Fast Cycle Hog Rider Deck for Arena 5

Do you feel frustrated when you find your cards clogging in hand and you just don’t seem to be able to cycle back to the card needed for defense? Are you not in the mood of playing a big deathball push deck like the P.K.K.A/Golem/Giant? Do you want to go aggressive without worrying you don’t have the right card to defend? If the answer to at least one of the questions is Yes, then may I introduce you to the Arena 5 Deck that I have been using to keep me afloat in mid-late Royal Arena (2500+): The fast cycle hog deck that I guess many people have met or used.

Clash Royale Arena 5 Deck

Clash Royale Arena 5 Deck With Hog Rider


Clash Royale Hog RiderClash Royale GoblinClash Royale ZapClash Royale Lightning
Clash Royale ValkyrieClash Royale Spear GoblinsClash Royale CannonClash Royale Skeleton

Deck cards (level of the card I currently use):

  • Bread and butter offensive choice: Hog Rider (5), Goblin (8), Zap (8), Lightning (2)
  • Defensive utility shell: Valkyrie (5), Spear Goblin (8), Cannon (8), Skeleton (7)
  • Average Elixir cost: 3.0

Nothing revolutionary, just plain efficient. The deck is actually quite easy to get the hang of but will require you to pay extra attention with opponent response and push, because this deck offensive capability is pretty one dimension.

Card replacement

The deck is very flexible. The only cards I deemed not replaceable is Hog rider (obv), spear gob (unless you have other anti-air to put in), zap (arrow is NOT a replacement due to its lack of speed). You will also want to make sure your zap (high enough to one shot goblin/barrel) and hog is high enough level (level 5 hog is fine for early-mid A7, level 6 preferred)

Possible consideration of cards: Minion, minion horde (which makes the deck better defense but higher cost), elixir pump (swap with cannon), barbarian (same rationale for minion horde), freeze (I would recommend playing a more standard freeze+hog to utility the power of combo), fireball (poor man substitution of lightning), arrow (as an additional fail safe measure against swarm and princess).

General Strategy



In most cases, you want to be the aggressor but don’t get over zealous with your push. Open with a simple push. My favorite push, in order, is Hog+Gob (6 elixir), Gob+Spear Gob (4 elixir), Hog (4 elixir). The aim of the opening is not to knock your opponent out, but rather gauge what they are using to respond. However, it is not at all uncommon you can get 1000-1500 damage off opponent especially when they make a greedy play or stuck with bad hand. But the main thing you need to keep in mind in opening is:

  • What they are using to counter you push. This also gives you some idea on what deck they are playing. Mortar player actually quite easily show their hand even if they have not deployed mortar yet from their defense and placement.
  • Punish them if they want to get greedy with defense. E.g. Zap their skele and gob if that is all they use to defend your push. You actually have a 75% chance to have a zap support if you push with a 2 card combo.
  • Prepare for defense if they use strong counter push defense, like minion horde and barb.
  • And one important remark: DO NOT USE YOUR LIGHTNING even when their defense structure is setup. By doing so you (1) put yourself in dangerous level of elixir, (2) get minimal value out of it as your unit are already lured and possibly do enough damage on the structure already and (3) just in case you need it to take care of something real nasty and (4) give away the surprise. It is not uncommon that I save it up for last minute to seal the overtime deal.

Early game

Poke with your unit, try to switch around some tactic if the old one does not work. Focus on thinking about defense efficiently and translate to gradual chip damage on opponent. Don’t be afraid to cycle out less important card in the matchup. The deck is at its strongest when both side are tight on amount of elixir they have. So ideally you should try to get their tower down to 1k before entering in overtime. It is not a good sign if theirs are still healthy. If by the time last minute is in and you barely get any damage in, it can be a tough uphill battle especially against deathball push like 3M and Pekka.

The Last Minute

You should be in all alert for retaliation from opponent. Especially against slow deck you will have a distinct health advantage. But that does not mean too much as all a big push opponent needs to do is a one giant push to seal the deal. By now you should have a good idea on what opponent deck has, their win condition and how you would defend. This period is usually about making efficient defense and getting a counter push for the last bit of damage. If opponent deploys a big tank at the back, charge another lane with your small push combo to force them split attention and not spend the elixir on their dream push. This deck is not made to defend a big 15-20 elixir big push, but a 10-12 elixir push is definitely defendable due to how fast you can cycle to the key card at this stage.


Well by now you should have either dealt enough damage to lightning finish the opponent (or two lightning), or get dragged into a stalemate (a crown tower trade, or their crown tower still pretty healthy). If it is the latter case, then don’t be too sad if it ends up as a draw because that is just how the deck works. That does not mean it is unwinnable. In fact I often do get a 2-1 victory during overtime. One thing I want to advise against is to use Lightning to finish opponent before overtime. In 99% of the case you are just handing opponent a 6 elixir window for push. What you should do, however, is to keep defending until it is last second of the regular time then you finish them. This way they never have the chance to counter push. Though if either (1) you can kill something sweet alongside (witch/wizard/musketeer/mini pekka) or (2) you need it to even a 1-1 score and you don’t have the leisure to wait til last second, then lightning is the right play. Everything else is similar to last minute section.

Final word

This deck is not the be all end all deck. The deck certainly has weakness for exploitation, such as big air unit (dragon/balloon), a really big golem push (level 4 golem is scary), princess (require delicate timing to kill due to lack of arrow). But just like in card game, decks have different strength and weakness and you certainly have enough room to outplay deck in counter matchup. Luckily this deck is pretty quick to learn. If you have trouble and question, feel free to ask below.

Thanks ultradolp for sharing this Deck with us!

  • Rómulo Escobar

    The clasic hog deck between 2700 ~ 3000 trophies xD But some guys play minions others play archers or tesla (Valky doesn’t help too much against the balloon) I know, the nerf is coming! Haha!

    • Will Potter

      I will get nerf for sure. Oh man I have posted a ton of Hog decks lol.

  • Trump Wall

    Any way I could contact the owner of this website? Or someone that works for this website? The email in the “Contact us” doesnt work

  • Floppy Kong

    If you only use lightning for OT win, why not bring Rocket which does more CT damage?

    • Muguet

      Lightning comes with the added advantage of destroying troops and while it kinda kills the surprise effect it’s still possible to unveil the surprise and destroy the Wizard + Witch + Musketeer push. A clever placement of Three Musketeer can be tough to take down too, Lightning is awesome at that.
      You do have a point though.

    • Will Potter

      I agree with Muguet!

  • Muguet

    Tired of the same crap. It’s almost always Hog something. Peppa Pig is overrated.
    Please nerf. 🙁

    • Muguet

      I am not biased, to make it clear. At Arena 6, I have a level 3 Freeze, Level 4 Hog, Level 7 Goblin and ready to Level 8 my Zap to step up the Deck, which means I could well be abusing Peppa Pig’s power. But I’d rather be more creative than that.

    • Will Potter

      LOL. I just want to help people push their trophies faster xD.

      • Septic Venom9

        Well it’s working great for me 😀

        • Will Potter

          xD Thank you very much mate!

    • WestPKMN

      Peppa Pig.

      Best name ever.

      • Will Potter


  • Nicolas Revan

    The fun thing is that i’ve been using a deck like this for a long time.
    -Minion horde.
    It’s pretty cool to see something like that in here.

    • Will Potter

      Awesome Nicolas! xD

  • Griff

    how do you submit a deck that you want the website to make an article about, because i have a really good deck that i would be happy to share for arena 5.
    Prince (lvl 2)
    Rocket (lvl 4)
    Valkyrie (lvl 4)
    Goblin Hut (lvl 4)
    Minion Horde (lvl 7)
    Cannon (lvl 6)
    Spear Goblins (lvl 7)
    Arrows (lvl 7)
    If anyone knows how to submit this idea, feel free to help. Thanks!

    • Will Potter

      Hello Griff,
      If you have any good deck, please write an article about it and send it to me at I will post it as soon as possible If it’s good enough. Thank you very much!

      • Griff

        sorry, i don’t use Facebook, is there any other way?

        • Will Potter

          Do you have Skype?

          • GamingStaR

            Hey Will,
            I want to submit a deck too, I’m using it now for 2 days and I’m very successfull with it, but I dont have Facebook. If there is another way to submit one, i can send you the deck.

          • Will Potter

            Hello mate,
            Please give me your Skype ID and you can chat with me there :D.

          • GamingStaR

            s4league-c0mbi. 😀

          • Will Potter

            Just added you mate! xD

  • My strategy includes cheap units which has:

    * skeletons

    * bombers

    * archers

    * rockets ( in order to finish the game with limited time left )

    * spear goblins

    * Giant ( keeping damage )

    * arrows ( destroy rapid-fire enemies)

    * witch

    By using this strategy, I can have a 3 crowns victory with equal opponent, 1 crown victory with the upper or a draw at least

    Llike and comment to my tactic
    full video demo

  • Clash

    Will, I’m having some trouble getting past Arena 6. Do you have any decks that can counter hog/minion horde, ice and mortars?

    • Will Potter

      Hello mate,
      I used this deck before to push to Arena 7 from Arena 4:

      You should give it a try mate!

      • Clash

        Thanks for the help Will! I didn’t do so good on my first few trys but im starting to get the hang of it 🙂

        • Will Potter

          Really? Awesome! Congrats buddy! And good luck further!

          • Clash

            Thanks Will! You’ve really helped me out 🙂

          • Will Potter

            You are very welcome mate! It is my pleasure. Glad to hear that truly!

  • Ricky Epperson

    This deck has helped me tremendously. I love it, it’s great for luring troops towards the center so that both of my towers can get shots in at them. My favorite push is to drop my hog rider, then drop my valkyrie in front of him. The Hog pushes the valk to the tower, and if my opponent drops a swarm troop, the Valk handles. My Hog almost always is able to get to the tower and get a few hits in.

    • Will Potter

      Thank you very very much for sharing this! I hope you can get to Arena 7 soon with this deck!

      • Ricky Epperson

        Thanks Will. I’ve pushed from 1400 trophies to 1700 in the last day on 10 wins and 1 loss

        • Will Potter

          xD Awesome man! Thanks for sharing this again! Please push to Arena 7 with it xD.

  • Spidey

    whether this deck works in arena 6-7?

    • Will Potter

      Of course! You definitely can use it in Arena 6 and 7 man!

      • Lone Wolf

        Will can you plz check out this deck and possibly post it? It has gotten me on a crazy win streak and has got me to royale arena! I recomend to use it in arena 5 and up!

        -Ice Wizard
        -Spear goblins
        -Elixar collector

        Plz check it out !

        • Falcon

          I like it. It’s a balanced deck, able to defend against hog rider with goblins and has plenty of support for the pekka against pesky hordes.

          I personally prefer barbarians over goblins since they’ll live through a spell, which may be important for you since they’re your only anti-tank card besides the expensive pekka. It would make your deck less vulnerable to arrows and zap. With elixir collector, spear goblins, ice wizard and bomber, you should still be able to cycle through your cards fine.

          • Lone Wolf

            Thx for advice! 🙂 Soo barbs over which gobs?

          • Lone Wolf

            could u plz give me your version of the deck Plz, hceers

          • Lone Wolf

            Wow mate thx so much! I took ur advise and replaced spear gobs with barbs. This helps counter tanks. I then found the fireball useless as i have so much splash damge troops so i swapped in a pioson instead of fireball. This creates a area where the opponant cant place troops when the pekka has reached the tower. Now my deck is

            -ice wizard



            -goblins. (not spear)



            -elexar collector
            Thx again!

          • Falcon

            Glad it worked out for you!

            I actually meant the normal goblins with barbarians. With your version, it looks like you’ve got plenty of anti-tank ability and you’re well positioned to win any ground war. Just be aware it’s a bit lacking against tougher air units like dragons, balloons and lava hounds, and if your wizard is not on the battlefield enemy minions will do a lot of damage before they they die to poison.

        • Will Potter

          I will give it a try for sure mate!

          • Lone Wolf

            Thanks will! I have made some adjustments since then. I replaced gobs with barbs and the fireball with poison but see what works for you! Thanks again 🙂

          • Will Potter

            I will give it a try dude xD

  • DeathYT

    Hi Will, just started the game yesterday and am currently trenched in arena 3 where everyone seems to have bigger better cards than i do. Should i stop playing battles and wait for chests and donations?
    I really like fast decks so i’m gonna aim for this deck~

    • Will Potter

      Why would you do that mate? Just keep playing and enjoy the game!

      • DeathYT

        lol, it’s just extremely disheartening to go against lvl 7 barbarians with your lvl 4 goblins

        • Will Potter

          You are facing them because you are doing very well and they are doing badly so that they just can’t push higher. Don’t worry mate!

        • Adam

          As a super new lvl 7 in arena 5, almost arena 6 going against lvl 10 commons with mine lvl 7 is pretty bad, but just remember: the reason this is happening is because you are good at playing and they aren’t as good ;).

          • Will Potter

            This is very true!

          • DeathYT

            Hello, I managed to break Arena 6 recently, but the occasional sparky and royal giants really ruins my day. lol

          • Will Potter

            You should change your Deck mate xD

  • i have try this deck and it’s work GREAT!!! with subs. card Fireball to Lightning and Elixir Collector to Cannon i can push to A7 with this deck. thank’s will 😀

    • Will Potter

      xD I am very glad to hear this. Congrats buddy!

  • HE Minhao

    The best way with this deck is just to smash your opponents tower before they can react

  • Get Wrong

    This doesn’t really relate to the deck but look at this… Just wow. I got a golem before an elixir collector

  • Sulejman Mano Hoxha

    use INFERNO instead of cannon and fireball instead of lightning. Inferno for flying troops (ballons) and giants, pekkas,golems etc. Fireball for spawners. ezz

  • Osko

    This deck is Amazing, first try getting used to it with some friendly battles tho

    • Will Potter

      Hope you will get lots of trophies with it man!

  • Adam

    I made my on deck very similar to this around a week ago which has been working out well for me. Minion Horde/Musketeer/Mini-Pekka instead of Lightning and possibly the best card: Fire Spirits instead of Spear Gobs

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for sharing this Adam!

  • Alpha_Mark717

    The “my-wifi-had-problems” deck (it obviously has big weaknesses)

    • Alpha_Mark717

      Combos include:
      Skeleton army/Minion Horde arrow bait
      Minion Horde/Skeleton Army Rage
      Prince/Hog/Balloon Rage Freeze (Frage)

    • Will Potter

      Seems like a full offense deck!

      • Alpha_Mark717

        It is, so it is easily countered by big air troops and splash damage troops and inferno tower and stuff like that… I would use this only in training camp

    • Norbysweg

      one splash card is very nice!

  • mv m

    My deck is similar, it got me from high pekkas to royal in about a month:

    Hog 5
    Minion Horde 8
    Zap 8
    Goblins 8
    Spear Goblins 8
    Cannon 8
    Skeletons 7, about to be 8
    Fireball 5

    I can upgrade either the zap or minion horde to level 9. Which one should i upgrade? Thanks!

    • Septic Venom9

      ZAP obviously. so you can kill lvl 9 goblins with the zap when using the hog zap combo.

    • Zhang Xu Cheng

      or both

  • KingOfGames

    What can I replace zap with?
    (if poison, what else?)

    • Will Potter

      I don’t think you should replace it with anything else man! It’s one of a kind!

  • Kazuto Kirigaya

    Your deck will be melted by air units

  • JaCo

    What can goblins be replaced with

  • Robmob3000

    Should I replace zap spell with arrows?

    • Will Potter

      Zap is better for Hog mate!

  • M Faaz Usman

    i would rather replace the cannon with inferno tower, this deck could get crushed by aerial/ giants/pekka decks. the average elixir cost would just increase by 0.2, and would do more damage to tanking decks!

    • Will Potter

      Nice advice! Thank you man!

  • elpatalan

    Boys. Lightning is REALLY wonderful. I love fireball, but if you don’t like Lightning is because you haven’t prove it. Period.

    • Will Potter


  • NickWong1989

    This deck will be fxxked by air troops definitely not good

  • Nate Johnson

    My deck is a bit of a wild spinoff of this, it’s a
    Hog/Valk/Zap/Tesla/SpGob/FireSpirit/lightning/Minion. Bit more expensive, but can defend the deathball push easily.

  • Zhang Xu Cheng

    To prevent ur hog from getting lured by buildings, go watch orange juice’s video about piggy push (hog building bypass) !