Clash Royale Miner Deck for pushing to Arena 8

Hey guys I am TrollMeNowPlease and today I’d like to share with you my Miner Deck that has got me all the way from 2000 trophies all the way up to 2999! Now, just because that isn’t the renowned Legendary Arena, it doesn’t mean this deck doesn’t work up there! I’m still around 2950 trophies and I play in the Legendary Arena all the time (due to how matchmaking works), and this deck is a charm! *HOWEVER this deck contains the Miner, a Legendary card, and it is not replaceable. But don’t leave already! Give the guide a try and there may be something new in there 🙂


Clash Royale Miner Mini P.E.K.K.A Deck

Without any more blah blah, here’s the deck:

Clash Royale MinerClash Royale Mini P.E.K.K.AClash Royale MusketeerClash Royale Spear Goblins
Clash Royale ZapClash Royale fireballClash Royale CannonClash Royale Barbarians



  • Miner: This is THE card to this deck. Without the Miner, this deck isn’t complete and will not function properly. The Miner is used in a variety of situations—to take out opponent’s Elixir Collectors, deal chip damage to a tower, take out glass cannons behind tanks, and even tank for your own glass cannons! This card is just so versatile and takes this deck to the next level.
  • Mini P.E.K.K.A: This is the second most important card in this deck. It’s your main source of damage and is an essential in this meta because it is an excellent counter to the Royal GG and the Hog Rider. It can also assassinate the damage dealers behind a tank and this allows it to have great synergy with the Miner. If you can get this baby (get it? cuz its a MINI pekka? haha…sorry) to the tower, say goodbye to it!
  • Musketeer: The final vital card to this deck. This is another extremely versatile card that makes every situation that much more in your favor! They deploy an Ice Wizard/Wizard? Use the Musketeer to take it out and then counter push! They deploy a Knight/Mini Pekka? Use the Musketeer to take it out before it gets to the tower and then counter push! They deploy Minions/Baby Dragon/LavaHound? Use the Musketeer to destroy it and counter push! This card just has a lot of potential to provide great elixir trades and then have a strong counter push. It can even chip down on the tank while your other troops take down the glass cannon behind it! Most people ignore this card if it’s not at full health but it’s tankier than it looks. It can deal hundreds of damage to the enemy tower before it dies.
  • Spear Goblins: This card just provides so much value for two elixir. While most people prefer the Stabby Goblins because of their insanely high DPS, I love this card WAYYYYYY more. Firstly, it targets air. This is SO helpful as the only other card in this deck that targets air is the Musketeer, and if they fireball the Musketeer, well, gg. But with this card, you always have more backup. Another excellent use for this card is to destroy Minions/Minion Horde if your Fireball/Zap is out of rotation. Whenever I don’t have those two spells, I place Spear Gobs in the center and they can get rid of 3-4 minions, allowing my tower to not take too much damage. This card can also be used as a distraction for Princes/Mini Pekkas and in this deck, is also another source of damage.

You’re halfway through the deck. Now would be a great time to take a break after ALL this reading.

  • Fireball: This is a pretty self explanatory card. If you want something to die, use this! Excellent counter for all the glass cannons as the Fireball either completely takes it out, or leaves the card at a sliver of health to be taken out by the tower. Also one of the best counters for Barbarians leading to a +1 elixir trade. Also used to finish of that low HP tower. I used to run Arrows before I switched to this, and it was always so annoying to have an enemy tower sitting at 150 HP, and I arrow it to find out that it still isn’t destroyed. With the Fireball, this is no problem!
  • Zap: Another self explanatory card. There are posts all over this sub about how valuable this card is and how useful it is. It can give your Miner/Mini Pekka/Musketeer that extra shot onto that tower, it can get rid of Gobs/SpearGobs in a push, it can reset that goddamniswearimgonnakillsomeone Sparky so your other troops can finish it off. It’s just SUCH an important card that saves your butt in so many situations.
  • Cannon: A must in this Meta. A lot of people prefer running tower-targeting troops and the Cannon is an excellent card to both distract and deal damage to that troop. It can also work in a pinch if you need to distract a Prince/other heavy hitters from hitting your tower. The Cannon + Mini Pekka/Barbarians is one of the best ways to take down a Royal GG or a Hog and then have a strong counter push to follow.
  • Barbarians: Last, but certainly not the least important, the Barbarians are an iron wall of defense. While they can be easily countered with a Wizard, Bomber, Fireball or even a Baby Dragon, they can get their job done quickly. They can literally counter almost every ground troop when placed correctly and are an immense help when you take a tower early and want to defend for two minutes. Also, if even one of these bad boys get to a tower at full health, its 100+ damage.

General Gameplan

MAIN FOCUS: The primary focus of this deck is to defend, gain an elixir advantage, then snowball the game out of control(in your favor, of course). This is a control deck.A lot of the cards in the deck excel at doing this and the Miner just reinforces this idea. The basic idea is to use your low HP troops after defending—this is done by deploying a Miner at their tower and then allowing your low HP troops to get to it and deal TONS of damage. The Barbarians/Musketeer/Mini Pekka and even the Spear Goblins are all great at this because they usually survive with a tiny bit of HP, and when the opponent thinks they’ll die to the tower, BAM! there’s a Miner.

OFFENSE: Despite the above paragraph, there are a couple of offensive strategies that you can use with this deck if defending/counterpushing isn’t really your thing. This deck can definitely be used as a Beatdown deck, and here’s are a few combos for that. Make sure that the Miner is tanking (for all you Miner newbies).

  • Miner + Spear Goblins: Used for chip damage at a low elixir cost BUT can deal SO MUCH DAMAGE if they ignore it or go for the Miner.
  • Miner + Mini P.E.K.K.A: Takes about ten seconds to take down a tower but is easily countered as the Mini Pekka gets distracted by literally anything…yes even butterflies.
  • Miner + Musketeer: Sounds like a weird push, but does almost as good as the MiniP push. While the Musketeer IS slower, it starts dealing damage the tower earlier because of its range.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand that’s about it guys! I hope you enjoyed reading my guide, as I enjoyed making it for this favorite deck of mine. I know I’m not in Legendary yet but I’m positive this can work up there. Feel free to ask anything in the comments (counters, tactics, absolutely anything) and I’ll be sure to respond to it as soon as I can 🙂