Battle Ram Chip Deck for Arena 9+ (Free-to-Play)

Hello everyone! SparkyIsLife back again and today I will be showing you guys a F2P Chip Deck for Arena 9 plus.

I know a lot of you are stuck in the lower arena’s and the decks that are posted just have too many legendaries for us F2P players. This deck works really well in tournaments and is good on the ladder as well!

I played it for my friend at it helped him reach Hog Mountain as a level 8!

Let’s get into the cards!

F2P Chip Control Deck

Clash Royale Battle RamClash Royale Goblin BarrelClash Royale BowlerClash Royale Inferno Tower
Clash Royale Goblin GangClash Royale MinionsClash Royale PoisonClash Royale Zap

Does very well against Elite BarbsNot all replacements work as well
Very spammy and annoyingDecently high skill

Cards Breakdown

Battle Ram: The Battle Ram is a great win condition and my 2nd favorite card! (Sparky is my favorite of course) The Ram runs into buildings, doing major damage and spawns 2 Barbarians that will take the tower all the way down to 0 if ignored. (Replacements: Miner or Hog)

Goblin Barrel: The Goblin Barrel is a great chippy, annoying, spell baity threat! Paired with a Battle Ram it can do critical damage on the tower. The Barrel is hard to deal with if you don’t have the correct spells and if ignored, does more damage than a Rocket! (Replacements: Miner or GY)

Bowler: The Bowler is an amazing defensive card and survives any spell in the game. He counters Elite Barbs and Hog Rider very well, which are the 2 most used win conditions in Arena 9,10 and 11. Then throw a Ram in front for a nice counterpush. (Replacements: None)

Inferno Tower: Inferno Tower shreds every win condition in the game except Elite Barbs and Goblin Barrel. Your tank shredder and main defence.


Goblin Gang: The Goblin Gang is a really great card. You can split it, apply pressure, bait out Logs and Zaps and defend with the high DPS. The Gang can also hit air and knock down a Minion + Mega Minion combo. It is also good against Graveyard. (Replacements: Skarmy)

Minions: Minions are a wonderful card. High DPS, air targeting, flying and behind any mini tank or tank can’t be ignored. Minions can also take out a lone Musketeer or E-Wiz for a positive elixir trade.


Poison: Poison is great for chipping and burning down towers and removing any small to medium troops from the board. It does well against pump and 3 Musketeers as well!

(Replacement: Fireball)

Zap: It’s Zap. Do I really have to explain? Replace with Arrows but it is really just a preference thing.


General Gameplan:

With this deck, you really want to apply a lot of pressure.

Start off by either throwing a Battle Ram, splitting a Goblin Gang, sending a Goblin Barrel or splitting Minions to cycle to one of those cards.

This is a very cheap, spammy deck. You have to apply a lot of pressure and keep sending out Rams, Gangs and Barrels. Your opponent must be focused on defense. Keep the upper hand and don’t overextend yourself.

Too many times I have seen people make too big of elixir disadvantages and were not able to keep the pressure up, allowing their opponent to get enough elixir to crack through your defense.

This deck is 3.6 so it should be played like a Fast/Medium Control Deck as shared by Blaze Stone who knows much more about control then me.


By mid game you should know your opponent’s card rotation, main counters, win condition and spells.

The rotation and what he uses to counter you are extremely important. Knowing the rotation, you can predict your opponent’s counters, especially if he falls into a habit. Good players will not fall into a habit, so the rotation memorization is very important.

This is a high skill deck and memorizing rotation is difficult.

Also, knowing your opponent’s spell rotation and elixir will let you know when it is a good time to send in a big push, bait a spell or just try to chip away.

Keep chipping away with Battle Ram + Poison, Goblin Barrels, Split Goblin Gangs and Poisoning. Don’t overcommit, just focus on making positive trades. If you overcommit, you will always be punished by a significant amount of damage or a tower.

In OT, this is where you put your elixir advantage to use.

Use your Poison with your Ram almost all the time and just burn that tower down to nothing.

You shouldn’t have trouble defending as your defense is very solid.

Just keep burning those towers down. (Burn baby burn, disco inferno. Burn baby burn….(I think I am stuck in the 90’s)


Elite Barbs: Ahhhh…. Elite Barbs are very prominent in Jungle Arena. Thankfully, Bowler, Goblin Gang and Battle Ram do great at cleaning them up.


Royal Giant: Royal Giants are also seen a lot in the Arena. Use Inferno Tower or Goblin Gang to clean this Royal mess up. Put the Inferno in the anti-Lightning plant and make sure to place it when the Royal Giant crosses the bridge and is in range of the tower.

Golem/P.E.K.K.A./Giant : Go hard on the other lane so he cannot support the Golem. When he defends, just stop him with an Inferno Tower. Whatever you do, don’t let him get enough for Lightning. Make a 3-crown threat if you have to.

Lavahound: About the same as Golem. Don’t let him get the Loon down. If he does, kill it with Minions. Poison any Minion/MM support.


Miner: Defend with Goblin Gang / Minions. Don’t let him out chip you. If he Miner Poisons, use Bowler.


3 Muskets: When he pumps, immediately Battle Ram + Poison on the pump. You can fight the Muskets at the Bridge with Bowler + Gob Gang and Minions. Watch out for the Minion Horde.


Hog: You can use Goblin Gang, INferno Tower and Bowler. If you get outcycled, no offence but you’re garbage.


Bait: Poison on offence. You will always catch something justifiable. Use Bowler for Barrel and Zap for anything else. Otherwise, easy matchup.

That’s all for now, hope you enjoyed the guide!


Blasting Away…