Free-To-Play P.E.K.K.A Deck for Arena 7

I have used this deck to pushed from 2000 to 3000 trophies in just a few days with my free-to-play alt level 7 account! My cards level: Commons level 7, Rares level 5 and Epics level 2. This is truly an outstanding deck and very fun to use. Also, it is purely a free-to-play deck! You don’t need to care about your Tower level and card levels much If you only want to push to 2500+ trophies with it. Thanks MGNinja_Raiden a lot for sharing this deck!

Free-To-Play P.E.K.K.A Deck for Arena 7

Free-To-Play P.E.K.K.A Deck for Arena 7

Clash Royale P.E.K.K.AClash Royale Spear GoblinsClash Royale BarbariansClash Royale Giant
Clash Royale WizardClash Royale MusketeerClash Royale elixir collectorClash Royale Arrows

This is an impressive counter deck in my opinion. I have successfully countered loads of common and powerful pushes with this deck such as Hog RIder pushes, Royal Giant Pushes, P.E.K.K.A Princes,… You can always push at the right time for a 3 crown win!

I really like using this deck is because regardless of your opponent or your fallen Tower, your opponent will always make mistakes. In the double Elixir time, this deck can counter most pushes and retaliate very hard. Every card in this deck has a use on defense and then help you launch a counter push right after that.

At the beginning, you will want to place down the Elixir Collector most of the time and force your opponent to attack first. Ideally place it 2 tiles in front of your King’s Tower in order to deal with Hog Rider and Royal Giant. If you don’t have Elixir Collector, you can use either Spear Goblin or Musketeers! They can even deal hundreds damage If your opponent ignore them.


Keep countering opponent’s pushes with your troops. I am going to show you some easy ways to counter the most common pushes in game but playing this deck in game makes it a lot easier to see!

Your CardsOpponent’s troops
BarbariansRoyal Giant, Hog Rider, Giant, Wizard, Musketeer, Witch, Mortar, Giant Skeleton
MusketeerAlmost every air troop
Elixir CollectorRoyal Giant, Hog Rider, Balloon
Spear GoblinsAlmost everyting in game, for luring and distracting. Can be used to cycle the deck. Very cheap and effective!
GiantPrince, Dark Prince, Wizard, Musketeer,…
P.E.K.K.ARoyal Giant, Hog Rider, Giant, Dark Prince, Prince, P.E.K.K.A, Golem, Giant Skeleton, Valkyrie,…
WizardMinion Horde, Skeletons, Minions, Balloon, Barbarians, Goblins, Archers

After defending, it’s time to launch your counter push while your opponent is having an Elixir disadvantage. You will find it very easy to make a counter push with your defensive troops and I have rarely found my opponent’s pushes which could beat mines.

The hardest cards that can counter the defend-then-push of this deck are Fireball, Valkyrie, Inferno Tower and Three Musketeers. However, those cards definitely can’t do that much on their own, unless your opponent places 3 Musketeers behind a tanker.

This is a very free-to-play deck! I used it to push my alt account (King’s Tower level 7, Commons level 7, Rares level 5 and Epics level 2) to Arena 8. You definitely should give this deck a try! It will takes time to learn but you will get everything it is deserved! Most players can’t beat this deck in Arena 7 If you play it correctly! Trust me! You will like it!

Don’t hesitate to comment If you need any help or If you want to share suggestion! Don’t forget to read this page to learn loads of tips and tricks for playing Clash Royale better! You rock guys!

  • Lucas BeAben

    Will when can we do a friendly battle ?

    • TicTac

      wait, what clan is Will in?

      • Curry is life

        I keep trying to use pekka but people ragequit before I have time

        • Curry is life


    • Will Potter

      My Clan is always full. I will tell you If there is an available slot. What is your level and Arena now mate?

      • aimos

        whats’s your clan? would be glad to join if spot is available 2200 trophies at 7/5/2

        • Lucas BeAben

          Whats your clan name

        • Will Potter

          My Clan is always full. I am so sorry man!

          • Lucas BeAben

            So whens soon ?

      • Lucas BeAben

        Arena lvl 8 with 3130 Tp
        Lvl 8 800xp to lvl 9

  • Giovanni

    Ok guess I’ll buy two pekkas from shop, after I read that your cards’ levels are roughly as mine I’m completely sold on this deck. Guess that while waiting for it to appear I’ll work on lv5 rares

    • Will Potter

      Good luck with P.E.K.K.A buddy! xD

  • Noob

    Awesome Deck Man Just Need To Know which cards should i use on a regular push?

  • Bhabya Ashrit

    hey guys try my deck i suffered a lot with other deck i reached arena 6 three times but then lost and came down to arena 5.

    Then i thought to create a new deck of mine. My deck has very powerful attacker and very good defence cards too and has got less elixir cost 3.6.

    My deck is:-

    Baloon lvl 2

    Hog lvl 5

    Freeze lvl 2

    Baby dragon lvl 3

    arrows lvl 7

    spear goblins lvl 7

    Goblins lvl 6

    Barbarians lvl 7

    This deck is very good winner.

    You should use combos like baloon+ spear goblin and freeze


    Hog+ freeze combo

    These are deadly combos u can decrease half of enemy tower and defend your tower then use hog freeze combo again and take down the tower After winning a tower sit and defense no need to attack and u can surely win this match.

  • urang tasik

    Hi Ash, please always provide replay for all your Decks, Guide or Tips articles becuase sometimes it hard to follow if just image and words.

    • Will Potter

      I will try to do this in every deck buddy!

  • Applecore

    Should I use minion horde instead of barbarians

    • Muguet

      No. Barbarian stop the Hog Rider with ease and double as supplementary wall.

    • Will Potter

      No, don’t do that buddy!

  • Catalin

    I only have a level 4 wizard, what should i replace it with?

    • Invisible Ninja

      i think the witch would be fine or bomber and maybe baby dragon

      • Muguet

        Not Baby Dragon. Shallow Damage output. Maybe Bomber, even Witch has very low damage.

    • Will Potter

      Just give him a try first buddy! He is a ranged unit, which is great for your P.E.K.K.A push!

  • Artur Vasconcelos

    Can I change Wizard to Ice Wizard?

    • Giovanni

      I don’t think it matters, at the beginning he says that card levels don’t matter as much as long as it’s around 2.5k trophies. Plus he got to 3k with just one level above that. I don’t think one level justifies changing the card to something similar

    • Muguet

      No. Wizard oneshots Minion Horde which Ice Wizard fails to do.

    • Will Potter

      Yes, you can do that mate!

  • TicTac

    What is the giant for?

    • Trump Wall

      The giant is used as a wall. Although the PEKKA also acts as a wall, the giant only goes for the tower and can push through ur opponent’s troops.

    • Will Potter

      for soaking damage and for small pushes!

  • Giovanni

    Wow 4.5 elixir average though? This is going to be a first for me, always used hog cycle like deck

    • Will Potter

      4.5 Elixir with Elixir Collector is normal buddy xD

  • Ján Fortiak

    What i am suposed to use instead of elixir colector cuz i dont have it

    • Will Potter

      You should give Tombstone a try buddy!

      • Ján Fortiak

        Gonna try mate , thank to you , but i ve also tried bomb tower

        • Will Potter

          Okay! Good luck with it man!

  • the casle

    At first I thought this was garbage, but it turns out I just wasnt countering things right. It gets the biggest pushes with the pekka and giant combo

  • Shadow Dancer

    Please add a replay at 3000

    • Will Potter

      Gonna make some replays for this deck soon!

  • Joseph Pitter

    The deck lacks a defensive tower (I know you have the elixir collector), so could I swap the giant out for the tesla, inferno tower, bomb tower or cannon.

    • James House

      no the giant is very good at soaking up damage and is used in a counter push

  • Siddharth Gaikwad


    • Will Potter

      Gonna add them soon but I strongly believe you should do some practices in game!

  • Vluonx

    Hey, I was wondering how many people run the website. The place is filled with a ton of useful info and stuff and some premade decks you can just edit to fit your playstyle. So due to all this I was wondering how many people actually run the site.

    • Will Potter

      Just 1! Me! xD

      • Luis Plaza

        Hey will,is this a multiude of people or just 1 person

        • Will Potter

          It’s just me man!

  • Sami safford

    Videos and screenshots would be very appreciated, thanks for the amazing deck man!

    • Will Potter

      I will add them soon! You are very welcome buddy! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  • Link

    Only did 3 games with it and seriously this deck is a monster. on 3 games I got 3 wins and 2 of them were 3 crowns. Also I am playing in arena 6 with not so high level cards so this just proves me that the deck when well played is a total obliteration tool 😀

    • Will Potter

      I am so glad to hear this xD. Thank you so much and good luck further!


    Can it still be used in arena 6?

    • Will Potter

      You can try to do that mate!

  • What do u mean by “loss liked it.”? Lol did u win or lose?

    • aleander clash

      lol typo. Won and liked it.

  • Uva

    This deck is very slow in the current meta around 2400. I lost 4 without taking a single tower. Going back to my old deck

  • Alex Cole

    I’m in arena 6 and i need an awesome deck

  • Will Potter

    I don’t recommend using P.E.K.K.A without Collector but you can try to replace it with Tombstone buddy!

  • Luis Plaza

    how is this deck doibg right now

    • Will Potter

      Working like a charm man!

      • Luis Plaza

        In arena 6?

        • Will Potter

          Arena 7 and 8 mate!

        • Will Potter

          Sure! 6 and 7! I helped the author of this deck push form Arena 6 to 7 so…

  • Ayoub Benchaita

    I have used this deck from 2200 and right now im sitting at 2800, it’s slow but the higher you go with it the easier it gets. I struggled more in 2400-2600 than 2700+.

    • Will Potter

      Nice! Glad to hear this buddy! Congrats!
      Yea this seems very true. ~2500 is super hard for lots of players but once they have crossed this hell, everything is easier.

  • Damien

    I try this deck for the PEKKA but ends to don’t use it or when I already over the other player. Is a good replacement to make it a good Giant deck? Like Fireball or Minions?

  • Dycrno

    Will you ever post replays for this deck? I’d like to see exactly how you play it since I’m stuck at 2300-2500 trophies.

    • Will Potter

      Did you try to use it to play against your Clanmates?

  • the casle

    I made this deck before, and the best push is giant, pekka, wizard. They usually panic and try to kill the gaint instead of the wizard

    • Will Potter

      Thank you so much for sharing this buddy!

  • the casle

    Im laughing so hard because I had made a very in depth guide of how to use a deck i made, and I didnt actually post it. So ill redo it xD. All my previous deck I usually switched shortly after posting, but I feel liked Im going to stick with this one, if i can figure a more reliable way to take out bomb tower. So this deck is a completely different deck than seen in the high trophy meta. Ill go over the attack, and the counters for it. Just remember, its a three crown deck, so letting them get that extra hit on the tower usually is ok if it requires using one of your attacking cards defensively. This is a really dirty deck, so realize that now before you start playing. This is a really hard push, and if they try countering and pushing the other side, you won because your push is the fastest in the game (dont quote me in this).

    1. Either get EC out and/or 2x elixer
    2. Place pekka behind tower
    3. Place wizard
    4. Place prince behind both if these guys
    5. Be ready with rage or fireball.
    6. Optional fire spirits if you have seen them drop barbs before.
    7. *Advanced* when they fireball the EC, they are at an elixer disadvantage and you should try to attack
    8. *Advanced* Remember to wait 2 extra seconds after 10 elixer so that you can get your spell in on time.

    These are the counters for the deck:

    1. Inferno tower is NOT actually a counter because when on a rage spell, the building is taken instantly. And also there us a double tanker
    2. Barbs, when either not on a rage or no fire spirits can stop this push, so remember to have one of them ready or included.
    3. This is the hard counter: the bomb tower. It lure out the wizard, so it can be assassinated, or simply just kills it. It lures the wizard by forcing it to stay back, and the melee attackers to come in close. This is a disaster because there is no splash damage anymore. Im trying to figure out how to counter it, but may need some pointers
    4. Giant, it can just mess up the order and expose the wizard. Just rage spell and it will die instantly and have no affect on the push.

    I would really appreciate any pointers, remember less defense. Not every time they have a bomb tower I lose, but when I lost, they always had a bomb tower. Any pointers on how to counter them would be so helpful for me and anyone using this deck!

    • Will Potter

      Wow this is so impressive! Thank you a lot for sharing this! That’s great If you can improve it a bit more and I will post it to the homepage xD

      • the casle

        I think the best way to counter the bomb tower is drop the pekka, then have the wizard way behind it, as in allowing the pekka to the building and still having the wizard on your side. This allows the wizard to range shot any cheap troops, and out of range from bomb tower without threat of being surrounded and kill. Then use spells to kill any troops that are direct threat to pekka. If they dont stop the pekka and you have enough elixer throw a prince in. Best if the pekka is enraged to make sure the bomb tower is killed. I’ll post a picture

      • the casle
      • the casle

        Oh, I added tombstone instead of goblins because it has continuous defensive values and helps kill giants, which I was having issues with. Usually just drop down tombstone, let the support troops come in and then drop a prince on them, or fireball+ ford spirits. And if wizard let the wizard target the tombstone then drop fire spirits after fireballed

        • Will Potter

          Glad to hear that! Good luck further mate!

  • Alan Gonzalez

    lol I just three crowned this guy in like 1 minute lol one pekka push took his tower and then I had giant barbs spear gobs and musketeer on king tower and it rekt hard

  • Brka

    Hey does this deck still work and what do you think about replacing arrows with zap? Nice deck climbed instantly back to arena 6

    • Will Potter

      This deck is still working well for sure.
      Yep, you can try to replace Arrows with Zap buddy!