Giant Sparky Deck for Arena 9 and Tournaments

Hello guys, T-Rex here, back with a Giant Sparky Deck. Please note that I have dropped out of Legendary Arena, as I’ve been trying to learn how to use the Miner, which I recently got out of a Silver Chest. The information about how to counter a particular strategy may differ from how you would counter it in Legendary, as I dropped down to 2700 to face people my level (I’m level 9, I usually maintain 3100, and most of the players there are level 10) so I dropped to where I am now to have a more consistent result. I am slowly pushing back… Anyway, the Giant Sparky Ice Spirit Deck I find to be much more potent in Tourneys, but not as strong in normal ladder.

Giant Sparky Deck

Giant Sparky Deck by T-Rex

Clash Royale GiantClash Royale SparkyClash Royale Ice SpiritClash Royale elixir collector
Clash Royale PoisonClash Royale Mini P.E.K.K.AClash Royale ZapClash Royale Fire Spirits

Otherwise you can use Ice Wizard instead of Ice Spirit and Fireball/Goblin Barrel instead of Poison!

General Gameplan

This deck relies on the ability to bait out an opponent’s zap in order to complete a successful push OR Make two pushes, and make your opponent choose which one to zap. E.G Send a Giant Sparky Ice Spirit Push on 1 lane, while sending a Mini P.E.K.K.A Fire Spirits Push. Making 2 Zap-Bait Pushes is risky, as experienced players will know how to work around this, but if in overtime, it’s the best thing you can do.

I’m going to try a different way of explaining the deck, instead of me explaining the purpose of every card in the deck like my other deck post, which you can find at the start of this post. I’m going to explain how to push and defend, with this deck.


You ideally want to have at least 1 pump on the field when starting a push. When you start a push, you want to start with a Sparky at the back. When the Sparky reaches your Crown Tower, you can do 2 things:

a) Call of the push and leave the Sparky to die on your opponent’s side of field, because your opponent has sent a counter-push/problem down the other side and you need to address that first.

b) Continue the push by dropping a Giant in front and an Ice Spirit next to the Sparky. You may want to back up the Sparky with Fire Spirits if your opponent has Barbarians. However, if your opponent zaps, it will kill the Fire Spirits and reset the Sparky so be wary. If you are using Ice Wiz instead of Ice Spirit, drop the Ice Wizard behind the Sparky after you drop the Giant, as your opponent may lay a mini-counterpush after you dropped the Giant, so Ice Wizard will come last as you can use him to defend.

As you can see above, Option B becomes Option A if your opponent lays down a push after you drop your Giant. The name of the game is to protect the Sparky long enough to either

a) Let your Giant do all the damage, while the Sparky protects the Sparky. This works especially well if the opponent panics and only worries about countering the Sparky, while the Giant bashes the tower. This does not work as well if there is a defence, as the Sparky has to shoot the defence, but the opponent will lay down a troop to counter the Sparky before it gets a shot off on to the defence, as the Sparky is exposed when the Giant runs off to the defence


b) Let the Sparky do all the work, while the Giant acts as a magnet for the Sparky’s counters. Let the Giant tank for the Sparky, while the Sparky blasts away at the tower. This will rarely happen, as most players will counter the Sparky at all cost first.

When attacking, never expect for the Sparky to get at least 1 hit. Out of 10 games I played, I found that my Sparky only shot a Crown Tower in 2 of my games, and in all other 8 I found that it was my Giant or Mini Pekka that would win me that match. (Yes I won all the games, surprisingly this is my longest win-streak, which is quite low.)


Defending varies on which card you have selected (Some cards in the deck have card variation, like the Poison Slot.) Using Goblin Barrel instead of Poison or Fireball will mean that you need to use your Fire Spirits carefully, and only when you need to. Using Poison or Fireball instead can mean taking a low health tower out, but then you only have no distracting troops (Yes I know, Fire Spirits and Ice Spirit can act as distracting troops, but I consider them not since then kamikaze into the troop and die, it only lures troops for a bit, before the Spirits jump into the troop.

Defending against Royal Giant: Usually Mini Pekka Ice Spirit/Ice Wiz will do. The Ice Spirit’s splash radius is quite big, so you can expect for the Ice Spirit to freeze the Royal Giant and several support troops that are close to the Royal Giant. If you are running Fireball or Poison as a slot, Fireballing or Poisoning the support troops is a good idea. Otherwise, the Mini Pekka can take care of the Support Troops as well. I’ve seen people drop Barbarians behind their Royal Giant, so that the Mini Pekka won’t be able to get to the Support Troops. Simply just Fireball or Poison, or if you are running Goblin Barrel instead, Fire Spirits and Zap will also work.

Defending against Hog: Mini Pekka will easily wipe out the Hog. Zap first if you need to kill cheap troops accompanying the Hog. If your Zap doesn’t kill them, Fire Spirits/Ice Spirit with Zap will do the job. For Hog and Minions, drop Mini Pekka to kill the Hog, and Zap or Ice Spirit the Minions to stall them until the tower can kill them.

Defending against Miner: Very obnoxious to verse, but you can pull off wins against these decks. You should drop a Mini Pekka behind your tower and hope for the best. Why behind the tower? The Mini Pekka will walk up from behind the tower, and where ever the Miner pops out of the ground (on the left side, on the right side, at the back, at the front of the tower) the Mini Pekka will always aggro on to the Miner. As for the supporting troops coming along with it, e.g Fire Spirits, Goblins, Musketeer, you can either Zap and it should kill all of them, or if the Miner is supported by Medium Hp cards, Zap and Fire Spirits, or Ice Spirit can kill them off, or stall them long enough for the Mini Pekka to run up and take a swipe at the ground support.

Defending against Tank+Three Musketeers: Fireball/Poison/Fire Spirits and Zap will do the job, or you can use Ice Spirit to slow down both the Tank and Three Musketeers, and the Ice Spirit’s splash will damage the Three Musketeers enough so that Fireball can 1 shot it.

Defending against Tank+Sparky: Use your own Sparky to kill the Tank, and Zapping the Sparky and putting a Mini Pekka down will finish the Sparky and the Support Troop. You can also use your Sparky to shoot down the opposing Sparky by Zapping their Sparky. However, Opponents will also zap yours, so be wary of that as a mistimed zap can mean a dead Sparky.

Defending against Lavahound: Just go for a base rush. If you can, kill all the support behind the Lavahound, and rush for the 3 crown. This way, the Lavahound will be at the tower by itself, doing little damage and your opponent won’t have the elixir to support the Hound, because they are busy defending your push.

You can always use Sparky defensively to take out Tanks, and if you’re lucky, support troops stuck behind the Tank. Use Sparky defensively as you would for Mini Pekka, only as a last resort.

Shared by T-Rex!