Best Clash Royale Bowler Deck for Arena 8 and Arena 9

Okay guys today I am going to show you a stunning new Clash Royale Bowler Deck for Frozen Peak (Arena 8) and Legendary Arena (Arena 9). This deck was made and shared by Ash. I am pretty sure that you will like it!

Clash Royale Bowler Deck

Clash Royale Bowler Deck for Arena 8 and 9

Yesterday I have received a pack of Bowlers from the Super Magical Chest so I decided to give this deck a try. Since yesterday, I have been getting a lot of success with this deck and getting numerous 3 crown wins in Arena 9.

Although Bowler is a stunning ranged splash troop and is pretty bulky, making a good deck for this guy is such a challenge as he costs up to 6 Elixir and targets ground troops only. He still needs support, and Giant is his main support in this deck.

Bowler + Giant is such an insane and powerful combo which has over 5000 HP. Can you guys take this combo down with ease? Unless you have a well protected Inferno Tower! Also, the Bowler complements the Giant extremely well! Bowler can easily get rid of threat such as Goblins, Barbarians as well as push back heavy hitters such as the Mini P.E.K.K.A. The main weakness of this deck is the Minion Horde. In order to deal with them, it’s recommended to use Arrows, instead of Fireball or Zap. Zap is not enough to 1 hit Minion Horde and Fireball costs more Elixir than Arrows.

Fire Spirits are another extremely useful support that you can use in almost every deck these days. These guys will help you easily deal with Barbarians and Minion Horde. Read more about the best uses of Fire Spirits at here. Musketeer is used because she has a perfect attack range which helps her protect the Giant + Bowler combo from far behind.

Because this deck is pretty weak against air decks, air-targeting defensive building is a must. You can use either Tesla or Inferno Tower, but due to the Average Elixir Cost, it’s better to use the Tesla in this deck.

How to use this deck?

Take a look at this video guys!

Okay guys thank you a lot for reading this short guide about of Bowler. Hopefully you have found this deck helpful. Don’t hesitate to comment If you have any question/advice. Good luck!

  • Ankush Barman

    Didn’t lava hound used to be a legendary???

    It is not an option in the poll for worst legendary

    • Will Potter

      Sorry, it’s my bad bro xD

  • Darkaine

    Level 11…ugh and level 5 bowler?? I just got to 2 lol

    • Will Potter

      Yes, but why do you care about the Bowler? It depends on your trophy buddy!

      • Darkaine

        Well I’m in legendary so I need him higher level really is all.

      • -anime4theiwn-

        you think this works if opponent uses inferno tower as there is no zap to reset etc.?

        • Will Potter

          Each deck has its own direct counter. If you face Inferno Tower, it’s better to play for a draw :D.

  • Ishmam

    Can I use ice wizard or princess in place of any of these? Also will a lvl 2 bowler even work in Arena 9??

    • woosh

      Either could be used over Fire Spirits, but I think Spirits are better. You could make an argument for ice wizard over musket, but again I feel like the current line up is better without either of these cards.

    • Will Potter

      Hello Ishman,
      You can try to use Ice Wizard instead of Fire Spirits. I don’t think that Princess would work well in this deck!

  • AlexDaManGames

    Can I replace arrows with zap?

    • Tyrant

      He said you probably shouldn’t.

    • Chained Chaos

      Yes imo.But depends on your playstyle.If you wanna one-shot princesses/minion horde,use arrows.But i have more trouble with inferno,so i prefer zap.

    • Will Potter

      You shouldn’t as Zap can’t 1 hit Minion Horde, the hardest counter of this deck!

  • Anon

    Now all I need is the bowler

    • Will Potter

      xD Hopefully you can get him soon!


    have level 4 dark prince but no bowler 🙁

  • Sanket Mistry

    Amazing! – I got free Clash Royale gems here! Get yous too in less than two minutes!! Everybody is already using free gems from here.(HCE478iqsU)

  • Michael Malley

    inferno tower > this deck

  • elnath78

    how the fuk u have 250k+ gems?? is it a hacked version of the game?

    • Will Potter

      He charged a bit into game to create the Tournament!

  • CardCounterer

    Finally got the Bowler in shop. Gonna buy it with 70 gems. Not enough gold. Still doesn’t have ice spirit!

  • logan

    i have bowler pump pekka valkorie musketeer both spirits and a zap i use it as defense counter deck any opinions.

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