Best Decks in Clash Royale (From Arena 4 to Arena 9)

Hey guys it’s Ash and in this post I’m going to share my best decks in Clash Royale for all Arena levels from Arena 4 to 9, decks that I believe to be some of the best in the game and also usable by almost everyone. So the first deck I’m going to share will be for Arena 4, and then we’re going to make our way up to Arena 9 as I not only share the decks, but also do some live battles to show you guys how I use them.

best decks clash royale

Best Decks in Clash Royale: From Arena 4 to Arena 9

The Best Arena 4 Deck

Clash Royale GiantClash Royale MusketeerClash Royale Mini P.E.K.K.AClash Royale Bomber
Clash Royale ArrowsClash Royale fireballClash Royale MinionsClash Royale Cannon

At Arena 4 you begin to unlock the Hog Rider, but I do not advise using the Hog Rider, not until you’ve leveled him up. You should have him at least at level 4 before you use him here. Instead, one of the easiest ways to pass Arena 4 is to use a powerful Giant deck.

You want to use the Giant with Musketeer, Mini P.E.K.K.A, and any splash attacker such as Witch, Baby Dragon, Valkyrie, or Bomber to control swarms and hut spammers. Then add both the Fireball and Arrows so you don’t have to worry about Minions or swarms. At Arena 4 you’ll start seeing Inferno Towers more frequently, so having Minions will help a lot for distracting and taking down Inferno Towers, which are a big threat to your Giant. And for our defense, we’ll carry a cheap Cannon, which provides excellent return value and will shut down many powerful pushes especially combined with hard hitters like Mini P.E.K.K.A and Musketeer and a very high HP unit like the Giant.

The Best Arena 5 Deck

Clash Royale Hog RiderClash Royale Mini P.E.K.K.AClash Royale ValkyrieClash Royale Goblin
Clash Royale Inferno TowerClash Royale Fire SpiritsClash Royale ZapClash Royale fireball

At Arena 5, you get unlock the best Common card in the game, which is the Zap Spell. So I definitely recommend that you start upgrading it as soon as possible. You also get to unlock the Fire Spirits, which provide incredible value for a 2 Elixir card. Both these cards are super good with the Hog Rider. This deck has amazing defense and offense for an Arena 5 deck. Has everything you need, so I highly recommend it if you’re in Arena 5.

The Best Arena 6 Deck

Clash Royale Hog RiderClash Royale ValkyrieClash Royale MusketeerClash Royale Zap
Clash Royale PoisonClash Royale SkeletonClash Royale elixir collectorClash Royale Cannon

At Arena 6, you also unlock one of the best and a very important card in the game, the Elixir Collector. With it, you can now use one of the deadliest decks in the game, the Hog Trifecta. If you don’t have the Poison Spell, then you can stick with the Fireball. The advantage of the Poison Spell is that it slows everything it touches, which allows your Hog Rider to get more hits off of your opponent’s Arena Tower.


The Best Arena 7 Deck

Clash Royale GiantClash Royale PoisonClash Royale elixir collectorClash Royale Zap
Clash Royale Mini P.E.K.K.AClash Royale MusketeerClash Royale GuardsClash Royale Prince

You can use Minions instead of Guards.

At Arena 7 you will unlock the Royal Giant. And the Royal Giant is one of the easiest cards to push with because he’s a powerful Common card, and Common cards are the easiest to level up. However, I don’t recommend using him at Arena 7, not until you’ve leveled him up to at least level 8. Instead, you can use one of the strongest decks in the entire game, the Giant Poison beatdown deck. This deck is super hard to stop and can get you to Legendary Arena easy, well as long as you play it right. Since many people start to unlock Guards at Arena 7 or 8, if you don’t have Guards, then you should use Minions instead. Minions are excellent distracting Inferno Towers or quickly countering ground units, and they’re very powerful for only 3 Elixir and don’t die from a Zap Spell. Take a look at here for more details about this deck!

The Best Arena 8 Deck

Clash Royale GolemClash Royale WitchClash Royale Mini P.E.K.K.AClash Royale Musketeer
Clash Royale Ice SpiritClash Royale PoisonClash Royale ZapClash Royale elixir collector

At Arena 8, you unlock the Ice Spirit. And if you haven’t heard about the secret of the Ice Spirit, then you’re missing out. The Ice Spirit is a super good card that only costs 1 Elixir, so make sure to upgrade it as soon as possible, you won’t regret it. Well as long as Supercell doesn’t nerf it.

Anyways, at Arena 8, you can continue to use the Giant Poison beatdown deck above or you could try the much underrated and very powerful Golem. If you don’t have a strong Witch, then you could also try another ranged splash attacker that can target air, such as Baby Dragon, Wizard, Princess, or Ice Wizard.

This is a very powerful deck and I frequently 3 Crown people with it.

The Best Arena 9 Deck

Clash Royale GiantClash Royale BowlerClash Royale PoisonClash Royale Zap
Clash Royale elixir collectorClash Royale Mini P.E.K.K.AClash Royale MusketeerClash Royale Ice Spirit

Now that you’ve made it to Legendary Arena, your goal is to now stay there because of all the perks in Legendary Arena, such as you can obtain more cards, donate more and also receive more cards from your clanmates, and find Legendary Cards in the shop. So you can use one of the most powerful decks in the game right now, which is with the Bowler. This deck is absolutely a nightmare to deal with.

General Gameplan of each dech is being updated, you can watch the video from Ash above instead…


    last time I was this early…
    I was just a bowl of cereal

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      What does that mean?


        idk I was the first one and you know on youtube they do stuff like this


    Cool, but not everyone has level 5 epics.

    • WestPKMN

      You don’t need level 5 epics until Legendary Arena. I’ve been stable in Frozen Peak with level 3 epics.

      • Delta Taka

        I’ve been stable in arena 9 with level 2 and 3 epics

      • Pancakes

        I was stable in arena 9 with 1 legendary and level 2 epics.

        • Will Potter

          xD You are a great player!

          • Masta Kush

            Thank you for these guides. They’ve helped me get al the way to frozen arena finally!

          • weirdo

            I just don’t know why my deck first started defeating players within less than 10 seconds but now it takes like forever or I only get the 1 crown win

          • weirdo

            I’ll tell you my deck tonight when I play

    • Chester Dionio

      Ive been stable in Arena 9 with level 3 Epics level 10 commons and no legendary.

      and now I got Miner changed my deck to a miner build with still level 3 Epic and only level 7 rare. it’s all about strategy and right timing to drop

    • yw zhen

      I’m in upper Royal Arena with Level 1 epics XD! To be honest, the decks I’ve been using don’t even require them. Level 4 and give rares serve me just fine. Currently, I have level 7 cards but I have built up over 20,000 coins so I want to upgrade my way to Level 7 soon (I’m a Level 6 Royal Arena). My Giant Level 1 witch deck still works.

  • -anime4theiwn-

    personally i think the best a9 deck is goblins,arrows,zap,elixir collector,giant,mini pekka,valk,princess (or if you dont have musketeer which works amazing) i pushed to 3200 with the musk option and to 3400 with the princess using 9/7(/1) cards

    • Will Potter

      The best decks right now are the ones which contain Poison xD

  • GamerDaily

    Its just my game or my shop are weird.. It have been like this for like months! normally your shop is C,R,E but mine is CCR RRE REE ect.. (C is common R is rare E is epic)

    • Terry Bert

      Mine too lol

    • Cheezy Pizza

      The shop is completely random and it’s not uncommon to have an occurrence like this.

      • GamerDaily

        Oh ok…

    • Will Potter

      It’s normal buddy!

      • GamerDaily

        Ok 😛

  • FishSaysMOO

    Hi Will, can you please consider this guide I made (I don’t know if I submitted it, the submit button was grey but I clicked on it and the page refreshed.

    Hi guys, Sean7391 here with you today, and I will be sharing an amazing Giant Witch Poison Deck for Arena 5+ that helped me get from 1400 to 1800 trophies in about an hour as a level 7! My friend used this deck and made it to Royal Arena easily as a level 8! I haven’t played recently, as I am on vacation, but I do believe you could push to Legendary Arena! I use Level 8 commons, Level 5 rares, Level 1 epics, and I play level 8’s mostly, but sometimes level 7’s and 9’s. So here is the deck:





    Spear Goblins




    What each card does:

    Giant: Is what the whole deck is based around. It is used as the tank and is the main damage dealer. Also, use this card in the final seconds to soak up damage from the opponent if they try to build a push.

    Witch: What is mostly paired with the Giant. It has great splash and is great against spammy, large groups of low-health troops. The skeletons she spawns are great for dealing with princes, mini pekkas, giant, and hog riders.

    Poison: Great on both offense and defense. It quickly clears all low health troops in its radius and slows down more tanky troops and weakens them in the process.

    Musketeer: Great support damage dealer, and is deadly when paired with a tank. It helps deal with many troops, like the Baby Dragon – it also chips away at tankier troops. Placing them behind a tower to help stop a push can give you an elixir profit. They also outrange cannons.

    Spear Goblins: One of the most versatile cards in the game. They are great support troops and can chip away at a tower. I also place them in the center to drag mini pekkas and princes.

    Skeletons: Are also very useful for their cost of one elixir – they can take down a mini pekka for the profit of 3 elixir if you place them properly. The can drag troops to get more chip off of a tanky troop if you have support troops further back.

    Fireball: This alone can stop spammy pushes and is great against minion hordes, barbs, and any other troops if you are pushing and you don’t have the poison in hand. They also help you get clutch victories, as they do direct damage to crown towers.

    Valkyrie: Is one of the best cards in the game. It is very tanky and has a powerful splash that can clear many support troops. Use it with support troops to create a fatal combo!

    Note: I didn’t talk much about combos above, but I will get there! Keep on reading!

    General Gameplan: At the start, if you have Giant, Witch, and Poison in your hand, I generally like to start a push by placing the Giant in the back and adding the witch and poison later. This can be risky, however, but it works a lot. Know what you are doing. If you don’t have one of those in your starting hand, I like to let the opponent play first and then counter what he uses for a positive elixir trade. If he plays first at the beginning, and you counter, then keep countering until you have enough of an elixir advantage to make a push. Once double elixir comes, try to not let them start many pushes and keep pressure on the opponent. I like to build as many pushes as possible. Here, I am sometimes able to build Witch + Giant + Poison + Musketeer + Spear Goblins from all of the positive elixir trades. If you make that combo, you have a guaranteed tower. A Valkyrie in front of the Giant is very useful too.

    Counters: (Parentheses shows the positive elixir trade, no parentheses represents that it is hard to calculate or there is no positive elixir trade)

    Mini Pekka, Prince, or Knight: Skeletons or Spear Goblins, in the middle, sometimes both (2 or 3, depending on which troop you are defending and if you are using only the skeletons, which only works against Mini Pekka, or both skeletons and spear goblins)

    Valkyrie: Chip away from a distance with Spear Goblins or Musketeer (2)

    Giant Pushes: Drop Witch in back so she spawns more skeletons, then separate the support troop(s) with Valkyrie. Add support troops if needed.

    Pig Pushes: Valkyrie w/skeletons and Spear Goblins, sometimes Musketeer behind tower if you want to make a counter push.

    Giant Balloon: Witch and Musketeer to deal with Giant, Spear Goblins in back to deal with Balloon. Not really a positive elixir trade but worth it if you don’t want a tower down.

    Barbs: Fireball, then let tower finish them off. (1)

    Golem: I like to pressure the other side with a cheaper push, like Valkyrie + Musketeer. Or, if he has a push going, Valkyrie or Fireball the support troops and then use Witch, Skeletons, and Spear Goblins to take out the Golem.

    Minion Horde: Poison or Fireball (1)

    The best combos: (Parentheses show elixir cost of push)

    Valkyrie + Musketeer (8)

    Giant + Witch + Poison (14)

    Giant + Musketeer + Spear Goblins (11)

    The Ultimate Combo (Double Elixir Time):

    Giant + Witch + Poison + Spear Goblins + Musketeer + Fireball (24)

    Chip Combo:

    Skeletons in front of Spear Goblins

    Hard Counters:

    Inferno Tower, or other buildings: Try using the cheaper Musketeer/Valk combo to bait it out. Or, put the Witch in front of the Giant.

    Hog Freeze: Try to commit less troops, and/or bait the freeze.

    So, there you have it. You might have a rough start, but afterwards, after playing it, you will get better! Last quick tip, try to practice the timing of your fireball or poison, for instance, when you have a push going (to defend against barbs, minion hordes of anything else)

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for sharing the great deck buddy! I will take a look and post it If it’s good enough. Cheers!

      • FishSaysMOO

        Thanks for posting it Will!

        • Will Potter

          Welcome buddy 😀

  • WestPKMN

    For the Arena 8 deck I sub Baby Dragon for Witch and Ice Wizard for Musketeer, and Minions for Zap.

  • ЯЎаи к

    What can you use to replace poison?

    • Terry Bert

      Fireball or freeze

    • Will Potter

      Fireball, maybe 😀

  • Lorenzo Minchio

    Lv 10 I’m using golem(4), 3 musketeers(9), elixir collector(7), princess(2), ice wizard(2), goblins(10), minions(10), fireball(8). Funny to ruin meta strategies and higher level players (I find lv11 common, lv8-9 rare, lv5-6 epic, lv3 legendaries)

    • Terry Bert

      Why are you telling us if you have lvl 3 legendaries no one cares

      • Cheezy Pizza

        Are you retarded.

    • cpearc00

      Uh, with those cards you should be around 3300-3500 or higher. I hit over 3300 with cards nowhere near that high.

      • Luigikimo

        I agree I’m about to be in frozen with a little lvl 6 rares and 5 rares but lvl 8 commons soooooo yeah…

  • Boaz Yang

    What lvl do the guards have to be to be effective?

    • Delta Taka

      3 is recommended

    • Will Potter

      At least level 2 buddy!

  • Shawn Rivera

    How about a sparky deck

    • Will Potter

      Sparky is not really good at the current meta game buddy!

      • King Bapalapashamalamadingdong

        will for the arena 7 and 8 deck how do you deal with giant pushes with troops like witch and musketeer behind the giant
        im only confident in killing the support troops with barbs or valk

        • dps

          it’s easy
          when u see a giant drop it far…not too far so the giant will go for it then drop the valk on support troops
          And the giant push is done!
          (Exept if u opponent has valk)

  • Shawn Rivera

    Close to legendary arena

  • Merciless

    made a arena 7 deck without the PRINCESS!!!

  • Merciless

    True man same here

  • Merciless

    But why does it says we need a princess when you use the prince in your video

    • Will Potter

      My bad buddy. Thank you a lot!

  • Zed Null

    Well I made it through arena 7 with the level 5 deck, which I upgraded a shit ton. They’re all super good and work well together you don’t neeeed the princess.

  • Will Potter

    You can use Trifecta instead buddy!

  • Blaze Stone

    I was just thinking that in the arena 7 deck and other giant poison beat down decks y don’t we try and replace giant by bowler. For eg. Bowler, collector, mini pekka, musketeer, poison, zap, princess/ice wiz, guards. Giant is easily killed by barbs but bowler can kill them easily as well as tank for the troops behind.

  • Luigikimo

    You can use prince over princess that’s what ash used and I use it and I haven’t lost a battle since including tournament and friendly battles it’s REALLY strong!!

  • Sara SaOud

    guys join my clan kings of dubai its really active 8000 donation per week

    • Will Potter

      Good luck with your Clan mate!

      • Sara SaOud

        join my clan will potter pls (free legendarys)

        • dps

          And how will u give them?

          • Sara SaOud

            idk LOL

        • Will Potter


  • lamepotato

    I would love a in depth poison guide! Also what are the recommended card levels for arena 6?

    • Will Potter

      I will make an in-depth guide for it soon :).
      At the moment, I recommend getting your Common to level 7 and Rare to level 5 at Arena 6 :).

      • lamepotato

        thanks! And i’m looking forward to it!

        • Will Potter

          How are you doing with it buddy?

          • lamepotato

            i’m not exactly sure what you’re trying to say but one of your hog decks got me to arena 7! =D

          • Will Potter

            It’s very very normal my friend. xD

          • lamepotato

            i know 😉

          • Will Potter

            I am not surprised because my decks are very good. LOL

          • lamepotato

            haha very funny. (seriously lol)

  • Mr.Randomly Random

    Thnx for the change, i really appreciate it, my prince is lvl 3 so this deck is just excellent!

    • Will Potter

      Glad to hear that bro 🙂

  • Aditya m

    Hurrrrray I have got miner from free chest. My luckiest day ever. I got my first legendary.

    • Will Potter

      xD Awesome. Good luck with him my friend!

  • Mutated Moldy Man

    Hey will I want to post my own deck but I want to also post video or live battle with it and I don’t know how to do that. Like the type ash or M4SON do. If you could explain to me how to do it or or send me a link or something it would be helpful

    • Will Potter

      Hey my friend,
      Sorry for being late.
      You can upload your video to Youtube then mention the video URL in your guide. That’s it man!

  • Mujtaba

    Lol that deck you shared on arena 7 can be used to get to arena 9 and is the most successful tournament deck.

    • Will Potter

      xD You are right mate

  • Aaron Nathaniel

    Hey Ash I’m a level 8 at 2200 trophys I have the ice spirts (only level 5) and I’m trying to get a free to play deck to stay in arena 8. I use your golem, baby dragon deck and it does good for me but sometimes just lose and I tried using the giant beat down deck but I don’t have ice wizard so had the archers can you suggest a deck to stay in arena 8 until I can get bowler, also I don’t have any legendary except log and don’t have dark prince yet.

    • Will Potter

      Did you give Trifecta a try buddy?

    • Watcher

      Try this deck, it has kept me at 2500-2600 for a while, still doing crown chests

      • Alex Wen

        Wow that’s impressive!

  • Nice T1ger 2000

    i use hog cycle deck stay in arena 9 and working for tournament ranking position 6 – 4.

    hog lvl 7
    musket lvl 7
    inferno lvl 7
    valkrie lvl 7
    skeleton lvl 9
    posion lvl 4
    elixir lvl 7
    zap lvl 10

    • Will Potter

      IMO I would like to use Mini P.E.K.K.A instead of Skeletons xD

    • Mujtaba

      There’s no level for elixir xD

  • Will Potter

    No problem buddy. Good luck further with your joirney!

  • Yannick Abbink

    I’m basically trying to run my princess miner deck and been between 2400 and 2650, but never higher than that.

    My deck is:
    Miner lvl 1
    Princess lvl 1
    Pump lvl 6
    Guards lvl 2
    Minion horde lvl 9
    Mini pekka lvl 7
    Zap lvl 10
    Ice Spirit lvl 8

    Is there anything that I could replace?

    And also, sometimes I make some mistakes and especially with sparky sometimes and lose the game like 3-1.

    I like reading on your site and you’re doing a great job with it. Keep it up man!

    • Joshua Collazo

      I also you a cycle deck with miner , I’m currently using
      1. Miner
      2. Ice Wizard
      3. Mini Pekka
      4. Fireball
      5. Inferno Tower
      6. Fire Spirits
      7. Musketeer
      8. Zap

      I made my way to 3300+ with this deck . Highest rate I have is lvl 7. My clan is called WAKE THE BEAST. I can show you how to use it . Instead of Ice Wizard put the princess.

    • Will Potter

      Your deck is great buddy.
      Try to play more. I am pretty sure that you can push further with the deck :D.

  • Herondale

    I have unlocked all common, rates, and epics (no legendaries) in the game through Arena 7. Now I’m stuck in the 2000 area using a hog trifecta but I can’t reach frozen peak. I tried a PEKKA double prince deck but it didn’t work for me. What can I use to push to Frozen Peak? (I have a Ievel 8 royal giant)

    • Will Potter

      My friend pushed from Arena 5 to Arena 9 with Trifecta. Trifecta is working very well for sure. Just keep playing and improve yourself buddy :D.

  • D-Mate19

    So I shared a very similar guide and the doesn’t get posted. Then a YouTuber does it and gets a post and “best decks” are everywhere? Seems a bit off

    • Will Potter

      I am so sorry If this makes you upset buddy but your deck is very similar to the other ones. Even Ash’s article contains your deck, it still lists other very interesting ones.
      Please understand this and don’t be upset. You are one of the best fans of my blog!

      • D-Mate19

        It wasn’t a specific deck. It was a deck guide similar to this called “decks for pushing in every arena” that never got posted because it want good enough. And I’m fine, no need to sound so protective lol. I will always visit the site no matter what

        • Will Potter

          I don’t want to discontent anyone. You know :(.

  • everways

    and once again i hit a wall because i dont have the damn poison spell

    • Will Potter

      Poison is definitely a great spell but I believe that there are still lots of other ways helping you push to Arena 9!

      • everways

        Yeah, ive got a pretty good one. i just unlocked poison yesterday, crown chests ftw!

        • Will Potter

          Haha glad to hear that buddy! Congrats!

  • ClashRoyaleKing

    I’m a Level 9 in Arena 8 stuck at 2300-2400 trophies, but with no legendaries still :(. What should I use? I’m using a Giant-Witch, which is working okay, and trying out a P.E.K.K.A-Three Musketeers, which is okay, but kind of cheap.

    • Giant-Hog-Elixir Collector-Spear Gobs-Arrows-Archers-Barbs-Minion Horde

      Recognize it?
      (It’s Jason’s deck)

      • ClashRoyaleKing

        Thanks you guys!

    • Will Potter

      Try Giant Poison or Hog Trifecta a try buddy! Good luck!

  • Aayush Rai

    i am in arena 7 at 2062 trophies. my card levels for giant-poison are:
    Giant -lvl6
    Poison -lvl3
    Pump -lvl5
    Zap -lvl8
    Mini PEKKA -lvl5
    Musketeer -lvl6
    Guards -lvl1/ Minions -lvl8
    Prince -lvl3
    Should I use this deck? Also please tell me which should I use Guards or Minions.
    I also have two legendary cards, Lava Houd -lvl1 and The Log -lvl1.
    I also wanted to ask whether I could join Altar of Heroes/Altar of Royale.

    • everways

      lmao the log

      • logan

        tbh honeest i have log and its a good card it stalls tanks from defenese kills the deadly rare cards with tons of damge such as hog valk muski and mini and wipes every splash other then minion horde so i carry muski zap basicslly trifecta it got me to almost legend league

        • everways

          dont get me wrong, i think the log is a great card. its just hilarious

          • PoisonKnight

            yeah, log is under rated

  • I reached Royal Arena and got a crown chest at the same time. I opened it, and got 1 royal giant and some other cards, and in the end I got a giant skeleton. I wanted guards. 🙁

    • Will Potter

      You just got to Arena 7 and Guards are the Epic card. Be patient man xD

  • Rasya Fawwaz

    try out this deck:
    giant,poison,witch,mini pekka,musketer,canon,fire spirits,zap. it works just like a normal giant witch deck and its cheap only cost 3.6 and if any valk came up kill it with a mini pekka

  • Carlos Subero

    I got a really good deck I pushed from arena 4 to arena 8 with it its valk (lvl 7) spear gobs (lvl 8) barbs (lvl 9) ice wiz (lvl 1) Fire spirits (lvl 9) Zap (lvl 8) and Witch (lvl 3)

  • Winston Ou

    Got three straight three crowns from the deck!!

    • Will Potter

      Nice one. Thank you a lot Winston :D.

  • Hirman Bin Harun

    Hi Will, I submitted my deck yesterday don’t know if you receive it or not. My deck is pretty lame but it’s keep me at Frozen Peak all this while and reach Legendary at 3045. My deck is:-

    Barbarians Lv11
    Archers Lv 11
    Spear Goblins Lv10
    Minion Horde Lv10
    Musketeer Lv7
    Elixir Collector Lv7
    Fireball Lv7
    Arrows Lv10

    Give it a try please…..

    • Will Potter

      I will post it If it’s good enough buddy. Thank you very much!

  • KeiKoa Kamalani


  • Dimitris

    My arena 4 deck
    Mini P.E.K.K.A.
    Fire Balls
    Baby Dragon

  • Onkar

    In Gaint bowler deck can i substitute mini pekka with lumberjac?

    • logan

      yes if anything its better with the rage effect on the giant which will allow you to do more damage also it hit way faster then the pekka

    • Will Potter

      Yes, of course you can do that buddy! Good luck!

  • Onkar

    In Gaint bowler deck can i substitute mini pekka with lumberjack? And my bowler is lvl3 is it gud for pushing me to legendry arena……

  • Gabriel Yin-Dolvig

    Just pushed to 2400 trophies using this hog-princess-trifecta deck. I am currently a level 8 with 8/5/3/1 level cards. (common-legendary). Here are the cards.

    Hog Rider

    Give it a try. I find it helpful to cycle your cards quickly, without giving your opponent an opening to push during double elixir. The strategy is pretty obvious, as there are many similar decks out there.

    • Will Potter

      Nice one! Thanks for sharing this buddy! I really appreciate it!

  • Andrew Brown

    Thank you for your fantastic blog. I have been using Golem, Witch, Poison, Prince, Elixir, Inferno Tower, Baby Dragon and Mirror. I maxed out at 2050 so i switched dragon with mega minion and fire spirits with mirror. had better luck but now stuck at 2200. i also find myself struggling to play faster more offensive decks since I’ve played this slow one so long. suggestions?

    • Will Potter

      It’s just about to improve yourself and your card buddy. Watch your replays and find your mistakes. Also, don’t over-commit!

  • Thorsten Heinke

    I pushed to 4000+ with this Deck:

    Rocket Lv.8
    Barbs Lv.11
    Hog Lv.8
    Musketeer Lv. 8
    Mortar Lv. 11
    Icewizard Lv. 2
    Fire Spirits Lv.11
    Log Lv.1

    My Clan: No Man Skys
    My Name: MagnaMagni

  • JaredSlayer 103

    i have a great deck that boosted me from builder’s workshop it was based on giant poison and it boosted me to frozen peak at the highest before i got my sparky. This was the deck:

    • Will Potter

      Good deck! Thanks for sharing this mate!

  • JaredSlayer 103

    last week i dropped trophies to try to get the lava hound…that failed:( so I’m back into frozen peak at my highest (2545 trophies). The day before that i think it was the night of 9/21 i got a sparky from a free chest at around 2200 trophies before dropping but this deck got me to mid frozen peak (i just replaced the barbs with sparky)

  • VanisH

    Yesterday I’ve pushed to 3014 with recent deck:

    -Minion army lvl.9
    -Goblins lvl.9
    -Ice Wizz lvl.1
    -Zap lvl.9
    -Fireball lvl.7
    -Inferno Tower lvl.7
    -Hog Rider lvl.7
    -Elixir Colector lvl.6

    Really cool deck to climb with, able to counter pretty everything when played well (as long as zap ain’t destroying your minions :v)

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for sharing this deck mate! xD

  • weirdo

    hi guys i just changed my profile to clash royale it looks super cute

    • Will Potter

      Haha yea I see it!

  • OnMyMomsAccount


  • OnMyMomsAccount

    Seems legit

  • Chaos

    I have a great Giant Skeleton deck, which I normally win with. Any suggestions? By the way, I am in Arena 6.

  • Reaper

    Hey I have an Awesome Deck! I’ve put the ice Golem to good use and currently have it at level 2 but I’m currently at frozen peak and it’s a awesome cheap beat down deck! Please Reply for more info.

  • Reaper

    Hey guys Ive made an awesome Ice Golem Beat down deck Ive won a tournament with it and also beat a level 11. -> Dont Worry about this // Continued \ level 11. My ice golem is currently level 2 but it works just fine. Reply Will if you want info for this unique deck. I hit level 10 and was like oh my gosh I’m getting whooped by these Legendaries. But believe me I don’t have a single Legendary but I’m in frozen peak. I’ve beat just about every troop with this deck.

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for the great share Reaper!!

  • allen zheng

    Can you use the arena 9 deck in arena 8

    • Will Potter

      Yes of course 🙂

  • Clement Wu (GoldenCow5678)

    I have a descent deck:
    Giant Skeleton
    Baby Dragon
    Elixer Pump

  • Ayushya1

    So I found this giant balloon deck online and I swear to god it is amazing. I have been stuck at 2700 for around 1 month and in less than a week of using this giant balloon deck I reached legendary arena (today afternoon). The original deck contains a wizard and I had the princess, so I swapped out the two and I think it suits me better.

    My Deck:
    Giant: Giant is very hated right now, but you should try it out. It’s got great health and DPS for just five elixir, and will provide great cover for the balloon.

    Balloon: This card has one of the highest DPS in the game and it is DEADLY. I always play this card with the giant together because the opponent’s tower will always target the giant before the balloon even if they are placed together and the balloon looks like it is ahead. I play the giant on the bridge and the balloon right next to it (so it looks likes it is shoved in corner. )

    Tombstone: Overall this 3 elixir card is great defense and distractor. As prince and giant decks are very popular these days, this card will counter the prince’s charge and will also serve as a defense for the giant.

    Goblins: Great card for distraction and just an overall great cheap card that doesn’t need much explanation.

    Arrows: This 3 elixir card is KEY for this deck to succeed against decks that have minions or minion horde. Always have arrows ready to fire in your hand when your giant and balloon and approaching the tower so the minions will die immediately.

    Princess: This is a great card overall no matter the deck. For 3 elixir you are getting great range and decent damage on offense or defense. I usually play this card from the back of my king tower when I don’t have my elixir pump because a princess can never do harm for you and won’t die immediately by opponent’s tower. (If you do not have princess, try using the wizard as he is a great card to play with the giant if you do not have the balloon, as he can wipe out minions and any cheap card in 1 blow. )

    Elixir Pump: No need for explanation of this amazing card. Overall you will only make profit from this card. Try to always play this card first because a elixir advantage is a good factor of winning any battle

    Minion Horde: This is overall your main killer/ defender for your deck. If your opponent panics and uses arrows on something else in your deck, try placing your horde on the bridge or use it on defense against a hog or a giant, as it amazing at dealing damage.

    And thats an overall break down of my deck!

    • Will Potter

      Awesome! Thanks for the great share my friend!