Freezing Graveyard Deck

Hey guys, Lolman here. I’ve been playing around with variations of Graveyard decks and I think I found THE ONE.

Now disclaimers. This deck does have 3 Legendary cards. I do believe they are required for the deck but I will include some substitutes that might actually work better for you or might not work as well as I stated. Just wanted to get that out of the way.

Freezing Graveyard Deck


So first some history leading up-to this point about this deck.

Before I begin

It’s not exactly my deck per-say. I was in 200 man tournament in 1st place but I lost to this Graveyard Knight user while using my Miner Rocket cycle and I was like oh I have a level 2 Graveyard so I wound up using the deck on ladder. Initial deck-

Knight, Graveyard, Log, Poison, Inferno Tower, Ice Wizard, Bowler, Ice Spirit, Minions.

I played around with it hovering around 3800 trophies and I changed the deck up thinking. What’s more annoying than gravy Poison? Well gravy Freeze of course. That and I changed up a few other cards to end up with the following deck that I will lest below.

What the deck is – In a nutshell

So this decks win condition is Graveyard. You typically want to put a tank to get targeted by the tower. Then Graveyard and counter the counters. Be smart about it and don’t over commit. Mid game you want to Graveyard on counter push and Freeze, Tornado and Log counters. It’s a very simple deck to master once you get the basics down.

Okay, so this is more of a control-ish deck but it can be a chippy/ cycle deck as well. If opponent has Poison. This deck is great vs Hog rider despite not having a defense. Goblin Barrel/ spammy decks. Royal Giant ((Tornado Executioner ftw)). Lavahound. Etc. It’s weak to Sparky decks in my opinion and heavy decks like Golem if you have a bad cycle and can’t punish a Golem in the back. That being said. You can win the match-ups. I will list out some strategies against some popular decks afterwards.

Clash Royale GraveyardClash Royale FreezeClash Royale The LogClash Royale Knight
Clash Royale Ice WizardClash Royale TornadoClash Royale SkeletonClash Royale Executioner

Cards Breakdown

Knight- Main tank and a great and versatile defensive card. Counter Executioner, mini P.E.K.K.A, prince pretty much anything. It’s got great DPS, can do a surprising bit of damage to a tower if unattended and hard to counter positively as it’s only 3 Elixir. Typically you want to use this defensively and Graveyard on counter but you can also rush with this card. It’s just a better Ice Golem.

Executioner- Hard to not find a spot for him in my deck. Despite hating the new artwork it’s great card and has great synergy with Tornado and Graveyard. Reasons will be stated below. It’s amazing on defense. Especially if you use Tornado on defense and clump everything up together.

The Log– Replacement, arrows or zap. Just a counter for Graveyard counters and used to chip at tower.

Freeze- I prefer Freeze over fireball or Poison because it does get rid of direct Graveyard counters. If opponent doesn’t have Log or zap in cycle. Letting Skeles take down Valk, Electro Wizard etc. This also allows for long Graveyard pushes. Where you can Freeze the counter rather than wasting a card to tank.

Tornado- Because this deck lacks buildings. This is sometimes the MVP in the deck. Combo’d with Ice Wiz, Executioner etc. Or maybe just alone. Here was a game that I believe the Tornado was key for my victory. I took several screenshots where I used Tornado and I’ll let them do the talking.


Nado can be used offensively. Here’s an instance of me planting a pre-emptive Tornado. If            cannon wasn’t there I believe it would have been tower but, unfortunately I didn’t get the              full tower. I only used Tornado because I had an Executioner and Ice Wiz going to the tower.

Ice Wizard– Defensive card, not VERY important to the deck. I do enjoy the slow and believe it’s superior to Electro Wiz in this deck. However, you can use Electro Wizard if it’s high enough level but like Musket. +1 level fireball kills it. So use it in caution on ladder.

Skeletons- Cheap, cycle defensive cards. Good vs Elite Barbarians to stall them, they offer some good DPS. At tourney standard 268 DPS ((More than Mega Minion which is x3 price)). Which is amazing for 1 Elixir. And zap, or Log are negative Elixir trades.

Graveyard- Win condition and the one card that cannot be replaced. Goblin Barrel might work with less success because of how level dependent it is. Timing is key with this card. You don’t want to Graveyard without being able to take care of counters or without a tank in hand unless you want to Exert immediate pressure on enemy etc.

General Gameplan

Typically, with this deck you want to pay attention to your rotation. Do NOT rush with something like Knight Graveyard with no Log or Freeze in cycle and don’t Freeze certain counters.

If you do have Freeze, Knight and Gravy and opponent uses Horde and you Freeze. You will be using 13 Elixir and opponent 5. He or she will counter the Freeze, even if you do significant damage you are down Elixir and opponent can drop Elite Barbarians, Hog or RG with counterpush.

This deck is weaker when you’re one tower up. Hence why you can’t afford to loose a tower unless you’re ahead on damage by a lot on the other tower. So another tip is if one tower is within Log range for an example. Push opposite tower so king tower doesn’t target Graveyard.

So that being said I would start off slowly. Till you figure out what counters opponent has to Graveyard. So perhaps Ice Wizard in the back or cycle Skeles. Executioner in the back if your cycle is bad, which happens with 3 spells. For example, Exe, Tornado, Graveyard, Freeze.

Initially when the troop reaches the tower. I would almost always play Graveyard. This is a good way to gauge opponents counters. If opponent uses a ground troop and Freeze is in hand. Freeze it, but not if your Graveyard can’t kill it. For example, Executioner is out of Skele aggro range. Then don’t Freeze as opponent can simply Log and plop a Giant in front of the Executioner.

Freezing like this is fine in 2x Elixir as Exe+ Tornado is an almost guaranteed push stopper. Plus you can cycle to Freeze fast. If Tornado is in hand you can always pull that Valk to the front for your Knight or Executioner to deal with. This is great with Executioner where you can hit the tower and defensive troops.

Here’s a screenshot of an instance where I used this.

Learning how to use the spells and when to use them is key and something that comes with experience. Play around with it, expect to not win every game initially but I do believe that you will be able to push up higher.


Royal Giant- Ah Royal GG. Honestly, there’s almost no way to prevent damage on your tower early on but later on once you do manage to damage a tower significantly or are in 2x Elixir where you can cycle back to cards. Feel free to Freeze/ Tornado on defense to pull Royal Giant out of range. With Ice Wizard and Exe, maybe a Knight hitting the Giant. It will get shredded before it reaches tower, Executioner kills support troops and you have a strong counterpush. Soak up a bit of damage saving Elixir for counter push. Vs this match-up it’s best to take an early tower and defend 100% afterwards while pressuring opposite lane when possible.

Golem- Save Tornado for defense vs this. Unlike Royal Giant, this will take ~ 2x as long to kill because of HP pool. Hence why it’s very important to kill back end troops. This is where Executioner + Tornado and Knight come in handy. If Golem at the back is an early on move. Then Knight + Graveyard opposite lane if possible like vs any deck where they put an expensive tank in the back. Lack of defense make it difficult to avoid damage, don’t be afraid to Freeze on defense.

Sparky- Graveyard on defense is really the only *Sure fire* way of defending vs this push. There are other ways, I do love freezing the push while having Executioner hitting tank+ support+ Sparky while Knight deals with them from the back. Knight can tank 1 hit from Sparky of equivalent level. Ie- Level 9 tanks 1 hit from a level 1 Sparky.

Lava Hound– Again, Tornado on defense is key. Use Executioner defensively as well. I usually play Ice Wiz near tower and Executioner near center if Lightning is a card opponent uses. Tornado to clump up support troops. Again, Lava in the back is a common move, feel free to pressure opposite lane.

Hog Rider- Best match-up. I posted some images above of using Tornado vs a Hog cycle. It’s very easy to beat, deck is a 3.3 cycle so you can cycle back to Tornado rather easily. The quickest cycle being, 9 Elixir I believe. Pull Hog onto king tower once. Afterward simply pulling it into range of all 3 towers with Tornado can prevent any damage on tower. Other than that, ideally Log support. Or Knight if it’s a somewhat tanky support. Ie- Musket and attack Hog separately.


This I believe is a very strong deck. With my card levels I am able to beat close to max out players. ((Level 13 Royal Giant, level 12 Elite Barbarians etc.)). It does have a bit of a learning curve. Ie- Using Tornado but I think it’s an easy enough deck to master. Hope you have a fun time playing and learning this deck as I have. Cheers!