Giant 3 Musketeers Beatdown Deck

Hello guys, today I am going to show you another comprehensive guide about getting into Arena 8 with Giant and Three Musketeers! If you don’t like using Hog Rider, Royal Giant or X-Bow, you will definitely should give this deck a try! This is a very strong beatdown deck but counterpush potential is what I like most.


Get to Arena 8 with Giant 3 Musketeers Beatdown Deck

Cards Beatdown

Elixir Collector is the component key of this deck. You will always want to have it in your starting hands. Placing it down at the beginning will force your opponent to attack first and help you build your main push later. I usually place it behind my Crown Towers unless the opponent has Miner or when I want to pull off the Balloon + Giant combo with Cannon. Sometimes it is very useful at baiting Fireball.

Giant is the main tanker in this deck, who can soak up tons of damage and protect your main damage dealers behind. I usually place him behind my King’s Tower before the x2 Elixir time. By doing that, you will have enough Elixir to place the support troops down behind him.

Three Musketeers are the main damage dealers in this deck. You will want to split them up in order to minimize the loss and do sneak push. They are also very good at defending against lots of pushes using heavy tankers such as Giant, Lava Hound, Golem ,… Getting them to level 7 will help you push to Arena 8 much easier!

Valkyrie is an obvious choice for most decks these days. She is just awesome with great HP and decent splash damage. She can be effectively used on both offense and defense. She is Valkyrie!

Mini P.E.K.K.A is very popular these days in Arena 7 and 8. Mini P.E.K.K.A has insane damage with the price, which makes it very good on both offense and defense. It can help you easily deal with Sparky, Royal Giant, Hog Rider,… Want to see more uses of this card? Please take a look at here!

Fire Spirits is another extremely useful card I want to put into any deck these days. These flaming guys can easily finish off Minion Horde, Barbarians, Goblin Barrel,… Please take a look at this in-depth guide for more details!


Fireball: Why I use this card? Please take a look at this Fireball Guide! This card is just so effective.

Cannon is still a great choice for any deck! Cannon is very cheap and it can help you easily deal with Hog Rider, Giant + Balloon,…

General Gameplan

Pushing strategy

  1. As stated above, you should play defensively first and try to place your Elixir Collector down before launching any push. After dealing some initial attacks and get the Elixir advantage, drop your Giant after the King’s Tower and then drop the Three Musketeers at the very center of your side and in front of the King’s Tower when you are at 10 Elixir. By doing this, they will be split up into 2 parts, 2 Musketeers follow the Giant and one walks on the other side.
  2. Once the single Musketeer is about to cross the bridge, drop the Valkyrie or Mini P.E.K.K.A right in front of her (Valkyrie is better because of her HP).
  3. Don’t forget to drop your Fire Spirits to support side which needs splash damage. After lots of battles, most of my opponents usually drop the Fireball on the 2 Musketeers and defend the other side. They usually over-commit and I usually can take down the Tower of either side. This is the most powerful push of this deck and it works well most of the time. Sometimes, I can even take down both Towers.
  4. Repeat and win.


As stated at the beginning of this guide, this deck is very great at counter pushing. You can easily deal with most pushes and launch a counter push right after that with the survived troops while your opponent is on low Elixir.

  • Hog Rider: Defend with either Mini P.E.K.K.A or Cannon. If you use Mini P.E.K.K.A, after defending, drop a Valkyrie right in front of the Mini P.E.K.K.A and it will push the Valkyrie to the opponent’s Tower quickly. Don’t forget to drop the Fire Spirits behind to support this combo. This combo is incredibly deadly If played well. I posted a special deck evolving around this combo a few days ago, you can take a look at here for more details!
  • Royal Giant: Use Cannon reactively to distract the Royal Giant then play Mini P.E.K.A + Valkyrie to take it down. Pretty easy.
  • Giant + Balloon: Drop your Cannon in the middle to distract them then place your Three Musketeers down, properly, to take down the Balloon, not Giant. Normally they can take the Balloon down after 2-3 hits and kill the Giant right after that.


Other matchups

  • Sparky + Giant: Drop the Cannon in the middle to distract the Giant -> use Fire Spirits to waste Sparky’s charge -> Drop Valkyrie right on top of the Sparky. Level 6 Valkyrie can survive 1 shot so you can kill the Sparky. If your opponent plays Wizard behind, use Fireball. If you face Sparky a lot, use Zap instead of Fireball!
  • Miner Cycle Deck: Place Elixir Collector in the middle so both Towers can cover it. It’s recommended to use Mini P.E.K.K.A to deal with Miner (If possible) and use Fire Spirits/Valkyrie to kill support troops (Spear Goblins, Goblins,…). If your opponent plays Mini P.E.K.K.A + Hog Riders, place Cannon down and use your Mini P.E.K.K.A to solo kill the other one. Sometimes, it’s better to Ignore the Miner and focus on support troops coming down your way.
  • Giant + Support: Use Cannon to pull the Giant to the middle then use Valkyrie/Mini P.E.K.K.A/Fire Spirits to kill supports behind.
  • X-Bow and Mortar: Do your best. God bless.

Okay guys hopefully you have enjoyed this guide! Don’t forget to comment If you need any help! Clash on!

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