Cheap Elite Cycle for Arenas 8+

Hey guys it is F▪▪▪▪▪▪O▪▪▪▪▪▪X finally back with a deck I have, to the best of my knowledge, made on my own with help from an old clanmate, Anthony. As the title states, this is a cheap cycle deck that focuses on using the Elite Barbarians to win.

Cheap Elite Cycle

Cheap Elite Cycle Deck

Before you read any further here are some pros and cons to help you decide if this would be a deck you could run.


  • Incredibly Fun!
  • Shines in challenges
  • Can push to Arena 10 (9 as of 1-10-17)

  • Uses a Legendary
  • Takes a bit of skill (not easy to use)
  • Weak to heavy beatdown decks

There you have it! This deck is extremely fun to use and can potentially help you boost your trophies but be warned it takes a lot of skill to use a cheap deck like this properly.

Without further ado, here are the cards:

Clash Royale Elite BarbariansClash Royale Ice SpiritClash Royale Ice GolemClash Royale Zap
Clash Royale Fire SpiritsClash Royale ArchersClash Royale Mega MinionClash Royale The Long

Elite Barbarians: The main win condition of the deck. By now you ought to know that they are fast and can demolish a tower when left uncheck…

But hey! You already knew that and that’s why you are going to be using them yourself. They cost 6 Elixir which is a lot, especially when they can be countered so easy.

DO NOT use them right off the bat because they will be countered. Test the waters and try to find a time when your opponents Elixir is low or when their defense is out of rotation to use these guys.

For example, it may be safe to use them right when your opponent plays a heavy card such as Golem because he cannot defend, but also be warned that he will have a huge push unchecked now. Or try using them when your opponent wastes a Skeleton Army (a heavy counter).

It may also be beneficial to support the Elite Barbarians with a spell or troop such as The Log or the Ice Golem.

Lastly, if your opponent is constantly shutting down your push try throwing them a curveball and sit push these two to cause your opponent to choose a side to defend or spend extra Elixir.

Archers: Every deck needs a ranged troop in it for defense, usually Archers, Musketeer, or Baby Dragon.

I use Archers in this deck for their cheap cost and the fact that there are two of them so they can shut down Graveyard or help with melee troops like the prince or Elite Barbarians.

They are used almost only for defense. Use them to shut down tanks or any push when paired with other cards in this deck. Do not use them on offense and be wary of Fireballs.

Mega Minion – Another part of defense. This is used as a tank shredder and is my go to for this deck because it targets air and costs 3 Elixir both unlike the Mini P.E.K.K.A.

So obviously use him to take out tanks like the Giant or Bowler. Be careful of support troops that can take your Minion out tho… This is where the skill of defense comes into play.

He is also useful for taking out Hogs and Elite Barbarians when paired with other troops such as Ice Spirit.

Ice Golem: Such a valuable card for the cost. At only 2 Elixir it gives you a mini tank and an ice nova at death that deals damage and slows troops.


On defense, he is used to distracting troops that don’t seek out buildings. For example, use him to distract Elite Barbarians and kite them away. When Archers are also placed you can potentially shut down that push. Or use it to distract support troops. For example, a Lava Hound is coming at you with a Mega Minion behind it. You can wait for them to each get passed the bridge and drop the Golem behind them and towards the middle and then place your own Minion. This combo will take out the support troop and leave your own troop alive to take out the tank.

On offense, he is used as a shield. Try placing him in front of your barbs. The Golem will tank for them and distract any defense perhaps giving you time to deal with it so your barbs can get through to the tower.

Ice Spirit: Another quintessential card in this cycle deck. It is primarily used on defense to by you some time for other cards to shut down pushes.

Very useful at combating Elite Barbarians. It can also be used in the same manner of an Ice Golem to distract support troops long enough for your defense to clean up.

Can be used on offense to also by your time for your Elite Barbarians so they can get extra hits on the tower or to freeze defense again for the barbs to deal with.

Lastly, because they are 1 Elixir they can be used to cycle through your deck at a rapid pace if you need to get back to spells for chip damage or your barbs to catch your opponent out of the cycle.

Fire Spirits: Another cheap card that can be used in many manners.

In fact, these can be used in so many ways it would be hard to go in depth.

First, because they are two Elixir they can be used purely to chip away at towers. If your opponent lets them hit it will do significant damage for 2 Elixir. They can be used on defense to take out half of the cards in the game and work great for Elite Barbarians. Or the can be used to support your Elite Barbarians to deal with troops like Minions or Skeleton Army.

Zap: Yet again, another cheap card. I do not want to go into much depth about this card. You should know all about it and its uses. For this deck the primary use is for countering skeleton armies that are used to counter your Elite Barbarians.

The Log: The last card, and yes it is a legendary. It rolls in a straight path and does damage to all in its way plus pushing them back. On offense, it is used with the Elite Barbarians to counter defensive troops like Skeleton Army or Fire Spirits. For your own defense, get creative with the push back, it can be a real game saver and hence it is a legendary.

Note – You could possibly use arrows instead. They would still be used to take out Skeleton Army plus Minions. Only now the deck is that much heavier and less versatile.

General Gameplan

The problem with this deck is learning when and how to attack since your push is easily countered and how to defend with cheap cards.

Try pairing your barbs up with some of the aforementioned support cards to see what works on your opponent.

Learn to adjust your attack style on the fly to be able to outsmart your opponent.

When you can out maneuver them be it by gaining an Elixir advantage or even prediction Logs to take out Skeleton Army this deck will start to shine.

Your defense consists of the rest of the cards in this deck besides the Barbarians. Use what you think will shut down a push as effectively as possibly.

Here are some quick ideas:

  • Giant pushes – Place Archers by the tower and use the Minion to take out support troops. Potentially use The Log for its push back to buy you time and hit all troops.
  • Hog pushes – Mega Minion plus Ice Spirit does as good job, Archers are not bad either, again use Log if necessary such as if the Hog is paired with spirits or goblins.
  • Hound – Again, Archers by the tower and Minion plus necessary troops for the support.
  • Elite Barbarians – Any combo of your defensive cards will work, Golem+ either Archers or Mega Minion, Ice Spirit+ either of them, Fire Spirits+either of them, and again, use Log if you need its push back or extra damage or especially when the barbs are accompanied by their own spirits.


This deck works for me and my friend Anthony. He pushed to 3800 trophies with it and I have won a challenge. If you put your mind and effort into learning its mechanics it will work for you as well. Remember this is a slightly difficult deck to use so do not expect for it to work immediately for you.

Best of luck and happy clashing,