Giant Graveyard Deck – 1,000 Man Tournament Winner

Hey what is going on guys! RSivak here with a deck that gave our friend, Unstoppable, the #1 position in the 1k man Tournament hosted by Brenchong and BBXH_Twitch!

My clanmate recommended to me this deck first for Challenges and on my first try I won a Classic Challenge 12-1, won 11 straight before a loss, but bounced back and took home a 12 win chest!

Let’s get into the cards (never fear by the way! The only absolutely necessary Legendary is Graveyard).

giant graveyard deck

Giant Graveyard Deck for Challenges/Tournaments

Clash Royale GiantClash Royale GraveyardClash Royale Mega MinionClash Royale Electro Wizard
Clash Royale PoisonClash Royale Goblin GangClash Royale SkeletonClash Royale The Log

Cards Breakdown

Giant: Your tank card and damage soaker. The Giant is amazing with it’s beefy hp and slow speed allowing you to build up pushes. He is the perfect card for tanking the tower and enemy troops. He is the cheapest tank and he allows you to make sure you will always have enough elixir to drop the Graveyard.

Once you take a tower, you can drop him the pocket and the Graveyard on the tower once your elixir bar is full, and watch the tower come crashing down.

Graveyard: Your win condition. Graveyard is pretty awesome. It summons a bunch of skeletons in the arena and they deal a ton of damage.

The only issue is that it is very random. One spawn might deal 100 damage, while another completely wipes out the tower. But either way, it can be devastating on an enemy if they don’t defend properly.

Never play it alone, always makes sure the Giant is tanking the tower, it will allow your skeletons to build up faster. Make sure you don’t accidentally activate the King Tower!

This is the card that will deal the damage, not your Giant, so treat it as such.

Mega Minion: I haven’t used the Mega Minion in a while, but it still a very powerful card. 3 elixir and provides massive defensive value. Does a great job at shutting down Balloons and he is not vulnerable to spells like Minions are.

Mega Minion is a mainly defensive card, providing insane value on defense. Behind a Giant, he can also cut through any medium health troops used to defend against your Giant push.

Electro Wizard: Your second defensive card. Electro Wizard is such a strong card. He offers good damage along with a strong stun effect that can halt two units for a second giving you more time to defend and less time for your opponent to deal damage.

Behind the Giant, he can effectively shut down any Infernos preventing them from melting the Giant. Deals well with almost every card by himself. Pair him with Skeletons and he can easily counter so many cards.

More about him at here.

Poison: Poison is great because of the radius and slow death timer. It keeps ticking away making sure no swarms can be placed in the radius without giving you immense value for 4 elixir.

Perfect for wiping out Archers, Minions, Goblins and such from the Graveyard radius giving your Graveyard the chance to spawn enough Skeletons to cut down the tower.

Deals really well with Spawners, killing the building and the troops that spawn out of it, giving a ton of value.

Goblin Gang: Great tank killer, the Goblin Gang can deal with pretty much any tank and deals insane damage for its cost. Does a bit of chip air damage too, so good for getting rid of some pesky Minions cheaply. Really became one card that I have in almost all my decks for the amazing value it gives.

Deals really well with enemy Graveyards, Elite Barbarians and such.

Skeletons: Perfect cycle card, Skeletons are an amazing distraction, capable of wiping out a Mini P.E.K.K.A with the tower’s help. Deal amazing value for the really cheap cost, and is played well, they can stop a lone Wizard or Sparky from firing at your tower.


Keeps your deck cheap and allows you get through your rotation faster.

The Log: The Log is perfect for clearing waves of Skeletons, Goblin Gangs, Princesses, and Goblin Barrels. Deals so well with them all for a positive elixir trade. Make sure you save it against Goblin Barrels in Log Bait decks.

Not much else to mention about it, just a perfect spell card. Use Zap if you don’t have The Log, but it severely hurts you against Log Bait decks in Challenges.

General GamePlan:

You often want to wait for your opponent to make the first move and react and defend for a positive elixir trade. This allows you to build up enough elixir to make a Giant Graveyard push.

Usually you don’t want to be too aggressive until double elixir when you can get down your troops faster and pair your Graveyard with Poison.

Use your Electro Wizard and Mega Minion to defend against pushes, and your Goblin Gang to wipe out tanks and Hog Riders. Don’t let them too much value for their cards.

If you notice them Log your Goblin Gang, then prepare a Giant Graveyard push, oftentimes dropping the Giant at the bridge and Graveyard on their tower can get you a ton of damage if you know that their are way behind in elixir.

The thing with a Graveyard deck, is that all you need is one good push and you can easily take down the tower.

If they plant an Inferno to pull your Giant, don’t worry too much about it, the Giant will have done its job tanking for the Graveyard allowing the skeletons to spawn and take out the tower. So make positive elixir trades, until double elixir, and maybe send in a push or two, but once you hit double elixir, you can start making the pushes that will take down one tower and then win you a three crown.

You can start off with a Giant in the back and slowly start to support it from behind. Make sure you always have enough elixir to place down a Graveyard and Poison.

You don’t want to be dependent on The Log to take out the Skeleton Army or Goblin Gang defending against your Graveyard. Poison will wipe out Archers, Minions and any swarm troop that is used to defend against your Graveyard making it the best spell to pair with Graveyard.

If your Giant doesn’t reach the tower, don’t worry about it, it will have tanked for the Graveyard and the Graveyard will have dealt enough chip damage or even taken out the tower.

Don’t expect every Graveyard push to take down the tower, the randomness of the spawn makes sure that every placement will be different. It is also key that you make sure your Giant tanks the tower shots! If it doesn’t, then your Graveyard will be a waste as the enemy will have a much easier time defending.

Use The Log to clear out any Goblins and Skeletons that are attacking your Giant, it might let him get a few punches on the tower and gives you more positive elixir trades.

Make sure you don’t play your Graveyard too close to the King tower! Activating the King tower will hurt your chances immensely! The good thing about Tornado is that it cannot pull Skeletons to the King Tower, they die to quickly, so Tornado should not pose a major problem for you.

If you take a tower, then you can go for the second tower once you hit 10 elixir. Drop the Graveyard on the tower, and the Giant immediately in the pocket making sure both towers will target him. This is a great push, because of how the tower will be under threat from two spots and it makes defense very difficult on your opponent.


Log Bait: Once you hit Double Elixir, Graveyard plus Poison will decimate them. They don’t have any great counters to the Poison spell, and all their swarms will die off easily.

Hog Cycle: Can be pesky until double elixir, they will keep cycling so fast, make sure that you always have one defensive card ready to counter, whether it is Electro Wizard, Goblin Gang, or Mega Minion, use Skeletons to cycle!

Lava Hound: No Balloon, it is easy to defend, Mega Minion deals amazing damage, against LavaLoon, make sure you target the Balloon first and take it down!

3 Musketeers: Poison, Skeletons can deal with the lone Musketeer, and Goblin Gang can deal with the other two, add other defense based on what else they attack with.

Beatdown: Don’t let them build up too much, keep the pressure and waste their elixir.

Royal Giant: Weak at Tournament standard, Skeletons or Goblin Gang and Electro Wizard, use Mega Minion to distract any splash damage troops

Elite Barbarians: Weak at Tournament standard, Goblin Gang, or Electro Wizard with skeletons.


  • Keep in mind that this is a Tournament deck! More effective at Tournament standard rather than ladder!
  • Make sure you always have enough for a Graveyard + Poison when pushing in Double Elixir.
  • After taking a tower, create massive pressure with a Graveyard on the other tower and the Giant in the pocket.
  • Get value out of your spells! Especially Poison!
  • Make Positive Elixir trades on defense!

That’s it for this guide guys! Hope you enjoyed and may this deck give you guys a lot of Challenge wins!