The Best X-Bow Cycle Deck – Level 5 Player Reaching Arena 10!

Best X-Bow Deck for Jungle/Legendary Arena (LvL 5 Player got to 3k Using It)

What’s up guys! Corrosive Logic coming back at you with another deck guide! Recently a player named AC™ or AhCraaaap has reached 3000 trophies using an X-Bow deck!

He kindly shared some advice on how to play it and also shared some replays of him playing with this deck which I will show in my video below!

Proof of 3k trophies as Lvl 5:

And this is his deck and card level:

If you don’t have The Log then your best replacement is the Zap.

Best X-Bow Deck for Arena 8+

Card Overview

X-Bow: This is your deck’s win condition. As with all X-Bow Decks, only play it when you are ahead in elixir because using it at the wrong time could cost you the game.

Log/Zap and Fireball: These are the two spells in the deck, great for defending big pushes, killing support troops, protecting the X-Bow and more.

Skeleton Army/Inferno Tower: These two cards are your primary tank killers. If they zap one of them then you have the other card to cover for it. These two cards are also very good for protecting the X-Bow, which I will mention more about in a bit.

Ice Spirit/Ice Golem/Mega Minion: These are the deck’s support cards, all 3 are very good cards that can be used in tons of situations.

X-Bow Placement:

The best X-Bow placement is one tile behind the river, as close to the wall as possible:

x-bow placements

This is optimal for a few reasons.

  • Firstly, this allows you to place the inferno tower beside the X-bow and river, so any troops that try and target your X-bow must first go through the Inferno.
  • Secondly, allowing one tile of space means that your crown tower will be able to shoot some troops that are targeting your X-Bow (“some troops” because it depends on the range). Naturally on extra tile also allows more time before troops can reach your X-Bow , and makes it much easier to defend.

Strategy and Gameplan

Never play your X-Bow until you have secured an elixir advantage/strong counter push.

What I mean by strong counter push is that even though you might be at the same amount of elixir as your opponent, you could still have more troops in play, which technically means you are ahead.

Generally, you never want to play your X-Bow on its own. Make sure you have a Mega Minion or Ice Golem coming up behind it before you play it.


The Deck’s main defense against tanks is the inferno tower. A lot of times your opponent will play a zap to reset the inferno, allowing your skarmy to be played. Against a lone hog try and play megaminion and ice spirit if you can, because playing the inferno will mean that you will lose 1 elixir.

The X-Bow is mainly a 1 crown win deck.

A tip that people rarely give, is to try and play the X-Bow on the same side that your opponent is pushing on. Not only does it allow for easier counter pushing, there’s also another reason.

Imagine you and your opponent traded towers on different sides i.e. my left tower and his left tower. This almost means that you will never be able to take your opponents second crown tower. Because there is so much space, your opponent can now directly spawn troops ON TOP of the X-Bow, making it very difficult to defend it.

That’s why you should always try and push on the same side as your opponent!

When you are winning by 1 tower and there’s less than 1 minute left it is often a good choice to play the X-Bow in in the middle for defense!

The X-Bow has so much health and it’s range can kill troops at a distance, so it can definitely be a good idea!

Direct Counters to the X-Bow – What to do?

Giant – This bad boy has lots of HP, a Giant can definitely tank X-Bow shots and kill the X-Bow.

There’s a couple of different ways you can approach it.

  • The first thing you can try is placing the Inferno above the X-bow, with the placement I mentioned earlier. This means the Giant has to target the Inferno first, allowing your inferno to kill it. This can be risky as your opponent could place Minions etc. to distract the Inferno.
  • Another option is to use Skeleton Army in front of the X-Bow to quickly take out the Giant, of course it won’t work if they have troops backing the Giant or Zap/Log.
  • However, the Giant is probably your opponents win condition, so maybe play defense until they use the Giant, then counter push immediately with the X-Bow while they don’t have the giant in cycle. That is probably the safest way to play.

Otherwise, if you can’t win then play for a draw.

Hog – Same as Giant

Royal Giant – Similar to the giant but its range is too big for you to counter with Inferno or Skeleton Army, so I guess waiting for your opponent to use it on offense is your best bet.

Balloon – It is very hard to stop a Balloon, the Inferno placed above the tower can attract the Balloon, use combinations like Mega Minion and Ice Spirit to take it out.

Skeleton Army/Minion Horde/Barbs – These cards come in great numbers and do massive DPS, so you want to use your spells, Ice Golem and Ice Spirit to take them out. Ice Golem + Zap takes out Minions, Fireball to take out Barbs/Minion Horde, Tog or Ice Golem can take out Skeleton Army, Ice Spirit is just there to help.

Elite Barbarians – One of the reasons the X-Bow’s popularity has decreased is because of this very strong and fast card, that can shred the X-Bow very quickly.

  • If they have no Zap or Log in rotation, I would definitely suggest to use Skeleton Army to counter them pretty easily and protect the X-Bow.
  • If not, then use the Ice Golem/Mega Minion/Ice Spirit/Log for some good combos that will probably be able to mitigate most of the damage, even Fireball them if you have to.

Rocket – This card can counter the X-bow pretty much every time, all they have to do is place a small tank to soak up a few X-Bow shots then Rocket.

The only way to beat this is to out cycle their X-Bow, which is pretty difficult if you are playing someone good.

So if matched up against Rocket you pretty much have to play for a draw.

Tip from AC™

“Be very cautious, when playing a good player using Giant, sometimes the only thing you can is play for a tie, and that’s okay. With this deck, you should always be able to at least tie”

“Play very very cautiously, lots of time X-Bow players overextend, and they lose the game within the first 30 seconds at times. Playing for tie against giant decks is also a smart move, because unless they have a bad cycle you will be destroyed”

I hope you like this guide! Now just because you read this guide doesn’t mean you’ll instantly be pushing to legendary as a lvl 5, remember you need to practice to be good!

As always I hope you enjoyed this guide! Since I put so much effort and time into them I would really appreciate it if you could watch my video and subscribe to my channel as your support would encourage me to write more guides! (p.s. I’m doing giveaways at 1k subscribers!)