Rocket Deck Which Got Me To 2800 From 1800 Trophies

Hello my friends, If you are looking for a solid deck which can help you push to Arena 8, you definitely should give this Rocket deck a try! Thanks Leminspector very much for sharing this deck with us!

Clash Royale Rocket Deck

Clash Royale Control Rocket Deck

I am going to keep this guide easy as I talked about how to use these cards a lot of times before. You may want to take a look at here to read the best tips for Rocket users.

Clash Royale RocketClash Royale TombstoneClash Royale Bomb TowerClash Royale Barbarians
Clash Royale Baby DragonClash Royale Spear GoblinsClash Royale ArrowsClash Royale fireball


Rocket: Rocket is definitely the keystone and the main win condition of this deck. I did explained everything about using this card before in this in-depth guide. Please take a look guys!

Tombstone is one of my favorite cards in Clash Royale. You can effectively use it to deal with Prince, Hog Rider, P.E.K.K.A, Giant, Balloon, Giant Skeleton, Golem, Mini P.E.K.K.A and a lot of other troops. This card gives you a lots of benefits with the cost of 4 Elixir.

Barbarians: Hands down this is one of the most useful cards in game as it can be used in almost every deck. You can use Barbarians to counter Hog Rider, Giant, P.E.K.K.A, Golem and most ground troops. When coupled with Spear Goblins and Bomb Tower, they can stop nearly any push.


Baby Dragon: He is the main tanker of this deck and is a amazing card for both offense and defense. With this card, you can deal with swarms, Cannon and Bomb Tower easier. In a counter push, when gets coupled with Spear Goblins, he can deal loads of damage.

Spear Goblins: These small green guys are your backup in this deck. You will want to place them behind your defensive buildings to counter a push and in the middle to lure the opponent’s troops. After successfully countering, you can drop Baby Dragon in front of them for soaking damage and launching a counter push. While playing with this deck, it is crucial to slowly chip away Tower HP with Spear Goblins. They are also great at the beginning as you can drop them on the bride to deal a few hundred damage to enemy Tower.

Arrows: For countering spawns such as Minion Horde, Goblin Barrel,… You may want to replace it with Zap If you don’t face Hut decks a lot!

Fireball is great at softening up tankers such as Barbarians, Witch,… and removing swarms. I also usually use it to finish off weakened Towers. This is definitely one of the best cards in Clash Royale. I did write an ultimate guide for it at here.

Bomb Tower: Although Bomb Tower is getting nerf in the next update, it is still an awesome defensive building. It does an impressive amount of splash damage, helps you deal with all Hut decks and big ground pushes. Hands down I will not replace it with anything else after the upcoming update.

General Gameplan

As this is a control deck, we are going to counter opponent’s pushes with cheap cards and Rocket them whenever it’s possible. Again, please take a look at this this in-depth guide to see when you should use the Rocket!


  • Spawner Decks: You can easily steamroll these decks with your Rockets. This should be an easy win because you have both Rocket and Bomb Tower. I have not much to say about this matchup. Just place down your Bomb Tower and throw your Rocket on those Huts to make the most of it and win!
  • Hog + Zap/Freeze: Always have your Bomb Tower or Tombstone up in the middle to pull the Hog Rider. Normally 1 Tombstone is enough to deal with Hog Rider. Even If the opponent drops his Freeze on your Tombstone, 4 Skeletons will still get spawned after Hog Rider destroys the Tombstone. If you don’t have Tombstone, place your Bomb Tower down and use Barbarians/Spear Goblins to kill Hog Rider (don’t use Spear Goblins If you know your opponent is about to use Zap). If you don’t have both of these defensive buildings, use Rocket or Fireball when needed.
  • Mortar Decks: After the upcoming update, I don’t think many players will be using Mortar xD. Anyway, when you face these decks, you should place your Bomb Tower in the middle to distract Mortar then wait for their reactions. If your opponent doesn’t do anything after the first Mortar shot, Rocket it. If he places another building nearby, Rocket them. If he places down Minion Horde, Arrows it the Rocket the Mortar. Barbarians? Rocket! Sometimes, you can Rocket the Mortar once it has just been placed down and hopefully your opponent will place down troops right underneath your Rocket.
  • Giant Decks: Use Bomb Tower to pull then use your Barbarians to kill support units behind the Giant. Tombstone would be great too!
  • Balloon Decks: Use Tombstone to lure the Balloon then use your Spear Goblins and Baby Dragon to take it down. If you don’t have any good cards that target air units in your hands, you should use Rocket!
  • P.E.K.K.A: Use Tombstone to distract then kill P.E.K.K.A with anything you have.
  • Golem: If there are support troops behind Golem, use your Bomb Tower + Tombstone to lure it to the other lane then kill troops behind with Barbarians/Rocket/Fireball. If your opponent plays Poison, don’t place your Tombstone down within the spell radius.

With this control Rocket Deck, you can easily draw games out. If you have any question, don’t hesitate to comment below guys. Also, please share it with your friends If you like this deck. You rock!

  • Muguet

    I dislike the look of this Deck although it’s a great Deck. I just can’t.. I hate the Bomb Tower and I’m not too keen on Rocket spammers too. This Deck definitely looks powerful though 😀

    Hey Will, take a look at my guide to the Deck I used to push to Royale Arena?

    • Will Potter

      Here you go buddy:

      Thanks for the great work! xD

      • Septic Venom9

        i have one question. i submitted a deck i made that got me to 2500 trophies like at least 2 weeks ago, and he submitted this deck yesterday and he already has his deck already posted. how does this work?

        • Will Potter

          Because his guide is better. I am so sorry about this. I will post your guide If It has at least 500 words!

      • Pencil

        Will, mind looking at this deck?
        I used it to push from Arena 4 to 6.

    • TicTac

      I agree with you, the bomb tower stinks on ice so just change it for inferno. I’m not a fan of the dragon either, I would replace it with the Wizard or Valkyrie.

  • zwstinat

    you can’t rocket the mortar unless diffinaly emegercy because that’s a -2 trade. Which won’t be good. If you can rocket both their barbarians and mortar that’s great but what if they don’t play barbarians but play small troops. And a bomb tower is still -1 elixir trade if they don’t drop barbarians. You use rocket to too much ways so your don’t even have another one to rocket tower. I think the best rocket deck is rocket, mirror, bomb tower, cannon, arrows, fireball, spear goblins, inferno tower. Just set up a tons of defense and mirror rocket their tower in x2 elixir time.

    • Jason Jiang

      mortars always have other defenses around it : often teslas, infernos, bomb towers cannon etc. That makes it a positive trad.

    • Lone Wolf

      has this deck worked for you?

  • Rage

    hello, i just wanted to state that this is a nice base build for a deck, I myself lost quite a few matches trying this deck but decided after my fifth loss that I would experiment with it, and changed out a few of the cards, I found the deck cost unless the cards are in a certain order was waaaaay too high. but I did like the style it used as I tend myself to use fireball and rocket quite a bit in most of my builds, anyways my changes were as fallows: tombstone swapped for lvl 6 minions (cost 3, but gives more air to air and air to ground support as it drops three out), swapped out the bomb tower for the cannon as the bomb tower costs 5 (understandably it was used to draw enemies to it but i found this tactic a bit combersome in most cases, where as the cannon does the same, but costs allot less), swapped out arrow volley for the balloon as the arrow volley only really works agaist weaker hords the thus with a lower deck cost the cannon minions and dragon will surfice, I kept the spear guys as I also used them in allot of builds and I kept the rocket and fireballs as they were the basis of your build, and I also kept the barbarions, through they too cost five, but being they drop four I found you were right when stating they are great for taking out more powerful cards, so my deck cost and creature swaps will be also listed below for a better understanding

    Deck Cost – Mine 32 — yours 32


    mine cost
    Rockets 6
    minions 3
    Cannon 3
    Spear Goblins 2
    Dragon 4
    Barbarions 5
    Fire Ball 5
    balloon 5

    just seems I am able to get more creatures out, able to protect from air attacks, as well as protect the balloon as it makes its way to a tower……. idk man pls feel free to try my line up and let me know your thoughts

    • Will Potter

      This is so cool! Thank you very much buddy! I really appreciate this. You rock Rage!

    • AmzingFux

      terrible deck

  • nao sei qm eu sou

    Is my deck good ? I’ve had a lot of success with it
    hog rider, goblin lancer, giant, prince, arrows, knight, archer and minion horde
    I’ve managed to get 8 wins in a row with it

    edit: I’m in arena 5

    • Will Potter

      This is a good deck actually but I think you should have at least 1 building!

      • nao sei qm eu sou

        Which card do you suggest me to change ?

        • Will Potter

          You can try to replace Giant with Tombstone xD

  • SivHawk

    Will, I have another rocket/lightning deck I’m currently using in the 2000-2200 range.. Any advice?
    Rocket (Level 5), Bomb Tower (Level 5), Tesla (Level 7), Elixir Collector (Level 5), Lightning (Level 2), Arrows (Level 7) Minion Horde (Level 7), and Wizard (Level 5). I place bomb tower in middle and tesla on the side he focuses on. Thanks

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for sharing this buddy. I will give this a try and let you know as soon as possible man!

  • aleander clash

    This kind of decks sucks so much. Opponent doesn’t have to cross the river to do damage. Yet SUperCell somehow think canon is too strong so that two nerfs on it.

    • Will Potter

      Everything which gets popular will get nerf soon!

  • Septic Venom9

    IMO this deck looks like the only damage dealing card in this deck is the rocket. IMO

    • Will Potter

      Yes, that’s right.
      The main strategy while using this deck is to save up Elixir and Rocket opponent’s Tower!

  • BanditGames4G

    lost 300 cups from thos

    • Will Potter

      What is your main problem while using this deck buddy?

      • BanditGames4G

        late reply but at the time it was mainly countering things like giant sparky royal giant etc

  • Will Potter

    xD This is so cool. Congrats my friend!

  • mike

    Dude this decks is terrible and I mean really terrible. Played 10 matches, won 1, draw 2 and lost 7. Was 2300 trophies now I am 2050. I appreciate the idea but it’s just not working

    • Will Potter

      What is your main problem while using this deck mate?

  • Jaydan Addis

    Will Potter hopefully you read this, but I don’t know what to do or where to post this, I need help, I’ve tried so many of these decks you reccomend, tried so many others recommend, others that my friends recommend and I can’t push past 1800 trophies. At the moment I’ve had 17 losses in a row trying more of these decks you have reccomended, I have all cards up to builders hut except legendaries and golem. And I’ve almost dropped back into pekkas playhouse at level 9. Please help me :/

  • steven

    which one is better cannon or tombstone?

    • Will Potter

      It depends on your deck buddy. Each has its own features :D.