Free-To-Play Balloon Deck That Got Me To Legendary Arena

Hey everyone! It’s M4SON back with an interesting challenge. So my friend recently challenged me to get his account to Legendary Arena in one sitting without using Hog/Royal Giant. I kindly took him up on his offer. So real quick, the account is a mid LvL 8 F2P and of course my friend is super lucky and he has the ice Wizard!!! I was able to get him from 2300 trophies to 3100~ trophies in about 2 hours. Anyways the deck I am going to share with everyone today is a Giant + Balloon Deck! Now without taking any credit, this deck actually belongs to FluffyEyeBall a great streamer and a great player, he likes using the Inferno tower, but personally I think the Cannon is beast. This deck is super simple to use and outputs insane damage. With the Balloon not as common now a day it can really catch your opponent off guard! Hopefully this will help a lot of you guys out and get you into Legendary Arena so you can buy those Legendarys in the shop! So lets hop into the deck list!


Free-To-Play Balloon Deck That Got Me To Legendary Arena

Clash Royale SkeletonClash Royale ArrowsClash Royale fireballClash Royale Cannon
Clash Royale BarbariansClash Royale Ice WizardClash Royale GiantClash Royale Balloon

Skeletons: Great Card for simply cycling your deck so you can get the correct Cards in your hand. Cycle for either that defensive Cannon + Ice wizard. Or cycle for that aggressive Balloon + giant combo. Skeletons also offer as great distraction tools against P.E.K.K.A as well as princes. Drop them also to surround Wizards and Musketeers. Don’t underestimate the damage output on these little guys if they don’t die in 1 shot, they can shred through a lot of units. Also great for desperately dropping last second to save a few chip damage on your arena tower from cheap troops like Spears, Archers, Goblins, etc.

Cannon: Everyone’s favorite cheap defense. This card is interchangeable with Inferno Tower just depends how you like to play. Cannon + Ice Wizard can stop A LOT of strong pushes. Make sure you are always playing the Cannon reactively, opening with Cannon is a big no. When playing against Royal Giant make sure you time your Cannon correctly, I personally think its easier to time it with Inferno. However, Inferno can get distracted easily by cheap swarmy troops / Zap to reset its targeting. As well as cannon is much more effective against Hogs than the Inferno.

Arrows: This is a must need spell in the deck. Always try to hit the prediction Arrows on the opponents’ Minion Horde. You are pretty safe to send these in early all the time because you will probably hit something when you send in your Giant + Balloon. Whether you hit Spear Goblins, Minions, or Minion Hordes this allows your Balloon to sneak by and get massive damage. Most of the time it is very safe also to send these in and if they miss, you still have your Fireball and Ice Wizard to fall back on.

Barbarians: Great solid card to counter the meta. Barbarians shred through Royal Giant as well as kills hog and becomes a counter push. In very situational instances once the barbs finishes off the hog, you can counter push with barbs + balloon. However, I do personally like going in with Giant + Balloon more because Giant doesn’t get distracted by troops. Barbs + Ice Wizard also offer a strong push. Keep in mind barbs are a DEFENSIVE card, never play them on offense always use them to defend and then allow them to become a counter push.

Fireball: This card is for in-case you messed up with the arrows. Fireball Barbs, Minion Hordes, any swarmy stuff. I have had many instances where I hit nothing with my prediction Arrows and then the opponent over commits and I’m able to Fireball a juicy 10-15 Elixir push. Fireball is also great for direct damage to the arena tower as well. Also send this in when you are going for the ALL IN FINAL PUSH.


Giant: So of course you need to combo Balloon with something and personally I think Giant is the best card out there. INSANE HP, doesn’t get distracted by Troops and is literally a meat shield for your Balloon. This is 100% the role of the Giant. It doesn’t matter if the Giant makes it to the opponents Arena Tower, just so as long as it soaks up all the damage.

Balloon: The card the deck is base around! Make sure you check this guide for proper positioning of the Balloon to bypass buildings. Always have some tank preferable Giant in front of the Balloon at all times. Not much to say about this card, all you have to do is place it correctly then protect it with your Arrows / Fireballs.

Ice Wizard: Yes guys, this deck uses a legendary. However, it can be substituted out for Musketeer or Archers IMO. But, the Ice Wizard does offer insane value for 3 elixir. Set it up as Cannon + Ice Wizard and you can stop any push the enemy has coming. Great at slowing down Royal Giants as well as hogs. If you miss you Arrows Ice Wizard can take out Minion Hordes as well as any swarmy cheap troops. This card is probably one of the best defensive cards in the game. Also sending it with your Giant + Balloon push can be very devastating since it will slow everything in sight, keeping you giant alive as well as your Balloon.

General Game Plan:

Depending on your starting hand you have two choices

  • First is to play defense with Cannon / Barbs / Ice Wizard. Then counter attack with the Giant + Balloon. Or to just go in directly with giant + balloon.
  • The second option is much more risky since you won’t have much Elixir afterwards. If you have Skeles in your hand just cycle them out for whatever card you actually need in that specific situation.

This deck absolutely shines in 2x Elixir, so you generally want to play conservative most of the game. When using your Giant + Balloon combo make sure your placement is correct. Giant is 2 tiles away from the bridge, and instantly right after you place the Balloon farthest tile right behind the rock. This allows for two things: First it is timed perfectly so the Giant crosses the bridge first and aggros the Arena Tower, second it also allows for your Balloon to not get aggro’d by most defensive buildings placed in the centre sweet spots.

Additionally, with this deck don’t be afraid to play for more than one crown. As well as knowing when to trade towers. Trading towers is actually very beneficial to you. Of course you probably are in an even better position keeping one alive. When you do take down one of your opponents Arena Towers you can place troops onto their side of the map. Put the Giant + Balloon combo in the absolute corner closest to the king tower and Arena Tower. This is the shortest path for your Giant + Balloon to travel.

Many times opponents panic and drop a building, and you can watch it instantly evaporate. Also when you are going for your last GG push send in absolutely EVERYTHING. Especially during 2x elixir and its your last push just send in the Arrows and Fireballs early around the tower.

Hopefully you have enjoyed this Clash Royal guide my friend! Don’t hesitate to comment If you need any help! Also, please share this deck with your friend If you like it!