Giant Skeleton Deck That Got Me To Arena 8 At Level 8

Hello guys, I am Quantania and today I want to show you my favorite Clash Royale Giant Skeleton Deck that got me to Arena 8 when I was just at level 8!

Giant Skeleton Deck Arena 8

Giant Skeleton + Three Musketeers Deck


Skeletons Lv8

Great when combined with Cannon, can take out most cards with these 2. Skeletons are extremely useful at dealing with Wizard, you can read more at here. Is also nice to make Minions run in circles for tower to wreck. Also a nice thing to combo with Three Musketeers which i will explain later. also great for cycling.

Goblins Lv8

I pretty much use these just the same as Skeletons but slight beefier, also nice for combo which I will mention with Skeletons. Also great for cycling if needed. Sometimes, well placed Goblins can help your Giant Skeleton deal with Inferno Tower xD.

Spear Goblins Lv8

Same as goblins once again, but in this case made for dealing stuff such as Valks and Barbs. Also a nice cheap way to deal with stuff such a loons in a “Good enough” sort of fashion. Great for getting a small chip on towers. Also cycle.

Arrows Lv8

I got to 2700 and didn’t dare to play until i had Lv8 Arrows because of the fear of Princesses. Arrows as always obvious, kill Horde/Barrel and the sort, think I’ve used it to finish off towers once or twice.

Cannon Lv8

Once again another card with not too much explanation. Great to pair with collector in front of tower. Example:


It is good because you can lure Loons or Hog to center which will cause it to target Crown Tower, giving an extra little defense.


Elixir Collector Lv5

Great card for starting hands. Used to push any lead you get further into great pushes. If this is up when placing a Giant Skeleton behind Crown Tower you will have 10 elixir just after passing first tower, letting a great push start with Musketeers and everything else, which will be explained later. Also can be used in desperation defenses if need be.

Giant Skeleton Lv2

A key card in this deck. Lets you stop almost every push, does well at blocking hogs and is amazing if Musketeers are behind it. Has difficulty with barbs if a push is happening but other than that having arrows in hand lets you get huge Tower damage if paired with Musketeers.

Three Musketeers Lv6

The key card. Got this card to level 6 by an A7 Super Magical Chét and used this deck for that reason. This card has insane DPS and is great at any stage of the game. if you see the enemy place a hog using this will turn it into a great counter push with not much loss in tower HP. If in fear of fireballs this card can be used to bait it by itself and still live if place in any of the center tiles. If a tower is already taken placing this in the corner on their side will lead to great tower damage and an entire tower if unanswered. Also can just be used raw for chip damage like a 4.5 times as expensive Spear Gobs.

General Gameplan

This deck has a weakness to high leveled fireballs and the sort. Multi spell decks are also terrifying to verse as that will leave you with only one card left that’ll be alive on a push, and Giant Skeleton is easily distracted. Good thing is you can make ties happen quite often because of this card and it will help you keep a steady climb without much dropping. It is also a bit hard to fight a Golem deck as poison plus anything and your counter push is RIP, haven’t beat a Golem deck yet, so no advice here.

This Deck can deal with almost anything if done correctly. Due to how flexible this deck is it is a bit difficult to get the hang of, but very easy to take control of the match. An important thing with this deck and any other deck is to make sure you know what cards they have, you see them arrow and Zap you send those 3 Musketeers in, they wont have Fireball.

Win Conditions

3 Musketeers + Giant Skeleton: The obvious tank + DPS push, as simple as it sounds. Almost always is countered. Should only really be done if the Fireball wont kill or you know they have used Barbarians/Valkyries.

3M + Cycle Cards: This is one of the best ways to get a tower if the enemy has fireball. To do this is to place 3 Musketeers in the center tile so 2 split of towards the tower you do not want to take out. After doing this you use Gobs, Gobs and Skeletons for a huge split push. they will almost always fireball the 2 musketeers which leads to a ton of damage on one side, or if left ignored tons of dmg. is also great for placing right on the river that way it can take out a tower. This mostly works not because its ‘OP’ but more because it makes the opponent make an awkward decision

Cannon + Pump: This is a combo that I currently cannot live without. Placing both in the middle will often lead to a crown tower taking damage from hogs and loons which makes defending much easier. Not really a combo but I do it all the time so i guess it counts.

This is my first time ever getting Legend and I do not plan on battling for a little while til the season progresses a bit.

This the pictures for proof of me getting to legend in 276 wins as a lvl 8 F2P:


You can ask whatever you like in the comments. Also this deck is definitely usable with lower leveled cards, just may not be as easy to get to legends due to the counter of Fireball vs Musketeers!

  • Swapnil

    would you recommend giant skeleton in Arena 4
    I have most Arena 4 cards

    • Swapnil

      just not pekka or lava hound

    • Quantania

      Arena 4 is probably better to just use giant as in that arena aggression will let you climb faster. But if you want to use it there’s no harm, it’s just a bit more awkward to use and easier distract with less cards

  • OddsomeOddy

    First deck I’m having success with after the update. Due to the update I dropped from 2780 to 1930 trophies. With this deck I’m currently back at 2100. Thanks for sharing!

    • Quantania

      It takes a while to get a hang of. But it’s definitely useable and unique

    • Will Potter

      I am very glad to hear this. Congrats man and good luck further!

    • GamingWXander

      lol i was at 2871 and i dropped to 2301 after the update cause the royal giant and i just couldnt win for some reason XD.

      • Will Potter

        I think you should use an anti-Royal Giant deck xD.

  • TicTac

    I’ve played against several people who use this deck, all you need is barbs, Valkyrie, or fireball to counter it…

    • Quantania

      I’ve not seen a deck like mine once. And it’s not that simple to counter. That’s the glory of its. Making enemy use fireball on 2 musketeers which doesn’t kill it as one side is GS +2 1 HP musks, and the other lane is gobs, gobs, skeleton and one full HP musketeer. It’s an insane push

      • zwstinat

        I know those attacks. They might get trickly if you use a high cost deck. But the simple way to beat that attack is by drop barbarians on the giant skeleton+2musketeer side. Kill them all and the other side with one musketeer use valk or fireball to kill the weak troops and musketeer.

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for sharing this but truly you don’t have these cards all the time to deal with him xD. I have posted a guide about countering Royal Giant. Hope you will find it helpful man!

  • zwstinat

    you should use barbarians instead of pump to give you a better tank destroyer and also bait out fireball. Right now pump isn’t that powerful any more. Barbarians can kill golem with cannon for luring. Or they can kill any supports fellow up and then let golem deals some damage to your tower. You also need a freeze. As Tic Tac said, the player can drop barbs, valk on top of your 3 musketeers. Freeze then so your three musketeer will be safe! I think switch goblins with freeze will be better. But as a f2p player, don’t try to use three musketeer. Beside I knew this deck won’t work because counter it is too simple. drop barbarians and goblins on top of three musketeers, kill them and the giant skeleton will also get killed. And if you done it right barbarians are still alive and can counter push!

    • Quantania

      Three musketeers aren’t usually a one lane push card so they never really get countered one on one like that. When it is a one lane push I know they don’t have it or they just used it

    • Quantania

      Also I’m not a fan of barbs and mine are also Low lvl. Plus pump let’s me just cycle a fair bit meaning I can spread tanks. Freeze is a card I despise using as it just isn’t interesting. Plus barbs and GS is usually anti synergy and they screw with each other. And pump is still great for insane pushes. And yes golem can in theory be kited, but often poison plus spell =rip musketeers. And changing freeze and barbs in changes the deck drastically. And I’ve been using three musketeers and I’m F2P climbed from 2200-3000 with them. So they’re completely useable

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for the advice man! You rock!

  • Ryan Wong

    Hi I am level 7 player in arena 6, is it ok that there’s no splash damage card in the deck? what do I do if the opponent couters my giant skeleton push with barbarians?

    • Quantania

      Usually i place balks in middle, kill the barbs and whatever else they place and then chcjk down cycle troops for a hug push and they have no counter

    • GamingWXander

      canon and spear gobs take care of them if they arent backed up with something. If paired with a hog then wait for the hog to get to the canon and put down your gobs to deal with it and ect with other things.

  • TicTac

    Fireball! That’s it you lose with this deck…

    • Quantania

      you think that but it is never really an issue til its one level above. and even then its still possible to easel out a win by placing 3m in the center and then do a cycle swarm. i got to legend with it even vers higher lvl fireballs as seen in the post

      • bacon

        Thank u this deck really works I finally beat a sparky deck with this and the idea of splitting the musketeers up and making separate pushes really helped me

        • Will Potter

          Glad to hear that buddy! Congrats!