Legendary-Free Furnace Deck for Challenges

Hey everyone, Blaxeturner here with another challenge winning deck. I have won two Challenges with this deck, one of them being a flawless challenge win. All my cards were tournament standard except for a level 3 Poison.

Furnace Poison Deck

Clash Royale FurnaceClash Royale elixir collectorClash Royale MusketeerClash Royale Mini P.E.K.K.A
Clash Royale Ice SpiritClash Royale PoisonClash Royale ZapClash Royale Knight

Furnace Poison – Challenge Winning Deck

Furnace – This card is severely underestimated by some. It used to be the top meta card in tournaments and took the game by storm. It started to die down when a poison meta was rising however there are ways to reduce the impact of poison on your deck. If left alone, this card can deal a devastating 800 damage to your opponent’s tower. Constant pressure on your opponent like this can shut down many decks immediately. Keep in mind, it is best if you have a level furnace that will spawn Fire Spirits to reach your tower

Elixir Collector – This deck is able to control and pressure your opponent. With the extra Elixir advantage, you can increase this pressure by placing multiple Furnaces (out of Poison range!) cycle through your cards to constantly Poison your opponent’s troops, and provide a steady Elixir control when your opponent also plays Elixir Collector. Make sure to place your Elixir Collector away from your furnaces. This forces your opponent to either poison your furnace or your elixir collector, either one will give you the positive elixir trade.

Musketeer – Probably one of the most important cards in this deck. She will be both your offense and defense. On defense, with her long range, she will be able to take out opponent troops while standing protected next to the tower. Her high DPS allows for tanks and split supporting troops to be taken out easily. She is also a killer when surrounded by Fire Spirits and Ice Spirit usually forcing your opponent to use a Zap during offensive play.

Mini P.E.K.K.A – He’s one of the best tank killers in the game and he’ll be a troop that you’ll want especially in the current meta. His fast movement speed and high damage will put a lot of pressure on your opponent when supported by the Furnace. Probably one of the best cards at the moment. Take a look at here for more details!

Ice Spirit – One of the top cards in the game due to its amazing defensive and offensive versatility and also because of its immunity to zap. A recent orange juice video noted its synergy with the Musketeer. You’ve got both in your deck along other great support (Knight and Furnace). Take a look at here for more details about the Ice Spirit, the best troop in Clash Royale!

Poison – Just an overall great card due to its ability to take out Minion Horde and slow down the tower allowing you perform great combos. Poison will also be your secret weapon to deal with Giant Poison decks. If you can Poison your opponent’s troops when your opponent is coming in for a Poison push, the Poison will cancel out allowing for an even match. If positioned correctly, you can also force your opponent to either poison your Furnace or your Musketeer allowing a poison free territory on your side.

Zap (or The Log) – Surprisingly Log works very well in this deck, but sticking to the “No Legendary” part, Zap works just as fine. Both serve different purposes but they are in here as they will clear away those little bitty troops such as Goblins and Skeletons from wishes allowing your Mini P.E.K.K.A to defend well or reach your opponent’s tower.

Knight or Goblin Barrel (or Miner) – The preferable one here would be the Knight, but the Goblin Barrel has its own benefits too. They all cost 3 elixir and provide either a Zap lure ability or a tanking ability. The Knight has been an underestimated card which provides excellent value for 3 elixir. There are few cards that can take out the Knight for less than 3 elixir. The Knight here will be tanking mainly for your Musketeer and also on defense, it can tank while your Mini P.E.K.K.A hacks away at distracted troops. The Goblin Barrel has also great synergy as often, your opponent will Zap your Fire Spirits behind your Mini P.E.K.K.A or Musketeer to counter it (which is already a positive elixir trade for you as the Fire Spirits cost less than 1 elixir to produce), the Goblin Barrel will provide for either extra damage, or lure your opponent’s Zap to allow for a confident push knowing your opponent has no zap.

General Gameplan

Control your opponent

The Furnace is probably the best control card in the entire game. It will shut down your opponent’s Minion Hordes, Lava Pups, goblins, and Witches. To non-splash vulnerable units, they will still do around 150 damage per spirit which is a significant chunk of their health. If left alone, the furnace can chip 800 damage.


Poison is also a great way to control your opponent with the rising meta. When your opponent poisons you during a push, Poison them back to make it even while also gaining crown tower advantage and to pop cheap troops your opponent decides to place. This deck is one of the best defensive decks.

Furnace and Elixir Collector

Your goal during each match will be to make as have as many Furnaces and Elixir Collectors as you can. Just 3 furnaces will chip 2400 damage from a tower.

Make sure to distant your Elixir Collector and Furnace to force your opponent to choose between Elixir Collector or Furnace to Miner/Poison.

Think of this like a pumpy Golem deck or an intense chip damage deck. You want to gain as much elixir advantage over your opponent has possible.

Counter Pushing

This deck may surpass all others in terms of counter pushing. The furnace will constantly generate fire spirits to support your counter push. It is not rare for a Musketeer, Mini P.E.K.K.A, or Knight to be wandering after an attack by your opponent. With this, you must burst at your opponent. After an attack will always be the time that your opponent is weakest in elixir and defending against Mini P.E.K.K.A and Musketeer surrounded by Fire Spirits and Ice Spirit will be very difficult, especially when you Poison their towers as well. If you do have the Miner, it is excellent to tanking for the tower having your opponent make the decision to take out the miner or the incoming troops.

No Aggressive Pushing

This Furnace deck is not a Hog Rider deck. You can’t push the other side very easily when your opponent places a tank in the back. However, this deck does specialize in defending well and counter pushing which will give you the extra Musketeer or Mini P.E.K.K.A left over on defense to push with. Pop a Knight in front and the push will be perfect especially with the Furnaces constantly pumping Fire Spirits.

How to deal with Giant Poison

This is really the only matchup that needs an explanation. As stated before, place your Elixir Collector and furnace out of poison range from each other. This way, they can either Poison your pump, or your Furnace, giving you the positive trade either way.

To stop their pushes, use the Furnace to lure the Giant to the middle and place the Musketeer next to the tower out of Poison range of the Furnace to slowly deal damage to troops behind the Giant (the Giant lured to the middle will leave troops behind it vulnerable). Use Ice Spirit, Zap (or Log) and Poison to slow down the progress of your opponent troops and Mini P.E.K.K.A to deal damage to them. The Knight is also great for finishing troops such as the Ice Wizard or Bomber as well as distracting Mega Minion.

Okay guys hopefully you have found this guide helpful. Don’t hesitate to comment If you need any help. Cheers!

  • KekTheTurtle

    i have a questions. i have posted a deck before and it was submitted. however, i had to take a screenshot, upload it to imager, and put the link. in other decks tho, you can plainly see a thumbnail, and cut out cards (isn’t a screenshot ion the deck, is actually the cards entirely). How can i do this?

    • Will Potter

      I will do that for you. No worries!

      • Frisky

        I think my deck guide was good why wasn’t it posted- please give feedback so i can make it good enough to post- Thanks


        How’s it going everyone Scorched Light here from InTheClouds (InTheLight Feeder) here back at it again with another deck guide and today I’m going to show you a hog cycle deck that pushed me from Spell Valley to Royal Arena in less than two days! (I’m currently at 3300 Trophies)

        Disclaimer- After you have reached arena 7 this deck will not work very well due to the different play style among players, however this should easily get you to Royal Arena!

        The Deck

        Hog Rider (lvl 5+) I have always loved using the hog rider as it is one of the most powerful and aggressive cards in the game due to its amazing speed and damage. The point of the hog in this deck is to use your opponent’s pushes against them and while they are weak create an aggressive push using the hog where the opponent can do nothing but watch their poor tower get massacred by the hogs hammer. Another great thing about the hog is that it can deal large amounts of damage while soaking up hits from the tower for other troops to some serious damage…Below are some recommended combos to get the most value out of your Hog Rider push…

        Hog+Fire Spirits: This push is super deadly and a secure push to make as the enemy can’t use minions or minion horde or any other squishy troop to do damage to the hog. Not to mention the Fire Spirits will do a good amount of damage to the tower if your opponent ignores it.

        Hog+Goblins: If you can get this push setup you are golden. This is one of the most deadly pushes in the entire game because the goblins can do about 70+ damage per goblin on top of the Hog Rider’s 200+ damage per hit. The only issue with using this push is that it can easily be zapped or fireballed away and ruin the entire push and leave you with less elixir than the enemy. While this push is very rewarding it can also hurt you very badly if you play it at the wrong time.

        Hog+Spear Goblins: This was always one of my favorite pushes with the hog because often time my opponent would ignore the spear goblins and only worry about the Hog Rider allowing these shirtless warriors to chip down the tower for only 2 Elixir!

        Cannon (lvl 7+) Ah the cannon. Now becoming so under used due to the recent popularity of the Inferno Tower. The cannon is very cheap and will give you more value than an Inferno Tower if placed properly. If you have read any of my other guides you will know that placing the cannon properly in “The Killzone” will create a chance for the other side tower to shoot at the enemy attacker which will add another 80-100 damage (depending on player level) to the enemy troop and make it a super valuable trade. Also the cannon is strong against Mortar decks as those are becoming popular around Builders WorkShop again.

        Goblins (lvl 8+) If you read above you will see that using these guys with the Hog is one of the deadliest pushes in the game for such cheap elixir, but what else are these guys good for other than assisting the Hog Rider? A cheap high damage distraction is probably the top of the list for uses of Goblins. They have the ability to take down Mini Tank cards easily such as (Knight, Prince, Miner, Musketeer, Ice Wizard, Mini Pekka) So these little guys cannot be replaced by anything not even guards as their role is very strong and specific.

        Spear Goblins (lvl 7+) For two elixir these guys can get you amazing elixir trades and turn their counters for multiple troops into a dangerous push with the Hog Rider. The best way to use the Spear Goblins in this deck is to counter medium health troops such as (Prince, Knight, Musketeer, Miner, Ice Wizard, Witch) Once you have countered these cards it is smart to begin your push with the Hog Rider. This will leave your opponent very weak on elixir and unable to counter your Hog and Spear Goblin push which if ignored can and will take a tower. Another great thing about Spear Goblins is that with the help of The Zap Spell they can takedown most Air Troops (Minions, Minion Horde, Inferno Dragon, Mega Minion) The only air attacker that they aren’t effective against are (Baby Dragon, Lava Hound) They are also very weak against zap as their health is very low but that isn’t a big deal because you will not lose any elixir from the zap as the Spear Goblins and Zap are the same amount of elixir. These guys are a key part of this deck do not replace them with archers or anything else the only possible replacement is with the Ice Wizard or Princess.

        Fire Spirits (lvl 8+) The reason I labeled these guys as being level 8 and above is because going onto Royal Arena almost everyone you play will be a level 7 or 8. If you have level 8 Fire Spirits and you are playing a level 8 player the enemy tower will take two shots to kill each one allowing 2 of them to deal some chip damage to the opponent’s tower if ignored which can be fatal if they allow it multiple times. Don’t worry if yours are below the recommended level because they are still very good for taking out weak ground and air troops (Minions, Spear Goblins, Goblins, Skeletons, Princess) Also they are hard to zap because of how fast they are and you can’t really go wrong with them. Everytime I use them I almost always get a positive elixir trade in my direction which is why I use them in almost all of my decks from Spell Valley to Legendary Arena.

        Fireball (lvl 4+) While this does seem like a very low level to have the fireball recommended at you really don’t need more than a level 4 fireball because the only purpose in it for this deck is to damage or kill popular support cards (Ice Wizard, Wizard, Musketeer, Witch, Mega Minion, Inferno Dragon, Princess, Archers) Usually I can stop pushes easily with… Fireball+Zap+Cannon because the Fireball and Zap will kill any support cards that the enemy is using and the cannon if placed in the “KillZone” can take out a Giant all by itself. Another purpose of the fireball in this deck is to provide you with a direct damage spell to kill Spawner and Elixir collectors if need be.

        Zap (lvl 8+) Zap will always be an excellent card in Clash Royale it really is a steal for 2 elixir. It deals decent damage to all air and ground troops and that’s not even the best part. Ever wish you could stop that Sparky from charging up and shooting at your tower or maybe stop the Prince’s deadly charge from dealing 600+ damage to your tower? Well Zap is here to help. This spell can make minions a one shot, Kill Goblins and Spear Goblins and reset charges on the Inferno Tower, Prince and Sparky. What’s not to love? I do not recommend using these below level 8 because the closer you get to Royal Arena the more level 8 and 9 troops you will see. Having a level 7- Zap Spell will not kill Goblins which can be dangerous for you and cause you to loose.

        Minion Horde (lvl 7+) These guys can be one of the most dirty cards in the entire game if used properly. They provide excellent defense from any Ground or Air troop in the game but are very Vulnerable to be taken down or highly damaged from many spells (Zap, Arrows, Fireball, Poison) This can lead you to being low on elixir which can get you into a lot of trouble with strong pushes. Usually these guys are a defensive card that is very strong but in this deck they can be used very effectively offensively… If you can bait out your enemy’s fireball or Arrows or you are sure they don’t have one use a Minion Horde Hog Rider push with a zap spell ready. Almost nothing can counter this push at all because if the Hog Rider goes down to barbarians or a Mini Pekka the 6 minions will be home free against the tower which will just obliterate the tower quickly.

        Possible Replacements

        Cannon: The cannon can be replaced with the Inferno Tower or Hidden Tesla but I do not recommend this unless it is below the recommended level as it is cheap and gets the job done for cheaper cost. Also if you are a strict no tower user and you hate using towers you could replace it with The Mini Pekka or Valkyrie. These are the only suitable replacements for the cannon in this deck (Trust me I’ve tried it all)

        Fireball: While I always loved the fireball some people despise it and would rather use Poison. I was never a fan of poison but it is suitable to use if you have a level 2+ for it. At level 1 I definitely would not recommend using it

        Spear Goblins: When I got the Princess my first reaction was to replace them with my Spear Goblins. From there I lost multiple matches confused why. If you replace the Spear Goblins with the Ice Wizard or Princess understand that your deck will play different and move a bit slower since you have replaced the Spear Goblins. If you are a fast paced player I highly recomend not making these changes to the deck

        Zap: If your Zap is below the recommended level do not use it. Replace it with Arrows or if you are lucky The Log. When I used this deck I replaced the Zap with my Log and a few other minor replacements and had great success pushing to Frozen Peak

        Minion Horde: I was always a fan of the Minion Horde even when I stopped using them. If yours are too low level or you just don’t like them replace them with Mini Pekka, Barbarians, or Minions. These cards have less reward but are less vulnerable and a little bit easier to use. These changes are perfectly fine to make as it is all preference when it comes to selecting the card you would like to use in substitution for the Minion Horde.

        That’s all for today Clashers! thanks for reading and if you have any questions or comments leave them down below for me or msg me @[email protected] Also stop by our clan InTheClouds if you want other decks or some personal training from me… bye!

        • PoisonKnight

          i saw this deck yesterday, it is prettry good, out of 10 plays, 8 wins. 1 my faught, the other wifi problems.

          • DaSlime

            can u list the deck? i lost it

        • John Smith

          Good deck m8

        • DaSlime

          emmm…. Cool deck but it seems to lack counters.

      • Frisky

        Please notice my deck guide I worked hard and people say that it worked for them in the comment below

  • Christopher Ciccone

    Hmm… in my opinion, this deck isn´t recommendable – at least for my playing style so I´m not talking for everyone 😉 I tried it several times and never stood a chance against other players.
    Giant + Sparky = 3 crowned
    Royal Giant + Princess + Log = 3 crowned
    Lavahound = no chance
    Giant + Bowler = no chance
    Every Hog Rider Deck = no chance
    So I will try another deck and will continue my tournament journey 😉

    • Blaxeturner

      Sparky in my opinion is the easiest to win with against:
      Zap and Mini pekka should easily take care of it. Fire Spirits from furnace will deal with any minions and also absorb sparky shots. Ice Spirit can freeze em all for 2 seconds. Poison for any like barbarians, minions, or witch.

      Royal Giant should also be fairly easy. Furnace + Mini pekka should take out everything as fire spirits will delete minions and if you need to, just poison the princess or add in your knight.

      Lava Hound may seem more difficult, but you have many options too:
      Musketeer to quickly whittle away the lava hound and poison the lava pups and zap if you really need to. Fire Spirits from spawner destroy the lava pups so if you have one near by, it should be easy.

      Giant + Bowler may seem hard, but you should gotta know how to counter bowler right. Place furnace in middle, put a knight away from furnace to distract bowler and have a mini pekka take down the giant. Really simple. Musketeer can be added on the side to take down the bowler.

      Hog Rider is also very easy. Furnace has more hitpoints than cannon and takes 4 hits from hog rider to shut down. The fire spirits from furnace eliminate any goblins or minions behind the hog rider while also dealing damage to the hog rider. With Elixir collector, you should be able to keep up with the pace of hog rider.

      • King Bapalapashamalamadingdong

        but now with the balance changes can poison still be useful?

    • logan

      did you play in tournaments and defensive building as many pumps as possible thats the way this deck is supposed the be lpayed

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    Hey guys.. i need an active clan
    2100 + Trophies
    The clan MUST be active and friendly
    People joking around and having fun..

    • Khoi Le

      Hey VyRen,
      You’re welcome to join my clan, Buffoons Royale. We’re made up of mostly people in frozen, a few in royal, and a few in legendary. We’re almost always active and we all live on the east coast of the US, of that could be a problem. Just request, and say that The Koifish invited you if you wish to join. We’re always looking for better people.

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      Or join Christ 4 life 2! Very active and strict rules. We friendly battle a lot.

    • Rob Cutler


  • Rambo Vorsta

    How will one defend a pekka double prince lumerjack with this deck? I onow you don’t see it often but how will it be countered

    • Blaxeturner

      Get your furnaces down. Ice Spirit will freeze all troops allowing your musketeer to deal decent damage and a knight to start hacking away. Fire spirits do enough splash damage to splash on all troops, which should effectively take care of dark prince due to its lower hitpoints. Everything else is a breeze as they are only single target and this deck can cycle quickly through knight, ice spirit, zap, etc.

      • Rambo Vorsta

        Ok thanks


      I used to use that until I got miner. my old deck was
      dark prince
      inferno tower
      minion horde
      elixir collector

    • Will Potter

      I believe we can’t counter that one effectively with this deck. It’s better to pull them to the other lane!

  • John Smith

    MLGMLGMLG lol – I didn’t get my 80th out of 80th legendary when i made this deck. i am such a failure

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    Hey guys if you are 2800+ in trophies we have started an Elite Gaming Network called Ven0M Gaming- we have an official website and YouTube channel and are growing rapidly come be part of it and help us grow

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    Hey, I need an active clan. I am 2450 trophies and currently level 9. I want people that joke around and have fun. Thanks

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      Join Aussie clashers we do tournaments and have a few players in legendary arena. Our logo is elixir on a black background oh and our leader is robdog ( just saying as there are other clans with each same name).

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        sorry i already have a clan now but thanks

  • Dexter Chen

    Blaxe what if they have fireball? What if they have miner? Of course, this deck may be crap in ladder because of the high level people.

    • Will Potter

      Miner is just fine since we have Knight/Mini P.E.K.K.A.
      If your opponent does have Fireball, it’s just fine. Just don’t place Elixir Collector and Furnace close together 😀

  • King Bapalapashamalamadingdong

    rip poison

    • Will Potter


  • Jensen

    Noooooooo They Nerfed Giant, Poison and Pump my 3 most favourite cards and the cards i use the most 🙁

    • Will Potter

      Sorry bro!

      • Jensen

        np its fine
        I do have lvl 4 skeleton army so it should be okay

  • Zeus 325

    Knight mini pekka musketeer and ice spirit is op

  • Will Potter

    It’s time to enjoy the new meta my friend!

    • DaSlime

      RIP Trifecta and Giant Poison, you will be missed