit in beggining but this deck is awesome in last min