Clash Royale Arena 7 Deck: GiWiVa

I’ve been playing for around 2 months, getting stuck in the 2700 trophy range for several weeks until I found this Clash Royale Arena 7 Deck. After the latest balance change, I have found that the Giant + Witch combination works even a lot better than before. Consistently gaining me trophies until I reach the Legendary Arena! I am Zinkerino!

Clash Royale Arena 7 Deck

Clash Royale Arena 7 Deck

Clash Royale GiantClash Royale WitchClash Royale ValkyrieClash Royale Barbarians
Clash Royale PoisonClash Royale MinionsClash Royale ZapClash Royale Cannon


Giant: The main win condition for this deck. Most favorable time to place the giant is when you have 10 mana and have a witch in hand after placing the giant. If nothing is happening, place the Giant at the back of your King Tower so you have a lot of time to add supports.

Witch: Witch and Giant makes a really solid push. The Skeletons can distract high damage single target like Mini-PEKKA, and the Witch can destroy small troops like Minions and Goblins. Place the Witch at the back of the tower when your giant reach your tower, that way fireball don’t hit them both and your tower. Never play this card for solo push unless their tower is 1 hit away from dying.

Valkyrie: Really solid defensive card against swarms and Barbarians. If you place the Giant and Witch at the back of your King Tower, by the time the Giant reach the bridge you can drop Valkyrie to support your push. Only do this if you know the opponent is low on elixir because you will be left with 0 mana if you do this before double elixir time.

Barbarians: Another defensive card, but this one is used for Hog Rider and big guys like Royal Giant and PEKKA. Can make a decent push on its own, but generally that is not recommended since pretty much every deck has a defense against Barbarians.

Minions: Cheap high damage defensive card. Goblins dies instantly to Zap so I choose to run this instead. Defensive capability is similar to Barbarians. Can also be used to assassinate opposing tower so your Giant doesn’t get distracted.


Cannon: If you know the opponent has a Hog Rider, save this card to counter that for +1 Elixir advantage. If placed correctly, can also tank Royal Giant while in tower range. Add Barbarians to the mix and you got a decent push after the Royal Giant is dead. Also used to pull Giants and Golems.

Zap: Really great defensive and offensive spell, especially against minions. Your Witch will one shot the minions after Zap. Can be used to make Inferno Tower retarget to nearby Skeletons. If you miss the Cannon on Royal Giant timing, this card can force the Royal Giant to retarget the Cannon as well.

Poison: Mostly used on offensive, countering pretty much everything they throw to stop your push. On double time, you can easily overwhelm the opponent’s base with Poison and a bunch of spawned Skeletons while your Giant tanks everything.

General Gameplan

Preferable starting hand is Giant + Witch and a Cannon ready. If your opponent place an Elixir Collector and you have nothing to play, poisoning it is fine. If your opponent does nothing, deploying Minions or Barbarians is okay. Make sure to split the Barbarians, and support the lane that your opponent doesn’t defend at.

After you have both Giant and Witch in hand, wait until you have 10 mana, while answering the opponent’s push with as much efficiency as you can. When you got to 10 mana, you can start building your push.

Now about countering cards. easier to make table!

All spell cardExperience, mainly troop placement. Especially against Freeze. This deck doesn’t have a particular spell weakness.
InfernoZap, Minions
Bomb TowerMinions, Poison
Other towersNot a problem at all, but Poison is nice if you hit some other troops as well
Goblins, Minions, Skeletons, Fire Spirits, GuardsZap, Valkyrie
Hog RiderCannon, Barbarians
Baby DragonWitch or Minion after it locks on to Giant or your tower
Royal GiantCannon + Barbarians/Minions
BarbariansValkyrie, Poison
BalloonCannon + Witch/Minion
3 MusketeersPoison if used defensively, Valkyrie + Zap if used offensively
PrincessPoison, or just wait until it locks on to your tower then use minion
SparkyZap LUL
Lava HoundDidn’t fight against one of these enough, but probably the Witch
MinerFuck this card, I hope this card got deleted next patch
All other ranged unitPoison if used defensively, Valkyrie or Barbarians if used offensively
All other melee unitCannon + Barbarians/Valkyrie

As you can see, most problematic card for this deck is the Miner. Countering Princess with Poison nets you -1 elixir but at least you got some tower damage. Even better if you hit other troops or buildings with it.

Thanks for reading guys! I hope you have enjoyed this Clash Royale Arena 7 Deck. I will try to answer questions in the comment if I can.

  • JoeBar

    “you can find the main post at here”

    Where ?

    • Will Potter

      You are super fast, aren’t you?
      Just updated the link!

      • JoeBar

        Yes !
        You linked to this page, isn’t it a mistake ? ^^

        • D-Mate19

          Yes i thi k it is

  • Alpha_Mark717

    “mana” 🙂 u mean elixir right?

    • SivHawk Gaming

      Yes 🙂

    • Will Potter

      Yea xD
      Lots of players like use the word “Mana”.

  • Lone Wolf

    Looks good i will give it try thanks!


    Hey Will!
    If I make a video full of clash royale tips, will you share it?!

    • Will Potter

      I will share it If you can also provide an article about the same topic mate!

      • PRISM

        But what I can provide…

        • Will Potter

          You need to think about it man!

  • Blaze Stone

    I don’t think witch will work against hound as it HP is quite high and witch damage is low. Minions will be good but after death the lava pups will destroy them.

  • Guangyuan Chen

    I don’t really like poison. Any alternatives?

    • Leo2014

      Fireball is best alternative

      • Guangyuan Chen

        Alright, I’ll try this deck out with the fireball

    • WestPKMN

      Honestly Poison shouldn’t be replaced. The point is that if you place it before your opponent throws town small troops, then they can’t place anything because then the troops would just die off. It’s to force your opponent to put down something heavier for a positive elixir trade.

    • SivHawk Gaming

      Maybe arrows or fireball, but poison fits this deck the most.

    • Will Potter

      You can give Fireball a try but personally I think Poison is the best!

  • D-Mate19

    Would you mind adding a picture of the deck in here?

    • Will Potter

      Sure! Gonna do it now!

  • Sayrian

    Is a good deck… however some major problems…
    I suggest swapping out the valk for a musketeer… As said in the post, this deck has never faced a lava, however I did, and the witch is only a good answer to the pups, not the hound itself, so if you want to take down buildings and other troops quickly, musketeer is the way to go, great DPS for a 4 elixir troop

    • Will Potter

      Nice share! Thank you a lot mate!

    • PRISM

      Yeah, but Lava Hound is only one troop while many other troops can be taken out using Valkyrie within seconds. Btw, not everyone has a lava hound; so using Valkyrie is a great choice in my opinion.

      • Sayrian

        If you’re up in higher arenas, 2300+ like me, then there are a lot of lava’s here… So this is what I’m talking about…

    • Chris Robin

      There is a nasty combo with the lava hound + balloons most of the time it’s an instant tower taker

  • -sirius-

    Miner Fuck this card, I hope this card got deleted next patch XD

    • Will Potter


    • PRISM

      Shut up!! My only legendary is him which I got saturday from a free chest…

  • WestPKMN

    “Fuck this card” XD

    I don’t see a problem because it does so little damage, or maybe because usually my sparky turns around to kill it…

    • SivHawk Gaming

      Well, one, not everyone has Sparky. And 2, miner is one of the best cards in the game when used properly like in a hog miner cycle deck. For example, miner/minions can take down a tower when left unchecked.

  • Ryan Wong

    Minions are better than witch if you’re dealing with lava hound, then zap or poison to kill the pups

  • david li

    did phonecats write this? He always says mana instead of elixir because he played a lot of hearthstone

    • Will Potter

      The author of this deck is Zinkerino buddy!

  • Danger

    My deck is also a GiWiVa! I’m a level 5 in low Arena 4 and I can usually go toe-to-toe against level 6s and 7s, 3-starring or 2-starring a lot of the time (and I beat a level 8 just the other day). My deck is:
    Level 1 Witch
    Level 4 Giant
    Level 6 Barbarians
    Level 4 Valkyrie
    Level 1 Rage (Upgradable, I just got my second one a few minutes ago)
    Level 5 Arrows (Upgradable)
    Level 5 Archers (Upgradable)
    Level 6 Spear Goblins
    Any tips? I’ll probably upgrade all of them once I have bought a second Witch in the shop, but what should I upgrade first. I think I’m doing fine, I guess I have some difficulty against a Balloon, opposing Giant decks, a Baby Dragon if I haven’t set up my Giant + ranged swarm yet. And in the first draw, I draw my Giant as the 7th or 8th card.

    • Get Wrong

      If ur in arena four then replace the archers with minion horde or minions if you have trouble with balloon decks. Or even better a building to defend against giant, balloon, Royal giant(When you reach those higher arenas) or hog, my replacement rage. I would recommend also replace arrows with fireball. If you can get a lvl 2 epics then that would be good as well.

      • Danger

        I liked rage :[ It’s the reason I’ve moved up so much, it helps the giant (and valk) reach the tower faster, while helping the swarms behind deal more damage. I’ve won base races just because of it.
        Tried out the minion replacing the archers. It kinda worked. Solved the balloon and dragon problem a little. Gets one-shotted by arrows along with spear gobs and the witch’s skeletons though unlike archers.
        I’ll try the fireball suggestion. My fireball’s pretty low level because I’m always giving them out. Kinda scared of the one extra cost though, I don’t like having a lot of cards that are four and above elixir.
        Just got freeze thanks to staying in arena 4 with this deck an hour ago. Testing over rage, so far it’s not going well, in hindsight it’s almost similar to rage for attacking and it could be useful for defense, but the 4 elixir is not doing me any favors.

        • Rob Williams

          Keep rage. I’ve had amazing luck with giant, spear goblins, goblin hut, valk, muskateer, arrows, rage, and witch. Currently sitting at 2001 cups.

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for sharing this xD! Looks stunning!

    • Danger

      Update: Reached Arena 5 Spell Valley, still as a level 5! Even with my level 1 Epics and level 3 Rares I fking reached it! Thanks Rage Spell!
      I made some changes with the deck.
      Replaced Barbarians with Goblins, then with Skeletons. The 5 cost was just too much, especially when fighting Hog Rider, Prince, etc. Still testing what to keep, Goblins or Skeletons.
      Replaced Arrows with Fireball, helps a lot vs Witches, Musketeers, and Wizards. Seriously. Even with my level 3 Fireball regularly outperforms my level 6 Arrows. Big swarms aren’t too much of a problem as much as these high damage ranged units.
      Replaced Archers with Minions, then Musketeer. Archers were too weak, Minions are hard to play and is one-shotted by Arrows, so I tried out Musketeer. Man, this card is whack. I love Musketeer now. I reached Arena 5 with a level 3 Musketeer. I never knew what I was missing before when I dismissed it as weak. The utility and range of this card is just too precious. Plus it’s decently bulky and can beat Baby Dragons.
      Some screenshots:
      I’d say that the Rage spell is the reason I won almost all of my games. It’s seriously amazing.

      • Will Potter

        This is very cool! You rock! Thank you so much!

  • abood saymeh

    seems to be an interesting deck
    but I never felt comfortable with any deck that doesn’t have a musketeer
    this card does everything for me even spawner decks stand no chance when u have this card…

    • Will Potter

      You can try to replace Valkyrie with Musketeer dude!

  • ProudNoob

    I’m Currently Using This Spawner Deck. It Surprisingly almost got me 200+ Trophies in 1 day. i almost got to arena 7. You can win almost any battle, if you know how to use it… Also there are some weaknesses.

    This is what i use:

    Goblin Hut (5 Elixir)
    Giant (5 Elixir)
    Barbarian Hut (7 Elixir)
    Barbarians (5 Elixir)
    Wizard (5 Elixir)
    Zap (2 Elixir)
    Musketeer (4 Elixir)
    Valkyrie (4 Elixir)

    Average Elixir Cost: 4.6

    I Usually put my giant behind my king, wait until it reaches the bridge, then place a wizard and a musketeer behind it, and have a zap ready for your opponent’s counter.
    Weakness: Well, for me, its mostly Rocket, Inferno Tower, Bomb Tower.

    • Will Potter

      I am not a fan of Spawner Deck but it’s still worth a try. Thank you man!

      • azwan G5 .0

        Dear: Will
        Why does They Need,to became An double Baby Dragon Deck,counterer?

    • Jacob Stephenson

      spawner decks are a cheap win

      • Will Potter

        This is so true!

    • anonymous

      When your giant reaches the bridge, and put a wizard behind it i will put a cannon in the middle and put valk. In front of your wizard while your wizard is busy, i will goblin in front of your giant and TADA!! Your attack has been ruined

  • TicTac

    Pekka wrecks this deck, just take out giant then throw wizard and counter push

    • Will Potter

      I strongly believe every deck has its own absolutely counters :D.

      • TicTac

        Will, can you find Narwhals’, guide, his reply is on the Balloon anti-hog deck

  • Zio teo

    i have ice wizard, can i swap minions or zap with him?

    • Will Potter

      You can try to replace Minions with him mate!

  • Mr.Randomly Random

    Miner is not that hard, try predicting where he will put it and put the a valkrie or minions beforehand and then launch a counter push! Hope that helps!

  • touchybunny

    Since Barbs have a high elixir cost, are there any other cards that can replace them, such as Goblins or Skeletons?

  • KingOfGames

    Why would you use zap on skeletons? If both players are at the same elixir amount, e.g. 10, they deploy the skeletons, leaving them with 9, and you immediately use zap, that gives the other player a 1 elixir lead.

  • Ephagor

    Hi this deck is awesome. it pushed me from arena 6 to 7. and now, i have less difficulties staying on arena 7 ( 2000-2150 for now). I just replaced Valk with Muskateer and it’s perfect for me. But i’m thinking of replacing barbs which are a little bit expensive. What do you think about replacingg it with valk or mini pekka ? it could be another solution for counter push ( that is not possible with barbarians imo)


    • Will Potter

      Thank you for the great share my friend!

  • Jason Angelo Yonathan

    I’m currently using:
    Pekka (7 elixir)
    Witch (5 Elixir)
    Zap (2 Elixir)
    Elixir Collector (5 Elixir)
    Miner (3 Elixir)
    Minion (3 Elixir)
    Arrow (3 Elixir)

    Cannon (3 Elixir)

    it’s a really good deck. These deck got me from 2200 trophies to nearly 2500 trophies

  • Vait Veliasi

    I use:
    Goblin Barrel
    Skeleton Army

    This is how i got 2000 trophies

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for sharing mate 🙂

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