Golem Furnace Deck for Arena 7, 8 and 9

Because Golem and Furnace are two quite underrated cards in Clash Royale, today I am going to introduce to you a very interesting deck which is based on these two. Hopefully you will see their potentials while using this deck!

 golem furnace deck

Golem Furnace Deck

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Clash Royale GoblinClash Royale PoisonClash Royale ZapClash Royale Cannon

I have been testing this deck for a few hours and getting lots of impressive results against Royal Giant Decks, Hog Rider Decks, Sparky Decks and Giant Baloon Decks. As I talked about these cards lots of times before so today I am going to keep this as simple as possible. If you have any issue while using these cards, just comment and I will do my best to help you!

General Stratetgy

The best push of this deck consists of Golem, Furnace, Knight and Poison. Cannon, Goblins and Zap are used on defense most of the time. But of course you always can use Zap on offense and Poison on defense (especially against Giant Balloon).

I strongly recommend playing defensively first with this deck.


Elixir Collector is the best card you want to have in your starting hand to gain the Elixir advantage and force your opponent to attack first. Otherwise, playing either Furnace Goblins first would be nice.

You will want to place your Giant behind your King’s Tower, on the side you want to push and not before 1:10. Also, don’t push until you have at least 1 Furnace ready to protect your big push. If your opponent using his Miner to constantly destroy your Furnace, your Elixir Collector will be safe and this is totally great for any Golem deck.

Once your Golem reaches the bridge, place your Knight down right behind him and have your poison ready to deal with the defensive buildings and troops. While your Golem is soaking damage, you can quickly cycle through cards and have up to 3 Furnaces on the ground. Golem will group all opponent troops together and Furnaces + Poison can easily remove them all quickly.

This deck rocks in the x2 Elixir time. You can easily snowball your push with 2 Golem and tons of pressures. If your opponent ignores your push during this this and push on the other lane, it will be a 3 crown win for you! Because the Knight’s userate is pretty low right now, lots of players can’t imagine how much damage 2 Knights can do in a few seconds!


Excepting the Golem, all other cards in this deck can be effectively used on defense against the most popular strategies at the moment:

  • Royal Giant: Drop your Furnace or Cannon reactively once the Royal Giant is about to cross the river to defend. Personally I usually place the Furnace down 2 tiles in front of the King’s Tower to distract the Royal Giant. The Furnace has better HP than the Cannon, that’s why. You can drop the Cannon in front of the Furnace right after that to double the distraction and kill the Royal faster. Knight is also very great at killing the Royal Giant. Use Poison If your opponent’s push seems heavy, your push is still deadly without the Poison.
  • Giant Balloon: Have your Poison ready do deal with this push! Use your Cannon + Furnace to distract and lure them to the center. Use Knight to kill the Giant If needed. Zap is a must to keep the Balloon under Poison for 1 more second.
    Otherwise, place your Elixir Collector right in front of the King’s Tower as showed at here. After taking out the Cannon, Balloon will move to the nearby Elixir Collector, hit it as well as trigger your King’s Tower.
  • Hog Rider Trifecta (You can read more about this deck at here). Use your Cannon + Furnace to distract and use Poison when needed. You will want to save your Knight to deal with this combo. Use Knight to lure the Valkyrie then drop Goblins on the Musketeer!
  • Miner: Keep your Elixir Collector in front of the King’s Tower (top priority) and place the Furnace at the back. Your Knight can easily counter the Miner and the Fire Spirits from the Furnace will help you kill him quickly. Save your Poison to deal with the upcoming troops behind as most Miner decks use cheap spam troops to do the chip damage

Deck shared by BillyTheKidRoyale

  • Ishmam

    Will, in general gameplan; 4th paragraph, u said: Drop Giant behind ur tower.

    U meant ‘Golem’ though!

    • Xx bismuth xX

      I saw that too!

    • Will Potter

      Thanks a lot mate! I didn’t notice that 😀

      • LIN/(88


  • herro

    Nice deck. I replaced knight with mini pekka though.

    • Will Potter

      Great. How are you doing with it buddy?

  • Asdfire


    • Asdfire

      oops caps



    • Will Potter

      Yea it’s the weakness of this deck 😀

  • Gefangener

    Has anyone got a deck to push to legendary arena? I’m frozen peak

    • Will Potter

      Did you try all decks I posted here mate?

      • Gefangener

        Not all but I now found a nice miner deck and out of 26 games I lost 4 drawn 2 and won 20. I have 2626 trophies

        • Gefangener

          It’s my own deck, by the way

  • Lightning King

    anyone have a deck to push to legendary arena? I’m currently in Frozen peak….


      do u have any legendaries?

      • Lightning King

        no.. i hate it

    • Hadi Chandra Kusuma

      try this : Giant, Musk, Bomber, Minions, Zap, Mini Pekka, Cannon, Fire Spirits. Requires no Epic or Legendary, works well at Frozen Peak.

      • Lightning King

        ok thx man

    • Will Potter

      Please try all decks I posted mate!


    level 7 furnace is the best tournament card there is

  • abdullah

    hi i need your help.i have ice wizard and miner but i dont know how to use them well.please give me a good deck for heating the legendary arena.

  • KodigorII

    Great deck Will! All of the articles on this website are extremely well written and I look on here for advice daily. I recently acquired princess and miner from crown chest and a free super magical chest (miner Royal arena, princess frozen peak)
    I have used a royal giant deck with these two and now I am almost at 2700 trophies! Very little losses.

    I would like to share this deck with you all.

    Royal giant
    Elixir collector
    Spear goblins

    Thanks again Will.

    • Will Potter

      Solid deck! Thank you a lot for sharing this buddy!
      Personally I don’t use Miner with Royal Giant but your deck looks very great!

      • KodigorII

        Update: got to 2922. Fingers crossed for legendary

  • Tyuankeo

    Can this deck bring me to legendary arena?

  • aimos

    How does this fare against Lava Hound decks? It looks really weak to Balloon and lava hound combo. Thanks.

  • Riker

    This deck looks very strong. I havent tested it, but from what I have observed, the deck is quite weak to air. I suggest trying to replace Cannon with a troop such as Musketeer, who deals enormous damage and range helps deal with golems threats. Minions would work quite nice as well. Both of these also help kill a Royal Giant quicker, if you are having trouble with it. 2 Buildings is fine, 3 I believe is too much. Hope the deck works for you who try it. I would, but my golem is barely lvl 2

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for sharing this mate! Please give it a try and share your opinion!

  • CardCounterer

    I don’t use the knight, so it is lvl 6 here and im busy upgrading other cards. Can i replace it? And if yes, give me an example.

    • Ishmam

      Valkyrie is an excellent replacement & an all rounder

    • Will Potter

      You can use either Spear Goblins or Musketeer instead. Good luck!

  • TheMad

    I like the idea of golem + furnace but I don’t like this deck. What about :
    Mini pekka

  • Torben M

    I love my Golem Deck 🙂

    Golem (Lv 4)
    Prince (Lv 3)
    Poison (Lv 4)
    Mini-Pekka (Lv 7)
    Elixir Pump (Lv 6)
    Tesla (Lv 9)
    Minions (Lv 10)
    Zap (Lv 9)

    Works with lower levels, too. Golem + Posion = very strong / Prince + Minions behind the Golem

    • Will Potter

      Looks great! Thanks for sharing this buddy!

  • Anthony

    i just want to share my deck idk y, its hog, ice spirit, fire spirit, ice wiz, zap, poison, valk, and inferno tower, im in arena 8

  • Fernando Rigon Vicentini

    Terrible deck. Inconsistent defense and very slow attack.
    3 matches, 3 loss. against decks with many flying units, you can’t defend well. Hell Hound is a pain in the ass.

  • Fernando Rigon Vicentini

    My main deck is providing me much better results:

    Skeleton Army