Hilarious Clash Royale Arena 8 Deck: Zap and Arrow Bait

Hello guys, in this article, I am going to show you the new insane Clash Royale Arena 8 Deck shared by Galbers Gaming! This deck got me a Grand Challenge win just a few hours ago!

Clash Royale Arena 8 Deck

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Hilarious Clash Royale Arena 8 Deck: Zap and Arrow Bait

Miner can be swapped out for Knight but the opponent’s Princess will be an issue so even Log and Arrows would work.

Hi guys and gals,I have been playing some pretty serious decks as of late so I decided to switch things up and play a Zap and Arrow bait deck that provides a completely different style of gameplay which is thoroughly enjoyable and effective.

When I first put this deck together my initial reaction was that it’s far too squishy and will not work, a reaction which is still in place as I cast my eyes over the cards above once more! But after ten games with eight wins, one draw and one loss at around 3600 trophies, I conceded that it ain’t a bad deck at all. For me, any deck which plays above 3500 trophies with tournament level troops is a good deck. It used to be known as a troll deck but due to its performance I no longer believe that word should be labelled to this deck.


I’m going to give the basics of how this Clash Royale Arena 8 deck works because I’m a great believer in KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid – I’m sure a lot of you out there are cleverer than I but when you are playing a new deck I highly recommend that you first concentrate on the basics before turning to harder ‘techy’ points and plays. This deck in the hands of a great player who has a lot of experience with it can go surprisingly high with tournament level cards, at least 3800 with some people posting that it is possible and have even seen this deck at 4000 trophies again with tournament level cards  – pretty insane huh?!

My goals when playing this deck are rather simple:

  • Don’t let your opponent Zap your Skeleton Army
  • Get the opponent in motion to Zap your Goblins, Spear Goblins or Goblin Barrel, the Spears and Goblins obviously being preferable!
  • When the opponent is saving Zap for your Goblin Barrel start messing around with your Goblin Barrel drop locations, for instance:
    • First throw, start bang on the tower,
    • Next time put the Goblin Barrel in the top corner,
    • Follow this with a Goblin Barrel throw bang on the tower again.
    • Carry on mixing up your Goblin Barrels.
    • Win the mind game, win the battle 🙂

The beauty of using this rotation is that the opponent will often pre-emptively Zap their tower in which case if you have chucked the barrel in the top corner his Zap will miss your Goblins allowing them to get damage on the tower for a cost of 1 Elixir (Goblin Barrel 3 Elixir minus Zap’s 2 Elixir cost). After the opponent makes this mistake he or she will be more cautious and delay their next Zap on your Goblin Barrel which may allow enough time for your Goblins to hit the tower when you follow up with a direct Goblin Barrel throw on the opponent’s tower.

Some other tips for you on using this Clash Royale Arena 8 Deck:

  • Don’t let your Minion Horde be hard countered. I recommend saving this card until you know every card the opponent has and then work out when best to play it if at all, certainly not required for a win but is a potential win condition. The reasoning behind this is the card is in the expensive column and you really don’t want to put it down for it to do absolutely nothing due to a well-placed or timed Zap, Princess, Fire Spirits, Wizard, etc. For this reason I will generally play it only defensively to guarantee some value.
  • Hog pushes are difficult to defend if your opponent starts to pre-empt your Skeleton Army, Minions, Minion Horde or Goblins defense, so mix things up. For example, if your opponent Zaps your Skeleton Army, next time use your Minion Horde to defend instead.
  • Get your Spear Goblins locked onto the enemy tower wherever and whenever possible, especially if you are able to get any units in front of them to take a few shots from the enemy tower. With the Spear Goblins’ rapid rate of fire they can do some serious damage and plus the opponent may choose to Zap them allowing your Skarmy or Goblin Barrel one less counter card to worry about!
  • Remember the Ice Golems death kills Skeletons and with the help of the slow mechanic allows your tower to take care of the other squishies.
  • Use your Miner to kill Princess, if the opponent has princess that is your Miner’s only mission, be wary of bait Princess bait.
  • Take the fight to the opponent but do not gift Elixir through hard and easy counters. The reason you take the fight to the opponent is that you do not to allow the opponent to build up their perfect push, you will struggle to defend against it.
  • Do not wait to build up to 10 Elixir before playing your units/cards, this will play into the opponent’s hands by allowing them the ability to build up their ‘perfect push’, thus I recommend never having more than 8 Elixir. However, do not gift Elixir through easy and hard counters.

For video reference:

If you are looking to switch things up I highly recommend playing this Clash Royale Arena 8 Deck, the game-style is completely different to most decks and can be played at a high level, good luck and have fun 🙂

Galbers Gaming