Bowler Barrel Mirror Deck for Legendary Arena!

Hey there! As a player who used Zap bait to get to 4000 trophies with 9/7/4/1 and used two different Zap bait decks to deck a lvl 2 Electro Wizard from the Electro Wizard challenge, I would say I have a fairly decent amount of skill and experience at using Zap/Spell bait.

So, I was surfing through Twitter and saw this deck featured by TopnotchCR (Kings cup top 4 and participant in crown duel) that looked really fun!

I gave it a go and ended up getting 11 wins first attempt followed by 3 straight 12 wins in a row! So, I thought I would share this deck with you.

I honestly wouldn’t recommend this deck on ladder, as I did drop a few trophies trying it out (though I won some matches too). However, this deck is a beast in challenges and probably tournaments (I don’t join tournaments that much).

Without further ado, let’s get into the actual guide!

Bowler Barrel Mirror Deck

Clash Royale PrincessClash Royale BowlerClash Royale Goblin BarrelClash Royale mirror
Clash Royale ZapClash Royale Skeleton ArmyClash Royale fireballClash Royale Inferno Tower

Bowler Barrel Bait Deck

  • Pros: Okay versus Lava Hound, good versus other tanks, good versus fellow Spell bait, great versus Hog Rider, and great vs Graveyard, good vs Elite Barbarians
  • Cons: Bad starting hand can cost you the game, Falling under their rotation is not a good thing (especially with Zap bait decks like these), tough to get a second Tower because of king Tower activation.

Cards Breakdown

Bowler: This card is a beast! It was my first lvl 4 Epic even though I don’t use it much. But when I do, the Bowler reaks havoc! The card is very versatile, does great AoE damage, and offers lots of value and counterpushing potential! Best of all, the Bowler does great vs Elite Barbarianarians!

Goblin Barrel: This is your main win condition. Try getting a few stabs in with this pesky little card by baiting out Spells or outcycling your opponent! When left alone the Goblin Barrel does mad damage.

Mirror: I have been using this card a lot lately. This card offers so much value at times! When they Spell your counter, you can just use this wacky card and bam, you have your defense back. I have used this card soooo many times on defense. This Spell is a lot more versatile than you think and has a great element of surprise factor!

Princess: The one and only legendary in this deck. You can replace it for spear Goblins or fire spirits if you don’t have Princess, but the card offers a ton of value! Clears out swarms, long range, large AoE splash, versatile, and can easily get chip damage! Overall a valuable legendary and one of my favorites!

Skeleton Army: Such a great card. With the buff that reduced the cost of this card to 3 Elixir, this group of dead bodies offer a ton of value, killing tanks, handling Elite Barbarians, and even does insane damage on offense if you can get this doot army to the Tower! The best thing is, if you can bait out Spells, you don’t have to worry about this card disappearing off the map anytime soon and if it does… Mirror!

Inferno Tower: The Inferno Tower is my favorite building in the entire game! I’ve been using it since arena 6. Even though this card is pricey, it offers a lot of value for it’s price, making for some insane positive Elixir trades! You can 90% of the time rely on this card, paired with another defense to shut down any push coming your way!


Fireball: This Spell is just so versatile (there’s that word again). Use it to finish off low hp Towers, take out squishy troops like mega Minion, Barbarians, and support troops like musketeer! This Spell is also great at weakening Elite Barbarians when you need to use an emergency defense vs them!

Zap: This Spell is great at clearing cheap, swarm troops, resetting and retargeting troops and buildings, and stopping a Prince’s charge! We all know the insane powers of the Zap Spell, so let’s move on!

General Gameplan


On offense, you will want to play this deck veeeery carefully, as with any Zap/Spell bait deck. This means keeping track of their Elixir, making note of cards that are a threat to your deck in your head, and knowing when to send in a push and when to not overcommit.

The keeping track of threat cards is a big deal. If you can’t bait those cards out and start playing on their rotation, then getting a good offense going will be tough.

The general offensive gameplay is chipping their Tower or if you can successfully bait out the threat cards, sending in a big push that punishes your opponent and does massive damage or even takes out the Tower!

Once I’ve successful done the things mentioned above,I usually on offense use Bowler to tank and send in Goblin Barrel. If I bait out a log on the Princess, I send in a Goblin Barrel Skeleton Army push to punish the opponent! If I know they have 1 or no Spells in their hand, I Goblin Barrel, wait for them to Spell it, then send in another Goblin Barrel. As my Mirror is lvl 4, a Mirrored Goblin Barrel with take three shots per Goblin to die, so ignoring it will result in losing over half the hp of the Tower!


On defense, you have the Bowler, Skeleton Army, and Inferno Tower as your main defenders. Inferno Tower and Skeleton Army shred tanks, while Bowler deals well with Hog pushes (especially piggy pushes) and takes out support units and swarm unites well too.

  • Versus a big tank push, just use Inferno Tower and Bowler and most of the time it should be a successful defense. If you bait out the opponents Spells, Skeleton Army does work on defense.
  • Versus Lava Hound, Inferno Tower and Fireball are your friends.
  • Versus Elite Barbarians, Bowler and Skeleton Army, versus Graveyard is the same.
  • Mirror can come clutch on defense too if they Spell away or destroy your defense and all you do is Mirror it!

If you have the right counters in hand and cycle well enough, this deck can counter almost anything!


This deck is really fun, great in tournament settings, and offers lots of value and utility.

Play correctly and the win is yours.

Having a bad starting hand or playing on your opponent’s rotation, then the W will be tough to pull off!

I hope this guide helped you all looking for a fun, solid deck and thanks to TopnotchCR for helping me discover this great deck!