Golem 5.1 – The Heaviest Beatdown Deck Ever! (Maybe)

Hi guys, Golem FTW aka Radius here with my 100% own deck, which is very strong both on ladder and challenges!

This deck haves one Legendary which is irreplaceable, so if you don’t have Night Witch, you can’t play this deck.

Without further ado, let’s go with cards breakdown!

PS. Thanks Lolman for all the help!


Golem 3M Night Witch Deck

Clash Royale GolemClash Royale Three MusketeersClash Royale Night WitchClash Royale Lightning
Clash Royale elixir collectorClash Royale Mega MinionClash Royale GoblinClash Royale Arrows

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Card Breakdown

Golem – First win condition, king of beatdown decks and my favourite card!

Be careful when you use him because 8 Elixir makes him risky choice. Never place him unless you have 1-2 Elixir Collectors or you’re in 2x Elixir.

Lone Golem will almost never give you value (unless they skarmy+ minion horde and gang on top of him for an example, because death damage kills them though this is unlikely to happen) so always get supports behind him! Golem is also a good defensive-and-counterpush unit when you face Elite Barbs.

Here are 3 options where to place him:

  1. Behind King’s Tower – Most common placement, do it when you want to make huge push
  2. In front of Tower – When you’re afraid to get rushed with Elite Barbs.
  3. On bridge/on pocket – When you don’t have time to make push and need to take Tower at all costs.

Golemites are also usually unappreciated, although they’re like 2 Miners with lower HP and death damage.

Three Musketeers – Second win condition. Ignoring these three ladies is a cardinal sin.

They’re weak to spells so don’t play them when you’re sure opponent haves Fireball, Poison, Lightning or Rocket.

Three Musketeers are your main counters for LavaLoon, so don’t waste them in rush.

When you use them in defence, try to not give value like 3M + Elixir Collector + Tower (+11 Positive Elixir Trade – OJ would be proud). You can split them but it’s not recommended because anyways they’ll Fireball your 2 Muskets, and lone Musketeer won’t do anything (This deck definitely don’t work in Double Lane Pressure, more DPS = better!), and if they use Fireball for Muskies, punish them with Night Witch and Mega Minion.

Once you take one Tower, three Muskies turns to main win condition, as you can place them on pocket and takes hundreds of Tower HP in seconds.

Don’t place them as first supports for Golem, try to use Night Witch and Mega Minion to bait Fireball.

Lightning – As someone maybe knows, I can’t play Golem without Lightning ??, so that’s why this is here. Lightning is one of most powerful spells if you know how to use this.

Completely destroys Three Musketeers and Inferno Towers and Dragons. It’s also one of the best counters to popular push on Arena 10 – Wizard and Elite Barbarians, Lumberjack and Elite Barbs and Valkyrie (Last two needs Arrows to finish)

This spell also is great to finish games.

Don’t use Lightning for Tower + Elixir Collector unless you want to get punished with Three Muskies.

Night Witch – Even after nerf, still awesome card! One of most versatile cards (If not most versatile!), with her ability to attack air.

She counters almost every troop in game 1v1!

Your second choice to counter Hog Rider, and first for Giant, Giant Skeleton and Golem.

Also, she’s a great Fireball bait for Three Muskies.

When she’ll spawn 6-8 Bats behind Golem, it’s one of highest DPS in game (Once I saw how she destroys PEKKA in two seconds!)

She will also protect your Musketeers from troops like Valkyrie or Knight.

Elixir Collector – A must in 5.1 deck and probably most important card.

lace him in front of King’s Tower or behind Crown Towers.

Protect him with Goblins vs Miner and Arrows vs Goblin Barrel.

When they’ll use their heavy spell to destroys it, Three Musketeers should show him it was fail.

Nothing more to say about Elixir Collector.

Mega Minion – Your cheap air defence, cycle card and Fireball bait. Perfect for killing glass cannons.

Works great as a support card because of high DPS and onehitting Minions.

Also, Mega Minion is a beast when locked onto a Tower

Goblins – After Skeletons nerf, i switched d00ts with Goblins and don’t regret this!

Their DPS is such amazing for only 2 Elixir! I love them as counters for Hog Rider because they allows him for 1 swing and resistance for Zap. Just don’t give them satisfaction from pre-Log.

Use them also for lone Musketeer, Electro Wizard, Mini P.E.K.K.A. and other single-target troops.

Arrows – And Arrows. Never waste them for Minions.

Best ways to use them: Skeleton Army (When you’re attacking, use something different in defence), Goblin Barrel, Minion Horde, Princess (don’t do it when you know opponent have Goblin Barrel) and Goblin Gang (look Skeleton Army).


  • Golem – Nope.
  • Three Musketeers – Nope.
  • Lightning – Rocket (definitely not recommended)
  • Night Witch – Lumberjack
  • Elixir Collector – Nope.
  • Arrows – The Log, Zap
  • Goblins – Skeleton Army, Skeletons, Ice Spirit, Guards
  • Mega Minion – Minions, Electro Wizard

General Gameplan

3:00 – 2:00

Pump up and defend.

Trust me, it’s okay to take damage during this time but, try to not lose a tower.

You want your HP to have taken damage so you can force opponent to push same lane as you, as the Golem user you have the best tank in the game so you will win any exchanges vs a Giant or Lavahound coming on the same lane as you. More about this at here.

Figure out your opponent’s deck.

Best starting moves are placing splitting Goblins at the back, Mega in the back etc.

While many may believe pumping up will be handy, with Battle Ram decks running amok… you typically want to wait for your opponent to make a move. Defend, then pump up.

With this deck you can ideally wait them out till 2x elixir then Golem in front of king tower/centre. This is a common move on top ladder then both run beatdown, and in say a Golem vs Giant match-up the Golem will win 9/10 times

Some good chip damage is always welcome.


This deck has decent defence so you shouldn’t be really dominated, but in this part of match opponents haves an advantage because of 5.1 deck cost.

2:00 – 2x Elixir

To be honest, same as above! Prepare to your 2x Elixir push.

For example: Opponent just wasted his Fireball to Night Witch. Don’t send lone Three Musketeers, wait for last minute, when this time follow, place Golem behind King’s Tower, and then rush with Three Muskies and Mega Minion. Outcycling his heavy spell makes this push almost unstoppable.

2x Elixir – End

You have to be very, very aggressive. Having more than 1 Golem on the map or Six Musketeers shouldn’t be rare.

When you take one Tower and still have much supports behind Golem, continue pushing. Spam with every troop you have in deck.

If your push took a Tower, but finally got stopped, Three Musketeers turn to your main win condition. Place them on base as much as possible. Be sure nothing can distract them, main advantage of this attack is speed and surprise, so every second is important.

During this time, you don’t want to 3 play Muskets at the back to give tower damage by spells. You want to build push and 3 Muskets at the river.

Depending on situation you can send 2 or 1 Musketeer behind the Golem.

Common Match-Ups

Golem Beatdown – Winrate = 60%.

Player with more Pumps win!

When they place Golem, do it too on same lane. Use high DPS troops to deal with Golem as fast as it’s possible and make deadly counterpush.

Be careful because most of Golem decks contains Lightning.

Three Musketeers – Winrate = 80%


If they’re all in one place, Lightning is all you need.

If Musketeers split, Tower + 2 Musketeers and Night Witch to Musketeer + probably Knight or Ice Golem.

So when they pump up you typically want to Golem same lane. They will most likely rush your opposite lane with say ram or Night Witch. See if you can defend it or not, if not then simply Mega Minion on right Witch, don’t spend a lot.

Just prevent the 3 crown and go all in and punish them because of your positive trade vs the rush and take down all 3 Muskets.

LavaLoon – Win chance = 95% – Easiest matchup!

Three Musketeers, Night Witch and Mega Minion are definitely all you need to stop this.

When you see Lava Hound behind their Towers, rush with Golem on the same lane. LavaLoon decks haves usually weak defence (Goblin Gang and Tombstone), so it should be easy win.

If your opponent has inferno dragon however, can be a little tricky but usually inferno dragon decks don’t have loon so you don’t need to rely on 3 Musket DPS to melt hound to get to the balloon fast.

Graveyard – Winrate = 50%

Okay this one can be hard.

Do your Night Witch’s Bats 1-hit Skeletons from Graveyard? If yes, everything would be good.

Goblins fully counters Graveyard, but they’re vulnerable to Poison.

Three Musketeers also can be used to counter for example Giant + Graveyard, but it’s very risky. You also can use your 3 Muskets to kill this.

Because you have the collector and 3 Musket, they will have to poison one, so if you can draw out poison on collector that’s an easy Graveyard defend.

Royal Giant – Winrate = 85%

Night Witch + Goblins = Good game! If he is very smart and outcycled these two, Three Muskets.

Elite Barbarians – Winrate= 85%

If lone, Golem to defend-and-counterpush, if with supports, Lightning + Goblins to get an amazing value!

Hog Cycle – Winrate = 55%

Make Golem rushes, but without Night Witch, because she’ll be needed to defend this annoying Hog Rider.

Hog Exenado – Winrate = 35%

Okay I’m honest with you right now. Your only one chance is aggressive pumping to always get 9 Elixir for Lightning + Arrows, to kill the Executioner.

Spell-Bait – Winrate = 45%

Tough matchup.

Don’t use Arrows for Princess or Goblin Gang, use Goblins or Mega Minion.

Don’t let them doing chip damage, but also don’t overkill, for example: Don’t use Night Witch to deal with Princess, Goblins will work too for 2 Elixir less.

Miner Control – Winrate: 70%

Easy! Goblins for Miner, Night Witch for control troops or Arrows for Minion Horde.

Giant Beatdown – Winrate = 70%

You should be okay. Golem is much stronger tank than Giant, so you should kill him faster and get deadly counterpush.

Always rush on the same lane!!


So that’s all guys! I hope everyone enjoyed this a bit long guide and will get some good success with this! Personally this deck guide pushed me from 3200 to 3500 in 3-4 days! So if you’re seeking expensive and annoying deck, this is just for you!

Cheers, you rocks!

by Golem FTW aka Radius