Super Annoying Spell-Bait Deck for Tournaments

Hi guys, it’s me RohanReigns back again with my Spell-Bait Deck Guide for Tournaments

Last post, I had talked about a beatdown Deck, this time I am going to share with a spell-bait Deck that was suggested to me by a Reddit user, u/JustifiedVictory.

I have been using this Deck and believe it or not, I have lost only two matches in my entire battle Log currently. I tested this Deck in tournament first and it seemed great as I finished second in it (with only one trophy difference 😢). I then thought of trying it in ladder and surprisingly, it worked wonderfully great. I pushed all the way from 3300 to 3700 and above.

goblin barrel spell bait deck

Spell-Bait Deck

Clash Royale PrincessClash Royale Goblin BarrelClash Royale MinerClash Royale Goblin Gang
Clash Royale Skeleton ArmyClash Royale Minion HordeClash Royale Inferno TowerClash Royale The Log

As some you might know, spell-bait decks contains cards which are vulnerable to a cheap spell whether it be Zap, Log or Arrows. This Deck contains cards that are killed by Arrows like Princess and Minion Horde and by Log and Zap such as Skeleton Army and Goblin Gang. These cards are normally used for defensive purpose meaning that you will have no problem defending as long as you have baited their spell.

Also this Deck contains Miner. Miner is a super good card for this Deck because it allows the leftover defending troops to form dangerous counterpushes.

I strongly recommend spell bait users to try this Deck once.

Let’s get into the cards breakdown section.

Cards Breakdown

Princess: Staple for spell-bait decks.

Her long ranged splash Arrows are useful to take out swarms easily.

Basically you will use her to clear swarms and if your opponent uses his spell to counter her, it’s a plus point to you! That’s because since you have successfully baited their spell, just a Goblin Barrel+Miner combo will take out their Tower if not countered well.

You can also use Princess to force your opponent to use cards that they don’t want to.

For example, suppose your opponent has already used his Log and deploys a Giant at the back for a Giant+Bowler combo. Deploy Princess in the other lane and your opponent might use his Bowler to counter your Princess(if he doesn’t have a good counter) and so his synergy card is now wasted, making it safe for Skeleton Army to take out his Giant. This is just an example of how you can waste your opponent’s  synergy cards with Princess.

If left alone, she can take out a Tower! (Lol)

Goblin Barrel: One of your win conditions and a great offensive card. You can use it to bait their spells also.

Play smart, track their counters and when there’s a chance, go for Miner+Goblin Barrel and watch your opponent panic.

Miner: This guy is a great chip expert.

Miner allows you to form a strong counterpush with the leftover defense troops. Also useful to force the opponent to play a card.

Acts as a tank for Goblin Barrel, Minions, Spear Goblins and Skeletons allowing them to cause decent damage to their towers.

As in control decks, use Miner to create pressure upon the opponent. You know the rest about this guy.

Goblin Gang: Group of 2 Spear and 3 stab Goblins creating a high DPS card, the Goblin Gang!

Unlike Skeleton Army, you can use it for offense too especially when Miner is tanking.

Can kill Giants, enemy Skeleton Army, Miner, Wizard(s), Witch, Hog Rider and the list just goes on…

Goblin Gang is Zap resistant too if their Zap is equal or lower level than the stab Goblins.

Overall, a pretty versatile card with defensive and offensive capabilities.

Skeleton Army: Has the highest DPS in the entire game. Can shred tanks in a blink.

Rarely used on offense as they can be countered easily but you can form a counter push after a successful defense.

I normally use it on defense and use the leftover skellies as counterpush along with Miner.

Minion Horde: Second highest DPS in the entire game. I feel free to use them on offense with Miner but only after they have used their Arrows/Fireball.

hile defending a Lavaloon user, bait their Arrows first and then deploy Minion Horde.


Inferno Tower: Your main defense. Use it to distract and shred tanks and other troops.

The best defensive building in the entire game in my opinion.



Zap/Log: I use Zap when I use ID as it allows me to reset their Tower’s target to the Miner. Log is better at clearing swarms.

Feel free to use either.

Card Replacements:

Being a spell bait Deck, each card has a special role so replacing them might weaken your offense or defense.

spell bait deck



As soon as Elixir bar hits 10, toss your Goblin Barrel to know their counters. You may also use Princess at the back, split GobGang or Skeleton Army or use your Miner on their Tower.

NEVER allow your opponent to form a synergic push.

Keep applying pressure with your Miner and Princess.

As you guys might have figured out, this Deck has no specific win condition except Goblin Barrel. You will damage their towers through counterpushes with your Miner and Princess. Keep defending their pushes and as I said, don’t allow them to form a big push.

This Deck shines in Double Elixir and as you can easily pressure your opponent, forcing them to make wrong plays. As stated by this Deck’s creator u/JustifiedVictory, this Deck relies on defenses and counterpushes with your Miner, usually in the opposite lane.


Golem/Lavaloon: I usually bait their spells either with Goblin Gang or Goblin Barrel in case of Lavaloon opponents. Afterwards, Minion Horde can take them out. In case of Golem decks, pressure the opposite lane if your opponent plays Golem at the back but don’t over commit.

Provided you have pressured the opposite lane, Inferno Tower along with Princess can take care of their Golem.

Try to take out their towers as soon as possible because allowing them to build a push means losing, especially in Sudden Death.

Hog Rider: Play smart. Save your Inferno for the Hog Rider. Fast cycle decks may be painful so always bait their spells so that you can use your swarm troops to defend their Hog.


Graveyard Decks: Hardest of all matchups.

Don’t allow their tank to cross their bridge, shred them with Inferno Tower

Use your Princess behind King’s Tower to kill skellies  You may also want to use GobGang but beware of their Poison.

Siege: Second hardest matchup, especially Mortar cycle decks.

Don’t use Inferno Tower to melt their Mortar because siege players are always a step ahead, they can distract your Inferno Tower easily and can punish you hard. Instead you can use Inferno Tower in the middle to take few shots and then use your troops to finish their siege weapon.

Cancer Decks: Inferno for their RG and your swarm troops for their Ebarbs. Distract their support troop with Miner if they have one.


Spell Bait decks: Closest matchups.

Since you have only one spell, using it wisely is vital. Log/Zap their Goblin Barrel, Princess for their swarms and swarms for their Princess after she targets into your Tower.


That’s it guys! Hope you guys find this Deck interesting and let me know about it’s weaknesses and better replacements in the comment section below. I will be writing another Deck soon till then, good bye and Clash On!