Best X-Bow Cycle Deck

Hello guys, it is moosetestacles here today with a fantastic X-Bow deck that is great against the current meta and this is the deck that I used to push from 2200 trophies to around the 3400 trophy range. If you are struggling to get through Frozen Peak, I strongly recommend giving this fun and surprisingly hard to counter deck.  This deck is all about the timing of card placement, defending your X-bow, and baiting out your opponent’s tanks.

Best X-Bow Cycle Deck

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The Best X-Bow Cycling Deck

I am pretty sure that there are so many people absolutely hating the X-Bow but truly the first step to beating this kind of deck is to understand how it works and use it yourself. Although X-Bow is used pretty a lot in the game at the moment, I am still seeing so many people making a lot of mistakes while play against X-Bow.

You can probably see many versions of this deck in Clash Royale right now. They usually use Knight, Guards or Skeletons instead of Skeleton Army and Ice Spirit instead of Ice Wizard.

Our low Elixir cards allow us to cycle through the deck very quickly during the double Elixir time. If you don’t have The Log, the best substitute for it is probably the Arrows. This deck uses Inferno Tower instead of the dominating Tombstone since it doesn’t have a lot DPS for defense purposes.


X-Bow: One of the most annoying cards to play against, the X-Bow can be very deadly if properly protected and placed at the right time. The win condition of this deck, I recommend Mega Minion, place it either one tile back from the bridge, or a few tiles towards the center, where it can still target the enemy tower, but is harder for your opponent to get to. Support and protect your X-Bow using Ice Wiz and Mega Minion, along with Fire Spirits and The Log if needed.

Zap: One of the most used cards in the game, Zap is extremely useful in this deck to take out hordes of Goblins, Skeletons, and Minions that your opponent is likely to play to try and overpower your X-Bow. You can get some really good value out of this card, and the stun duration of the Zap also gives you a little more time to react.

Fire Spirits: You’ll want to have your spirits leveled up as high as possible for this deck. They do massive area damage to swarms and hordes, and when paired with The Log, can take out Barbarians at higher levels, so they are a great all-around card to help protect your X-Bow. Fire Spirits are a great utility and defense card, but if they are leveled up highly enough, they can also reach the enemy towers and do pretty solid chip damage.

Mega Minion: Even after the recent nerf, the Mega Minion remains a very strong card for only 3 elixir. This is the main defensive card I use against splash damage troops such as Valkyrie, Bomber, Baby Dragon, and can even be fairly useful against single ground troops such as Mini P.E.K.K.A and Hog Rider with its high DPS. Pair the Mega Minioon with your Ice Wizard to provide a sturdy defense to protect your X-Bow.


Inferno Tower: Very strong card to deal with tanks in this deck. Also very useful to use during an X-Bow push to distract the enemy tank/Hog Rider from targeting the X-Bow while melting the tank very quickly. If I have X-Bow and inferno in my hand, I play the X-Bow a few tiles towards the center, and the Inferno Tower on the bridge, This way, the enemy tank gets distracted and killed, while the X-Bow is protected and can whittle down the opposing tower.

Skeleton Army: This card has seen a lot more usage after the buff. Excellent defense to shut down Mini P.E.K.K.A or P.E.K.K.A attacks. Also good for dealing with Hog Riders and tanks if you do not have the Inferno Tower in your hand. Although it can be killed by any spell or even by high level Ice Golems, this is still a cheap card that can be very handy with its high DPS.

Ice Wizard: In my opinion the best card in the game, with its splash damage, slowing effect, and low cost. Either way, the Ice Wiz is your main splash damage troop to back up your X-Bow. Extremely effective against swarms, and the slowing effect gives you more time to react to what cards your opponent is placing. I usually place the Ice Wiz along with the Mega Minion in the back to build up my X-Bow push.

The Log: Another great card for a low cost, The Log. Works very similar to the Zap spell, although it has the pushback effect, which can again buy you more time. Extremely useful against Barbarians, Witch, Princess, or any ground swarms or hordes. Be cautious not to waste your log on a Witch, if you know your opponent has a Skeleton Army.

Card replacements:

  • Ice Wiz can be replaced with Ice Spirit
  • The Log can be replaced with a Bowler

General Gameplan:

I usually place either Fire Spirits down immediately in front of the X-Bow to temporarily protect it from any threat.

Below are the best X-Bow placements you can use on offense, 1 tile away from the river and 1 tile to the left/right depending on your side. By using these two, your X-Bow still touches the Tower but also ignore so many unwanted distractions on the other lane. Also, this helps you protect it a lot easier, force your opponent’s melee troops to walk to your side.

My main push that I would suggest is to place the Ice Wiz and Mega Minion behind my left tower. As soon as they get near the bridge, I place my X-Bow down one tile back from the bridge. Then I have Fire Spirits, The Log, Skeleton Army, and Inferno Tower ready to place down for whatever my enemy tries to attack with.

A really good counter to this deck is Royal Giant, which can shoot the X-Bow from distance and destroy it. In this case, you’ll want to wait for him to play his royal G, and then you can counter with Inferno Tower and then begin your X-Bow push. If your opponent plays an Inferno Tower to destroy your X-Bow, you’ll want to have Skeleton Army and Zap ready to distract and refocus top Inferno Tower from locking on to your X-Bow.

Well that’s it guys hope you like my deck it takes a few matches to really get a feel for it, but once you do, it is very powerful, and can easily get you to Arena 9. 🙂