Giant Night Witch Beatdown For Arena 9+

Hey what’s up guys, SparkyIsLife here and today, I’m gonna show you a Night Witch deck. This is probably the simplest use of Night Witch and is a solid deck with a great defence! It has 3 legendarys but I have some good replacements for them! Let’s get into the cards!

giant night witch

Giant Night Witch Beatdown

Clash Royale GiantClash Royale Night WitchClash Royale Electro WizardClash Royale Executioner
Clash Royale The LogClash Royale TombstoneClash Royale LightningClash Royale Ice Spirit

Strong offenseA bit weak to Lightning
Good counterpushesA bit expensive at 3.8 average elixir
Counters the meta wellHas 3 Legendary

Cards Breakdown

Giant: Giant is your main tanker and win condition. He is great at punching down towers and protecting your support troops. You can invest elixir with him to build up a push in the back or you can throw him in front of a successful defence. I would say he is the most versatile tank in the game due to his low cost and high HP and damage.

Night Witch: I for one thought that Night Witch would be absolute crap when she came out. She proved me wrong. She is a great card with good DPS and survives Fireball + Zap. But her standout ability is her Bats. Those Bats are OP! They have amazing DPS and shred through tanks! Her spawn speed lets  them build up in hordes! Also, when she dies she produces an additional threat in the bats. You can replace her with LumberJack or Mini P.E.K.K.A for the defensive DPS.

Executioner: Executioner is an all around great troop! It is a great support in general and destroys any swarms that are coming your way. It also has 280 damage to the tower per throw and counters the Night Witch. He also doesn’t die to Lightning.

Electro Wizard: E-Wiz is a great card. You are never disappointed using the Electro Wizard in your deck. He has a great spawn Zap to eliminate swarms and his reset and DPS is so valuable. Replace hem with Archers if you don’t have him for the good DPS and two pronged attack.

Ice Spirit: Ice Spirit is a VERY versatile troop and can also help you cycle your otherwise heavy deck. Paired with Electro-Wizard he can shut down a Minion Horde.

Tombstone: Tombstone is the main distraction in this deck. The skeletons kite any glass cannons and heavy troops like PEKKA or any building targeters like Golem and Hog.

Lightning: Lightning is what you want to use to get through your opponent’s defence. It destroys all the defences and glass cannons that might try to ruin your day. (And push)

Log: It’s The Log… Replace with Tornado If you want.

General Gameplan:

At the start of the game you can play Night Witch/Executioner behind the King’s Tower, put Ice Spirit at the bridge or place Tombstone in the middle.

Wait for your opponent to attack into you and defend with your Tombstone and/or any of your mid health support troops.


Watch your elixir bar!

By the time you have defended their push, try to throw a Giant in front for a good counterpush.

Keep up the exchange of attacking and defending with your opponent. Try not use Lightning and overcommit unless you know it will take a tower.

By mid game you should know what cards your opponent defends with and what deck he is playing. Try to get a bit more aggressive and sacrifice a bit of health to do a good push.

Once you get to double elixir, start up your Giant in the back! Your opponent will likely launch an aggressive push on the other lane. Defend so that you won’t lose your tower to their heavy spell. (If you’re opponent has Rocket, you can’t let your opponent get you into Rocket range.). Keep backing up your push.

After you take a tower, you have to defend your weakened tower with all your life! Make sure to mix in a few pushes to keep your opponent on his toes, just don’t overcommit.


Lava Lightning: Pressure the opposite lane with Night Witch. Make sure to space your troops out so Lightning doesn’t crush you. Use Tombstone to pull the Balloon and E-Wiz to kill it. Use Executioner to kill the supports and the Hound.

Golem Baby Dragon: Use Executioner to destroy the supports. Use Night Witch to kill the LumberJack and throw a Giant in front for a massive counterpush.

Giant: Pressure the other lane hard. If your opponent decides not to defend, three crown him. If he chooses to defend, he will have to abandon his Giant. Then, the Night Witch can take him out.

Miner: Use Night Witch or E-Wiz. Use different placements against a Rocket MIner deck so your opponent can’t land a prediction Rocket. Even if the opponent Poisons down your Night Witch, you have made a 4 for 7 trade.

Royal Giant: Use Night Wich and E-Wiz to eliminate that Royal GG and get a good counterpush. Make sure to place out of Lightning range!

Elite Barbs: Night Witch + Ice Spirit or Tombstone easily kills them!

3 Musketeers: Lightning those Pumps in single elixir time. Make sure your opponent must use them on defense. Then in 2x elixir, during a push, Lightning their middle plant 3 Musketeers away for a positive elixir trade and a pretty much guaranteed tower! Use Night Witch on the 2 Muskets and E-Wiz on the Ram+Musketeer.

Blasting Away…..