Goblin Barrel Trifecta Deck for Arena 5+

Hello guys I am K!eran and today I am going to give you a very funny Goblin Barrel Deck which got me to Arena 8! The cards at play in this deck will all serve multiple purposes, as any good deck should. The key to success upon using this deck is reading the situation and determining how to use each of the cards.

Goblin Barrel Trifecta Deck

Arena 5 Goblin Barrel Trifecta Deck

Clash Royale Goblin BarrelClash Royale Giant SkeletonClash Royale ValkyrieClash Royale Musketeer
Clash Royale Mini P.E.K.K.AClash Royale Fire SpiritsClash Royale ArrowsClash Royale Tombstone

Card Breakdown

The Giant Skeleton is very popular in the beginner arenas for the sole reason of his death damage which can do 800-1100 damage to the surrounding area. Most beginners will stack area damage troops behind him to clear out the defense and push him to the crown tower. While this is a somewhat effective approach, the Giant Skeleton is much more versatile than that.

  • On defense: His main function in this deck is on defense. If an opponent dumps 10+ elixir into a push, a Giant Skeleton can easily be dropped in as bait, and with the death damage, completely end the push. This will leave you with a possibly several elixir advantage. And although tankier and building targeting troops may not be killed, your other troops can easily take the rest out without any interfering support.
  • On offense: The Giant Skeleton’s main purpose on offense is arrow bait for the Goblin Barrel. A push involving these two cards is difficult to counter without spending an equal if not greater amount of elixir. If the Giant Skeleton can be pushed to a crown tower, it can be attempted, although it is risky to waste Elixir on support that may not even pay off. Stick to instinct and conserve Elixir.

Goblin Barrel: The Goblin Barrel is an extremely self explanatory card. Since it costs only 3 Elixir now, it has become more and more used by players looking to get some cheap offensive options in their deck.

  • On Defense: The only time this card should be used for defense is in extremely desperate situations.
  • On Offense: This card should always be paired with some sort of push to distract the Crown Towers. Without a distraction this card can be dealt with without even wasting Elixir. If paired with a particularly durable push, a Goblin Barrel can reduce a full health crown tower to nothing in about 10 seconds. The most common defenses to Goblin Barrel is Arrows and Zap, which are annoying to deal with if your offensive capabilities ride on their success. If an enemy keeps ending your Goblin Barrel, attempt launching it somewhere near the crown tower instead of right on it. If your enemy is in a rhythm, chances are they’ll drop the spell and disregard what happens next. The spell will be wasted and your Goblins will continue to attack the tower.

Valkyrie: She’s one of the most popular troops in the game these days, and it’s particularly easy to see why considering her versatility on offense and defense.

  • On Defense: Valkyrie is a key part of any defensive action in this deck. Most offensive pushes consist of a lead tank to soak and deal damage, area damage support troops, and direct damage support troops. Valkyrie handles 2/3 of the problem. The key to using her effectively is waiting until the support troops cross the bridge. By dropping her in the center of the support section, you’re ending any possibility the enemy can deal with other troops you spawn.
  • On Offense: Valkyrie can be an intimidating force on offense as well. She’s best used to provide support to tanks who are threatened with numerous smaller troops. She’s also fairly tanky, so she’s able to soak up damage if needed.

Fire Spirits: Almost more of a spell than a troop, they’re capabilities seem to exceed the lowly elixir cost of 2.

  • On Defense: Fire Spirits should mostly be used to destroy imposing hordes. They’re very effective against Minions and Barbarians. They can take a Minion Horde out completely and reduce Level 10 Barbarians into 2 or 3 shot kills for the crown tower archers. These simple defense options also leave you at a major elixir advantage. They also do significant damage to the Musketeer and Mini P.E.K.K.A.
  • On Offense: Fire Spirits offer a cheap option to dealing with small imposing troops that threaten your tank. They also can do 400+ damage to crown towers if used correctly.

Mini P.E.K.K.A: The Mini P.E.K.K.A is one of the highest damage dealing troops in the game, and for only 4 elixir this makes him particularly intimidating.

  • On Defense: The Mini P.E.K.K.A has tons of applications on defense, particularly in dealing with tanks. The Mini P.E.K.K.A can be used to whittle down troops such as the Giant, Royal Giant, Golem, Hog Rider, Giant Skeleton, and Knight. It isn’t recommended to use against other high damage troops such as Prince, P.E.K.K.A, Sparky or Bowler. These troops will usually defeat the Mini P.E.K.K.A before it defeats them. Just be sure to make sure there are no small troops like skeletons or goblins to distract him from the tank.
  • On Offense: The Mini P.E.K.K.A should be used on offense in one of three ways. One, it’s pushing a tank using its speed. Two, it’s high damage support for a tank. Or three, it’s the lead troop in a push to get it to the crown tower.

Musketeer: The Musketeer is the only high direct damage troop capable of attacking air units, which makes her invaluable for defending against air decks.

  • On Defense: The Musketeer is a must for any major defensive stand against a push. Always spawn her away from the action and to the side, to attract as much crown tower fire as possible. She doesn’t have the greatest HP, so placing her in the middle of the action is a big mistake. She can counter Balloons, Baby Dragons and Lava Hounds fairly well just make sure any ground troops threatening her are dealt with.
  • On Offense: Her greatest contribution to offense is high fire rate and long range support options. While other troops soak damage, she’s completely isolated and able to do significant damage to other troops. If she’s able to lock onto the crown tower undisturbed, she can do crazy amounts of damage.

Arrows: Another fairly self explanatory card. For only 3 elixir it gives us a lot of options.

  • On Defense: Arrows can easily take at swarms of troops or finish off troops with low HP.
  • On Offense: For lack of a better option they can be used to support a tank marching toward a tower. It can also be used to finish off towers that were at low HP.

Tombstone: Not a popular card at any level of play. It is rarely seen anywhere and most people think of it as an Inferior or the Cannon. However, if used correctly the Tombstone can pose quite a threat to opponents.

  • On Defense: The Tombstone should always be placed in the center of your side of the arena, leading any building targeting troop away from the crown towers. This also puts the enemy troop under fire from two crown towers. Tombstone has low HP, but a very very fast spawn rate, as well as the ability to spawn 4 skeletons after being destroyed. This puts the enemy troops in a bad position; as they must deal with the skeletons and support troops. Tombstones are particularly good at dealing with Sparky, as Sparky will waste shots on 1 or 2 skeletons while the crown tower deals damage.
  • On Offense: The Tombstone offers little to the offense except for a few stray skeletons that could help do small damage to the crown tower.

Anyway, feel free to replace Tombstone with either Inferno Tower or Cannon!

Notable combos for you to try while using this deck

  1. Mini P.E.K.K.A + Fire Spirits
  2. Valkyrie + Goblin Barrel
  3. Tombstone + Mini P.E.K.K.A + Valkyrie (Defense)

Hopefully you have found this guide helpful guys! Don’t hesitate to comment If you need any help!

  • PineapplesRBoss

    hey will, Ive noticed a lot of these decks are very much in the meta, aside from the mortar deck. I see a lot of trifecta and giant beatdown here. I go to this place for new decks, not just varations on old ones. Sorry if I’m being a bit harsh, but I think you could have different sections for variations on old decks, and other non meta decks like mortar. It would be helpful to more ppl (hint hint…me). thx. I do love this place. I read every article XD.

    • Adam

      This isn’t just a basic Trifecta deck. It doesn’t even have the Hog Rider. They might as well say Giant Skeleton Goblin Barrel deck with the Musketeer and Valkyrie! It’s a Giant Skeleton Goblin Barrel deck with the Valk and Musket because they’re just good cards.

      • PineapplesRBoss

        I know that but musk valk is in the meta, and many of the decks here are trifecta.

        • Adam


    • Will Potter

      I will think about this and do it If I have enough time! Thank you a lot my friend :D.

  • Mosť Wanteđ

    Is my deck good?? I use
    Ice Wizard
    Inferno Tower
    I Reached 3264 with all common 10 and rares level 7 …

    • WestPKMN

      Top deck, top kek.

  • -anime4theiwn-

    ….. im kinde sceptical i didnt attempt to try this deck since im a9 but looking at it, this deck soley relies on your opponent misplacing his zap (if he has arrows i doubt hed fail at hitting you barell as they have such a big radius), now you dont really have this much offernsive options besides that any push you can make can be simply countered using mini pekka+valk (or other cards) the defensive capabilities on the other hand seem very good. I dont see an easy way of beating the defense except with you wasting too much elixir on offense and me counter pushing but if you dont make any mistakes i seriously doubt being able to do much as my typical attack / counter push would be giant,valk,mini pekka, musketeer (usually only 3 of those troops but the gaint is always in the combo) so offense i dk if this deck is a force to be reckoned with but defensively its deinetly amazing

  • Boaz Yang

    What is the trifecta?

    • GamerDaily

      It’s 3 cards combined that make a deadly combo! ex: hog trifecta, pekka double prince, giant+guard+poison combo…

      • Boaz Yang

        I know what a trifecta is, what I want to know is what the trifecta is in this deck.

        • GamerDaily

          Ohh… musketeer, valykrie, and gob barrel?

  • F▪▪▪▪▪▪O▪▪▪▪▪▪X

    Again, unrelated to this post, I’m just checking to see the status of a hound deck I submitted a week ago. I know to allow “x” amount of days for posting but then again the first deck I posted, GiWiVa, was posted 12 hours after I submitted it. I feel it brings a lot of new ideas to how to use hound and bait arrows so I would hate to see it go to waste sense i didn’t back it up anywhere…

    • Will Potter

      Dear Fox,
      I have 6-10 decks to check and test every day so It’s pretty hard to post a deck soon. I am so sorry about this.
      I will check the database again today and see If I can find your guide. Thanks for the great work as always man!

      • PineapplesRBoss

        Are there other places u post decks?

        • Will Potter


    • Will Potter

      Hey mate,
      Just checked my database and I couldn’t find any Lava Hound deck submitted by you.
      There are 3 Lava Hound decks in total now in the database, but they are very short and not written by you.
      I am so sorry but seems like there is something wrong here. Maybe because of the Internet connection? 🙁

    • Will Potter

      Hey mate,
      I see your deck ! I will post it If it’s good enough. Thank you a lot! 🙂
      If you want, I always can send it back to you. Cheers 😀

      • F▪▪▪▪▪▪O▪▪▪▪▪▪X

        Thanks a ton man! It’s good to hear that you are still busy with this site! I’m confident you will like it but still if you do decide to not post it I would love to get it back in that email I included.

        • Will Potter

          I spend 6-10 hours every day for Clash Royale Arena :D.

          • 210577

            Hi, I’m planning to suggest a practically failsafe Giant deck for arena 6 and above. I just wondered if you still check the “Submit Decks” page?

          • Will Potter

            I check it every day buddy!
            if your deck is good enough, It will be posted soon :D.

  • Hunter

    I thought of a new idea, i think that there should be something called skeleton horde, where it spawns 5 or 6 skeletons but only cost 2 elixir. What do u guys think? I personally think that its a good idea since that it can counter 1 single prince or mine pekka or u can put them in the middle where they split up to counter one prince and one mini pekka who are on different sides.
    Also, it can be put behind a tank like the giant, lava hound or a golem to take out some units like spear gob, normal gob, musket or even a wicth/wizard. I remember once 1 skeleton took out my tower when my tower was focusing on a giant and the giant was attack my cannon. This is just my own idea, not anybody’s else
    Please comment and give feed back about this new idea about a new card.
    Thank You.

    • GamerDaily

      Well… There’s a Skeleton Army…

      • Hunter

        but people wont arrown this skeleton horde

  • Ryu6901

    Hey guys I know it’s off topic but my clan needs more active members to donate cards. We are looking for people at least in arena 5, but any higher would be great. Thank you! 🙂

    • Will Potter

      Good luck with your Clan!

    • Howard Wen


  • Lone Wolf

    imade a giant barrel deck fro arena 8 and up. Plz help me out with ajusting my deck as i just made it

    ice spirit
    fire spirit
    ice wiz
    bomb tower
    miniP/ barbs

    • Purple N’ Gold

      I’m guessing you could switch bomb tower with iferno

  • Karlitov

    Very happy with this deck, thanks!

    • Will Potter

      Cool! Glad to hear that man 😀

  • GamerDaily

    I wish it was on my main account though 🙁 plz supercell

    • Purple N’ Gold

      Wow nice, I wish I had a legendary though.

      • GamerDaily

        I have gotten 3 😛 1 from magic 2 free

    • Will Potter

      I think it’s better to use this one as your main account… LOL

      • GamerDaily

        lel my main is much better than this one 😛 the deck im using on my mini is unbeatable 😀

  • DaSlime

    Hey can you upload my deck? it was fire spirits zap mini pekka hog goblins spear goblins fireball elixir pump?

    • Will Potter

      I will post it If it’s good enough buddy! Thank you a lot 😀

      • DaSlime

        ok. thanks!

  • PineapplesRBoss

    Same here will. I’ve posted a few starting mebbe a month ago and none of them get posted

    • Will Potter

      Hello mate.
      Seems like they were not good enough. I am so sorry. Hope you can understand this man! 🙁

      • Krasj

        Hey will,Can you help me out? Im a fresh lv 8 in Arena 6 with underleveled cards becuz i donate almost ALWAYS. Can u help me out or give me a deck to try?

        Thanks 🙂

        • Will Potter

          Did you try all decks I posted on CRA buddy?

  • Da Swordsmastere

    Hi. Is an 1700 trophy with about 6/7 commons, 4/5 rares, and 1/2 epics with no legendaries ok?

  • Siddharth Kumar

    Will, I posted an arena 3 deck for beginners named Swarm ’em all could you pls check it out. Its a really gud deck and when me and my friends were on arena 3, I beat almost every single guy. Do pls check it out.
    Dragon God20

    • Will Potter

      Hey Kumar,
      I will post it If it’s good enough. Thanks a lot mate 🙂

  • The unknown

    i can arrow it

  • Grayson Chan

    where is the goblin barrel

    • Will Potter


  • This is my hog-bait deck which has brought me to 2261 – my highest ever. I’m trying really hard to reach arena 8 and grab the ice spirit.
    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1d22d91afaff2435018d9686592a503a0fd4639034ebe4a3a597147b4ae95481.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/866be80519a9f34d52267d9d5d3a7cbc53e50ba5a5a6ebdf82351e1b5593c113.png

    • Should I focus on upgrading zap or minion horde?

      • Will Potter

        Minion Horde. Your Zap is good enough now!

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for the great share mate!