Goblin Barrel Freeze Deck for Arena 8 and 9 – 3700+ Trophies Earned

Hello guys, today I am going to show you one of my favorite decks with the Goblin Barrel. I am JesusSlark here, you may remember my Goblin Barrel deck a long time ago, and now I’m updating my deck to the new patch. Ever since Tournaments were released, I joined 8 of them and got first place in all 8, sometimes, not even losing a single game. I’m very excited about the buff since before the buff, I finished last season with 3716 trophies and with the new buff, it may be possible for me to reach 4000 trophies.

Goblin Barrel Freeze Deck

Goblin Barrel Freeze Deck


Play defensive at first, get a bit more information on what spells they play and adjust your attack strategies accordingly. If you can analyze and remember what cards they have, you can take down a full health tower in a few seconds.


  1. Always start every attack with a Princess behind the King Tower if you have it in hand, in my opinion, one of the best defensive troop in the entire game. This could bait a spell usage from the less skilled players.
  2. Valkyrie on bridge, throw Goblin Barrel and put Goblins behind the Valkyrie. One of the most powerful combos you can pull off. The Goblins will push the Valkyrie to the same speed as the Goblins, sending your opponent into a panic attack. If done correctly, this can destroy a tower in 4 seconds. This attack only has one weakness, Minions, to counter his minions you can build up a Princess before placing down the Valkyrie and you can even Zap the Minions to kill them instantly.
  3. Mini P.E.K.K.A+ Minion Horde + Zap, Very deadly combo if they used a spell on your Princess, since the only spells that will use are fireball, arrows, and poison. Don’t use this attack if they used poison. If they used fireball or arrows on your Princess, congrats you probably won the game. I can guarantee you hardly anyone runs fireball and arrows in the same deck since they are very similar. Even if they use zap on the attack combination, your Mini Pekka will still tank whatever is thrown at your attack.
  4. Lone goblin barrel, this will almost always bait a spell from your opponent, allowing you to defend really well or perform a counter attack with minion horde + a tank.
  5. Valkyrie/Mini Pekka + Goblins, same idea as a Hog Rider deck, if they place an expensive unit on the other side and you don’t have enough elixir to do a full combo, you can place down this mini counter attack. This will almost certainly force a defensive reaction from your opponent, disrupting their flow in building up a huge attack.
  6. After defending an attack with Minion Horde and they used Zap on them, you can freeze their tower, not allowing their tower to kill of the minions. Allowing you to do major damage to their tower.
  7. After defending an attack with Minion Horde you can also place a tank in front of your minions, making so that their zap will be entirely useless.
  8. If they place down a Princess to counter your Minion Horde, you can also freeze both the Princess and Tower, giving you around 4-5 seconds to do major damage.


After you destroy a tower, you can build up a push with Goblins, Mini Pekka or Princess behind the King tower, or Minion Horde at the bridge. You throw a Goblin barrel at their tower and quickly place the Valkyrie at the spot where most people place Royal Giants after they take down 1 tower. This will allow the Valkyrie to tank the Crown Tower and the King Tower. This creates a three pronged attack which is insanely powerful. Most of the time, players will put their Princess in the middle to defend against a swarm of enemies, but with a surprise Valkyrie in the middle, their Princess will be useless.


Royal Giant – You will need to alter your playstyle if you face against a Royal Giant deck. You need to be extra conservative with your Mini Pekka, try to use Valkyrie for all attack combinations. Mini Pekka + Princess can deal with whatever combination they will deploy. In x2 Elixir, you can place a freeze and not allow the Royal Giant to land a single hit. If you do not have Mini Pekka, Valkyrie and Goblins can be substituted.

Miner – Goblins or Mini Pekka to deal with Miner, Valkyrie on bridge if they put ground troops. Princess in the middle if they put minions, place it so that the Princess won’t target the miner. If they attack your Princess with a miner, surround your Princess with Goblins, Valkyrie or Mini Pekka. If your Princess survives, major damage will be dealt to their tower in your push.

Hog Rider + Small troops

  1. Mini Pekka + Zap
  2. Mini Pekka + Valkyrie, Valkyrie in front, Mini Pekka behind.
  3. Valkyrie + Goblins
  4. Princess + Mini Pekka.

Lava Hound – Counter attack with anything you got on the other side. Save minion horde to deal with Lava Hound, most of the times they will use their spells to counter the Minion Horde on defense.



Always place your first troop behind your King Tower and wait for your Opponent to place his stuff first to analyze what he plays and adjust your defense and offense strategy accordingly. Here is the list IN ORDER of what you want to play first.

  1. Princess
  2. Goblin Barrel
  3. Valkyrie
  4. Mini Pekka (Don’t play unless you have nothing else.)


  1. This is very important if you want to play a Goblin Barrel deck. Keep track of what spells he has used, if you know what spells he has in hand then you will win most of the time.
  2. Protect your Princess, if your Princess walks up to the bridge, place a Valkyrie just before she starts shooting. What will happen is that your opponent will play small troops to kill the Princess just as you place your Valkyrie, giving you an elixir advantage.
  3. If you are defending against a push with a unit that deals splash damage, place Valkyrie or Mini Pekka to one side to tank their AOE attacks and place your high damage dealing troops on the other side. Or you can just freeze everything and kill them all.


Giant Skeleton – High cost, easy to counter, much less versatile than the Valkyrie.

Skeleton Army – Even though that extra skeleton makes this choice super juicy, it dies to literally half the cards in this game.

Spear Goblins – I find this card to be really useless after putting in a Princess, it doesn’t deal as much damage as the Goblins and too much small troops can make AOE spells devastating. If you don’t have the Princess, you can substitute Spear Goblins for them, I hovered around 3300 before buying 2 Princesses from the shop.

Barbarians – Even though this baits a fireball spell and is an extremely good defense card, I find it to be useless when it crosses the bridge. Any kind of range troops will kill all of them without suffering any casualties.

Defense Buildings – After the nerfs, I just find the buildings to be too weak. Why have a defense building when you can just defend with troops and spells that are much more versatile?

3 Musketeers – Now this is a very cool combo with a Goblin Barrel deck. I only use this card in tournaments to counter Lava Hound and Balloon decks since I can see their decks before I battle them. People will generally use all their spells on 3 Musketeers when they see it so my other troops can wreck havoc. Or on the contrary, they will use all their AOE spells to kill my other units while the 3 Musketeers does the work. I don’t use this in my main deck since it brings unstable results.

Arrows – Zap is just better.


  1. Don’t tilt, a tournament requires you to play for an extended amount of time, which will cause most players to tilt and play things that they don’t normally play. If you can stay calm for your matches, you will probably get first place.
  2. Scout the top players, after you get around 150 trophies, start looking at the decks of the top players, try to memorize their decks and names. This will give you a huge advantage since you know what they are going to do.
  3. Time when you press the battle button after you scouted. See which players has decks that counter yours or you don’t want to play against. Then you press the battle button when they are already in a match.
  4. Know when to stop playing. If you gained a big lead, look at the time and calculate if they can surpass your amount of trophies in that time. A match usually takes around 3 minutes and they will probably win an average of 20-25 trophies a match. If you calculated and they won’t be able to surpass you, stop playing.
  5. If you are in dire need to get trophies before the tourney ends, wait for the person that is in first to finish his match. Queue right when he finishes, if you win, you will swing upwards of 80 Trophies between the two of you.

That’s all folks, thanks for reading this incredibly long post and I hope you can try this deck that I made. Feel free to drop by my clan A.W.A. if you want.

  • Terry Bert

    If you get miner will you switch to it, this seems like a solid miner deck too

    • Reshma Renu

      u can try anything u know but always try it in trainer battle first

      • Terry Bert

        Trainers suck though im 2854 throphies and they still suck, I have no legendary by the way, Hopes to get the ice wizard or princess

        • Terry Bert

          Someone in my clan got ‘the log’ he spammed f*ck lol it so crap I three crowned him

    • Will Potter

      Replace the Freeze Spell with Miner buddy!

  • Darkaine

    Anything we can replace princess with? I have Ice Wizard and Miner but not her yet.

    • Reshma Renu

      i personally think princes is the best as her range damage and AOE is needed for defense she can kill almost any troop and is a great support i would not play this tournament if i didnt had the princess but u can use spear gobs or baby drag

    • Will Potter

      You can try to replace her with Miner, but you will want to play more aggressively a bit!

  • Alpha_Mark717

    What are the best Princess non-legendary replacements?

    • herro

      archers might work, but princess isnt really replaceable because of its range

    • Thomas Bondra

      There aren’t really any. Her range is what makes her so effective

  • Jay kay

    Hi I want to share my deck. It is called “Lava Hound death”. Most players hate the lava hound and don’t know how to play with it, but I love it and I have reached 3200 trophies with it and won 2 tournaments in first place. It has a great defence and attack and I have beaten Many popular decks such as The hug rider-miner-princess deck, pekka double prince deck, sparky-royale giant deck, Giant-balloon deck,Lava hound balloon deck , three musketeers deck and so on.Hope you like it and Good luck using it but you need to understand the main use of each card in this deck to win.

    • Anon

      As a man who loves using the hound, I will definitely have to try it out. Thanks for sharing!

      • Jay kay

        Trust me if you know how to use the cards together you would definitely win any battle. At first start defending then when you have double elixar but the lava hound from the back.When he reaches the bridge drop the Valkyrie,wizard and mini pekka. The dark prince can be used to push the Valkyrie faster to buildings.That is the attack part and most of the times it works because not all players will think you have all these cards together in one deck. The zap can be used to destroy towers,minions but I mostly use it on Sparky.Good Luck

    • Can you be more specific on how to use each card? Like what is a dark prince doing there? And can u elaborate on how to start off the battle with and such

      • Jay kay

        Well first you put down the Elixir Collector and play Mostly on Defence. When it is time for Double Elixar you put The Lava hound from the back at the Right or left Corner.When it reaches the bridge , you will have 10 Elixir so I usually put the Valkyrie and Fire wizard then Dark prince.In this Case, the lava hound will take most of the damage and your troops will not be hurt by your opponent’s Wizards and your troops can almost kill anything in 1 attack.

        Lava hound: Takes damage from your opponent’s troops.
        Mini pekka: it is used defensively to kill Hog Rider,Gaint, Royale Gaint, and Any other large ground troop.It can also used to destroy your opponent’s buildings fast.
        Valkyrie: It is used to kill group troops such as barbarians or Royale Gaint with Goblin or any other similar Idea.It is also used in attack to due to its huge HP and attack.
        Dark prince: it is mostly used in attack with Valkyrie in order let it reacher the Tower buildings faster and kill group troops.
        Fire Wizard: to destroy Air and ground troops in both attack and defence.
        Elixir Collector: At the beginning, it is used to gain elixar.When you destroy your oppenent’s arena towers, you can use it to block Hog Rider or Royale Gaint.
        FireBall: It is used to destroy Minion Horde,barbarians or to finish a Tower.
        Zap: destroy minion Horde or to stop Sparky Charge or to kill small troops.
        Fireballs+Zap: only use it in case of 3 Musketeers.

        You Can Change Dark Prince with any other troop that you think it is better for Use. Yesterday, they gave me a Sparky in a tournament Chest so I replaced the dark prince with it.Oh that reminds me, I won 3 tournaments in first place with this deck, 2 of 30 Cards and 1 of 300.Hope I explained everything. GoodLuck

        • What if collector isn’t in the starting hand? Also, it’s hard to defend without defensive buildings. Can u tell me what clan your in so I can join and watch some of your replays?

          • Jay kay

            Yeah Sure. The clan name is H.2.O #_#
            My name is Jay Kay I’m the first in my clan

          • Will Potter

            My very bad. Thank you man!

        • Will Potter

          Thanks for the great share as always man!

    • Will Potter

      Thank you for sharing this Jay! Your deck looks stunning! I will definitely give it a try!

    • Ben

      At least my Lava Hound isn’t completely worthless now 😀 plus you’re from H2O so that means something

  • CRwithzws

    Well right now I can tell you I bring both arrow and fireball, just in case when I face arrow baiting decks.

    • Will Potter


  • Vluonx

    Dang, this deck works well once you get used to it. I’m still trying to improve (I always forget to use freeze xD). Hope you could post more decks where you don’t have to spam all your cards to win.

    • Will Potter

      Thank you a lot! Gonna post more decks every day for sure man xD

  • RuR

    This is my deck:
    Princess-Hog Rider-Minions-Tesla-Zap-Fireball-Barbarians-Fire Spirits.
    Do you have any suggestions?
    I have 2638 trophies

  • 42Ducklover

    Do you have any videos with this deck? It would really help.

    • Will Potter

      I will add some videos for it soon :D.

      • 42Ducklover

        Thank you very much

      • sasha

        Will you share them with us here? or where?

        • Will Potter

          I will add them into the main post above buddy!

      • sasha

        Just got the princess and looking for a build with her.
        At this moment this build moves my rate down, but anyway this build is very interesting to play and I feel here various gameplay.
        If you will advise any other good builds with princess, I will appreciate this and will compare them.

        • Will Potter

          You mean you can’t use her in the deck above? She is a great support which can easily placed in almost any deck!
          You should practice more, otherwise, you can switch to the other decks any time!

  • SMCGod

    What can the princess be replaced with

    • Will Potter

      Fire Spirits or Cannon :D.
      Good luck!

  • Zigge

    Good deck, that’s all I have to say!

    • Will Potter

      Thanks a lot Zigge!

  • ScrewTheOdds.

    I’m currently a level 9 in legendary arena and have never gotten past 3400 trophies. I currently run Giant-Sparky but I thought I could eventually switch to a cool deck (Like a goblin barrel deck!). Do you think it would be beneficial to wait for the opportunity to buy princess from the shop? (Need 10k more gold). I really wanna give this deck a shot! Goblin Barrel happens to be my only lvl 4 epic (Being f2p is hard.)

    • Will Potter

      So sorry for my late reply buddy.
      Yes, please get the Princess. She is definitely the best Legendary so far!

  • Carl Tenzler

    Hey jesusslark! I tried this deck and it was great fun, but had trouble against collector decks. I recently acquired a miner from the card shop and swapped that in over freeze. Its doing wonderful now! The only downside is no freeze valk counter against 3 muskets. But i can live with that. Im running the deck in a 100 man tournament and im sitting at number 2 and have already beaten number 1. Im mostly using the miner as a counter to princess and elix collector, but i am using it opportunistically in counter pushes when i can. Mostly with minion horde the same way you do with freeze. Any insight on what else i can do with this variation?

    • cryptids XD

      For the three musketeers, valk and zap works well on your side, and using your goblin barrel on pumps can work well too

  • Tajniak

    I tried this deck and it’s really hard to play (0-0-6 so far) It’s even harder since I don’t have Princess… However, it looks like this deck is very powerful if you can master it

    • Will Potter

      How are you doing with it at the moment buddy?

  • herro

    I used ice spirit instead of princess and it still works. also this deck so troll.

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for sharing this buddy :D.
      I am so glad to hear that!

  • F▪▪▪▪▪▪O▪▪▪▪▪▪X

    I’ve recently started using a variation of a goblin freeze deck that is close to this one and have used it to get around 2850 so far. If only I had a princess, or any legendary, right? I’ll keep playing around to see what works and probably post a guide. While my deck is different and so is mist of my strategy I still learned a few things here so thanks for a few ideas, I’ll be sure to mention you!

    • Will Potter

      Good luck further my friend xD

    • Epic Smiley 101

      What have you used to replace the princess?

  • Edward Jin

    hi, does this work still right now? also i would love if you could have some gameplay of this deck.

    • Will Potter

      This deck doesn’t work very well at the moment since most players have Zap and Poison in their decks!