Giant Skeleton Hog Cycle Deck! – Easy to Play Challenge Deck

Hello, my name is Norbysweg, and now you’re probably thinking: “What the heck is the Giant Skeleton doing in a Hog Deck?”.

Well, think about it: One of the biggest problem when pushing with the Hog Rider was having to face a huge counterpush, especially with the buffed Elite Barbarians. Giant Skeleton distracts, and kills too, ruins any chance of your opponent being able to counterpush. Now you probably think: “This is perfect, but how can I deal with the other cards that counter Hog Rider?” – well, that’s why I made this guide, featuring a 3.0 Turbo Giant Skeleton Hog Cycle, let’s get right into the guide!

Giant Skeleton Hog Cycle Deck

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Giant Skeleton Hog Rider Cycle


  • The Log / Arrows/Fireball – Since Fireball isn’t very valuable in this Deck because the Giant Skeleton is a living Fireball, you can also try that. Arrows grant a little better air protection, but the Log is the best here.
  • Archers / Ice Wizard – If your Archers are low level, you should definitely do this. Other than that, Archers fit better in this Deck, since they have an amazing synergy with the Mega Minion and Ice Spirit.
  • Ice Spirit / Fire Spirits – If you’re below Arena 8, you can do this change, but once you get the Ice Spirit, level him up and put him back.


  • Works very very well in the current meta
  • Cheap, versatile, powerful and you’ll hear some “Wow!”s
  • Only one Legendary, replaceable
  • Very easy to play


  • Card levels matter a lot, except for the Giant Skeleton
  • A little weak to air and Zap-bait

Cards Breakdown

Hog Rider – This guy has seen lots of usage since the beginning of time, maybe the most popular win condition in the world. He is a troop with moderate HP, nice damage, and great all-round capabilities. Hog Cycle decks are popular on ladder, especially with the Ice Golem and Musketeer, which is often called “the new Trifecta”. This Hog Rider deck was made to counter basically everything out there, you can even counter Graveyard Decks which are a pain in Tournaments. The Hog Rider is just the Tower Taker of your Deck, the one I centered it around.

Giant Skeleton – This guy is the Star of your Deck, he tanks, he kills, and he ruins everything your enemy has. It’s also very funny to play with him! Use him to soak damage from a Lone Musketeer, use him to kill Elite Barbs (he actually survives), use him to Kill Hog Rider, soak damage from Lava Pups, destroy big Golem or Giant pushes, or even defend against Graveyard!

Mega Minion – The all-round, 3-Elixir Air troop that is used in almost any Deck because of its versatility and power, the Mega Minion counters everything the other cards in this Deck can’t and gives it nice air-protection too! Not much about it, a very great card, but it’s important to have him at a decent level, because when my Mega Minion can’t kill Archers in one hit, I get really sad.

To read more about Mega Minion, please take a look at here!

Archers – Along with the Mega M, they are the Solid defensive team of this Deck. All-in-one, they have great capabilities together, they have great synergy and they are also very cheap. A great starting move is to split them in the back.

Zap – I think you’re a skilled player if you want to try this Deck out, so I think you know how to use Zap.

The Log – A great spell in the current meta, pushes back everything and deals nice damage. A smart move is to Log back your enemy’s troops if they passed the Giant Skeleton’s Bomb, so they get killed and ruin any chance of a counterpush.


Tombstone – This was called “the new Pump”, back at the King’s cup, but since the Collector got back in the game, the Tombstone remains just an insane value defensive building and spawner. Use it to counter Hog Rider, Elite Barbarians, and pull tanks.

Take a look at here to see how to make the most of Tombstone!

Ice Spirit – A tiny, 1 Elixir card that is extremely useful in lots of scenarios. Not that you can also pig-push with the Hog, but you can also use it on defense to help defending Elite Barbarians or Hog Rider. You can easily counter Hog Rider with an Ice Spirit+Mega Minion combo.

General Gameplan

If you watched Clash With Ash’s Hog Cycle videos, or some skilled TV Royale Hog Cycle games, then you probably know how to play this type of Deck. If you still want to make sure, here’s a brief and short explanation.

You want to start the game aggressively: A lone Hog Rider or a pig-push with the Ice Spirit can get your opponent by surprise. If you don’t have that in hand, split Archers in the back or a Tombstone are safe bets.

Never try to go all-in, if you know he has a Skeleton Army, then don’t rush in with Giant Skeleton and Hog Rider.

Play it safe, but be aggressive, invest and track your Elixir, keep his counters in mind and try to make your next push better and better.

It’ll take some time for you to understand what you have to do with the Giant Skelly in order to win, but then it will be easy as 1-2-3.


Giant Skeleton + Hog Rider – Pretty tough to pull off, you want to defend with the GS first, then put the Hog behind him. His health doesn’t really matter, since the Bomb remains the same. Just focus on getting him near there and protect the Hog. Your target for this push should be around 1000-1500 damage, but if you get the GS to the Tower, you took it.

Ice Spirit + Hog Rider – Your pressuring push, your starting push, your chip push, all-in-one, this is the easiest push you can do.

Giant Skeleton + Mega Minion + Archers – If he easily counters your Hog, try this counterpush and see how it goes. This can be easily pulled off before Double Elixir time, since you have to defend first.

Of course the troops left from defense join these pushes too, don’t forget to accumulate your troops and then form a big counterpush in Double Elixir time, that often does it for me.


This marvelous Giant Skeleton Hog Deck earned me 12 Wins in 2 Classic Challenges, a 100 player Tournament first place, and an average 7 wins out of 10 with card levels a little bit under Tourney standard, at 3500 trophy range.

Hope you enjoy playing this funny Deck! Leave your opinions in the comment section below, let me know your tips and tricks for the Deck!

Until next time, your friend, Norbysweg