Elite Barbarians Hog Deck – The Insane New Meta Hog Deck

Hey, Nitrome95 here coming at you guys with the Elite Barbarians Hog Deck guide.

First of all, I give full props to Clash With Ash for sharing this deck. So now that was out of the way, this deck was created in response to the Elite Barbarian buff. Honestly, these cards are a beast with this Hog Ice Golem variation deck. So if you guys like playing Hog Rider Ice Golem, then this deck is for you!

(Note: There are three spells in this deck, so make sure that you play your troops as efficiently as possible.  All of the troops are very versatile in their usage.)

Elite Barbarians Hog Deck

Clash Royale Hog RiderClash Royale Elite BarbariansClash Royale ZapClash Royale Tornado
Clash Royale Mega MinionClash Royale Ice GolemClash Royale fireballClash Royale Archers

Elite Barbarians Hog Deck for Arena 8, 9 and 10

Elite Barbarians

One of the two win conditions of this deck. Use their insane DPS to kill tanks, and then set up for a strong counter push. These guys are great against the meta. They demolish any ground troop you put in front of them. Just be careful with them around Skeletons as they are still distracted easily.

Hog Rider

Quick, cheap, devastating to towers. Your secondary win condition. If you have a large push come at you, you can drop you Hog at the bridge and watch as all of the support troops are lured by a Hog, allowing your Elite Barbarians to wreck the tank.


After the update, this card is absolutely a beast. Use it to have tanks activate the King’s Tower, and as a reactive card for offense and defense.

On offense, you can pull you opponent’s counters away from the tower so that your Elite Barbarians can get several hits. Remember that every hit from an Elite Barbarian is like a Lumberjack, so every hit counts.

On defense, use this troop to kite units to the other lane, clump them up for a Fireball, or stall troops while your Archers shoot safely from a distance.

This card throws your opponent off guard so badly, and its level doesn’t matter. It does so little damage that its main purpose is to redirect units.

Please click here to read more tips on using the Tornado!


The original deck uses Log, but I prefer to use Zap. Why?

The Log and Tornado have very similar effects with directing unit movement that the stun from Zap is a better choice. However, if you have trouble dealing with Tombstone, I would suggest you use the Log instead. If you have more trouble with the Inferno Tower, use the Zap.


The ultimate prediction card. Use it on offense to hit Barbarians or medium sized units that are destroying your troops. Use it on defense for the same purpose.
Take a look at here to read more about the Fireball!


Ice Golem

Has an excellent synergy with the Hog Rider which I will explain later. Also is used to kill Skeletons and minions with the help of Zap. You can also use the Ice Golem with the Elite Barbarians.

Ice Golem also is a great meat shield on defense to stall troops long enough for the Elite Barbarians to destroy them.

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A solid, good card. These pink haired ladies will mostly be used on defense, but sometimes they’re not even used.

I have been experimenting with different cards, but you need Archers in the case of a Lava Hound user. If you guys have any replacements, comment below.

Mega Minion

Your backup Elite Barbarians when you used them on offense. Unlike Elite Barbarians, they target air, and are solely used on defense. This is definitely the obvious choice in almost any deck at the moment.

General Gameplan

Starting Hand

Here’s the starting hands from best to worst.

  1. Split Archers
  2. Split Elite Barbarians
  3. Lone Hog Rider
  4. Hog Rider Ice Golem
  5. Ice Golem in the back
  6. Mega Minion in the back

Defensive Gameplan

With all of these cards having great versatility, you will want to always turn successful offenses into successful defenses. Defend with Elite Barbarians for the tank, and Ice Golem to stall the support troops. If a large push is incoming, use the Tornado to separate the support troops from the tank.

Offensive Gameplan

Here are a list of pushes that you can do and their purposes.

  1. Split Barbarians- Split them in the back as a safer move, or split them in the front to surprise the opponent. Either way, your opponent will probably spend more than 6 elixir to counter this.
  2. Lone Hog Rider- Used as a cheap offense that can’t be ignored, or to test out defenses. Add the Ice Golem for a stronger push.
  3. Lone Barbarians- Putting both Elite Barbarians on one lane quickly punishes your opponent when they have overextended their push, causing them to have no elixir, or have their counter out of rotation.
  4. Ice Golem Hog Rider and Elite Barbarians (Split Lane)- This is where counter pushing comes to play. Once you have defended with your Elite Barbarians, send in your Hog Rider in the other lane. You have a choice on whether to have the Ice Golem guard the Elite Barbarians or the Hog Rider. This double lane pushes often causes your opponent to panic and play wrong counters.
  5. Ice Golem Hog Rider and Elite Barbarians (Same Lane)-Use this when you know your opponent’s defense is weak and you can confidently overwhelm it.

Bad Matchups

Hog Cycle

It’s all about the usage of the Tornado. The first time your opponent uses the Hog, use the the Tornado to drag it to the King’s Tower to activate it. If your opponent sends a lot support with the Hog, Tornado to the center so that all 3 towers are targeting the push. Defend as normal with Archers and mega minion.

Heavy Defense Decks

In that case, you will want to use one of your win conditions to lure out the defense that counters your other. For example, you send in a Hog Rider and you know they will defend with a tombstone. Now that the tombstone is out of rotation, send in an aggressive Elite Barbarians push.


Overall, this Elite Barbarians Hog Deck is really strong in converting defenses into offenses. Be sure to practice this deck before you start playing this in the ladder and tournaments.

Believe me, it’s a really fun deck.