Clash Royale Arena 2 Deck – Giant Beatdown – Push to 3800+ Trophies

Hello guys, today I am going to introduce with you a stunning Clash Royale Arena 2 Deck which helped Darkbreaker push up to 3800+ trophies as a free to play player. He is currently a level 10 player and he has been using this deck since the Global release xD.

Clash Royale Arena 2 Deck

Clash Royale Arena 2 Deck – Giant Beatdown

This deck is also working pretty well in Tournaments. Darkbreaker used this deck in the SHT Tourney and hit top 15, which is pretty impressive because that was a 2-day Tourney and he was playing for just 4-5 hours. He pushed to Arena 8 at level 8 by using this deck with level 8 Common, level 5-6 Rares and level 2 Epic.

Clash Royale GiantClash Royale WitchClash Royale BarbariansClash Royale fireball
Clash Royale Bomb TowerClash Royale ArrowsClash Royale SkeletonClash Royale Musketeer

Cards Breakdown

Giant: High HP and awesome damage! Just utilize his slowness and to build big pushes. His HP is high enough to soak damage for all supports behind.

Witch: When coupled with the Giant, she has a perfect synergy. After some updates, her HP is pretty impressive now. It should be GG If you have 2 Witches on the ground. It’s even much better If you have the Ice Wizard, just replace her with him right away!

Musketeer is the main DPS dealer of this deck. She has a perfect attack range in combo with Giant. If your opponent places his Cannon down 3 tiles away from the river, just place her right next to the river and she can easily shoot it down without taking a single damage. On defense, she is also very versatile at dealing with Balloon, Lava Hound, Baby Dragon and many tankers.

Fireball: One of the most versatile card in Clash Royale. It is a great push killer, especially against 3 Musketeers. Also, you should keep using Fireball on your opponent’s Elixir Collector while using this deck to keep the pressure, prevent him from out-cycling you. In many cases, it helps you finish off the opponent’s Tower. Just an amazing card. Please take a look at this guide to see more uses of it.


Arrows is great at dealing with Minion Horde and Swarms, especially If you are in low Arenas. From Arena 8 and above, it is a must in order to deal with Princess. Sometimes, If your huge push is about to cross the river, playing pre-Arrows is a conclusive move.

Skeletons: Great for reducing the Average Elixir Cost of this deck. This is a great card anyway, even after the recent nerf. 3 Skeletons are enough to lure and kill Prince, Knight,… I also love using Skeletons to deal with Hog Rider and Royal Giant when my Bomb Tower is not ready yet. Want to cycle to the next card? Use Skeletons!
Fire Spirits and Ice Spirit are the perfect replacements for the Skeletons. If you have either, consider the replacement!

Barbarians is one of the best defensive card in Clash Royale for sure. Everyone loves Barbarians! They have nice HP, good damage and can stop lots of ground pushes with ease. Don’t have the defensive building in your hand yet? Place them down 1 tile in front of your Tower and opponent’s Hog Rider can’t even touch it. If ignored, they can easily solo kill a lone Tower.

Bomb Tower: Consider replacing it with Inferno Tower If you are at Arena 6 and above to deal with beatdown decks better. Bomber is just great against almost any ground push, especially while playing against Hut Decks in low Arenas.

General Gameplan

This Clash Royale Arena 2 Deck is all about counter-pushing. Play defensively first, counter your opponent pushes, gain positive Elixir trade then launch a counter-push with the survived troops. To read more about counter pushing and positive Elixir trade, please take a look at here.

As Clash Royale Arena 2 Deck is a slow push deck, If you want to make it work properly, you should start smartly and play everything safe. After defending against 2-3 first cards from my opponent, I usually try to guess what deck I am facing and what cards in my hand are the key defenses against his win conditions. For example, If your opponent has Giant, always have your Bomb Tower ready.

  • If your opponent has Elixir Collector, use Fireball to keep the pressure on him, in order to prevent him from out-cycle you.
  • I usually don’t use Giant immediately because it is pretty risky. Sometimes you don’t have enough Elixir to defend.
  • Whenever you try to launch a big push, place the Giant behind your King’s Tower and you will have enough Elixir to place support troops down behind him once he reaches the bridge.


  • Hut Deck: Play defensively and use Fireball If you can target at least 2 buildings at the same time. You have Bomb Tower, Arrows and Fireball so it is an easy matchup.
  • Giant + Balloon: Place your Tower in the middle in order to lure them all, then, use Musketeers and even Fireball to take them down. Not really hard!
  • Miner Cycle Deck: Hands down it is very hard to deal with this deck regardless of what deck you use. Try to play defensively to get the least possible amount of damage before the x2 Elixir time, they go for a heavy all-in push.
  • Royal Giant + Sparky: Place the Bomb Tower/Inferno Tower wisely in order to separate them up. Then use Ice Spirit + Barbarians to deal with the Sparky. Drop your Barbarians carefully so they can surround the Sparky. Push on the other side once your opponent places either down to keep the pressure, this can sometimes stop your opponent’s pushes. If you wait until they cross the river, you will lose loads of Elixir.
  • Hog Rider: Place the defensive building down and you will be fine. Other wise, drop your Barbarians right in front of your Tower to block the Hog Rider.
  • Updating…

Okay guys hopefully you have found this Clash Royale Arena 2 Deck helpful. Don’t hesitate to comment If you need any advice!

Shared by Darkbreaker.

  • Ishmam

    In the RG + Sparky matchup – Why the hell does it say use ICE SPIRITS + Barbarians to stop the push?! Ice spirits r not in the deck!

    • Will Potter

      Skeletons can be replaced by Ice Spirits. I said about this in the guide above. Also, If you don’t have Ice Spirit, use Skeletons to soak 1 hit from the Spark!

  • Chained Chaos

    Any pre-arena 8 player facing lv11 commons,lv7/8 rares and lv4/5 epics?
    For the past few days I’ve been getting matched up against people with outrageous lv of cards at 2200s.Curious to see if this is happening anywhere else.

    • Ishmam

      Me too! My 2nd & 3rd accounts! Lvl 7 & lvl 8 both in arena 7.

      Facing lvl 9s with 10/7/4 who even laugh at me after winning.

      Why doesn’t Supercell care?! They really want immature players taking on this game.

      They should improve matchmaking.

      • Chained Chaos

        I agree,but at the end of the day supercell made this game to be p2w.In some cases unfair matchmaking results in frustrated players buying a shit load of gems.More money for supercell.

        • Ishmam

          Lol u do have a point. I hope Supercell work on the matchmaking

          • Adam

            Honestly if you hate the game and the matchmaking don’t play it.

        • Adam

          It takes money to make Clash Royale and keep updates coming. How do you want them to make money? Seriously, people are frustrated cause everyone else buys gems, so then when they make buying gems less effective people who already bought gems will scream bloody death.

    • Naseem Essa

      Yeah, i just made it to Frozen Peak, and match making is being relentless… It pairs me up with guys with miner decks that are similar to my current miner deck, except they usually have cards that are 2 lvls higher than me 🙁

    • Vincent Chen

      I been seeing a quite a lot of level 12 with almost maxed out cards previous season in the 3.6k+ which is strange because level 12 should be in the 4k+ and all the people in 3.6k+ has level 12 commons which is very high because my commons are level 10, it’s not fun for me up there 🙁

  • Chained Chaos

    “If your opponent has Elixir Collector, use Fireball to keep the pressure on him, in order to prevent him from out-cycle you”
    Wot? Sounds more like a negative elixir trade to me.

    • Will Potter

      It’s not always about the Elixir trade.
      If you let your opponent out cycle you, it will be GG.

      • Ishmam

        Yeah but we should also be trying to get other troops if possible.

        What if they have a card like barbs or 3 musketeers? Should we just keep the fireball for that?

        • Adam

          Yeah, especially for 3

    • Chan Yu Hong

      remember that the opponent will gain 2 elixir in total with the elixir collector, so its 4 against 7.
      in addition the pump has a certain lifespan, so with some maths, 4 against 7 is quite okay.

      • Chained Chaos


      • Vluonx

        Actually, u spend 4. The elixer collecter returns 2. Elixer collecters costs 5 so 5-2 = 3

        Basically, I spent 3 elixer while you spent 4.

  • Mr.Randomly Random

    I dont get this, why bomb tower? Inferno is not enough either, you wont get an elixir advantage against hogrider.

    • Ishmam

      Bomb Tower is great against nearly any ground push. Yes, Hog Rider only costs 4, but 90% of times he’s paired up with spear goblins/goblins, so a +1 elixir advantage.

      Dual Prince & P.E.K.K.A Dual Prince r well shut down with the bomb tower.

      It’s not always about the elixir.

    • Will Potter

      It’s not just about Hog Rider. Placing the Bomb Tower down will force your opponent to deal with it. It is very annoying actually. Anyway, you can try to replace it with the Inferno Tower buddy!

  • Will Potter

    Okay. Good luck man!

  • Gefangener

    Hello if you could please tell me if I’m doing the right thing, when I’m changing fireball with miner

    • Will Potter

      It depends, If your opponent has swarms and you don’t have many cards to deal with swarms, you should take some damage 😀

  • 123123

    This deck is so awsome i am kinda going in between areana 3 and 4 and this deck can counter anything when i first saw it i thought it was not that good but i tried it and got me soooo much wins 10 matches played 3 draws 7 wins might get more today:)!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Will Potter

      This is just so awesome. Thanks a lot for sharing this my friend!

  • Onii-Chan

    Yup havent lost since using this deck thx

    • Will Potter

      Awesome. Congrats and thanks a lot for sharing this buddy!

  • Fonsdiggitty

    Absolutely horrible deck. Worked great as I watched myself lose to spam deck after spam deck. Bomb tower lasts about, oh maybe 3 seconds before it’s destroyed. Anyone winning with this deck must be matched up against people with only 2 and 3 elixir cards.

    • Will Potter

      I am so sorry. I think you should practice more :D.

    • Luke Blaydes

      That’s because you use the bomb tower to soak up damage defensively, while you use your other cards to support it

  • Orli

    Why do you propose replacing the witch with the ice wizard? Is it that much better?

    • Will Potter

      Yes it’s much better, for both offense and defense!

      • Orli

        Thanks! Also, could you give me your opinion on this deck? Giant/witch/ice wiz/gob barrel/min horde/knight/arrows/fireball. It’s getting me up and down between arenas 5 and 6. Any change in should make ?

        • Luke Blaydes

          Switch the witch for a normal wizard. Double wizards have Perfect synergy

  • Muhammad Usman
  • Joseph Doumit

    nice deck, Rotation is good.

    • Will Potter

      Thank you mate! How are you doing with it?

      • Joseph Doumit

        i am doing fine so far. i am using pretty much same one but with val and freeze instead of fireball and and skels.

  • Maxing Fluxx

    Apparently barbarians are unlocked at arena 2 , Nice

    • Gavin Liu

      They are unlocked at arena 3. If ur a dropper from arena 3 and above or are currently above arena 2 then good luck because you have the card. Sometimes during advancement into arena 3 you can get an arena 3 chest because you are playing against an arena 3 guy and you win. My experience

  • Mustaqeem

    I m stuck on arena 4 i am always getting close to go to another arena but at the last moment i end up losing… now that i have seen this deck im ready to try it out so thanks in advance!

    • Will Potter

      Good luck with it mate!

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