Dark Hog Exe – Unique Deck that Boost you to Arena 10

Hey guys, I am Ideabulb from the Supercell Forums, bringing to you my unique Dark Prince Hog Rider Executioner deck!

. I had made it to the Legendary Arena couple of months ago. But in the rise of Elite Barbarians, my deck was going nowhere.

However, when I unlocked the Epic Executioner, things got a little bit interesting.

These days, the Hog Rider is preferred as the top win conditions with great value for 4 elixir. Therefore, I reformed my cycle deck and this got me going.

Dark Prince Hog Rider Executioner

Clash Royale Hog RiderClash Royale Dark PrinceClash Royale ExecutionerClash Royale Ice Wizard
Clash Royale Ice SpiritClash Royale Ice GolemClash Royale fireballClash Royale Tombstone

Dark Prince Hog Rider Executioner

Before, I proceed into the card breakdown, keep in mind that this deck features the chillcaster Ice Wizard giving the name of the deck as the Handlebar Hog Rider.

There are few replacements, but they might produce a different interface. Plus, this deck uses the Dark Prince. Many of you would feel the Dark Prince is hardly used and very horrible in gameplay, but it fits in just right and try it out before you feel like replacing it. A minimum of a Level 3 Dark Prince will work in this deck. Don’t forget to request epics on epic Sunday!

Card Breakdown

Hog Rider – Our classic win condition for this deck. An ignored Hog Rider can easily do the job of finishing half the tower, but never send a Hog Rider alone. If you manage to finish the first tower, always try to finish the second arena tower and don’t aim for the King Tower.

Ice Golem – The perfect guy to shutdown those skeletons obstructing one plump Hog Rider to accomplish his mission. Keep in mind, you gotta push him right, if not the Hog Rider will just flee away and you wasted 2 elixir. Defensively as well, he is great to shutdown Minions and other Glass Cannons. Hog + Ice Golem can shutdown annoying Tombstones for you.

Ice Spirit – A tiny side kick which offers a lot more than versatility giving you 1.5 seconds extra on preferable targets. Send the Ice Spirit from far back to stop a Prince’s running boost.  In this deck it is a replacement for Zap. But if you prefer Zap you can do that. The Ice Spirit + Tombstone or Dark Prince can help you to easily stop Elite Barbarians.

Tombstone – A great card against most melee fighters. Can be used offensively but gives a different outcome. Don’t even think about using this against splash units or ranged troops, especially Royal Giants. You can probably replace this for another building or a tough troop like Mini PEKKA. I’d probably replace it with Cannon or Inferno Tower. Keep in mind you have to pull out the Glass Cannons helping the enemy tank/win condition. The Dark Prince might help you with this.

Fireball –  Aaand… fireball! The master spell of offense and defense. Don’t waste it on things which might result you a negative elixir trade. Helps you deal clutch damage on Musketeers, Witches etc… Fireball + Zap is great for this sometimes. However, you might need it in sudden death to finish off that tower surviving with a sliver of hitpoints. Always stay alert for those surprises revealed later which want you to use your Fireball, so don’t use this card instantly. Can be replaced with Poison or Arrows, but again a different outcome. Might be replaced by Lightning, but another outcome.

Dark Prince – Slightly powerful in most splash units. With a Level 5 Dark Prince in my hand, I have no problems. A Level 3 Dark Prince is recommended for this deck. Can be replaced by Valkyrie after you give a shot with this card. Many don’t know how to use this card right, but when used properly it can give some good benenfits in doing so. Dark Prince + Ice Spirit works great defensively or offensively. Build your deadly push with Dark Prince, Hog Rider, Ice Golem and the 2 others which you’re waiting to hear. Works great on swarms and can stop Glass Cannons if used properly. Make use of his shield to stop Sparky and spell baits.

Ice Wizard – The classic chillcaster which aces perfectly into the Handlebar Hog Rider. Another master of defense , which works great with Tombstones. If used properly , you can stop a lone Giant and other win conditions. Ice Wizard can be used offensively to stop flying units. In order to experience full function of this deck, I would recommend to try not to directly swap to a replacement unless you don’t have an Ice Wizard.

Executioner – And finally the new boy which has gained fame throughout this deck is the executioner. Useful in most conditions and stopping glass cannons. Works just good alone, but when things are connected, those 3 crowns are yours. Also stops the modern meta of Goblin Barrels. If observed, he gives a lil stun in his blade interaction making the target to re-target.


When Ice Wizards and Dark Princes were mentioned, many wanted to see those replacements first. So I will mention all replace-able cards and their most suitable replacements.

  • Ice Wizard – Replaceable with Wizard, Baby Dragon, Fire Spirits , Archers or Princess.
  • Dark Prince – Elite Barbarians, Valkyrie or another spell.
  • Tombstone – Already mentioned

General Gameplan

Here begins the start of death.

After wishing your dear opponent the very sarcastic Good Luck, we begin to prove the sarcasm.

Try to start by deploying anything which is meant to support the push like Ice Golem, Ice Wizard, Dark Prince etc.. Don’t directly deploy a Hog Rider. In the unlikely case of starting with a Hog, Zap, Fireball and Tombstone, try using Tombstone.

If the opponent starts the pressure by deploying a tank or even sending powerful cards, you can change your current build into defense. This is where this deck changes things. After all, most cards mentioned are half-offense and half-defense on the whole.

When you’re sure the opponent has finished deploying his good-for-nothing glass cannons, spring off his efforts with our trap of Fireballing. This is when you can lockdown that lone tank.

In cases of Elite Barbarians, Dark Prince or Executioner + Ice Spirit or Ice Wizard + Tombstone is useful.

If you do not have anything much with low elixir faults , put in an Ice Golem to hold the Elite Barbarians for sometime.

If the opponent starts his push in the very opposing lane, push in your Hog Rider in your lane and then summon a Tombstone in the middle, this will stop his big push.

Double Time is the perfect time to fuel the Handlebar Push which makes it really tough to counter.

When enemies use aerial system of damage like the grotesque Lava Hound, your Tombstone can still do the job, provided you have your Executioner ready or Ice Wizard to slice down the Hound. Remember to keep your Tombstone nearby to stop Lava Hounds placed in the corner. When the Hound explodes, its the right time to summon our spells ( Arrows , Fireball or what you picked).

In Lava Hound + Miner decks, be sure to finish the Miner to avoid the Lava Pups damaging your tower.

Always stay away from Mega Minions or Balloon pushes by Fireballing instantly to prevent damage.

Kinda weak against air I must admit, but not if you did replace that Tombstone for a spicy Inferno Tower.  The Inferno holds down even Royal Giants, be sure you capture the Royal Giant in your range instead of vice versa.

I hope this helps you guys reading this to finally reach Arena 10.

Remember no dream is too big and no dreamer is too small! Don’t pressurize yourself to Arena 10. Take your time as I did. You might go on losing streaks or its bad for your mind health on long courses of playing.