Golem Goblin Barrel Zap Bait Deck

Hey guys! M4SON here with a new deck for the new update! So I stole this deck from a player from HKEsports by the name of TMD Aaron. Anyways with the shifting meta and the nerf to Elixir Collector you’d be surprise to actually know that today we are rocking a GOLEM deck! With the recent Golem buff its explosion damage is actually deadly to flying and ground troops. Accompanied with the popular “zap bait” decks going on we mix the two and get an fun and diverse deck! Lets jump right into it!

Golem Goblin Barrel Deck

Clash Royale GolemClash Royale MinerClash Royale Goblin BarrelClash Royale Skeleton Army
Clash Royale fireballClash Royale ZapClash Royale Mega MinionClash Royale Musketeer

Golem Goblin Barrel Zap Bait Deck

Zap: With the rise of zap bait decks you still will need zap to have utility against well, all the zap baits! Watchout for Minion Hordes, Skeleton Armies, Goblin Barrel, Fire Spirits and even regular Goblins! Always try to figure out what you’re playing against so you know what you should be prioritizing your zap on. Also you can use zap to win against Mega Minion fights or to give you the extra edge when you mount your Golem pushes.

Mega Minion: This beefy OP card is a must in this deck. Use regularly on defense against pretty much anything. This card completely wrecks any and all ground troops. Once you get your Golem pushes going plop it down behind the tanky Golem and let it do work.

Musketeer: Great defensive card that always turns into a strong counter push. Now without much Poison your Musketeers health will be generally high as it finishes defending. Place behind your Golem for added support. Situationally can send with your Miner for a small mini push as well.

Fireball: With the nerf to Poison we are bringing it back with the old school Fireball + Zap combo. Great for added assistant with the Zap bait meta. Even though you trade negatively against Goblin Barrel or Skeleton Army it will still save you in times of need. Great to also do a hail mary Fireball on your all in Golem push to secure you the game.


Skeleton Army: The new up and coming OP card. Honestly I don’t find it too OP but Skarmy has become a strong contender in decks. Use it to bait out Zaps or Logs so your Goblin barrel can sneak in. Great for overall defense against single target troops. Can also send in to help distract against Inferno Towers for your Golem.

Goblin Barrel: Rocking it with the Zap bait theme, Goblin Barrel is a must. Throw it to just start the game off to see what you opponent is running and how they react. Do the same throws all game, and then switch it up when it really counts to juke out your opponents. Throw it with your Golem pushes and if they wasted their Zap or Log your Goblins will get insane damage and value.

Golem: Surprisingly this card has been on the rise even with the decline of Elixir Pump. Generally I like to hide this card until double elixir kicks in. Drop it in the back and let a huge push build up. Its okay If the big guy doesn’t make it to the tower because when the little Golemeites are great tanks as well for your Goblin Barrel. Also with the added buff the explosion damage is a force to be wreckened with.

Miner: Of course we need a legendary to seal the deal. Send in to destroy Elixir Pumps (which no one is using anymore). Or just use to apply pressure and help tank for your Goblin Barrels or Skeleton Army. Great for getting chip damage alongside the Golem tanking or use to take our princesses.

General Gameplan:

Generally you want to open with a Goblin Barrel to test the waters and see what deck your enemy is playing. Then you wanna stall / slowly chip away and defend. Use Musketeer and Mega Minion to defend against most pushes, while sending in Miners + Goblin Barrel or Miner + Skeleton Army.

Once you hit double Elixir drop the big bad Golem in the back and build up your pushes. Try to bait out the opponents Zap with a Skeleton Army then when the Golem crosses the river throw your Goblin Barrel and watch their tower disappear. Strategically send in your Miner to take out whatever defenses your enemy has or even tank up some Inferno hits. Zap to reset the Infernos too. Back up your Golem push with Musketeer and Mega Minion. When you have a strong enough push going and have extra Elixir throw in the hail mary Fireball + Zap to take out remaining troops.

Remember you don’t always need the big Golem alive to tank for your Goblin Barrel. The Golemeites do a great job as well. Do not underestimate the explosion damage of the big Golem too! A fireball + big Golem explosion can take out a set of Barbarians at tournament standard levels.

That’s really it guys, give this deck a try and let me know how it goes! It might take some getting used to but practice and you’ll see the strength of this Golem deck!

  • Dingy

    Best replacement for miner?

    • chad knoles


    • kwugfighter

      Maybe Knight

    • WestPKMN

      Maybe even Ice Golem

    • Will Potter

      Mini P.E.K.K.A probably.

  • Hamish

    Hoping to buy special offers bundle with super magical chest in a few weeks. It would be great if I got a legendary in it.

    • Will Potter

      Good luck Hamish!

  • Anthony Nguyen

    Can I use the Ice Wizard instead of the Miner?

    • DaSlime


    • Will Potter

      Yes you can but I don’t really recommend doing that.

  • LIN/(88

    Seem Intresting

  • Chris Evans

    Need a replacement for miner that isn’t legendary

    • Gamewarrior

      I would say goblin barrell, but the deck contains that, so maybe knight or another tanky 3 elxir card

  • Marco Medel

    fricken miner is op goes with any deck….i NEED him

  • What a shit deck

  • Leinadium

    Lol I use a similar deck a long time ago, and it got mu secundary account to legendary arena!
    Goblin Barrel
    Minion Horde
    Mini Pekka

    • Will Potter

      Nice xD

    • 9Kanv Moredhra

      try this deck,
      golem, minion horde, Fireball , arrow, skltn army, gob barrel, archers, spear goblin.

      excellent deck. made me from 2500 to direct 3000+… but it needs precision in troop-launching. you may replace minions crowd with spear gobs or archers… but my advise, stik with archers and gobs. i bet you golem wil be unbeatable.

  • XXX

    I am a lvl 9 player with 7000+ xp but my golem,skeleton army and goblin barrel still lvl 2

    • Gamewarrior

      that shouldn’t be too much of a problem

    • GGgamer101_Mobcrush

      same lol

    • Will Potter

      That’s pretty normal. I believe!

  • WestPKMN

    Finally my level 4 Golem will have its redemption after the Poison nerf

    • Will Potter

      xD i really enjoy using Golem at the moment!

  • bud is wizer

    What can I use for miner that isn’t a legendary? I have none. I am super unlucky, except for lvl 4 golem, which I used to get from arena 6 to arena 8.

    • TRV0R


      • bud is wizer

        Besides my level 6 version of that also.

      • bud is wizer

        I got a lumberjack #nolog!

    • Will Potter

      Mirror wold be nice xD

  • Wasert

    I don’t know, this doesn’t seems very defensively against heavy decks. How can i counter Giant+Bowler? Pekka+DP+P? I know there are ways to stop big pushes, but i’m at 3300 trophies, and i mostly face very good players that will easily beat-down this kind of decks. I actually have faced this one a couple of times and Inferno-Valk-Zap are enough to say GG.

    • Will Potter

      Play the game aggressively and don’t let your opponent play the core cards.
      I lost lots of damage to cheap decks while using heavy Golem decks!

  • Jacob Knudson

    All hail miner. It’s too OP now that no one uses pumps.

    • Will Potter

      It’s because of the Pump due to its Elixir cost…

  • Aaron

    You know what…you stole that from me!
    and one more thing: don’t brag around. It seems like you justified your thievery from others which is so low! screw you mason.._l_

    • CRwithzws

      youtubers usually stole other people’s deck. I hate that too but there isn’t really any deck stole or something. Everyone have the same card and by some chance you and them might have the same deck.

      • Aaron

        that makes them dicks.

    • Will Potter

      haha xD

      Thanks for the great deck Aaron!

      • Aaron

        You are welcome. I just hate credit-takers for unjustified reason. I can talk about my deck instead of him talking or chipping away.

        • Will Potter

          Just take it easy Aaron.
          I love your deck. And M4son mentioned that he took it from you.
          You are definitely the real author of this deck and we all know it man 🙂

          • Aaron

            thanks Will. Appreciated that you understood me. Good job Will for moderating.

    • KekTheTurtle

      i mean he did give you a little credit there but you have point.

    • Mallouck

      I really don’t understand your comment. The author gives you all the credit at the begining and still you are complaining. The only person I see bragging here is you. Next time, if you want to earn some credit, go write an article…
      And btw it is very likely that you have not invented anything here. Given the number of CR players, there must be dozens of people playing with that exact same deck. Still, you are the only one bragging here…

      • Aaron

        Thanks for the b.s. comment on defamation that I did not invent. Shame on you to actually disregard how much time we have spent on customising our decks you p.o.s.

        So I can steal your bread from your bakery shop and say.. the bread tastes very nice and be off with it?

        I am not bragging here. I am a silence victim which has been disregarded of my ownership and used as a tool to promote his fame. Just because we have players like you who is pretty shit in commenting and not fitting into someone shoes show how ignorance you are.

        • Mallouck

          For a silent victim, you are making a lot of noise. And with vulgarity too. Kudos to you !
          How can you be disregarded of your “so called” ownership when the author clearly gives you the credit ? And the fact that uses the term “ownership” on such a pity thing clearly tells a lot about you.

          • Aaron

            It also can tell me that you are just someone who is ignorant of the reality.

          • novasucks

            get a grip wintrading faggot. he used your deck, he gave you the credit. what else do you want? copyright? fuck off

          • Horahk

            i like how he doesn’t have anything else to say this since you chewed him out. good fucking riddance… his argument sounded pathetic especially considering he was credited as well…

          • Aaron

            I like ppl creating fake accounts to repeat answering to his answers. I have a life…not like a troll like you ^_^

          • Horahk

            fake account? wtf are you talking about dude.

          • Aaron

            ya… just suck lemons novasucks. trolls like you should fuck off.

          • Aaron

            or perhaps you are crowd to fight our clan and just commenting around. Freeloader ^_^

          • Talib Jordan

            why are you being so mean to every one i don’t get it ? it is just a game and it is just a good deck and he even mantioned that it is yours at the top of his text so chill dude!!! (btw i made nearly the same deck w/o miner before i even knew that this page exists so really it’s not that big of a deal)

          • Aaron

            I don’t get it either. sorry…we are being serious here. I told you the principle, I took a hotdog from the restaurant, I credit that the hotdog is tasty..but nevertheless it is still stolen without asking for permission. For f sake. that’s why people like music producers do not want to produce more cds because of shameless fools like you.

          • Aaron

            Basically I would not have been furious at all until I notice someone taking that off, brag about it on the analysis as his own. What a scumbag. I happen to see it and all of our clan members are extremely furious about it. You would not feel the same way because you are just a noob and randomly commenting only on a few posts, the world will be better without you commenting because there is not much anything good coming from you.