Best Furnace Deck for Arena 7 and 8

Hello guys, today I am going to show you one of the best Furnace Decks I have ever seen in Clash Royale. This deck is definitely not a meta killer but it is doing a great job at Arena 8 during the test. If you are sick to death of playing Royal Giant or Hog Rider, give this deck a try to make the game more fun!

Clash Royale Furnace Deck

Clash Royale – Best Furnace Deck

Clash Royale FurnaceClash Royale Goblin HutClash Royale mirrorClash Royale Barbarians
Clash Royale Spear GoblinsClash Royale GoblinClash Royale ArrowsClash Royale Fire Spirits

Average Elixir Cost = 3.1

Cards Breakdown

Furnace costs only 4 Elixir and can last a pretty long time, 50 seconds. It has decent HP and spawn 2 suicide Fire Spirits every 10 seconds. You will want to upgrade this card to high level, otherwise the second Fire Spirit can’t reach the opponent’s Tower. I usually place it first If I have it in my starting hands.

Goblin Hut is the second troop spawner card that makes this one a swarm deck. Place it down first If you don’t have the Furnace in your starting hands. Towards end of the battle, place your Huts down right in front of your Towers to deal with pushes and to protect your Towers.

Mirror is definitely the MVP of this deck. I used Barbarian Hut instead of this before but 7 Elixir is just too much in my opinion and it also doesn’t aid the effort in swarming a Ice Wizard defense. I use Mirror to build extra buildings most of the time, even before the x2 Elixir time. By using Mirror and focus on just one lane, you can easily force your opponent to play defensively. But, yea, don’t over-commit and do know when you need to play defensively.

Barbarians are the meat shield of this deck. They will help you deal with Royal Giant, Hog Rider, P.E.K.K.A,… Don’t ever use Barbarians on offense because they are just extremely slow and can be easily removed by splash damaging units. You can replace them with Mini P.E.K.K.A, a super versatile card. It’s up to you!


Goblins and Spear Goblins are damn cheap to lure and kill lots of units. They also help your swarms push. You can put them in any deck, undoubtedly.

Arrows: If you are at Arena 7 or above, you will find it extremely frustrating while dealing with Princess. If you have Miner, I strongly recommend replacing Arrows with that guy. He is extremely useful in lots of situations, especially at helping you deal with Princess and Ice Wizard.

Fire Spirits: This is just a super useful card. They can easily deal with Barbarians, Minion Horde,… Read more about them at here. Instead, you can try to use Zap.

General Gameplan

Play defensively.

  • I feel like people using Hut Decks in lower Arenas usually play their aggressively and fully commit to one lane. In my experience, this is not wise at all. You have to play reactively If you want to win! We want to be dominating on one lane but also don’t over-commit on structures.
  • I recommend launching split pushes with the Furnace and then launch you main pushing lane when it’s time. Additionally, this helps you prevent big spells from smashing your buildings. Although, I don’t care about them much because Furnaces are actually very cheap. Don’t expect an early Tower while playing with this deck. I usually take the first tower down in the x2 Elixir time.
  • Don’t be afraid to sacrifice your buildings because sometimes you have to

Princess Watch

The primary reason Hut Deck is not really good competitively is because of how prevalent splash damage is, especially Princess and Ice Wizard. A Princess can shut down your entire lane, so you will want to kill her immediately with Arrows/Miner. She can counter most troops in this deck.

Okay so that’s everything I want to share about this Furnace Deck so far. Don’t hesitate to comment If you need any help guys!

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  • hawkey mlb

    It sucks

    • Adam

      How many times have you even played with it? Even if you get 3 losses in a row you are probably just using it wrong.

    • Will Potter

      Have you played it??

  • benny

    i find it quite refreshing fun and people don’t expect it while you don’t really have a win condition, i personally swapped mirror for Mini P because didn’t have Mirror arrows for Zap since i didn’t fight any Princess’s , and barbs for Hog, making this a hog/mini P cycle swarm deck hardest thing i countered was beatdown decks who rush you once you place a building.
    overall great deck.

    • Will Potter

      Thank you so much for sharing this benny!

  • CRwithzws

    where is your offense?! WTF this deck is missing offense!

    • Adam

      It’s called huts. They slowly chip away at the enemy tower, just like your Goblins and Spear Gobs.

      • CRwithzws

        but it don’t work. In a whole 3 minutes if you could keep 1 goblin hut on it can chip a tower but who are that dumb enough to choose ignore your huts.

    • Will Potter


  • Osiris

    It would be awesome if you could provide us with a video please! 🙂

    • Will Potter

      I will try to do that when I have time buddy! Thanks a lot xD

  • hawkey mlb

    Use my deck
    Hog rider
    Fire ball

    Goy me ro legendary from 2100 to 3000 in 3 days

    • Noah Seethaler

      Why does it work so well

  • Ishmam

    Stupid spawners 🙁

    Luckily I use both Princess & Ice Wizard in my deck.

  • FuzzWuzzy

    Royal Giant/Fire Spirit deck i put together yesterday. Has overpowered people.

    Royal Giant
    Fire Spirits
    1 elixir skeletons

    First and foremost i would like to shout out my own clan lol and you can join and watch replays i have posted of this deck just melting enemies and towers.

    My clan is FuzzyWuzzySquad
    Lol ok to the strategy now…

    I actually dont play too aggressively with this build until x2 elixir, i like to hold onto the royal giant until a minute or so left if i can. I use the princess to clear out incoming troops if they have arrows there isnt much to be concerned about because having both furnace and fire spirits take care of almost anything if you know how to counter or distract properly.

    Furnace is my first card down if i get it then i just sit back and wait for a push, you want to play defensively and build a strong counter push when they come to aggressively.
    Next i like to throw the princess down in the back to just put some pressure and to clean up any light troops trying to sneak behind my opponents tanker. I will usually allow most spash damage cards like wizard or his icy bastard of a brother to lock on to my tower before countering with my little l fire spirits

    • Will Potter

      Thank you a lot for sharing this buddy!