Golem Push Deck for Arena 7

If you are not a fan of Hog Rider and finding it hard to push through Arena 7, I am pretty sure that you will like this Golem Deck! This deck is probably one of the most popular decks at the moment in Arena 7. You may find that this deck is pretty similar to TMD YaoYao’s Golem Deck, right? Yea, this deck is the modified version of that one, making it easier to use and fit the meta in Arena 7 better!

Before I start, I will be uploading footage of this Deck and others onto my YouTube channel, so have a look if you prefer visual and spoken guides with gameplay!

Golem Push Deck for Arena 7

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Golem Push Deck for Arena 7

Golem – The Golem is an amazing Card, and after receiving a much needed buff it has become a strongly favoured tank in the game by many. He is now featuring in the meta, and I predict that he will remain a strong choice after the upcoming balance. He can be used in several devastating combos, with the Archers, Baby Dragon, and many more! Combining him with a mixture of splash and single targeting support units, as well as adding some spells in overtime, you can create heavy beatdown pushes. Never be afraid to push before Double Elixir with the Golem – use your instinct, one or two support units, and you can wreck opponents that often underestimate the power of the Golem as a tank! Golem has very underrated base damage itself – it can deal around 300 at Tourney standards. This is a very big number for a tank, per hit, and therefore controlling your push and funnelling using good timing, and spells, is a big element of the Deck!

Mega Minion – Also, and up until the upcoming balance, often referred to as the ‘Meta Minion’, this is a must have. It’s high DPS provides constant siege power upon Towers, and as a backup unit the MM is ridiculously powerful. It can devastate Card such as the Ice Wizard and Baby Dragon with ease, and can therefore weaken enemy defense while still helping maintain aggressive offensive simultaneously. As a defensive troop, Mega can be used against Goblin Barrel, Hog Rider, Miner and many more medium HP units. It is the most efficient and effective counter to the Valkyrie. Mega Minion can devastate Towers if they are distracted even momentarily, and this makes it a powerful match for the Golem. Finally, it can shut down enormous tank pushes because of its damage, and with your Tombstone, Archers and Baby Dragon, your defense will be almost unbreakable.

Archers – These have been featuring very heavily in the meta recently, and have taken their place for the first time as the most popular support units. The Archers are very powerful in terms of damage, and can do around 100 damage per arrow fired, each. Considering all, this is a huge figure and should therefore be used wisely. The Archers can deal with tanks effectively when paired with the Tombstone, but have a weakness when it comes to support units. This is why you must place distractions, such as tanking with the Baby Dragon. We will talk about defensive Golem later on in the guide, but it is a risky strategy to use. Archers can help when paired with your main tank Card, the Golem, since their high damage and point-attack firing system can break through tough defenses like the Inferno Tower and Bomb Tower! This will strengthen your offense greatly, and the Archers are one of your tri-defense Cards that will fortify your base!

Baby Dragon – The Baby Dragon has always been an interesting Card. When paired with other tanks, it can devastate Towers and nearby units with its splash damage, but high DPS units can eliminate it fairly quickly. A huge deal of strategy must therefore be introduced. The Baby Dragon can be teamed with the Golem to make a strong push, but it will be lacking in damage. As a consequence, I suggest saving the Baby Dragon until Double Elixir – until then, only use it in defense! This will allow you to not waste Elixir on pushes with little effect, and MM or Archers should be your first pushing win condition supports during the start of the battle. Baby Dragon is weak alone, but in combos it can be deadly! Use it to tank in smaller pushes for the Mega Minion, and this will allow you to cycle while still doing chip damage. These pushes are also very likely to lure or bait out the deployment of their heavy defenses, allowing your larger pushes to make it all the way to the Tower!

Lightning – Lightning is hard to master but very useful. Try to avoid using it to clear the path for the Golem to a Tower, as in this case you will be low on Elixir and may put yourself in a risky solution. Only do this if you have two or more strong support units behind the Golem, and in Double Elixir, this is a very efficient move to take Towers down cleanly and quickly! Use Lightning to make clutch wins – this is one of the best uses for it. It deals slightly less damage as a Rocket on Towers, but still has a very heavy blow! It can save you a loss in many situations! If there are lots of support units such as the Mini P.E.K.K.A and Musketeer/Valkyrie chopping at your push units, using Lightning on them can have miraculous effects, and can completely annihilate their defense!


Tombstone – At least for now the most popular building Card in the game, the Tombstone is very powerful both defensively and indirectly as an offensive weapon. It can distract and counter countless numbers of threatening or powerful Cards for the mere cost of 3 Elixir – essentially the building variant of the Mega Minion. Tombstone can be used solo against Mini P.E.K.K.A, Musketeer, or Wizard. The optimal placement for Tombstone, so that our Tower is able to continue defending against ranged units and melee units alike while they are distracted, is shown below. By doing this you can eradicate most threats that you are likely to see in today’s meta. Tombstone can also be used to support tanks, or distract Inferno Tower, when you play your Golem This can result in thousands of HP loss being mitigated, since you are able to stop the Inferno locking into your units successfully. This is a very beneficial strategy, and can aid your pushes significantly!

Arrows – The Arrows can be used against swarms or hordes, such as Minion Horde, Goblins and more. They are very effective against spawner Decks, due to the buildup of troops. After sending in a Hog, Giant, or other tank Card, you can eliminate the entire set of Spear Goblins or Skeletons that may have resulted from the continuous spawn and distraction of units on the enemy’s side of the Arena. This can lead to a huge Elixir advantage, and can also shutdown pushes involving built up swarm troops following a strong tank (e.g. Giant + Spear Goblin swarm). Stronger units such as Hog Rider, Valkyrie and Musketeer can be finished off using the low damage of the Arrows. They can chip damage of these units too, but this method is best used only in emergency situations to mitigate damage. Arrows can be utilized against the Ice Spirit and Spear Goblin combo. When a player deploys several Spirits, a Hog or Giant and some other cheap support Cards, it is fairly easy to lure over the tank and Arrow the other offensive troops. This can result in you clearing the enemy’s push very quickly and efficiently. The ‘lure and cure’ strategy or manoeuvre is one I have devised myself. It is uncommon to see but amazingly powerful, and can lead to insane Elixir advantages. By placing a cheap troop, namely in this Deck the MM (or perhaps even your Tombstone, by favorite), or basically any small anchor point troop, in the center, you can diverge the attention of both lanes. This can be used against common SKArmy and Minion Horde combos, meant to confuse the enemy. Then, once the Cards near the center, cover the area in Arrows, and voila! This is a great technique for countering split-lane bait pushes, and if timed correctly you will conceive no damage at all! Predictive Arrows are a clever move, best used once your enemy has cycled once or twice and you can judge what they will drop next. This can give you a huge advantage in many battle situations, catching your opponent unaware and eliminating their defenses (predictive Arrows work well against Goblins, Minion Hordes and more!), to again leave you with the clear upper hand! The Arrows are a standard and completely even Elixir trade move against the Princess. This can help mitigate lots of damage. It is sometimes best to allow her one shot, wait for a tank to be dropped, and Arrow them both for optimum output/effect! Using Arrows to weaken medium-low HP Cards can prove to be extremely beneficial during several different circumstances, in which you can aid your Golem and funnel your push. Mega Minion can finish units such as the Barbarians with ease!

Barbarians – The Barbs are a very important element of the Deck! They can help eliminate high HP tanks, such as the Giant, and can also provide great split-lane offensive pushes! This can strengthen your aggressiveness in battle, since in overtime Barbs on the opposite lane to a powerful Archer, Golem, Baby Drag and maybe even MM push can be absolutely devastating! They can also serve as a distraction for the Inferno Tower! They can also be used to slow down massive pushes, and as last-minute barriers against ranged Cards like the Wizard, even though they can be splashed! They are a very solid Card in overtime too, and cause panic in your opponent.

Perfect Tombstone Placement

tombstone placement

General GamePlan

Use the Golem as your main win condition tank. Placing him, as stated above, should be based around your pure instinct, and although he is 8 Elixir,you should still be able to defend; just make sure you have the Archers or Mega Minion available, or next in your upcoming hand, to handle blitz Hog Ice Spirit pushes, and attacks of these sort.

When against an Inferno Tower, it is no problem. Use the Lightning to stun and deal huge damage, or if this is too risky, simply place down more support units. The Golemites will appear, either tank or let your supports tank for them, and you can still deal lots of damage. Your main aim is to continue building consistent Elixir during your own push.

Due to this being a meta Deck, there are many possible defensive options that will give you positive Elixir trades. For example, Mega Minion and Hog, then a Baby Dragon push. The only direct counter to this push is Musketeer! Pushes like these can be used to cycle round to your Golem, or on lower Elixir, as a way to chip cycle.

Finally, this is a really fun Deck to play! Hope you guys enjoy the video too, and check out my channel at the top! Clash on, thanks for reading!