Babystar’s Miner Poison Deck – China Top $30,000 Tournament Champion!

Hey guys,

Its Unstoppable again, here with a very high skill level burner deck that was previously used by Babystar to win the China Top Tournament of 2016.

It relies on the 6 minute length of tournament games and challenges to “burn” your opponent’s Elixir using the Barbarian Hut, Miner, and Poison to chip away.

It is great against the current meta in countering tanks, Hog Rider, Graveyard, and Zap bait. Lets get started!

Miner Poison

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Babystar’s Miner Poison Burner Deck

Clash Royale MinerMiner: The main win condition of this deck. A lone Miner at tournament standards does about 400 damage to a tower left alone. That is a decent amount of chip damage. If your opponent does not counter your Miner, you will be able to take his tower as long as you keep cycling to the Miner.

It is great to switch up your placements. If you are sending the Miner alone, I recommend placing it in front of the Crown Tower, or on the tile that is in the front corner of the opponent’s Crown Tower. This is the least predictable spot (also the hardest for your opponent to use Tornado to activate his King’s Tower).

If you notice your opponent countering with Archers, Minions, or Skeleton Army for instance, you will want to plant a Poison with the Miner at the same time. Miner + Poison combo is great for taking out an Elixir pump as well as getting off 200+ damage on your opponent’s Crown Tower. Never ever let your opponent Pump up.

If you counter your opponent’s push with Minions, a Miner will be great for tanking for them, especially if your opponent Zaps your Minions. Even Minions with 10% health + a Miner can take a tower down 1000s of HP points.

Clash Royale PoisonPoison: Such a useful spell in my opinion, even after its nerf after the Goison period. Poison now does enough damage to kill a Musketeer at tournament level standards if the Musketeer is in the Poison for long enough.

Because of its huge radius, you can Poison a large area, making it almost impossible to counter your Miner for a positive Elixir trade.

Most of the troops that can counter Miner are melee and will need to be dropped inside of your Poison spell to effectively counter your Miner.

It is great for gaining value against large swarms. If your opponent sends a Witch and Wizard from behind the King’s Tower, and they clump up together at the opponent Arena Tower, Poison + Log will take them out easily for a 4 Elixir positive trade.

Poison can easily take out Minion Horde for a positive Elixir trade as well.

Clash Royale ArchersArchers: Ever since the Kings Cup in November, Archers have slowly crept into the meta. They are cheap, ranged, and counter so many decks due to their relatively high damage. They survive many popular spells like Zap, Log, and Arrows.

The combined two shots of Archers do about the same as a Musketeer hit. Although they have less health, they are cheaper than a Musketeer and have a faster hitspeed.

Archers are best used on defense, however the Archer+Miner push is very strong as it is hard to counter without using an expensive spell like Fireball or an expensive troop.

On defense, it is best to position the Archers away from your Barbarian Hut against tanks, Hog Rider, and Lava Hound. This is because you do not want your opponent to Fireball the Archers as well as your defense at the same time. In general, it is never a good idea to clump units together anyway.

Splitting Archers behind your King’s Tower in the beginning of the game is a great move as it puts 1.5 Elixir’s worth of ranged units in each lane, so you do not have to invest too much and are able to support either Archer with a Miner if needed.

Archers are also a great Graveyard counter, which is in the meta as well.

Clash Royale MinionsMinions: Minions+ Miner is probably your best push, as Minions are hard to counter with spells (Fireball is a negative Elixir trade, Arrows is even, and Zap wont kill them).

They counter Lava Hound, Mega Minion, Archers, and Musketeer for positive Elixir trades. They do a ton of damage and are so valuable on defense as well (against Hog Rider, Valkyrie, Bowler, Bomber, any ground troop.

Minions are one of the best Graveyard counters as well. Often Graveyard users will have Fireball in their deck, so if they Fireball or Freeze your Archers, you can now use Minions to clean up the rest of the Graveyard for a huge positive Elixir trade of 3 Elixir.

Minions are great to destroy tanks as well.

Clash Royale Barbarian HutBarbarian Hut: One of the most underrated cards in the game is the Barbarian Hut. Many pros have actually been recently using this, including Backstab X.

It provides waves of two mini tanks every once in a while, has the most HP of any building, and can completely shut down tanks and Hog Rider.

If your opponent leaves your Barbarian Hut alone, it will take their tower down due to the Barbarian chip damage.


Basically a brick wall that constantly spawns waves of hardy mini tanks that cause massive damage.

What’s not to like about it?

A good example of a counter push is using Barbarian Hut to counter a Hog Rider. Split Archers behind the Barbarian Hut so one Archer follows the wave of Barbarians while you tank for the other Archer with your Miner. Split pushing with Barbarian Hut is incredibly effective, as it is hard to counter this for a positive Elixir trade.

Clash Royale Ice GolemIce Golem: I have said this before many times, Ice Golem offers insane value! Tanks a thousand hitpoints for your tower. Counters Musketeer, Archers, wizard, Bowler, distracts support troops so your Mega Minion can take them down, this troop is absolutely beast! It can even take a Skeleton Army down with its death damage, tank for your Archers or Miner, or chip a tower unattended 100 HP.

All this for just 2 Elixir??? Insane value both on defense and offense.

Even with the most recent nerf, its utility still hasn’t changed much.

Clash Royale The LongLog/Ice Spirit: An incredibly useful control card that is very much in the meta right now.

It controls Archers, Fire Spirits, Spear Goblins, Barbarians, Elite Barbarians, tanks, everything except for air units. Super useful for buying time.

If you don’t have The Log, the Ice Spirit is a very worthy replacement control card. It freezes units for just 1 Elixir. Along with Archers it can shut down a Minion Horde.

It is a great trick to allow the Ice Spirit to tank for the Miner so the Miner gets an additional 200 damage off. Place the Ice Spirit first then the Miner. The Ice Spirit will make it to the tower, chipping over 100 damage, as well as freezing it so the Miner gets additional damage off.

Both The Log and Ice Spirit are excellent cheap cycle control cards that offer so much value!

Sometimes if the opponent counters your Miner with a Skeleton Army, predict and prefire The Log.

Log is great at shutting down Zap bait decks as well as taking out annoying Princesses.

Clash Royale Mega MinionMega Minion: Even the last two nerfs didn’t do much to this card.

It still offers as much value as ever, oneshotting Archers, high DPS against tanks, destroys Minions 1 on 1, can take down a Musketeer or wizard if the Ice Golem tanks.

Although it is slow, it is hardy. Does not die to Fireball and offers insane value on defense.

Ice Spirit/Log + Mega Minion is great against Hog Rider if you don’t have enough Elixir for a Barbarian Hut.

Simply one of the best value cards in the game.


The idea behind this deck is to play a very strong defense with the Barbarian Hut in the middle of the lane at all times. This shuts down Hog Rider, tanks, even lava hound as it draws all building targeting tanks to the center. Further more, with its high HP, Fireballing it will not be worth it. Rocketing the Barbarian Hut will take a decent chunk of health off it, but is not worth it either. Lightning on the Barbarian Hut is not a positive Elixir trade. In fact, it is very hard to counter the Barbarian Hut properly. I will list some possible counters and how to deal with them effectively later on.

I like to start the game with the Barbarian Hut. If I don’t have it in hand, I may push with Miner+Minions combo, or split Archers behind my King’s Tower. These are all safe moves.

Many people counter the Barbarian Hut with a Musketeer. It is a good idea to send Miner and then Poison in this case, as you don’t want the Musketeer to completely destroy your Barbarians.

The same applies if they try to counter your Barbarian Hut with Princess, Ice Wizard, or Archers.

This deck is very strong against Hog Rider and standard tank combos due to the high HP of the Barbarian Hut.

The Miner Poison combo will continually chip off damage while you play ultra defense with the Barbarian Hut, Archers, Ice Golem, etc. This combo is deadly and very hard to stop especially over the 6 minute time length of the tourney. If you must, you can cycle Poisons while playing defense if your Miner is ineffective or easily stopped.

Possible counters to this deck and how to deal with them

Ice Wizard: Ice Wizard has a low DPS, however is a very effective counter against the Barbarian Hut. It slows down the waves of Barbarians, allowing it to counter up to 4 waves of Barbarians! Have no hesitation in Minering the Ice Wizard down. Or use Archers behind a wave of Barbarians to deal with it.

Princess: Miner/Log can defeat this annoying card that continually chips at your Barbarian Hut.

Lavaloon. This is the most difficult matchup. You will need to draw the LavaLoon into the center with the Barbarian Hut. The Barbarian Hut can tank up to 3 hits from the balloon, so use the Mega Minion to take out the balloon during this time. Archers will clean up the balloon and lava pups easily as well.

Bowler/Giant combos: The Bowler is great as it can continually knock back your waves of Barbarians. Counter this by distracting the Bowler with a Ice Golem while finishing the Bowler off with your Mega Minion.


  • Never overcommit: The Barbarian Hut is meant to take the bulk of the damage. Place a Mega Minion, Log, and Barbarian Hut to stop 1 Hog Rider is over kill. Let the Barbarian Hut take some damage, its fine.
  • If you are extremely low on Elixir, Miner to tank for low health units may not be the best choice. Sometimes you must save that Elixir to use on defense.
  • Miner+Poison may be too much Elixir. This is a 7 Elixir push. Normally I like to start the game by Miner+Minions instead of Miner+Poison. Learn your opponent counters to the Miner before you use Poison, so you know how to stop them. If they always counter your Miner with Skeleton Army, make sure to prefire Log or plant Poison the next time you send the Miner.

I hope you learned from this deck and have fun with it!