Giant Sparky – Pushing to Legendary Arena Is Not Hard!

What’s up guys, RohanReigns is here with my next guide for you guys!

This time, I am going to share with you guys Giant-Sparky beatdown deck that is obviously off-meta but is really powerful in ladder.

Giant Sparky Deck

Giant Sparky Deck

Clash Royale GiantClash Royale SparkyClash Royale PrincessClash Royale Electro Wizard
Clash Royale MinerClash Royale Minion HordeClash Royale Bomb TowerClash Royale Arrows


  • Can 3-crown easily
  • Hard to stop the main push
  • Can defeat any deck If played right
  • Fun, off-meta deck

  • Hard to use
  • Slow
  • Weak to Inferno
  • One misplay can cost the game

A lot of players are having difficulties while pushing to Legendary Arena due to overleveled Elite Barbarians. But hey, use this deck and say goodbye to Elite Barbarians forever because it can counter Ebarbs really well.

My clanmate Sam (PB:4051) has been using this deck since a very long time and so, he plays this deck far more better than me.

But I will try my best to help you guys use this deck as I have have been friendly battling with him a lot and I have learned a bit how this deck works.

Cards Breakdown

Giant: Your main win condition.

Use him as a tank for your Sparky and Miner as in beatdown decks.

Inferno can melt him in seconds so always try to protect him from that Inferno by distracting with Minion Horde or resetting with Ewiz.

Keep your Arrows in hand if not Princess to kill swarms.

You can initiate a push at the beginning with a giant at the back and then placing your sparky when he reaches the bridge. Sparky+Giant combo is really devastating but can be punishing too as it can be easily countered. So keeping your support troops and spells in hand is vital.

Sparky: Your secondary win condition.

She has the highest damage per hit in the entire arena; no one dares to put a card directly in front of her. She is incredible at defending too and assists in building a huge counterpush with your Giant.

Never use her as your starting hand, save her for defending their huge pushes so that you can counterpush.

No matter who the player is, Sparky is always a nightmare to deal with, when played synergically with your Giant and other troops.

Princess: Useful for clearing swarms from afar.

She can be also used to bait opponent’s arrows so that you can use Minion Horde safely. Also forces your opponent to react when she’s placed at the bridge.

Sam always uses her at the bridge to do some chip damage and force the opponent to react. But in most cases, she is your go-to defense for swarms like Minions and GobGang.

Electro Wizard: He’s the eldest among all the three Wizard brothers so he knows better how to control elements well.

Basically you will use him to reset their Inferno Tower targeting your Giant. Also useful to clear swarms and barrels when arrow’s not in hand.

He has fallen out of the S-Tier, as because he is easily and cheaply counterable. He was pretty useful card few months ago as because he could easily handle cards of that time but now after the release of other cards like Bandit and Night Witch, he proves to be less useful.

But nonetheless, he is a good support troop for this deck since Inferno is it’s main weakness, which Ewiz can render useless.

Also his stun effect assists in defending troops, especially Royal Giant.

Replaceable with Ice Wizard if you want that 35% slowdown effect rather than Ewiz’s special capabilities.

Miner:  A chip expert and your tertiary win condition.

Basically you will use him once his towers or troops target your Giant, as in Giant-Miner decks.

Also sometimes you can go for a Miner+Minion Horde push once your opponent has used their spell.

In some matches you won’t be able to connect your Giant to their tower so you can rely on him for winning.

This deck also has no heavy spells to take out Elixir Collectors and that’s where this guy proves useful.

Sometimes you can preemptive Arrows along with Miner if your opponent uses GobGang or swarm cards to deal with him.

Minion Horde: Sam has upgraded this card to max level as because level 10 or lower Arrows can’t kill them.

Minion Horde has got amazing DPS, useful for shredding tanks as this deck as no Inferno or Tank shredder.

You will use him only once your opponent has wasted his spell to kill your Princess.

Once you know that your opponent always counters your Giant with Inferno Tower, you can simply place them over your Giant to distract and destroy their Infernos.

I don’t recommend using Minions instead because it might weaken your tank defense and offense too.

Bomb Tower: Your defensive building in this deck.

Whenever I place Bomb Tower, I feel really safe because of how tanky it is.

Can take 2-3 shots from Balloon (depending on level) and can take care of Ebarbs really well.

I usually plant Bomb Tower in the ‘death zone’ where both towers can do some work.

It can take care of Golem and Golemites really well but can be problematic to Air decks. Can take care of Hog pushes well. Whether your opponent is going for a lone Hog or a Ice Golem+Hog, it does same damage to the Hog.

No one would expect a Bomb Tower these days and that’s a kind of ‘off-meta’ advantage to you.

It’s not necessary to play this card reactively like Inferno, you can place it as a starting hand too. Spam decks? Goodbye. Ebarbs? Under Control. Ground Swarms? May god protect you!

Arrows: Your only spell in this deck. Use it to clear pesky Minion Hordes during offense especially.


Not recommended to replace with Zap or Log since you won’t be able to counter Minion Hordes effectively. Also your counter to Goblin Barrels.

Keep this card in hand while doing a Giant+Sparky push as because they are literally vulnerable to swarms, mainly air swarms.

Card Replacements:

  • Giant: Hog Rider? (Not recommended)
  • Princess: Dart Goblin, Fire Spirit
  • Arrows: Tornado, Zap
  • Miner: Goblin Barrel
  • Electro Wizard: Ice Wiz, Musketeer
  • Bomb Tower: Inferno Tower, Cannon

General Gameplan

x1 Elixir

Okay so this deck has high Average Elixir Cost which means that you can’t just waste your card for something else. Always let your opponent play the starting move first.

Some decent starting moves can be:

  • Princess at the back
  • Miner onto their Tower (or Pump)
  • Bomb Tower (Hell yeah xD)
  • Ewiz at the back
  • Giant at the back

I don’t recommend playing Sparky as your first move because versus Spell-bait, she can be rocketed and that gives your opponent a good value.

During Single Elixir, your main objective will be to track their counter against your Giant push.

Don’t go for a Giant+Sparky+Miner+Princess push during this phase because it may be too much punishing and can cost you a game.

Go for some light Giant pushes, especially through counterpushes. Miner can come handy during this time as he can cause decent damage while your Giant tanks. You can also go for a Miner+Ewiz push if your Ewiz has HP remaining after a successful defense.

Double Elixir

Now is the time to ramp up your gigantic Giant pushes.

This deck has win you games by various kinds of pushes. Some pushes are:

  1. The Light Push: Giant+Miner
  2. Mini-Push: Miner+Ewiz
  3. Miner-Push: Miner+Horde
  4. The Complete Push: Giant+Sparky+Minion Horde+Ewiz+Arrows in Hand

As you guys can notice, the complete push is nearly impossible to build up without counterpushing.

Assuming that you defended with Sparky and Ewiz, you can plop a Giant in front of them and if needed you can add in those minions or Miner. Important one is keeping the arrows in hand.

You can go completely aggressive during Double Elixir, thus not allowing your opponent to build up their pushes by forcing them to defend.

Remember guys, beatdown decks are all about defending and counterpushing so strong that your opponent might rage quit.

This deck is no different and if played well can badly overwhelm your opponent.

So it’s important to know about the basics of counterpushing. You can learn about counterpushing here.


Golem: Easy matchup.

Bomb Tower for Golem. Princess on the other lane for defensive support. Miner to distract their support troops while Minion Horde takes care of them all.

LavaLoon: Hard matchup.

Actually you have two options. Either to go for a full giant sparky push in the opposite lane when your opponent drops his LavaHound or defend with Minion Horde by baiting their arrows with Princess.

Siege: Lol, they are the easiest matchups.

Giant for their siege weapon, Ewiz if they place Inferno. You should rely on Miner against such decks as because such decks can easily stop your Giant pushes.

Three Musketeers: Minion Horde rocks! Also you have Bomb Tower to take care of Battle Ram+Musks. Be sure to Miner their collector with preemptive arrow.


Graveyard: Medium matchup.

Bomb Tower works well against GY. But the point is not letting your opponent’s troops to cross the river. Here too, Minion Horde shines. Place them on top of their troops as soon as they reach the bridge.

Hog Rider: The key is to let them push aggressively so that you can counterpush.

Sparky can take care of their Hog Pushes pretty much decently.

Exenado should be a bit tough. Here’s a tip, if your opponent places Executioner in the middle, use your Minion Horde offensively to kill that Exe once he uses his Tornado.

I am also a Exenado player but Sam defeated me when I played a friendly battle with him. It all depends upon how easily you can that that Exe down. You can even use princess for that purpose.

Q&A with Sam

I asked some few questions with Sam. I hope this will help provide a better detail about this deck.

Why do you prefer Bomb Tower over Inferno?

To deal with Ebarbs and Graveyard. This deck has no any direct and safe counters to Ebarbs except Bomb Tower. Talking about Tank Shredding, Bomb Tower along with supporting troops can take care of that. You can easily counter Graveyard with Bomb Tower and poison’s not gonna affect it too.

Which lane do you prefer to push, opposite or the same lane?

I prefer to push the same lane that my opponent is attacking due to the counter pushing ability of this deck. But versus LavaLoon which this deck is weak against, I prefer to go for a full push in the opposite lane and this has won me many games. That’s because our speed of three-crowning is faster than theirs. While pushing, I save my Minion Horde for the Lava Hound in case I need to defend.

Which is the easiest matchup for this deck?

Hog Rider decks. Usually, Hog Beatdown decks. Fast Hog cycle decks may be painful since they can catch me off guard often. The only Hog Deck that this deck is weak against is Hog Exenado but I’ve managed to get wins against it too.

Do you think Sparky is a #trashcanonwheels?

No. She is beautiful at defending and couterpushing. Giant+Sparky has always been a perfect combo.

Which is your favorite card in this deck?

It’s the miner. He is very versatile and synergies well with any card in this deck. Also it can force your opponent to play a card that he doesn’t want to. Moreover, you can form any kind of push with this card. Especially in decks where counterpushing is the key, Miner has a very important role.

Why don’t you use Tornado instead of arrows as Tornado synergies well with three cards in this deck; Ewiz, Princess and Bokb Tower?

Yeah I also thought of using Tornado. I actually used it in a few matches. But I found that it can’t get direct counters to swarms cards in opponent’s side of map which may be important while attacking with this deck.

How do you describe this deck?

A beatdown deck, that’s hard to master but once you’ve got hang of it, you can beat almost any kind of matchup. Passive playing and counter pushing is the key!


So here’s the end of this long guide, I am sorry if this was too lengthy.

I don’t use Giant decks on ladder (my Giant is still level 5) but I did use this deck in friendly battles with my clanmates and I defeated almost all of them.

Sparky lovers out there, use this deck once and do let me know about it’s flaws or better replacements in the comment section below. Peace out and clash on!