Battle Ram Chip Deck for Arena 9+

Hello its $wag Money, with my first deck on CRA, featuring Battle Ram!

Battle Ram has been officially released about half a week ago, but was featured in its own Special Challenge, allowing people to try it out and possibly earn a couple or a lot of Battle Rams for their own collection.

Battle Ram Chip Deck for Arena 9+

The damage Battle Ram does to a tower while charging is nothing to shame at, about the same damage as a Rocket. While not charging, the damage is about the same as a Hog, and the pair of Barbarians do about the same damage as well.

This deck is very dynamic; obviously your main win condition is Battle Ram, but constant chipping from Poison and Furnace make it possible to secure those close neck victories.

I recommend playing this deck in challenges or tournaments, because a low level Furnace won’t do any chip damage at all. However, if you enjoy it, you can use on ladder as well. Not a really good deck for Crown Farming, but unlike Spell-bait it doesn’t get weaker after taking down one tower.

Clash Royale Battle RamClash Royale FurnaceClash Royale Ice GolemClash Royale Poison
Clash Royale GuardsClash Royale ExecutionerClash Royale Ice WizardClash Royale The Long

Cards Breakdown:

Battle Ram: As it is recently released, it is understandable that few have unlocked this card or its too underlevel for their tier. However, I still feel its use rate is still quite low. Battle Ram has slightly less HP than Hog Rider, not counting the Barbs.

It also moves slower when not charging, and pops when it lands a first attack. This makes it vulnerable to Tombstone, Cannon, other buildings, Log, Electro Wizard, Zap, and anything else that can successfully take down a Hog Rider. However, Battle Rams damage is not to be sniffed at, and it also provides extra power in the form of two Barbarians.

Some things to note: Barbarians spawn vertically, so if it hits the Arena Tower, one of the Barbarians will not be in range to attack the tower.

If a Log, Bowler, or Executioner destroys the Ram, the projectile/spell will hit both Barbarians if timed right, or just clip the last one.

Battle Ram is also decent on defense, providing a quick meatshield to soak up damage, then Barbarians to help clean up.

Redirection can also be possible with Battering Ram.

Ice Golem: Whats not to love about this guy? The perfect mini-tank comes with utility, beef, and a death nova slows and kills Skeletons.

On offense, he goes in front of your Battle Ram, so Ice Golem takes the brunt of the damage from defending units and towers.

Ram will shove Ice Golem forward when charging, just like Hog.

Upon death, his death nova is great for clearing out Skeletons that may take down the Ram or distract the Barbarians. On defense, he can redirect troops such as PEKKA and also take focus fire from supporting troops.

Hes a quick option for defending against Graveyard as well and other Skeletons.

Furnace: A great building, so long as its high enough of a level the damage from Fire Spirits can quickly add up. Its also nice for redirecting building targeting troops like Lavahound and Hog Rider.

The spawned Fire Spirits are great for chipping, defending swarms, and supporting your offensive pushes.

“It also makes great brick-oven pancakes.”

Place it 2 tiles in front of your King Tower, this is to keep it more safer from Miners, within aggro range to redirect building targeting troops (not including Pig Pushes and Flying units), and more importantly out of reach from Dart Goblin.

Poison: The buff was well needed and will certainly help Poison return and find a niche in the meta.

Being able to one shot Skeletons makes Poison extra useful now, making it also a good answer to Graveyard.

On offense, use it to damage towers and distracting buildings alike and whatever defending troops in the radius, as well as denying your opponent an area to place down swarm troops like Skeleton Army to deal with your push.


If you have nothing better to do Poison Furnaces, Goblin Huts, Tombstone, and Elixir Collector, but its better to wait for something else to damage in the area as well.

With careful predictions of your opponents Battle Ram counter you can place Poison down in the area you think your opponent will place counters to maximize your chances of getting Battle Ram to the tower.

Guards: With Poison becoming more powerful, I take Guards now over Skeleton Army. They still both serve the same purpose; distracting powerful units.

Guards being more Posion-proof are a good answer to the now powerful Miner+Poison combo. Careful placement can also allow Guards to answer other threats like Executioner and Bowler.

Great for taking out backline support troops such as Musketeer as well.

You can choose to run Skeleton Army or even Skeletons depending on your playstyle, I chose Guards because it makes my defense more solid and less counterable.

Executioner: Yep, this guys here too. His nerf does put him in his place, hes still quite popular but more bearable now. Another go-to defending troop, for clearing swarms and taking out support troops while hitting the front-tank.

You’ll often be using him on defense, then supporting him for a counterpush.

He provides powerful help on offensive, clearing any swarm troops that your opponent sends out to stop your Ram, as well as providing more damage.

Executioner can take out a weakened Tombstone and its spawned Skeletons when low enough, which is greatly beneficial for helping your Ram reach the tower.

Ice Wizard: Another helpful troop on defense that can be supported for a powerful counterattack.

His chilly attacks are great for slowing down tanks, as there really is no hard “tank-killer” troop or building in this deck.

On offense, his slowing attacks provide more support in dealing with the Arena Towers, defending buildings, or defending troops.

I take him over Electro Wizard because Ice Wizard is cheaper and more beefier, and also has a small splash range.

The Log: Still the best legendary in the game.

The Zap nerf just made Log even more important, as it is the most safest counter to Goblin Barrel now. Besides that, Log just about anything, Skeleton Army, Princesses, and anything else in need of a knockback.

Tossing in a Log with your Battle Ram pushes can be a well-played when you are confident in your opponents Battle Ram counters, namely Barbarians and Skeleton Army.

General Gameplan:

This deck focuses on three things in the early game: Rush Pushing, Chipping, and Counterpushing.

Rush Pushing is by quickly pushing with one of your combo. Usually just an Ice Golem+Battle Ram, just to get a feel for what your opponents counter is or when your opponent is low on Elixir or out of cycle. If they do counter successfully it puts you at an elixir disadvantage, in which case you should play slightly more defensively and wait for a good moment.

Chipping: While off-Battle Ram cycle, your sustained damage comes from constant Furnace and Poison Chipping. Your Furnace should be high enough to allow the second Fire Spirit to reach the tower and deal damage. Poison is used on Huts or Spawners, Elixir Pumps, or pretty much anything. Poison will kill Musketeer and Electro Wizard if they stay in the Poison for the full duration. Poison and Fire Spirits from Furnace also aid in your Battle Ram pushes.

Counterpushing takes into account the defending troops that you used to support your pushes even farther. Ice Wizard, Guards, and Executioner are great in defending, and can boost your pushes by clearing away or crippling counters. Counterpush when you successfully defend an opponents push with a ton of excess elixir, otherwise it would be better to let your defenders do some chip damage or force your opponent to waste more elixir.

Post 2x Elixir, you’ll be able to have enough elixir to support big pushes.

Here are some lists of combos to do with this deck:

  • Ice Golem + Battle Ram: Pretty standard, will do devestating damage if ignored.
  • Ice Golem + Battle Ram + Furnace: Fire Spirits provide additional coverage against Swarm air units, and will also asist in taking out a Tombstone.
  • Ice Golem + Battle Ram + Poison +Furnace: Even more coverage, as Posion completely nullifies an area, preventing your opponent from putting down Skeleton Army or Minion Horde or even Barbarians. Also Poison helps take out any defensive buildings before hand.

Of course, all combos above include any defensive units you have left over, including any other things like Log.

Thank you for reading my guide! This is my first guide, so theres bound to be plenty of mistakes and errors, so I wish you can comment and help me improve. See you in the Arena!