Elite Royal Giant Deck for Arena 7+

Hey there! Kariminal HD here with my first ever deck guide on Clash Royale Arena. I decided to try out the Elite Barbarians with the Royal Giant because I thought they could work very well together and they do indeed. This deck works very well for me because the 2 main cards of the deck work very well together and it makes an incredibly fun deck which can be used, quite comfortably, inside Legendary Arena. Without further ado here is the deck below:

Elite Royal Giant Deck

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Elite Royal Giant Deck

The idea of this deck is to slowly chip away at the opponents tower using the Miner and the Royal Giant, whilst defending/supporting with the other cards. The game can spiral out of the enemy’s control as you quickly chip away at their tower whilst defending successfully the whole time.

Card Breakdown:

Royal Giant: The Royal Giant is central to this deck. He is the main offensive card. His excellent range combined with his health mean he almost always will get off some good damage.

The main idea is to keep chipping away at the opponent’s tower, slowly but surely.

He can also be used as a tank on defense to soak up damage, meanwhile your cheap troops can clean up the enemy’s units which are locked on to the Royal Giant. Good for counter pushing!

Elite Barbarians: The Elite Barbarians are one of the strongest cards in the game right now. One of the strongest!

They are an excellent card on defense in this deck and generally. The aim is to use them to defend and shut down enemy units because of their high damage.

There is no defensive card in this deck such as the popular Tombstone because of the Elite Barbarians. They function a lot better as they can completely shut down Giants and Hog Riders, and then they can go on a massive counter push.

If you are at a huge Elixir advantage you can use them to counter push because they deal the damage that a Fireball can per swing. (To the crown towers not general units).

Ice Wizard: The Ice Wizard is mainly used as a supporting unit.

The Ice Wizard is amazing on defense because of his slow ability and can reduce the potential damage of a push so much for just 3 Elixir. Excellent value on defense and a good supporting card on offense.

Miner: The Miner is mainly used on offense with the Royal Giant.

I personally like to call him the assassin because he is just that! He can assassinate pesky Princesses, Ice Wizards and Musketeers to help the Royal Giant out.

He is also great for tanking for the Royal Giant at the last second, by changing the towers agro using Zap. Allowing for hundreds of extra damage.

Wizard: Alongside his buddy the Ice Wizard, the Wizard is an excellent supportive and defensive card.

I opted for the Wizard over the Princess because he one shots minions which shuts down Miner or freeze decks which use the Minion Horde.

The Ice Wizard is more defensive whereas the Wizard is better on offense. This is because he can stop Minion Hordes and cheap high DPS units from shutting down your Royal Giant.

The Wizard also deals a decent amount of damage to the tower on his own and often is underestimated.

Zap: In general the Zap is an excellent all round card. Mainly here it is used to support your Royal Giant push.

If played right you can take out an entire skeleton army, which is very popular for countering the Royal Giant. I prefer Zap to log because, it is not a legendary AND it can target air AS WELL AS reset the inferno tower which is crucial for a Royal Giant deck.

Fire Spirits: The Fire Spirits are used for quickly taking out Goblin Barrels, so you can save Zap for offense, as well as Minion Hordes and other cards. In essence they are used to prevent Miner mini pushes


They also do surprisingly well at taking out big pushes because of their splash damage. They are an excellent counter to Elite Barbarians.

The main push that they shut down quite well is the Ice Golem plus the Hog Rider. They splash both meaning for 2 Elixir they pretty much destroy the Ice Golem as well as take the hog down to less than half HP. This is a brilliant way of making positive Elixir trades.

Goblins: The Goblins are good for quickly cleaning up weak attacking troops.

So long as the opponents attacking troops are locked on to another target the Goblins do an excellent job of taking them out.

They also can sometimes catch an opponent of guard when coupled with a Miner on offense. For 5 Elixir it has the potential to take down their tower. E.G they push with a Golem on the left, so you push with it on the right which means they have to stop it, otherwise it will take out their tower. If they do stop it then you can shut down their Golem using Elite Barbarians as they will have no support troops.

Mainly the Goblins are good at taking out defense targeting only troops. You will have to use the Goblins skilfully to succeed.

General Gameplan

The main part of this deck revolves around slowly chipping your opponent out.

The way to do this is by building up positive Elixir trades on defense and using the extra Elixir to attack using the Royal Giant.

It is very important to make sure you do not overstretch yourself in terms of Elixir and play skilfully.

When attacking with the Royal Giant, the trick is to catch your opponent off guard and get a few hits off on their tower. Use your supporting and defensive cards to make positive trades on your opponent’s counters.

Your biggest weak point is spending too much Elixir on offense or not attacking enough.

The idea is to use skill to make positive trades. For example using the Royal Giant to tank on defense and then using Goblins to clean up troops locked on to him. Try to pull the enemy troops in range of both towers, often using the Ice Wizard.

How to Push:

You have 4 main pushes:

1) Royal Giant + Wizard/Ice Wizard, this is a push which is good when facing enemy Minion Hordes or opponents who don’t have inferno towers.

2) Miner + Goblins/Fire Spirits, this is a nice mini push to catch your opponent off guard with huge potential.

3) Miner + Royal Giant + Support, this is for players who like snowball pushes. Place the Royal Giant in the back and then build up a massive push with the Miner ready to assassinate pesky Princesses.

4) Elite Barbarians + any other units, this is very much for counter pushing only. The Elite Barbarians have huge potential on offense but can easily be shut down by skeleton armies.

How to Defend:

De fence is very much situational and requires skill over set strategies. With that being said here are some tips of what to defend with. The Elite Barbarians and the Ice Wizard are your number one go to cards. They will shred anything to do with Giants and Hog Riders, assisted by the Ice Wizard.

The Wizard is super important as he will deal with minions, mainly. Hopefully if the opponent is using freeze then this will catch them off guard, meaning they waste the freeze.

Finally, Fire Spirits and Goblins are very important because of their high damage but low HP. This is where skill comes into the equation. You MUST make sure they are not being targeted and the enemy’s troops are preoccupied before dropping the Goblins to finish them off. Fire Spirits are a bit easier so long as there are no splash troops.


  • Chip the opponent’s tower down using the Royal Giant.
  • Keep up the pressure, make the opponent panic.
  • Make sure you utilize the Elite Barbarians.
  • If you come up against a spawner deck dual Wizards will shut it down, just make sure they are being tanked for.
  • Value the Wizard, he is actually super underestimated.


Sparky: This is a really deadly card especially against your Elite Barbarians and Royal Giant. The best way to stop it is on defence. This means skilled surround plants, you have to do this so you get the maximum value out of your troops. If you do this with Goblins, Fire Spirits and Elite Barbarians you should be set. If you use Fire Spirits against sparky, it requires precise timing and technique.

Inferno Tower: This is a very good card against your Royal Giant, if placed correctly it will full take out your Royal Giant and survive. The trick here is based on cycle. Use your Miner whilst the inferno tower is up and let it die naturally. Whenever you are sure they don’t have it in rotation, or enough Elixir to place it then place your Royal Giant. A fast card rotation will help you with this.

In this video you can see how I use this deck and it is a nice summary of how to use this deck effectively:

That’s it guys! I hope you did enjoy this guide and you could use this deck in the Electro Wizard challenge. Please be sure to check out my YouTube channel, Kariminal HD, for more tips, tricks and guides. Be sure to ask for help in the comments if you need any. Peace out!