Clash Royale Golem Deck That Got Me to 2700+ Trophies

Hi guys, today I am going to show you one of the best Clash Royale Golem Decks I have ever used! I’m BEST_RAPPER_NEVER, a player who started on the global release and I recently hit 2700 trophies as a relatively fresh level 8 player (with level 8 Commons, level 4/5 Rares, level 2/3 Epics).

clash royale Golem deck

Clash Royale Golem Deck That Got Me to 2700+ Trophies

Clash Royale GolemClash Royale Elixir CollectorClash Royale Bomb TowerClash Royale Wizard
Clash Royale BarbariansClash Royale MusketeerClash Royale Spear GoblinsClash Royale Arrows

Currently level 8 Commons, level 5 Rares and level 3 Golem (although I’ve just recently upgraded some of the Rares and the Golem). Anyways, lets get into what the Deck does.

Goal of Deck:

Play defensive, gain an elixir advantage then make a large push.

Opening strategies:

Bomb Tower into Elixir Collector – Bomb Tower is one of the best opening cards to play, as it’s one minute long timer and high health help counter any push, and helps to gain an elixir advantage. Play in the middle, use Arrows to clear if a Minion Horde is used to clear. Typically you play defensive until you have an elixir advantage then throw down Elixir Collector at 10. Bomb Tower is best played in the middle, with the range just barely going to the river (not reaching over river, but the range touches the other side). This lets you be able to react to a Minion Horde or Hog, as well as pulls aggro from both bridges as well as stopping things like Musketeer from attacking from other side of river (baby dragon can clear, but wait for baby dragon to aggro Bomb Tower then place Musketeer or Spear Goblins down to kill)

Elixir Collector – if you play at the start of the game, place in the middle and just in front of the towers (if you place overlapping with the tower, it can be fireballed along with one of the side towers). Defend against the incoming push that is a result of the 5 elixir used on collector.

Spear Goblins or Barbarians or Musketeer – place at back of base (splitting Spear Goblins or Barbarians behind crown tower, or just putting musk in one lane), only a good play if neither Bomb Tower or Elixir Collector are in game. If opponent plays Elixir Collector, you can make a small push (don’t overcommit, the goal of the deck is to build a big push behind a Golem)

Countering pushes:

Hog and supporting troop with Bomb Tower – Place Bomb Tower in middle so that it pulls troops in and it kills. Supplement with Spear Goblins if you’d like to have the Bomb Tower at about half health (beware Freeze, place on opposite side of Bomb Tower so that tower+Bomb Tower+spear gobs aren’t all frozen at once, if push on left side then place Spear Goblins a square or two to the right of Bomb Tower and vice versa) you can also supplement with Musketeer (if you don’t have spear gobs, and its a bigger Hog push like Hog/musk or something like that)

Hog and supporting troops without Bomb Tower – place Barbarians down idirectly n front of tower (Hog will be pushed to the side and killed by barbs). Use Arrows to kill backline if you want to create a small counterpush with Musketeer or Spear Goblins (with 4 elixir swing from Hog which does no trading, you are at an advantage to push). If you don’t want to create a counterpush, just let Barbarians trade for Hog and backline (a positive elixir trade almost always, as 5 for barbs then 4 for Hog and at least two for backline).

Giant (or Golem or Giant Skeleton) and backline while a Bomb Tower is up – you can place Bomb Tower down in middle then wait for backline to cross river, drop Barbarians onto backline (surround a wizard, Musketeer, archers, witch, etc. throw Arrows down on a Minion Horde.) If you don’t have barbs, then let the troops aggro onto Bomb Tower then place wizard onto the side of the map. The backline will kill the Bomb Tower while the wizard kills the backline (giant is in middle, too far away), you can place Musketeer or Spear Goblins by the tank to kill it.

Giant (or Golem or Giant Skeleton) and backline without a Bomb Tower up – place Musketeer or Spear Goblins down just in front of crown tower on the side of the push, they’ll help dps the tank down. Place barbs onto backline and let them kill (Giant Skeleton will walk back to kill barbs, so bomb won’t damage tower, and barbs will walk away without taking damage from bomb). If its a Golem, you may need to throw down a Bomb Tower or Elixir Collector(likely right in front of side tower, if you’ve played two troops you likely have Bomb Tower up again) so that you don’t take too much damage

Balloon + support – The hardest push for this deck to counter. Wizard and Musketeer are in here to help stop loon, be careful of the positioning of troops (Freeze). You can place Bomb Tower down (likely have to place in front of the tower because loons are normally placed on side of map). Barbs are also good at melting through a giant, or anything else supporting

P.E.K.K.A + support with Bomb Tower – Place Bomb Tower in middle, then drop Barbarians on backline, or place wizard on side to clear backline. place goblin spears beside pekka after backline is cleared so that pekka is killed while killing those.


P.E.K.K.A + support without Bomb Tower – place Barbarians or goblin spears in center to pull. if you place barbs then use wizard to clear backline. If you place spears, then place Barbarians on backline to clear.

Double Prince – pull to center with Barbarians or Bomb Tower, Spear Goblins on other side of Bomb Tower is best case scenario (dark Prince typically dies first, as it leads the charge to clear troops, then Prince has to kill three troops and dies while doing it. If you don’t have Spear Goblins, then you can supplement with Musketeer if necessary.

Mortar – use Bomb Tower or Elixir Collector to tank mortar, can use Barbarians and Spear Goblins to kill mortar. Another alternative is just to drop Spear Goblins on mortar, those take mortar down about half by the time they are dead then make a Golem push. Versus mortar decks just make constant Golem pushes (don’t worry about making a huge push, just wizard or Musketeer and Golem typically will do). Unless they run inferno, then just play to kill mortar and tie game.

Spawner – typically hard countered by Bomb Tower, then you can make a push with Golem when you get a chance. By the nature of Golem pushes (15+ elixir at once on board for a big push) as opposed to persistent value of spawners, spawner decks are hard countered by Bomb Tower and Golem.

Miscellaneous – I’ve covered most of the pushes i typically see, but if you run into anything else, just keep in mind: barbs or Arrows on backline, wizard to clear groups, Musketeer wizard or Spear Goblins to clear tanks. Bomb Tower is op.

Things that counter this deck:

Fireball/Poison/Rocket – can murder backline of wizard/Musketeer, then opponent kills Golem. You can play around this by baiting out with Elixir Collector, or by only placing wizard or Musketeer down behind Golem then Spear Goblins or the other of the musk/wizard that you didnt place down to support Golem.

Barbarians/Valkyrie – Often dropped right onto wizard or Musketeer after they cross bridge, trade with your backline then kill Golem. You can play around this by placing your own Barbarians surrounding your wizard or Musketeer (you won’t have enough elixir to place all three except in double elixir)

P.E.K.K.A – P.E.K.K.A is the enemy of Golem pushes, they are played on defense with a wizard or the sort behind, and shred Golem while tanking backline. The best counter I’ve found to this is by making waiting until 2x elixir then making a splitpush of Barbarians and Spear Goblins in the lane that isn’t the Golem/wizard/Musketeer push lane.

Inferno – Don’t expect to win, play not to lose using the countering guide earlier. If you reeeeeaaally want to push vs an inferno, place Barbarians in front of Golem when you push, this is countered by wizard or bomber though, and then you likely just lose a tower as a result of the counterpush, but if theres only ~15 or so seconds left in overtime, then this is alright.

How to push:

Optimal setup (in single or double elixir) – Bomb Tower in middle, Elixir Collector in corner near tower with most health (to counter fireball/Rocket chipping down, and make sure to place in corner so that troops like wizard/musk can’t be fireballed along with Elixir Collector after pushing from behind king tower). After this is all set up, place Golem behind crown tower. When Golem is near river you should have 10, place Musketeer and wizard behind Golem to push (remember if enemy has Barbarians, place barbs around a wizard or Musketeer instead of both wizard and Musketeer).

Minimum setup (in single elixir) – Elixir Collector set up, Golem placed down behind king tower and then wizard as support for Golem

Minimum setup (in double elixir) – Golem placed behind king tower, wizard and Musketeer set up behind Golem (unless opponent is pushing opposite lane, then counter with whatever is necessary even if it means only placing Spear Goblins behind your Golem)

Closing words:

This Golem Deck is a 4.6 Elixir average. Despite that, I’ve had a lot of success with it and found it to be very strong to play. I think it can win any game where it is played well, except vs an exceptionally played deck consisting of a couple of the counters listed above (in which case it can tie). Always look to understand your deck, this deck is IMO just as strong as Hog/Freeze, double Prince, mortar. I am not having success because it is OP, but rather because I’ve been using this deck since 2000 trophies and I understand its ins and outs now.

If you have any questions about this Clash Royale Golem deck, feel free to ask in the comments. Also, I know it’s a lot of words but I think it is necessary to give a proper guide.

  • Richard Hu

    Hey Will! So It seems like there is this deck that EVERYONE uses in TV Royale and it is:
    -Dark Prince
    -Minion Horde
    -Elixir Collector
    It’s popular to the point that there are even instances where two people with this deck go against each other on TV Royale. Even the top 4-5 people in Clash Royale use this deck. Is this like the ultimate best deck in Clash Royale? Or what do you think? (On some occasions, Minion Horde is replaced with Ice Wizard, but mostly, it’s Minion Horde)

    • TicTac

      Although its cost is like 4.6 its a really great deck!

    • Will Potter

      It’s a good deck but seems like it only works for top players as each Arena has its own meta game xD. I don’t think we can use this deck in Arena 7 or early Arena 8 for sure.
      Because they are using this deck a lot, the TV Royale is getting boring, isn’t it?

  • Aacen

    Looks like a nice deck, unfortunately I don’t have the golem yet. Thing about those large troops is you’re doomed if they have an inferno tower. Right now I’ve pushed to 1770 trophies beating a lot of level eights (I’m level seven).

    See deck below.

    I got the idea from Jason the Clash Royale 2016 tournament winner. If you’re unfamiliar with him you’re missing out he is a prodigy, I’ve gotten a lot of new strategies after watching his battles. Anyways I got a little side tracked I edited Jason’s deck a little bit to my liking.

    Giant + Hog: Giant and hog is an epic combo place the hog behind the giant. The giant will tank damage depending on how your opponent responds if timed right you can use freeze for some major damage!
    Hog + Spear Goblins: This is a very popular combo in arena 5 and 6. Place the hog and goblins at the same time for some epic damage. You can pair this combo with the freeze spell if you’re feeling confident.
    Barbarians + Minion hoard: If you catch your foe off guard if they used their arrows this could be a game winning push. Pretty much the barbarians and minions will destroy everything in their paths. But be warned: a wizard will DESTROY this push very easily.
    Hog + Barbarians: This is pretty good if your opponent doesn’t have many air troops; but if they do they can defend pretty easily. If you proceed with this push to find out they have been hiding an air troop just freeze it when the time is right.

    Inferno tower: this is to destroy large troops such as giant skeletons, giants, pekkas, or golems. Also very effective against hog riders (make sure you don’t place it near your crown tower otherwise they could potentially freeze both of them and do some big damage.
    Giant: the giant is mainly used for tanking if I’m getting rushed sometimes I panic and use the giant; it has saved my tower before. If there isn’t much time left just keep placing inferno tower and giant in front of the weaker tower to beat the clock.

    Handling backlash from freeze spell: So you just rushed your opponent they place troops defend against it and you freeze! You got some big hitpoints taken off their crown tower but soon they get it under control… now you don’t have much elixir and you have a huge mob of enemy troops coming your way what do you do?! Note: this is my no. 1 reason I lose I’m still trying to get better at this) So to address the problem I have discovered that reserving at least 3 elixir could be the game winning decision; most of the time your foe will have a minion herd or some smaller cheaper troops to handle your rush especially if it’s a hog rush so in this case use your arrows as quick as you can barbarians will help lots too!

    Barbarians can be swapped for archers.

    Sorry for it being wordy… but I wanted to let you guys know how it works it’s magic. Hopefully this doesn’t become viral otherwise I’ma have to change it up because people will expect it.

    Side note: another good strategy is using a lot of small troops (must be goblin barrel, skeleton army, and minion hoard) I usually bait their arrows with my goblin barrel. as soon as they use their arrows I rush them with minions and skeletons then I use freeze on their splash damage unit.

    Hope this helps! – Zach

    • TicTac

      Add freeze to the deck for inferno tower counter…

      • Aacen

        You can also use Zap spell to counter it. If it’s targeting your tank you can zap it and it will retarget and won’t have as much damage built up.

    • Will Potter

      This is just awesome! Thank you very much Zach! That’s all I want to say!

      • Aacen

        Thanks! I switched to Jason’s deck and just pushed to 1827! I might try to make a few card swaps to fit my play style better.

        Also another tip is place barbarians to tank for the giant then place spear goblins and any other ranged troop behind the giant. Your barbarians will probably get taken out but the goal of this push it go get your giant in to ultimately tank for the ranged troops! Another thing you can do while doing this if you have enough elixir is place a hog in the other lane! Be cautious of doing so though; your opponent will defend on both lanes and it will make it even more difficult to defend.

        • Will Potter

          xD You rock mate!

  • Mr.Randomly Random

    This deck looks really good, my only two problems are that my Golem is only lvl 2 and i never use the bomb tower, he is lvl 4 could i replace bomb tower with infernoe or cannon( which are lvl 5 and lvl 8)? My musketeer is also lvl 4. And i am currently at 2200 trophies… Plz respond asap…

    • Will Potter

      Golem level 2 would be great. You should give him a try mate!
      Also, yes, you can replace the Bomb Tower with Inferno or Cannon, that would be okay. Good luck!

  • AndrewAhigian

    Nice deck. I also started on global release and im at 2400 trophies. Ill try this deck for sure.

    • Will Potter

      That’s very nice man! Please post the results as soon as possible xD.

  • xCheetaZx

    I don’t have the golem yet, would a P.E.K.K.A work in place of golem?

    • WestPKMN

      It should, PEKKA also deals more damage

    • Will Potter

      Yep, you can try to do that man xD.

    • Soham Mukherjee

      Not as tanky and INCREDIBLY DISTRACTED;
      Yeah go for it mate xD
      It has super high damage and is deadly with a pushing troop.

  • andrew chedid

    Is the deck still good even with a lvl 1 golem? BTW I just tried this deck and went up against an inferno deck….. I still won… twice. But I am in arena 6 still so yeah. Will it be harder later up the arena and will I need a higher lvl golem to continue with this deck?

    • Will Potter

      level 1 Golem is pretty okay at Arena 6. You will want to get him to level 2 when you are at Arena 7 buddy!

      • andrew chedid

        Just got golem to lvl 2! bought it at the shop. Hope it is worth the 81 gems I had to spend getting it haha.

        • Will Potter

          xD It’s totally worth it! Good luck with it further mate!

          • jb cabacungan

            Will can you help me improve my deck?

  • Enoma27

    I just wanted to thank you for this post.
    Even if I have low level cards (common at 7, rares at 4 and luckily golem at 2) I’m over 2100 trophies and still running!

    The best advice I can give to others willing to try this deck (in addition to your perfect guide) is this one: don’t rush, always be patient even when the match is going badly, and never commit to a push without your bomb tower up. Last but not least, in the first stages of the game keep track of your opponent’s cards and play accordingly later on; be careful especially when they’re about to cycle barbs, valkyrie, minion hoard, freeze.

    • Will Potter

      Awesome! Thank you very much for sharing this buddy! Hope you can get to Arena 8 soon!

  • Trucks

    Does this deck still work since they nerfed the bomb tower to 40 second life time? Or should I replace the bomb tower with something else?

    • Will Potter

      Bomb Tower is still working very well buddy! I don’t want to replace it with anything else!

  • jb cabacungan

    can you guys give advice on how to improve my deck currently at royale arena

    • INeededToMakeAnAccountToCommen

      This is a little late, but I recommend replacing the dank prince with a mini pekka or a musketeer. Your deck is very weak against air. If not the musketeer, then a zap or arrows, its good to have another spell other than the poison.

  • Patrick

    giant skeleton thats all i have to say

    • Patrick

      and also same problem with ur deck with goblin barrel and min hoard, there is nothing you can do if they have something like hog and giant with supporting wiz

  • Ben

    Wow I use the almost exact same deck, i’ve just traded out spears for minnions, however when I started using this deck I was using spears. I think I traded them out because of sparky?

    • Will Potter

      Yea, that’s right! xD

  • ShadoX

    I have 1 level golem.Should i use it ?

    • Will Potter

      What is your Arena now mate? If you are at Arena 5 or 6, yes, you can use it!

      • ShadoX

        Yes, im in Arena 6 and i will use it! thanks for the amazing deck buddy!

        • Will Potter

          Good luck with it man!

  • tim moorehead

    I was just curious would replacing the musketeer with baby dragon be smart?! It gives you a lil more versatility with splash and for clearing and counter attacking when ground troops are played without taking dmg.

    Just curious

    • Will Potter

      You could do that but personally I find that Wizard is enough to deal against loads of pushes :D.

  • Fancy Chinchilla

    My deck is sparky, Giant, Guards,Gob barrel, fire spirits arrows and collecter it’s gotten me to 2200 trophies so far but I keep loosing to lava loons or dragons and lava hounds.

    • Fancy Chinchilla

      See below

  • mini_hog^^

    i got a lot of golems from a super magical, so its lv 4, and im in arena 7… but im not so good with dealing with the inferno towers… so i really want to use the golem, but im not sure if i can do it.
    any tips on how to beat an inferno?

    • Will Potter

      Try to use some small troops in front of your Golems to protect it. Don’t forget to use Zap to reset Inferno’s Tower damage!

      • mini_hog^^

        thanks will!
        ima try that.
        if theres a good deck that can beat inferno without worrying about zap or arrows taking out the small troops, that would be great.
        maybe barbs…?

  • mini_hog^^

    btw, im not such a big fan of freeze, so…
    other suggestions?^^

  • galva craft

    Can i replace wizard with ice wiz

    • Will Potter

      Yes you could try to do that my friend!

  • Himbeer Gartensalat Mit Zimt

    Shit deck dont use just saying

    • Will Potter


  • jnharr

    Thanks for this very detailed, well-written article! I’m curious if you’re still using Bomb Tower now that they reduced its duration to 40 seconds…? Have you made any other changes with Frozen Peak and other cards released since you wrote this? Thanks in advance!

    • jnharr

      For example, I’m finding the Mega Minion quite useful as as cheap mini-tank in the air as emergency defense against ground-only units (valk, bomber, knight, etc). Ok, look forward to seeing your input!

    • Will Potter

      You can use Inferno Tower instead of the Bomb Tower buddy. Good luck!

      • jnharr

        Thanks, Will….I might try that. Are you still using this deck as-is and having success in arena 8/9?

  • The Proverbial Hater

    More shitty Golem decks… One Valkyrie on the back end destroys any push you’re trying to do. Thanks for nothing… Dropped damn near 400 trophies with all these decks.

  • Tyreese

    This deck is too slow, the enemies I’m against are too aggressive and push very hard. tthey push hard and destroy the bomb tower and break thru my defense units, leaving me with no mana. They use miner and goblin barrels to destroy the elixir collectors