Best X-Bow Cycle Deck

Hey everyone! This is Question and I am going to show you a cycle X Bow deck that is very effective for low ladder. After 3500 trophies, players are usually smart enough to easily counter it, even then, it is still very annoying.

X-Bow Cycle Deck

Clash Royale X-BowClash Royale Electro WizardClash Royale Skeleton ArmyClash Royale Ice Spirit
Clash Royale CannonClash Royale The LogClash Royale ZapClash Royale Fire Spirits

X-Bow Cycle Deck

Cards Breakdown

X-Bow – Win Condition

The X-Bow is the main win condition. Even though the X-Bow doesn’t do that much damage, it has a very high amount of hit points making it do a lot of damage over time.

All of the other units are able to support the X-Bow or defend against most pushes.

X-Bow can be placed near the side of the map or in the middle of the map. Place it to the side if the enemy uses air units to counter, middle of the map if enemy uses ground units to counter.

It is most effective to only getting one crown, two crowns are still very much possible, but three crowns is basically impossible. After one crown, the deck can also be played in a very defensive way, the X-Bow can be used defensively making it extremely hard for the enemy to push.

Electro Wizard

This unit is extremely important for the deck. It can destroy high health units as well as low health units.

The constant stun from the Electro Wizard makes it very slow for big units such as Golems to push through, low health units such as Goblins or Minions also die to it due to it’s high spawn damage and attack.

It resets charges as well. Sparky, Inferno Dragon, Inferno Tower will never beat this deck with the Wizard.

The main counter to this deck is heavy hitting units such as Royal Giant or Golems. The Wizard severely reduces their damage by constantly slowing them down by stunning them.

It is even more effective than the Ice Wizard.

Skeleton Army
The Electro Wizard may not be enough to slow down or stop pushes, the army shuts it down completely if the opponent does not have any spells such as Log or Zap to counter it.

Even if there are splash units behind a big tank, it will usually not kill the skeletons fast enough for it to do crippling damage.

It also acts as a great defense for the X-Bow, destroying any units placed in front of the X-Bow to try and stop it.


Skeleton Army may not be viable for pushes due to Zap/Log. Hog Riders may do crucial damage if the Skeleton Army couldn’t stop it. That’s why the Cannon is the best defense against Hog Riders and Giants.

It can destroy any fast pushing units, as well as pulling slow tanks to delay them.

Combined with the Electro Wizard, pushes are nothing for the Cannon.

It is also great to defend the X-Bow.

Sometimes, players will play a Giant right in front of the X-Bow as soon as it is placed down, the Canon can be used to redirect its attention and tank all the damage. Combined with the Wizard and Skeleton Army, the Giant may not even get any hits on the X-Bow.

Ice Spirit


Most of the cards in the deck is to slow pushes, or get rid of squishy units. Ice spirit does both, combined with the Zap spell, it can destroy Minions and hordes, while reseting charged units or slowing down tanks.

It is only 1 elixir, making it a very cheap defense for the X-Bow.


The card is very versatile:

  • Resetting charged units
  • Slowing down fast pushes
  • Killing hordes (With or without ice spirit)
  • Reseting units focus of attack
  • Many more

Basically, it’s good for everything. Even though it has been nerfed a lot, it is still very powerful.


Since the deck is built around slowing down pushes, the Log fits the description perfectly. It can kill princesses or dart Goblins, or clear out massive ground horde units incase the opponent is using a Zap bait deck.

It’s great for defending the X-Bow against hordes as well, it’s a reliable card to use.

For more details about The Log, please take a look at here!

Fire Spirit

One of the most annoying cards in the game, this cheap unit costs half of a Fireball while doing double the damage.

Hordes get destroyed by the unit, towers can also be chipped by the unit as well (and players can’t ignore it), forcing a bad play from the opponent

he damage makes it great for defending the X-Bow, even tanks such as Inferno Towers or bowlers can’t stand its damage.

More: How to use Fire Spirits probably


Replacements are not suited for this deck, using a different unit for any part of the deck will change the style of the deck in general.

For example: Zap cannot be swapped for Arrows since Arrows are more expensive and are not as versatile. Same goes for Log, Arrows is too expensive. All the other cards are crucial to slow down pushes and destroy horde units, changing one will change the play style of the deck in total.

General Gameplan

Try to see what your opponents deck is. A fast push can destroy you if you’re not ready for it. If the opponent wants you to push first, put an X-Bow down at the edge which will force your opponent to play his hand.

Horde units? Use:

  • Fire Spirits
  • Ice spirit + Zap
  • Electro Wizard
  • Skeleton Army (I wouldn’t recommend to use this for hordes tho)

Tanky units? Use:

  • Fire Spirits
  • Electro Wizard
  • Ice spirit
  • Skeleton Army
  • Cannon

I can’t list all the different possibilities, use your brain and you will easily think of a counter for every move. The purpose of the deck is to out cycle your opponent, you will want to cycle to new X-Bows so fast that he will be out of a counter.

Countering most win conditions:

Golem – Skeleton Army, Cannon to pull, Electro Wizard to slow down, ice spirit to slow down

Giant – Same as above.

Royal Giant – Cannon to distract, Electro Wizard to slow down, Skeleton Army to kill, ice spirit to slow down (Even if army is Zapped, the Wizard will do enough damage to kill RG)

Hog Rider – Cannon to pull or use army. If those two are not in cycle, use Wizard.

Lava Hound – Ignore it, push on other lane. Counter it after using Electro Wizard. Baby dragons or balloons can be killed with Fire Spirits. Cannon can be used to pull. Ice spirit to slow down. Spirits also can kill horde units such as Minions behind it.

This deck is only best for people who don’t know how to counter it, this type of deck isn’t often seen in ladder. Players who are in Legendary Arena will usually be smart enough to counter.