Best Fire Spirit + Hog Rider Deck

Hello guys it’s Ash and today I am going share a deck and some strategies on how to use the Fire Spirits with Hog Rider. The Fire Spirits in my opinion is one of the best cards in the game, seriously. I personally think that the Fire Spirits in me a top five cards in the entire game.

Best Fire Spirit + Hog Rider Deck

Best Fire Spirit + Hog Rider Deck

Clash Royale Hog RiderClash Royale Fire SpiritsClash Royale GoblinClash Royale Zap
Clash Royale Inferno TowerClash Royale Baby DragonClash Royale Minion HordeClash Royale fireball

Why Fire Spirits?

I have a lot of reasons for this! This card only costs 2 Elixir. It summons 3 units dealing about x2 damage of the Goblins and x3 damage of the Zap Spell.

Basically they are like a moving Zap Spell without the stun effect but with a vastly greater damage. It can be used to counter Barbarians which costs 3 more Elixir than them. You can also couple these flying flames with powerful units like Hog Rider, Baby Dragon,… on offense. Barbarians can easily deal with our Hog Rider + Zap + Goblins combo but when we have these Fire Spirits behind the Hog Rider, you can take those Barbarians out with Fire Spirits + Zap combo.


You can read more about Fire Spirits at here!

You may also want to take a look at this guide, which contains loads of tips and tricks for Fireball users. Fireball is one of the most useful cards in game and we can use it in tons of situations!

General Gameplan

You can see them all in this video:


  • Hog Rider Decks: Use Inferno Tower to lure Hog and use Goblins or Zap to deal with support troops behind If needed. Normally 1 Inferno Tower is enough to kill Hog Rider and following Goblins. Don’t place your Inferno Tower too close to your Tower to prevent your opponent from freezing them all. You can drop your Goblins to bait out the Freeze then drop your Minion Horde right after that. If your opponent plays Hog Rider + Barbarians, use Fireball + Fire Spirits!
  • Giant/Golem/P.E.K.K.A/Balloon Deck: Always have Inferno Tower in your Hand so you can place it down immediately once opponent’s tanker has crosses the bridge and deal with the troops behind by using either Zap, Goblins, Fireball or even Baby Dragon. Be careful of Arrows and Fireball, you will not want to use Minion Horde in this case.
  • Royal Giant Decks: Only place your Inferno Tower down once the Royal Giant has crossed the river, otherwise it will outrange your Inferno. If it has already locked on your Tower, you can use Zap on the Royal Giant and it will change the target. Minion Horde is great at killing Royal Giant but you will not want to use it If your opponent has Arrows or Fireball in his hand. Because of its attack range, he always shoots from the bridge and you can easily Fireball him and support troops nearby. Use Goblins If needed.
  • Updating….

What do you think about this deck guys? Do you like it? Or do you have any suggestion? Please comment and help me improve it! All suggestions are very appreciated! You rock guys!

  • Courier_6

    Gotta try this now

    • Will Potter

      Good luck with it buddy!

    • Luis Plaza

      Does it work?

      • Courier_6

        Used it 2 times, but went on the verge of Arena 7 to 6, so will try once I get back up to 2500 trophies

        • Will Potter

          Good luck further buddy!

      • Will Potter

        It absolutely works mate!

  • Tan3758

    Hey guys wanna hear three jokes I created?

    What did every skeleton say when they left the tombstone?
    I don’t belong here…….

    What did the dark prince say to the Prince?
    Whose side are you on?

    Why did the minecraft skeleton faint when he say the others?
    He is the only one with a bow!

  • Daniel Gao

    yo, this is a deck i’ve been using since arena 4 and am now in arena 7 because of it. now before you use it, i want you to know that this deck is a CONTROL deck. not offensive, but CONTROL. so heres the guide.

    Barbs- as a great defense and offense, it’s one of te best common cards in the game. at the price of 5 elixer, you spawn 4 powerful barbarians, which can quickly take out any card, and long as theres no bomber or valkerie, you are going to have an amazing tank card.

    knight- no you may be thinking ” the knight sucks!” then you must be a horrible player. at the cost of 3 elixer, you get an amazing tank that not only have 600 health at level 1, but has a pretty decent damage. if left alone, which in most cases it does, it can do over 1000 damage to an arena tower. and i’m not lying, it really does.

    goblins and spear goblins- these two cards share a very similar purpose, scouting, luring, and firepower. i cannot count how many times i took an area tower with a goblin-knight combo. at thecost f 2 elixer, they really deserves to be the best commons in the game.

    bomber- also an underused card, next to the knight. it deals splash to bards and skeleton army, and has a huge amount of firepower. also notice that they never run out of bombs. with knight, they do a lot of damage. they also are useful against hut users.

    arrows- are you really looking at this section? you know what to do with arrows. to kill minion horde and swarm troops.

    hog- best rare ever. at the cost of 4 elixer, you have the smartest price ever. it outclasses the prince in everything. i’m not saying that prince is bad, but since the hog only targets buildings, its better that a prince trying to kill 4 skeletons.

    baby dragon- amazing. flying. splash damage. these are the word that describe the baby dragon. at the cost of 4 elixer, it does splash damage, and has a adecent amount of health. think of it as a bomber+knight+ MINIONS.


    bomber- rage

    goblins- musketeer/fire spirits/ minions


    baby dragon- ballon

    arrows- high level zap

    thanks for reading this deck!

    • Will Potter

      Pretty nice deck! Long time to see the Knight! Thank you very much for sharing this man!

  • Emeralds

    Highest trophy count with this deck?

    • Will Potter

      I am testing it at 3500 trophies and everything is great so far!

  • Static Dedenne

    Thanks a ton for this deck! Made me go from Arena 7 to mid Arena 6 and now I can’t get back up!

    • TheGamer95J

      It’s your fault for not testing it out in friendly battles first and then deciding if u want to play it

  • Tactician Omega

    This deck is great,I’m using it in Arena 5 and it works great for me 🙂

    • Will Potter

      Thank you very much for letting me know this man. You rock!

      • Tactician Omega

        Just got in A6 with this deck right now,so huge thanks from me 🙂

        • Aidan Ong

          do u mean a level6?

    • Aidan Ong

      im using (half) of it in arena 7 and it still works awesome! anyway it gets shut down by legends so im getting rekd everytime i move up too 8!

  • Applecore

    I use a variation of this deck with the bomb tower instead of inferno, spear goblins instead of baby dragon and freeze instead of zap

  • Charlestone

    this article was written by Ash? OMG that’s so coool.

    • Will Potter

      He is writing lots of guides on this site mate :D.

      • Aidan Ong


    • Aidan Ong

      Ash IS pretty good but i prefer his videos. Whats the point of reading this deck if u watched it already! Can more random people post here so there r more varitations?

  • -sirius-

    Plz post “how to counter golem wizard combo

    • Will Potter
      • -sirius-

        Thank you, PLEASE post “how to deal with siege decks”(wich has fireball+rocket+goblin barrel+arrows and 4 fantastic defensive cards). It’s so hard to deal with these decks.

        • Will Potter

          What kind of deck do you want to see, exactly?

          • -sirius-

            No,you didn’t get it. For example,to counter golem you don’t have to have a whole deck, that will counter golem, just some tricks and tips. Do the same with this, say “do I have to push hard” or something else?

          • -sirius-

            please respond

          • -sirius-

            I lost to a guy who attacked me with only rocket and fireball and countered all of my 15 elixir pushes!(I know how to push properly)

        • Aidan Ong

          4 spells and 4 defense cards? SO that coward just keeps using rocket
          +fireball to damage tower and just defends? If u have to to just keep on (spreading out) elixir pumps until the last minute then push both sides via barbs+knight on one side and hog-poison the other side (or just any cheap effective push)!, that is if u have those cards but cards r easily substituted

  • zheng

    anything to change with babydragon mine is only level 1

    • Will Potter

      What is your Arena now man? You can try to replace him with either Valkyrie or Wizard!

      • zheng

        arena 7

        • Aidan Ong

          AH. use plain minions or ice wizard or wizard. Lots of cards substitute others! Even spear gobs would work! Plus the fire spirits will help you do air splash if dats what u want..

  • Thorpe Williams

    Anyone have any Tips for countering hut spammers With this deck?

    • Will Potter

      Just play defensively and spam your Hog on the other side. That’s the best choice buddy!

  • Virio

    i use fire spirit with prince, and i love it

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for sharing this mate!

  • herro

    This deck is great. I pushed to builders with it and i can beat level 8 people with ease. Thanks for the deck!

    • Will Potter

      I am so glad to hear this! Congrats and thank you so much!

  • Winston Ou

    How to counter spawner decks?

    • Will Potter

      You have Fire Spirits, Zap, Fireball and Baby Dragon. I don’t think you will face any problem while dealing with Spawner Decks buddy!

  • jchen5012

    Can someone post a good builders workshop deck? I have everything except the legendarys and rage. I need to bget to royal arena for dem guards! xD this deck isok, it worked fine for meh sorry for typos im rushing lol

  • azwan G5 .0

    Just; one, does this deck really really Worked? I have been used the arena 4 pushing deck,now it almost by not effective anymore!!

    • Will Potter

      I never post useless decks mate!

  • Austin Sullivan

    Hey id like to say that im a level 9 and couldent get to builders workshop at all but now im using this deck and so far i pushed up to 1900+ trophies. Thank you for the deck it is amazing

    • Will Potter

      That’s very nice! Congrats buddy!

    • Aidan Ong

      fire spirits are pretty OP just send in a low hp tank and the fire spirits will do liek 300 damage

  • Danny

    I made a deck similar I Change baby dragon for wiz gob for sob and minion for barbarians and fire ball for poison spekl

    • Will Potter

      How are you doing with it mate? 😀

  • Danny


  • Danny

    Is there anything I Change for elixir collector or not

    • Will Potter

      This deck is great itself but If you want to use the Elixir Collector, replace Fireball with it!

      • Boris Lee


  • Do you have any deck which also has the poison and maybe not hogrider? If it has hogrider it’s okay

  • Mike Smith

    Thanks for this deck, Ash ! I have started using it and it’s really great, I now am winning a lot more. I don’t have a level 4 Baby Dragon so I use a Wizard instead.