Elite Hog Deck for Arena 10 – Level 9 at 4000 Trophies – Tips and Advice

Hey guys, Corrosive Logic here again with another deck guide! Today I’m going to talk to you about an Elite Barbarian Hog deck that enabled my friend (Sacred) to reach 4000 trophies as a lvl 9 with cards level 9.75/7.5/4/1!

At the end I include a short Q&A interview with Sacred and received some tips for reaching 4000 trophies as a level 9 Card levels!

Elite Hog Deck

Clash Royale Hog RiderClash Royale Elite BarbariansClash Royale Electro WizardClash Royale Ice Spirit
Clash Royale MusketeerClash Royale ZapClash Royale MinionsClash Royale Skeleton Army

Elite Hog Deck for Arena 10

First of all, there’s a couple of troops you could use instead of the Electro Wizard if you don’t have it.

  • The Log – Great spell, has similar defensive usage as the Electro Wizard
  • Ice Golem – Great for supporting hog pushes
  • Mega Minion – versatile support card for only 3 elixir
  • Fireball – to help the hog on offense

These are the cards I would suggest you replace the Electro Wizard with. You might also notice that the recently nerfed Elite Barbarians are in this deck, don’t worry because they are still a great card to use with very high DPS and HP.

General Gameplan

This is a very offensive based deck.

Sacred plays it extremely aggressively, pushing hard every time he gains elixir. He does this to keep pressure on the opponent and prevent them from building a big push.

Sacred is not afraid to use the Elite Barbarians on offense, he regularly does this and it works out for him for a simple reason. His opponent uses their Hog counter on the Elite Barbarians, for example a Cannon or Barbarians. After his push Sacred immediately does a push with the hog while his opponent has nothing to defend with.

No buildings exist in this deck, the troops in it have high DPS and are very well equipped for defense. The Elite Barbarians and Skeleton Army can completely shred tanks, Minions have very high DPS, and they are this deck’s counter to Graveyard. The Musketeer’s range paired with the Electro Wizard and Ice Spirit’s ability to slow down troops gives this deck an amazing capability to defend. No buildings may mean that defending tanks will be more difficult, but it also means that you have extra troops for counter pushing, again adding to the fact that this deck is built for offense.

Overall the deck is very simple to use, defend with the support cards then counter push with Elite Barbarians/Hog Rider, cycle then repeat.

Sacred often tries to rush opposite lanes using Elite Barbarians, which is a really good idea. He has support troops coming towards one side, then even uses a Hog Rider. When Sacred realizes that his opponent has spent all of their elixir trying to stop the hog, Sacred plays Elite Barbarians in the other lane in a rush attempt. Elite Barbarians are extremely hard to stop with less than 3 elixir, so this strategy can definitely work.


With the new balance changes, Electro Wizard can now survive a Fireball, so it is okay to play it at the back.

Note however that people are still going to Fireball it, specially if they have a Fireball at a level that can one shot it. The same applies to the Musketeer, so if playing someone who can one shot it with their Fireball you need to spread your troops out as much as possible. It is imperative that you do not give your opponent value with their Fireball.


Sacred can you give us some tips for reaching 4k as a level 9?

“Biggest tip I have for players tor each 4k is to make sure when you counter you always have enough for a counter attack. It’s little things like using the Electro Wizard to kill the Goblin Barrel and then pushing with a Hog instead of wasting the Zap.

Another tip I can give is never give them a free tower regardless of how much health it has. 40 health on a tower means they have to waste a troop or a spell to kill it which can give you that elixir advantage for a counter push which could mean the difference of a win or loss.

Because I know I am always going up against overleveled players, I always keep my Elite Barbs/heavy hitting card for when they drop their main tank. Showing that too early will give them the ability to counter it and then there will be nothing you can do about their push. Also using Skeleton Army to surround troops is extremely helpful, even if they Zap it provides a few crucial seconds of distraction to kill what you need to kill.”

What is your favorite card and why?

“My favorite card is the Electro Wizard, it has so much potential, and it puts my least favorite card (the Inferno) out of the meta”

Are you going to keep playing as a lvl 9?

“My goal as a level 9 is to reach 4250 and then I plan on levelling up to lvl 10 via upgrading the Electro Wizard to level 3”


Overall, the deck is very versatile and simple to use. Almost every card contributes to counter pushing and there is very high DPS troops for defense.

I hope you enjoyed this deck guide and I hope that maybe you will be able to reach 4k as a lvl 9!!! (or come close haha!).

Big thanks to Sacred for sharing his deck, replays and advice! As always I would appreciate it if you could subscribe to my YouTube channel as it will encourage me to write more guides in which I put so much time and effort into!