Battle Ram Poison Control Deck

Hey guys! My name is Blaze Stone and this is my first CRA guys and hopefully in future you may see many more guides by me.

I am a playing Clash Royale since Global Launch and am also a regular visitor of CRA.

Battle Ram Poison Control Deck

Battle Ram Poison Control Deck

Today, I am going to show you my Battle Ram Poison Control Deck which I created a few days back after I lost many trophies with my old deck. This deck helped me recover those trophies and even push higher with my highest at 4297 trophies with card levels 11/7.6/5/2! Hoping to reach Challenger II. Now without further delay let’s see the cards!

Cards Breakdown

Clash Royale Battle RamClash Royale PoisonClash Royale ValkyrieClash Royale Ice Wizard
Clash Royale ArchersClash Royale Inferno TowerClash Royale ZapClash Royale Minions

Battle Ram: Battle Ram seems a pretty underrated card in the current meta but in this guide I will show you all how strong it is and how to make the most of it.

Battle Ram is the main win condition of this deck. At tournament levels a Battle Ram deals 246 damage and 492 while charging. After hitting a building, the Ram is destroyed leaving two Barbarians to deal the damage. Your main is to make the Battle Ram reached the tower.

More Tips on how to do this below!

Valkyrie: Valkyrie is not seen much since the Trifecta died out but still she is quite a great card and has a good synergy with the Battle Ram.

Use her on offense by placing the Ram behind her so that it pushes her while she tanks and clears the way for the Ram. Use her on defense to clear out swarms, glass cannons, Barbarians.

She is good counter to Elite Barbarians but as they are mostly over leveled she can’t take care of the herself so you got to use Ice Wizard or Archers along with her.

Poison: Poison was my most favorite card before it’s slow down effect was removed. I still miss that but the not so recent buff is quite good too. Even though its damage was reduced by a small main is duration was decreased which resulted in a higher DPS making this cad great again.

Now, it can one shot Skeletons and that’s the main reason I used it because Battle Ram is mostly countered by Skeleton Army. It is also good against Graveyard, swarms, Hordes, glass cannons like Musketeer, Wizard etc. When coupled with Ice Wizard you could get the slowdown effect again.

Ice Wizard: Ice Wizard is the only legendary card in this deck and is quite necessary on defense. With its slowdown effect you get and extremely great defensive capability as well as the Control over your opponent when coupled with Poison. Use it on defense and convert it into counterpush with Ram + Valkyrie.

Zap: Zap is one of my favorite card but the damage nerf still hurts sometimes. However I still use it as it has great value.

Zap is a self-explanatory card so I don’t need to tell u why I use it. Instead, I tell you why I use it over the Log. IMO Log is a quite good card but it never matches Zap (my personal opinion of course). Zap is common card while the Log is a legendary so u can easily power upgrade it and use on the ladder. I use Log only at places with tourney caps.

Zap can reset the charges of Infernos and Sparky which the Log cannot. Zap is instant while the Log is a bit slow so you need to predict whether the opponent uses a Skeleton Army/Goblin Gang if you want to defend your Ram. BUT if the opponent uses Minions or Horde, Zap is a better option because it can stun them and weaken them giving the support the opportunity to kill the easily. However, it’s up to you what you want to use.

Minions: Minions are one of the most used cards right now and they are so good that I use them in all of my decks… earlier this position was to Zap but I have to use Log in tourneys and challenges. Use Minions to kill glass cannons, miners, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Valkyrie and even Hog if your Inferno tower is out of rotation.

Archers: Archers are cheap and are used mainly to distract and defend. They have a good range and damage and decent health allowing them to deal a good amount of damage while melee troops come towards them.

Mostly use them to start your game or cycle by placing them at the back and splitting them to deal chip damage on both towers.

Read more about Archers at here!

Inferno Tower: Inferno tower is a quite popular defensive building so I don’t have much to say about it. Use it to kill tanks and win conditions right from Hog Riders to Golems and Lava Hounds.


It is the best counter to ROYAL GIANT however remember to protect it from the Zap+Minions by using your Ice Wizard.

Now that you have seen the cards let’s see the game play!

General Gameplay:

3:00 – 2:00 :

The first minute is basically for knowing your opponent’s cards, his/her play style, win condition and counter to your Battle Ram. Wait for about ten seconds for your opponent to play a card. If he/she doesn’t do the following:

  • Play test your Ram to see what your opponent uses to counter it.
  • Split Archers behind the king to deal some chip damage.
  • Place Minions in back of one tower. Minions can’t be ignored because they deal lot of damage so opponent will surely use something to counter them.
  • Place Ice Wizard behind your king to actually begin the battle. (Not recommended as Ice Wizard is your strongest defensive card and opponent may take the opportunity to attack. Use it if nothing happens for a long time and you don’t have anyone one of the above cards.

2:00 – 1:00

Defend against your opponent deal some chip damage. Try to do weak counter pushes by using troops left on defense and Battle Ram. Only do a strong counter push if u have a great Elixir advantage.

1:00 – 0:00 and Overtime:

Now that it’s finally double Elixir! Start do stronger counter pushes. Now use Battle Ram + Poison in every counter push.

By now you may have understood what your opponent uses to counter your Ram so always push with cards that counter his/her defenses.

Use the strongest push Valkyrie + Battle Ram + Ice Wizard + Poison (Zap if needed) quite often to pressure. It is sort of like shifting from control to offensive mode.

If you think it’s too expensive, the thing is to either defend and the counter push with this or place your Valkyrie behind the king then place Ice Wizard when she crossed the crown tower and use Battle Ram to push Valkyrie and Poison the whole area as per your judgement. This judgement depends on the place opponent places his cards to defend. This is a very strong push and if successful decimates a tower.

More tips below!

Against popular decks:

Hog Cycle: Most Hog cycles have a specific pattern of placing their cards when they are going to push which you usually see by their second or third push. If you see the opponent using the pattern pressure him/her on the other lane with Ram+support but never over commit and always cycle to your Inferno.

Lava Loon/Airfecta: Once you see the opponent place the hound use Valk+Ram on the other lane. these decks usually have limited ground to ground defense and these cards are mostly tombstone, Skeleton Army and Goblin Gang. Valkyrie can easily kill them and you also have Zap so you deal lot of damage. These results the opponent in wasting a lot of Elixir and you can defend the weak push with Inferno+Ice Wiz. Use other cards if needed.

Golem decks: The technique is similar as with Lava Hound. However, remember to execute Valk+Ram as soon as the tank is placed so that you can collect Elixir for Inferno. If you place it late you wont have enough for Inferno.

Giant: Its similar as the above however as giant is cheaper use Ram+Minions as you need Valkyrie for glass cannons and the opponent also have more Elixir after placing the giant than the above tanks.

Royal Giant decks: Inferno tower. Beware of Minions + Zap so use Ice Wizard for it. Always ready Valkyrie for Elite barbs a s they are used many times in Royal Giant decks.

Also in all of the above cases, don’t place Inferno to close to the river as a card like Musketeer can damage it and with Zap even distract it. Electro Wizard does the same even without Zap.

Tips for using Battle Ram:

Finally, the last part of the guide. As I said before, Battle Ram is an underrated card and most people don’t know how to use it. Some compare it with Hog Rider and think that Hog is much better. So the first tip is related to it:

  • Battle Ram seems like a cross between Hog Rider and the prince. Its mechanics are quite similar to those cards but yet it is altogether completely different from them. SO don’t treat it like a Hog or a prince as after its clash with a building it no longer works like them and has a bit Elite barb kind of thing of damaging a tower. So basically, a Battle Ram is “A troop which targets buildings like a Hog, has the charge effect of a prince and after clashing leaves behind two Barbarians whose work is to deal damage to the tower like the Elite barbs.” Simple right?;0
  • Its sight is quite less than all building targeting cards so in other words, a Battle Ram ignores buildings who are kept more towards the other lane. Many people think that it will get distracted like a Hog but it doesn’t so exploit this and use it to your advantage. Also if your opponent places something like tombstone or furnace, place your Battle Ram in the lane in which the spawn troops don’t go. (This only works if the buildings is not in the exact center or near to the bridge.
  • Battle Ram’s greatest counter is a building. However, my experience using it says that very few people actually use a building to counter it. Mostly, I have seen people using Skeleton Army, Goblin Gang, Minions, barbs and Elite barbs. So if you know what the opponent uses, push accordingly. For Skeleton Army, Minions or Goblin Gang, Zap or Poison is enough with Battle Ram. For both barbs use Valk+ Battle Ram (Ice Wiz or Poison if needed). The barbs will attack Valkyrie while the goes straight to the tower. The strongest oush mentioned above easily takes care of them.
  • Battle Ram+ Minions is actually a good push if you also use Zap cause the Ram and later the barbs tank for the Minions who wreck the tower while the Minions also help to clear its counters when coupled with Zap.
  • Battle Ram can be used defensively in two ways: 1) It can tank shots from a glass cannon or even other troops as a Ram and after the Ram is destroyed the barbs will damage them and with the help of crown tower u can kill them. 2) You can use Battle Ram to kite troops by placing it at a center like you do with a ice Golem and use Archers to damage the kited troops. The thing is that it works better than ice Golem because soon the Ram gets the charge and it quickly escapes and then the enemy troops will come to Archers who will be in the cross-fire zone so both towers will kill the enemy troops. And in all this sometimes, the Battle Ram gets sort of unnoticed and deals damage to the opposing towers.
  • If you face some opponent who doesn’t have any building to distract Battle Ram you can use it to finish of a low health tower if you support it properly.
  • The Barbarians spawn one behind the other. This is sometimes bad and sometimes good. In the early periods of the match this is good as you can get some chip damage from one barb while the other is distracted. However, in overtime this is bad as you desperately need the damage of the second barb to destroy the tower quickly.

These are all the tips I wanted to give. Hope you enjoy reading the guide and playing with the deck. Ask me about anything in the comments!

By Blaze Stone,