Best New Arena 8 Decks in Season 4

Hello my friends, this is gonna be another best Clash Royale Arena 8 Decks Summary and Breakdown for players above 4000+ trophies. This summary was shared by The Rum Ham as he did before.


The Best Beatdown Deck of the Season: The Jason’s Deck

Clash Royale Hog RiderClash Royale GiantClash Royale Spear GoblinsClash Royale Minion Horde
Clash Royale elixir collectorClash Royale ArchersClash Royale BarbariansClash Royale Arrows

Our Jason didn’t have even a lose through the Helsinki Tournament a few weeks ago with his outstanding Beatdown deck utlizing Giant. Giant soaking damage for Hog Rider and Spear Goblins gave him an unstable wave which pushed him to some 3 Crown victories. This deck uses Giant as a small pusher or a meat shield for Archers and Spear Goblins to destroy everything. If the Tower gets locked on Giant, Hog Rider usually can deal 2000+ damage by himself. Ideally, when you have 2 Elixir Collectors at a time, you can easily launch a big 15+ Elixir push which rolls over your opponent’s Tower.

I posted an in-depth guide for this deck a few days ago, you can read it at here for more details!

The Best Control Deck of the Season: Poison Deck

Clash Royale PoisonClash Royale elixir collector



  1. Poison
  2. Elixir Collector
  3. Pick 2 from Valkyrie, Barbarians, Mini-P.E.K.K.A and Knight
  4. Pick 2 from Musketeer, Wizard, Archers and Spear Goblins
  5. Pick 1 from Cannon, Inferno Tower and Bomb Tower.
  6. Pick 1 Spell from Zap, Fireball and Arrows.

Poison was pretty popular in Helsinki Tournament. It’s very easy to get positive value out of it and combined with the other cards to counter any threat on the ground. Hands down, there is no counter for the Poison so far. You can easily learn their deck, play defensively and turn into an excellent counter push with your Poison in the mid game. On counter push, Poison can easily generate excellent tempo and an Elixir Advantage. You should always win If this happens.

This kind of decks is definitely the most brutally defensive decks I have ever played. I did play a few battles with it at 3500+ trophies and won 1-0 most of the time. The Poison blocks any big push at the bridge and your other cards can handle any other small-medium push!

The best Siege Deck of the Season: Rocket Deck

Clash Royale RocketClash Royale elixir collectorClash Royale Bomb Tower

  1. Rocket
  2. Elixir Collector
  3. Bomb Tower
  4. Pick 1 from Cannon, Inferno Tower and Tesla.
  5. Pick 2 from Arrows, Zap, Poison and Fireball.
  6. Pick 2 from Archers, Knight, Minions and Skeletons.

Trust me, this deck can really frustrate people and get them to the Angry mode. Bomb Tower is definitely the best defensive buildings in this update. With 60 second lifespan, it helps you defend a few pushes and still stands tall. You always can Rocket and Fireball troops placed behind Towers, this prevents opponents from investing troops into massive pushes. Bomb Tower + Tesla in the middle is a real brick house which resists most pushes. Just play defensively for the 1-2 first minutes until you get your Collectors and Bomb Tower up and you can keep firing Rocket and Fireball!

Okay guys, I hope you enjoyed reading this and have found a new deck! Hope you can get a lot of trophies with these decks! Also, don’t hesitate to comment If you need any help. I am always here to help you xD.

  • Get Wrong

    Maybe if I ever get to arena 8 I might use these decks

    • Robert Montague

      Arena 5 took me a long time. I ended up using a spawner deck to get through 5, and now I’m hovering in 7 and 6. The big thing is to upgrade your main deck you like to play. The one I’m running with pretty good success currently is Rocket, Zap, Barbarians, Spear Goblins, Cannon, Prince, Musketeer and Minion Horde. It’s tricky to play sometimes, but only use rockets when it’s near end of game OR you’re able to get value like killing a group of barbarians that are running up from the back OR a musketeer. Learn to do a bunch of the kiting tricks and where to deploy your troops and you should be good. The thing that took me the longest was not stacking troops up right after eachother because then they just get fireballed or arrowed together. Learn to use only what you need to counter, and try to save your extra elixir for defense.

      • Chris Pie All

        I found I prefer fireball unless my Zap is upgraded a level above minions so it can one shot them. In terms of barbs I prefer fireball or a dragon/wizard since they hit all 4 at once and can make pushing against spawners a breeze.

      • Will Potter

        Thanks for the great share Robert!

    • Will Potter

      Good luck with them in the future man!

    • Joseph P.

      I’m in arena 7 and I’m using a good deck of
      #1 Hog rider lvl 5
      #2 Zap lvl 8
      #3 Spear goblisn lvl 8
      #4 Archers lvl 8
      #5 Barbarians lvl 8
      #6 Fireball lvl 5
      #7 Elixir collector lvl 5
      #8 Cannon lvl 8

      Best combos for this deck is hog rider+spear goblins+zap for easy tower takedown when opponent had used lots of elixir and used to take out bomb tower for another combo of barbarians and archers either combo works and just costomize it for the away that works best for you!

    • Nu

      Try my deck- got me to high royal. Giant-hog-ice wiz(maybe replace with bomber? Idk)-witch-gob-spear gob-minion (3 minions)-fireball giant ice wiz witch main push, but hog pushes work too. Double elixir is the win condition. Will Potter pls try my deck. It might take a lot of practice. Took me like a week to get good at it. All rares lvl 5, all commons lvl 9, witch is lvl 2 and ice wiz lvl 1 (obv) started using with lvl 7 commons lvl 4 rares and lvl 2 witch and lvl 1 ice wiz

      • Nu

        Btw im a lvl 8

  • aleander clash

    It will take time. Be patient. Make a deck and practice it. don’t invest in multiple decks. I was stuck in arena 5 for a quite a long time but I made a deck taking inputs from this site and made it to arena 7. Now I am taking time in here to learn various counters to my deck so that I can perfect it. That’s how high level players do in legendary arena. They know their deck so well that they can counter every other deck like Jason did in the tournament.

  • Muguet

    Fuck Poison it will not drop for me. Never. Not even in shop. If it appeared, I’d gladly pay $5 to get it for gems and gold. Been about 1 month since I’m A5-A6 and I can’t seem to get it 🙁

    There’s this Deck which became popular all of a sudden in Legendary Arena:
    Mirror – Barbarian – Arrows – Baby Dragon – Archer – Prince – Freeze – Elixir Collector
    Damn it’s a terrible Deck. Looks perfect on the paper until you realize it kinds of suck and that no-one ever has won a game with it in Legendary Arena. Why is it so popular…

    • Chris Pie All

      Don’t worry about getting poison it’s only really effective against spawner decks.

    • Will Potter

      LOL I have no idea about this man. Hope you can get it soon!

  • ЯЎаи к

    do these work for arena 4-5?

    • Will Potter

      You can use the Jason’s Deck in any Arena. For other ones, Nah I don’t think they work for Arena 4 as each Arena has its own Meta.

  • Mr.Randomly Random

    Could this be used in arena 7? Just wondering, i like these types of decks a lot!

    • Will Potter

      I am pretty sure that you can use Jason’s deck and Rocket decks in Arena 7 xD.

  • M-Hamza Sajjad

    In the third deck, is it OK to replace archers with spear goblins? I’m quite unsure what would work right in no.6 (pick 2 from …etc)

    • M-Hamza Sajjad

      Will, waiting for your reply…

      • Will Potter

        Archers is the best choice for that deck but If you don’t want to use them, you can replace them with Spear Goblins!

        • M-Hamza Sajjad

          Ok thx 🙂

          • Will Potter

            You are very welcome mate! Good luck!

    • Fang Sheng

      Ice wizard is good at slowing down troops, making it a staple card in a few decks. However, archers and ice wizard don’t do so well against things like Princes, really, it’s all down to choice since archers can hold their own against a baby dragon if placed correctly.

      • Will Potter

        Thanks for sharing this Fang!

  • Francesco

    2630 trophies. LV 8 Jason’s Deck
    Hogrider lv6
    Giant lv6
    Elixir Collector lv5
    Spear Globlin lv8
    Arrows lv8
    Minion Horde lv8
    Archers lv 8
    Barbarians lv 8

  • Sal Fuentes

    Honestly I have the best set up , Fireball/Zap/Fire Spirits/Mini Pekka/Prince/knight/Miner/bomber

    • Will Potter

      Looks great buddy. Now are you doing with it?

  • Mi5hmash 11

    I have a pretty good arena 8 deck I would like to recommend

    • Will Potter

      This deck is great but personally I would like to replace Guards with Mini P.E.K.K.A. Thank you a lot for sharing this tho!

  • Mi5hmash 11

    As many people are noticing inferno is great for taking down tanks , guards are a great defence and minion horde is good against inferno so arrows are the way to go

    • Will Potter


  • Mi5hmash 11

    I have a deck that got me from arena 5 to 7 o based it off the trivector

    • Will Potter

      Great one and very easy to use. It can be even better If you have Ice Spirit :D.

      • EGeorge

        Im in arena 9 just hit 3014 thirty minutes ago and the deck that got me there was: valk, hog, gob barrel, inferno tower, ice spirit, fire spirit, guards, zap. This works very well and mostly consists of gob barrel pushes. Level 9 commons and level 7 rares, lvl 3 epics

  • Owl

    This deck has worked for me very well and has gotten me to 2600 trophies. Note that getting at least lv 3 guards would be ideal and that this deck isn’t around heavy pushes and getting three crowns. It’s about doing damage over time and countering with a damaging counter after the enemy has used up a lot or all of their elixir. I would also advise to not change this deck too much as the synergy works surprisingly well however if changes would help then just go ahead. Try this deck and note if there are any problems you have found around it. Thank you.

    • Will Potter

      Nice share. Thanks a lot man!

  • Mi5hmash 11

    I now have level 7 ice spirit and that inferno deck I posted earlier has gotten me over 2500 trophies.

    • Will Potter