Clash Royale Arena 6 Deck – F2P Deck which got me to 2300+ Trophies

I have received a lot of requests lately for Clash Royale Arena 6 Deck which uses Elixir Collector and Valkyrie. Luckily I did get an amazing from Zarathustraa last week. After playing with it a few days, I successfully pushed my alt level 7 account from Arena  6 to 2300+ trophies. Want to give it a try? Let’s go!

Arena 6 Deck Free to Play

Clash Royale Arena 6 Deck for Free to Play Players

Optional Card Fireball!

What would you like to replace Fireball guys?

I did try to replace this card with some other ones but they just didn’t work well. You don’t need Arrows in this deck as we have already had a lot of AoE damage options with Valkyrie and Baby Dragon. You don’t want to use Freeze in this deck tho. Goblins and Skeletons are not useful either for the front line, they can’t deal damage from the back line. Other cards are either too slow or too expensive. I tried the Mirror card also and sometimes it worked perfect because of 2 Baby Dragons or 2 Musketeers but it’s just not worth it when you have to spend extra Elixir but receive a lower level card.

General Game Plan:

Ramp up by using your Goblin Hut and Elixir Collector. But I strongly recommend using the Goblin Hut only when you see your opponent pushing on one side, put your Hut on that lane. Goblin Hut mostly works as a defensive card in this deck and it will help you gain some nice Elixir trades. Beside the Hut, use your Spear Goblins, Baby Dragon, Musketeer and Valkyrie to defend and you always can get positive Elixir trades with them every time. In the last update, Valkyrie HP and damage got increased by 10%, which is awesome!

Use Baby Dragon to deal with any troop, except Musketeer, use your Musketeer to deal with Baby Dragon and single-target units, use your Valkyrie to deal with any ground unit!


Some people may want to replace Musketeer with Archers but I think it’s not a good choice as without Musketeer, you don’t have enough damage for a decent push. Also, with the Elixir Collector, building up your push is much faster!

Strong Combos you may want to use:

  • Giant + Valkyrie + Baby Dragon + Musketeer = the best one = hard to stop. Drop your Giant behind the Tower and build up your push slowly.
  • Valkyrie + Musketeer.
  • Giant + Musketeer.
  • Baby Dragon + Musketeer.

While your Giant is walking slowly, your Goblin Hut is generating Goblins, which give your push a lot of damage. Even when you have a small combo such as Baby Dragon + Musketeer, you still have decent amount of damage to upset the opponent and buy you more time to reinforce the push.

This deck is all about using Elixir and Goblin Hut to set up your next pushes while defending. Once you successfully defend, use your surviving troops as the momentum to keep reinforcing the pushes. Once the enemy tower is destroyed, you can keep sending more troops or even the Goblin Hut in the opponent’s side, make your push running snowbally! I did get couples of 3 crown wins with this deck yesterday by doing this!

Hog + Freeze is the hardest matchup you will face when using this deck. Yes, it’s one of the most popular combos in this meta game. The most important thing you want to do is to not drop your troops near your Tower but not too far so they can hit the Hog. Also, spread your troops out! Your opponent will have to choose to either freeze Tower or freeze troops. Afterwards, you can place your Giant in front of defensive troops and start the counter push. Your opponent has just spent 8 Elixir for the Hog + Freeze combo and he just can’t defend properly. You may also want to place your Valkyrie If your opponent doesn’t have any air troop on his hand or use Baby Dragon If he has. Just remember to keep a tight balance between your tank and support troops behind!

What to do at the beginning?

This is the strongest starting hand opener of this deck: Elixir Collector + Goblin Hut. You always want to place your Elixir Collector immediately when you have it on your hands at starting. Hold onto your Spear Goblin Hut and don’t place it until your opponent start pushing. In fact, the worst opening hand is one which doesn’t have either Collector or Goblin Hut.

Okay that’s all I want to say about this Clash Royale Arena 6 Deck so far. This is definitely one of the best Clash Royale Arena 6 Decks I have ever tried. It is extremely easy to use and I believe pushing to Arena 7 at level 7 is not hard at all! Good luck guys!

  • Artur Vasconcelos

    I have the Ice Mage , I can exchange for what card ?

    • Will Potter

      I don’t think that the Ice Wizard fit this deck buddy!

  • Courier_6

    Might try this deck out, my deck has stopped working to push past into Arena 7

    • Will Potter

      Awesome buddy!
      Also, I really want to see your next deck guide xD.

      • Courier_6

        I haven’t had the time yet with school and all, but I’ll try to get in by today 😉

  • Jon

    clash royale clan: meme territory : check it out!

  • Richard Hu

    Hey Will! First of all, amazing website and thanks for all those good articles (particularly the luring troops thing, helped me a lot). So I’m wondering if you could rate my deck really quickly. I use a Balloon-Freeze deck consisting of:

    Balloon Lv. 2
    Freeze Lv. 1
    Goblins Lv. 7
    Spear Goblins Lv. 7
    Knight Lv. 7
    Barbarians Lv. 7
    Bomber Lv. 6 (already got 100 in the stack, planning to upgrade asap)
    Arrows Lv.6 (already got 100 in the stack, planning to upgrade asap)
    I’m a Level 7 in Arena 6. Also if, you’re looking for a good deck, try this one. I pushed from 1100 to 1700 in 2 days. I spent less time in Arena 5 than in Training Camp. This deck is that good. However, I feel that it is particularly weak to Baby Dragons so I’m wondering how I can improve it while still keeping the Balloon-Freeze meta. I’ll give more info about how I use the cards if necessary.

    • Will Potter

      Great deck for sure but I think you should replace Knight with Tombstone or Cannon in order to deal with Hogs. You also can replace your Goblins with Minion Horde to deal with Baby Dragon. That’s all I can say so far :(.

  • aleander clash

    Hey will, I would like to share a deck that helped me to push to arena 6 in just one day… 7 consecutive wins. this deck is super elixir effecient but at the same time very powerful. Main offense of the deck is hog wizard and fireball. Fireball can also be used for defence to kill ranged or splash damage troop behind a tanker. Skeletons, goblins, spear goblins, barbarian and archers are solely for defence but can be used in counter push with hog rider. Anyone trying to get to arena 6 can try this deck. Also it don’t use any epic cards. Just common and rare cards. The higher the level of your cards the better it is. Thanks.

    • Will Potter

      This is a nice deck for sure! Thanks for sharing this buddy!

      • Alex Cole

        will potter

        Im in arena 6 and I need a great deck
        I do not use huts or anything but i do cannon and elixir collector and defensive building. Forget about all of that I just need a good deck so please help me im in arena 6 and play good people

    • Jasper Kevin Seibert

      what if i still don’t have elixir collector? what’s the best substitute card for it? thanks alot will! 🙂

      • Will Potter

        Hello mate! You can try to replace it with Tombstone!

        • Jasper Kevin Seibert

          may i ask why tombstone buddy? is it the best replacementbfor elix.collector? thanks for the reply Will! 🙂

          • Will Potter

            Tombstone is extremely useful at dealing with Hog Rider, Prince, Dragon,… :D.

    • Coledtran

      Hey will. Used deck and he wasted 12 exilr on hog freeZe and baby dragon then counter push 3 crown

  • Tom

    Hi, can you show any video using this deck?

    • Will Potter

      I will do my best and upload them soon!

  • Erfan

    Hi, I have some questions
    What lvl is good for these cards????
    Where we should place our hut and collector?? In the middle of the field or behind the tower???

    • aleander clash

      I think in Arena 6 and above your commons should be level 7 and rare should be at least level 5(otherwise a level 5 fireball will one shot your wizard and musketeer). The Elixir collector can be level 1 as it produces same amount of elixir at all levels. But high level elixir collector helps as defensive structure to stop tanking units.

      Put your elixir collector and goblin hut behind your crown tower but keep little distance as a fireball can take out both. It’s better if put your elixir collector in front of your king tower.

    • Will Potter

      Hello! You definitely want to place the Collector in the middle of your map. I usually place the Hut behind my Tower. Hmmm… If you want to push to 2000+, upgrade your Hut to more than level 5!
      Collector level 2 would be great!

  • Joseph P.

    I use
    Barbarians lvl 7
    Arrows lvl 7
    Musketeer lvl 5
    Valk lv 4
    Mini pekka lvl 4
    Bomb rower lvl 5
    Balloon lvl 2
    Freeze lvl 1
    With this deck it is unstoppable and I’m a lvl 7 above 1700 trophies good combos are valk and mini pekka on one lane and balloon freeze on the other lane making then opponent freak out where to drop troops. PS use the balloon after minions and muskeeter have been used, if concerned after the wizard too.

  • Falakienos

    Hey guys, I’m actually stuck on Arena 5 and I play with this deck:
    Prince lvl 2
    Dragon lvl 2
    Goblins lvl 6
    Spear Goblins lvl 6
    Barbarians lvl 7
    Fireball lvl 4
    Arrows lvl 6
    Musketeer lvl 5

    I’m being rekt by combos like FreezeHog (mostly of the times) and defensive decks (sometimes).
    What can I change to counter freezeHog combo? T.T Pls halp
    ps: sry 4 the bad english

    • WestPKMN

      Remove Fireball for Bomber, and remove Dragon for Wizard

  • Will Potter

    Good luck further mate! I have no problem when I face that combo for sure xD.

  • Marin Culea

    So, I saw a deck on redit and I made some modifications to It. So, here is the deck.
    *Barbs ( the original used a G. Hut, but l found the Barbs aew more efective )
    * Valkyrie ( The original deck used the knight, but my valk has more HP and DMG than IT. It also has area DMG, making it a good combo with prince .)
    * Prince / Hog. ( If You can gain elixir profit, they can deal / deștroy a tower. If You want a combo, use Valk+ Prince/ Hog. or. Prince + Witch )
    *Witch ( Area DMG, high DPS and distractiv skeletond . Great card !!!! )
    * B.Dragon/ bomber ( again, Area damaging cards. )
    *Spear gobs / Archets ( GREAT CARDS!!!! Can Be used to gain Elixir Advantag can Be used în defense or offense, )
    *Tombstone ( defensive card, can Be used to gain Elixir Adv. and to defend în the same time.)
    Fireball (Great for taking down low HP towers, barba, pushed, etc.)

    • Will Potter

      Awesoms. Sounds solid. Thanks for the great share man!

  • Ultimit☆Cuest

    Hey, I recently started using a giant balloon deck with the elixer collector. It’s really effective, as I can get my elixer pumping and always send a wizard or barbarians with every push. So far so good. I dropped as far as 1350, but worked back up to 1500 in a few battles… It’s working pretty good now, any tips are appreciated.

    giant, balloon, zap, elixer collector, cannon, barb, wizard, spear gob(maybe archers, I like them more, but never really got a chance to try them in this deck…)

    • Will Potter

      The way Balloon works is pretty similar to Hog Rider. You will want to drop your Balloon close to the edge so it will not be easily lured. That’s all I can say so far :D.
      You may also want to replace Cannon with something else. I don’t like using any other building when I have the Collector already. I usually use it to distract troops :D.

      • Ultimit☆Cuest

        Cannon is used whener the enemy starts a push. Very cheap. High hp and good damage. Balloon coming my way? quick distraction. Plus it can’t one shot it, allowing at least 4 hits from both arena towers. That plus the one arena tower firing at it for a while should do it in for a quick little death. lol. Lol I also disliked the card at first, but you need to avoid it’s quick lifetime, that’s how you win with it

  • sudhakar

    Hay will, i have been using this deck for awhile but can’t push past 2200. What should I change in this deck.

    • Will Potter

      Hello! Did you try to replace Rocket with something else?

    • Genesis

      gd deck but i swap the rocket fr th gaint it works bttr

  • Bobz

    I don’t usually complain about one deck or another, but this one.. wtf
    I was searching another deck, dropping from 1800 to 1600(in a few days), I was a bit upset, so I was wondering if my deck wasn’t too used and too easily countered, so I got this one, and in 30 mins i dropped to near 1400 trophies….
    I mean, wtf ?
    I follow the guide who comes with the deck, and i’m constantly losing, i’m losing vs 1400- trophies…
    Building a push from the back with a giant, followed by a musketeer or valk or baby drag, or maybe your “hard to stop” combo… Killed by almost everything.. Oh I think the funniest was when your unstoppable combo was stopped by a single minion horde
    Good job on this site btw but i don’t think this deck fits me…
    I don’t get it, easy to use but easily pummeled too!

  • aleander clash

    Nice to know somebody also had this deck

    • Will Potter


  • Will Potter

    Awesome! Glad to hear this man!

  • Mark

    I’ve been using this deck for a week but I changed the baby dragon with barbs. It works fine
    I’ve pushed from 1900 to 2300 and still pushing
    I’ve played about 30 matches with very few draws and no losses!
    Almost half of the wins are 3 crown! Nice deck! I really recommend using it.

    • Will Potter

      Glad to hear that man! Congrats!

  • Ndigi

    I’ve been using the same deck from around 1400-1500; now I have 2400 trophies @ lvl 7! I keep winning from lvl 9’s. Watching my battle log I have these stats: 18 wins, 3 draw, 4 loss!

    • Will Potter

      Wow this is awesome. Thanks for sharing this dude!

  • Pekka

    Best Arena 6 decks
    Try it!

  • Ethan Hebner

    Could I replace the hut?

    • Will Potter

      Yes you can replace it with Tombstone of Cannon :D.

  • Aditya m

    Hey will help me. I’m struggling in arena 5 (though I have come to arena six once)any suggestions?

  • Luis Huirache

    I won two games using this deck Giant,minion horde,archers,fireball,wizard,goblin barrel,rage and spear goblins.I almost lost both games but One game I won by using a fireball while the other lane had barbs and the other game using rage with wizards and archers.Is there anyway I can make it better and less close calls.

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for sharing this buddy!

      • Luis Huirache

        I tried Pekka power with barbs goblins freeze wizard and archers with some hog very op i won about 8 times in Arena 6.Maybe It’s skill or luck

        • Will Potter

          Maybe you are too good man!

  • Coledtran

    What do I do if exlir collector or hit isn’t in starting hand will?

    • Will Potter

      Place your Spear Goblins right on the bridge to deal hundreds damage 😀

  • Alex Cole

    will potter
    Im in arena 6 and I need a great deck
    I do not use huts or anything but i do cannon and elixir collector and defensive building. Forget about all of that I just need a good deck so please help me

    • Will Potter

      I have been posting tons of great decks for Arena 6. Did you try them all man?

      • Alex Cole

        Yep I have been trying them out, I’ve been researching good decks for arena 6 for a long time now I probably have not seen all of them but I’ve seen most of them

        • Pizzazleness

          My deck that i’ve used for a while now:
          Minion Horde
          Spear Goblins

          try to keep your witch alive as long as possible, i use lightning when my opponent goes for a push so it kills all the support troops behind the tanker, cannon is great for hog riders and golems, and arrows for minion hordes/ gob barrels/ anything else.

      • Alex Cole

        So please I need a great arena 6 deck let’s low elixir

      • Alex Cole

        Will so I need help getting a better deck for arena 6

  • Alex Cole


  • Alex Cole

    i need a super good deck for arena 6

  • Alex Cole

    This thing is useless no one answers my questions what the heck

    • Will Potter

      I posted loads of Arena 6 decks and you still requested other ones. That’s why!

      • Alex Cole

        Are you ash

        • Will Potter

          No I am not.

  • Mees Helmond

    I have no baby dragon… where can I replace it for?

    • Will Potter

      Hey buddy! You can try to replace him with Bomber!

  • Top Geeza

    This deck has helped me push from arena 3 (after a LONG losing streak) to arena 6 with 1900 trophies… just wanted to share it give other people who are struggling the same results!

    Deck: hog rider zap fireball arrows cannon valkyrie spear goblins elixir collector

    ^^^(NO EPIC CARDS)^^^

    Strategy: Always place down the elixir collectors as soon as possible, they will get generate elixir advantage, and can help to save elixir in those moments when your elixir is full because you are waiting for your opponent to make a push.

    On offence, place the Valkyrie down, with the hog rider behind. The hog rider will push the Valkyrie up the arena quickly, taking out the horde troops that are usually used to stop hogs. Use the arrows to take out air hordes, the fireball to take out cannons, barbarians, etc, and the zap to stun towers and troops+take out spear goblins.

    On defence use the cannon to distract tank units, and drop the Valkyrie behind to take out all support units. The zap will stop a prince’s charge. The fireball can be combined with the arrows to create a large elixir advantage when it takes out barbarians, wizards, bombers, witches, musketeers, etc.

    Finally, save your push to the very end of the game, when you have generated the elixir advantage. Spend you elixir on pushes that predict enemy defence. For example, if the enemy always drops a cannon and barbarians when you push with the hog rider, predict it. Drop the fireball and arrows just before your hog reaches the enemy tower.

    Hope this helps people to climb out of their losing streaks and get to the top^^^!

    • Will Potter

      Seems like a popular deck. Thanks for sharing this man! You rock!
      I hope you can get to Arena 7 soon with it!

      • Torgul

        Would it be ok if i change fireball for mini p.e.k.k.a.?
        And perhaps – valkyrie for wizard?

        • Will Potter

          They are totally different, I don’t think you should do that my friend!

  • Colten Arnett

    I like this deck but I have a personal fav.
    Pekka, witch, baby dragon, spear goblins, arrows, fireball, barbarians, wizard. However I would like to know how to mix the elixir collector in this somewhere but I don’t know what I should replace, any ideas?

    • Dylan Oehler

      You don’t really need arrows since you already have a ton of splash damage (wizard, dragon witch, fireball) you should replace the arrows w/ collector.

    • Will Potter

      You can try to replace Elixir Collector with Barbarians buddy!

  • Alan Gonzalez

    hey will, I got to arena 7 and got royal giant and three musketeers but then dropped out, I have rares level 5 and valk is 6 I have commons level 7 and a little bit are level 6 (knight archers and spear gobs) and level 2 and 1 epics so I was wondering if you have a good deck that I can use to get back to arena 7 because the one I used originally to get to arena 7 hasn’t been working, but thanks in advance I just really want dark prince so I can do pekka double prince but please if you can post a good deck.

    • Will Potter

      All decks I posted before for Arena 5 and 7 are still working very well buddy! I think you should give them a try!

  • maxime thorrez

    Can somebody help me please .
    I’m in arena 6 dor a month now and I can’t pass through.
    My current deck is
    Mini pekka
    Fire spirits
    Sometimes I win 5 times and I make it to 1900 cups
    But then I lose again a couple of times and I’m back at 1700

    • Will Potter

      Try to replace Fireball with Elixir Collector. Don’t forget to watch your replays and learn from your mistakes. You will want to play defensively with this deck!

      • Joshua Tellez

        I have an issue, apparently I don’t watch replays like I should be doing. I can’t figure out why I don’t but it seems a bit weird for me to not to. I feel like this may have started before Clash Royale. Because I like to share replays, as opposed to educating myself, sharing becomes more of a habit. I want to know how to make watching replays a habit.

  • Harozag j u. ld Suriel

    Hey Will can you take a look at my deck ? With this deck went from 1600 to 2049 but couldnt make it pass it now dropped to 1800. Let me know if there is anything I should changes or any strategy I should use thanks.

    Elixir collector
    Spear Goblins
    Ice wizard

  • Draig73

    Hey Will, I’ve been using this deck for awhile pushed from 1800 to 2100 but I can’t get past 2100 now. Any tips on what to change in it? Most of my rares are lvl 6 and lvl 2-3 epics with lvl 8 commons
    Mini pekka
    Baby Dragon

    • Will Potter

      Try to replace Wizard Valkyrie with Spear Goblins and Musketeer with a building.
      Good luck man!

      • Draig73

        Would you suggest a inferno would be good or a bomb tower?

        • Will Potter

          Personally I like using Inferno Tower more, especially when there are lots of P.E.K.K.As, Hog Riders and Royal Giants out there!

  • portsport

    The only problem with this deck is that it doesn’t deal with hog riders well, I always lose to hog rider cycle decks with this giant deck, I have been using this deck for about a month now and the closest I ever got to getting the royal giant was 1937 trophies, what could we try replacing with the cannon?

    • Will Potter

      Then I think you should replace the Hut with Cannon :D.
      Good luck further buddy!

  • Nick Bruhnke

    Hey guys, new here but I have a good deck that I used to push up to arena 6 in one day. It’s similar to some other decks you might see, but I use it differently. Main push is to use hog, minions or hog, goblins. Pretty much if you have hog, and either goblins or minions, you want to do a push right away. That way your opponent has less elixer to counter. Then, use zap on the opponents tower and any defending troops. At X2 elixer, you can use fireball instead of zap because your opponent will have more elixer to put out troops, and it’s better against barbarians. Cannon is for distraction, and defense against hog, valk, and other weaker troops. Inferno is for giant, giant skeleton, royal giant, balloon, prince and other bigger troops. Barbarians are mainly for defense against those slow hitting troops like pekka.

    • HaydenMC

      hi dude, i have a quick question-
      do we need BOTH the cannon AND the inferno?
      i kind of think two defensive towers are a bit of a waste of space, so i only use the tesla

      • Nick Bruhnke

        I use both. Mostly everyone at arena 6 and some at arena 5, have some sort of large HP unit. Either golem, giant, or another. Because the cannon doesn’t do a lot to large HP units, i use the inferno. It kinda depends on how you play.

    • Will Potter

      Awesome! Looks like a good deck but weak against Air, right? Thank you for sharing this anyway!

  • HaydenMC

    hey will, nice 2 meet you man.
    Im in arena six right now but i cant seem to push to 2000 trophies at any rate.
    so i use a low cost “spam” deck right here-
    Spear Goblins
    Fire Spirits
    Mini Pekka

    But i lose quite a lot to tank decks because they have lots of troops to take out my weak ones behind the tanker.
    Is there any advice for me you can give?
    Also, where should i fit in my elixir collector?
    Thanks and Best regards,

    • Will Potter

      You can try to replace your Fireball with the Elixir Collector.
      Also, play defensively first, wait until your opponent doesn’t have enough Elixir to defend!

  • jackietheboss23

    i need a deck thats good like anti giant ball hog and hut spam something that push i used pekka it helped me get in arena 6 but i cant go highter from arena 6 now im back in arena 5

    • jackietheboss23

      like at leats i tcan push me at arena 7

    • Joshua Tellez

      Ball Hog?

  • Joshua Tellez

    I used A giant skeleton, giant, arrows, Valkyrie, tombstone, musketeer, minions, and goblins in my fleck and reached arena 6!

    • Joshua Tellez

      Here it is!

  • Frizzle Frazzle

    I can’t support arena 5-6 at 1600-1800 trophies
    If not a legendary, the opponent becomes able to do pathetic combos with valkirie and hog, I can’t handle it. Level 6, with only giant defense being inferno. I need help, I am going insane with these goddamn valkiries

  • Limit Less

    This is a very good deck, so far i got 3 wins in a row!

    • Will Potter

      I am so glad to hear this. Congrats buddy xD

  • Newman Waters

    OMG, I am a free to play player, and I was lvl 8 in Royal arena. With my old deck I tried attacking but got faced against some lvl 9s. I have never beat lvl 9s! But I switch to this deck and boom, 4 consecutive wins once 2-0 on a lvl 9! Like OMG I have beat my record high with this deck! Thank you Will!

    • Will Potter

      I am so glad to hear that. Thanks man! Good luck further! hope you can get into Arena 8 soon 😀

  • mitcheal anderson

    Just tried it and the opponent left the match. AWESOME DECK

    • Will Potter

      Haha nice! Thanks for sharing this buddy!