Arena 7 Witch Deck – Pushing from 1900 to 2400+ Trophies!

I’ve been playing this Arena 7 Witch Deck a lot recently and have had pretty good success with it (Climbed from 1900-2400 basically only losing 3 matches). I hope you will like this Witch as there aren’t many decent Witch decks right now. Thanks NA_Edxu very much for sharing this deck with us!

Arena 7 Witch Deck

Arena 7 Witch Deck


Let’s do some math on Witch. If we value Skeletons x4 at 1 elixir, each skeleton is worth ~0.25 Elixir, which means that for every spawn that the Witch gets, she effectively costs you 0.75 elixir less, since she spawns 3 at a time. The actual witch has about the same damage as a +5 level Archer x1, but has about double the health, so the Witch’s body is worth about the same as a 3-elixir Archers play in the long run. While other units give you “elixir advantage” by trading up (Arrows -> Minion Horde for +2 advantage), the Witch functions similarly to a hut by generating elixir AND creating elixir advantage.

  • Strong against: Prince, P.E.K.K.A, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Minion Horde, Minions, Spear Gobs, Archer
  • Weak against: Wizard, Fireball, Lightning, Valkyrie etc, basically all AoE

Witch should be played behind a Hog Rider or behind spear gobs so that she can keep spawning while the gobs/Hog Rider tank, as the skeletons that she spawns have absolutely ridiculous dps when unanswered.

Cannon is in the deck to improve our matchup against Hog Rider decks and to allow us to play a little bit more greedy with elixir collectors. Cannon should mostly be played in the center to draw aggro on defense, but you can also play it right on the river to help supplement your force’s damage when a fight breaks out on the river bridge.

Zap is a Swiss army knife in the deck. It greatly damages Minion Horde so that witch/spear gobs/tower can one-shot them, creating a large elixir advantage and opportunity for counter push. It can also reassign mortar aggro from your tower to a Cannon that you place right in front, possibly saving you a few hundred health. It can be used to briefly stun the Wizard, reassigning its aggro to the closest unit, hopefully your Hog Rider. Lastly, it can be used on defense against Prince/Dark Prince to stop their charge ability and give you some breathing room.

Skeletons are in the deck to cycle through the deck and supplement pushes with Spear Goblins. A staple early-game harassment play in this deck is Spear Goblins -> Skeletons behind. At 3 Elixir, your opponent won’t want to spend a Zap/Arrows to stop the push and will often end up letting it go, giving you ~450-500 damage on tower for the low low cost of 3 Elixir.


I’m not going to talk about Spear Goblins, because basically every deck has them and many other players are more knowledgeable than me. I recommend Orange Juice’s guide on advanced spear goblin tech.

Minion Horde is in the deck to destroy unsupported ground-based forces like P.E.K.K.A, Golem, Barbarians, Bomb Tower etc. I try to avoid playing these until I know the opponent’s entire deck, because they’re so easily countered by Arrows or Zap.

Hog Rider is used mainly as a split push supported by Skeletons/Gobs when the opponent commits to a lane (eg P.E.K.K.A drop, Golem drop, Mortar drop), and this will force your opponent to answer, so you can take out their drop in the other lane with relative ease.

Elixir Collector so that you can get the burst of Elixir needed to cycle through and play double witch when you want to push. Also usable on defense against Balloon/Giant Skeleton/Hog Rider in an emergency. Always try and play it in the middle of your side, favoring castle to draw aggro from both towers on attackers.


Mortar Decks: If you see bomb tower/inferno tower/Tesla being dropped randomly on the bridge, immediately commit to the other side with Hog Rider + whatever you’ve got. Because they committed a key defensive building to defending their Mortar, their defense is weakened and you can break through. Most Mortar users only commit when they have Mortar in hand, so that means that 1/4 of their hand is mortar, giving them less answers to your push.

Golem/P.E.K.K.A/Fat Tank: Right about when their tank crosses the river, send Hog Rider+Gobs+Skeletons on the other side and drop Minion Horde on top of the tank. This will force them to multitask between answering your push or committing to their push. Most of the time, they’ll be hovering Wizard/Bomber, so they might panic play the Wizard on the Hog side and their Giant will die for free to the Minion Horde. -Three Horsemen Deck(Hog/Prince/DP): You’ll want to try and manipulate aggro for this matchup. All three are easily countered by Minion Horde, but using the Cannon to split the Hog Rider will make your life a lot easier. Witch can be used to pull the Prince/DP across the lane and force them to travel a lot while massively overkilling skeletons.

This Deck: I’ve never played against this exact deck on ladder, but I’d imagine that you hold Witch/Zap to break Minion Horde and go on a hard counterpush with Hog Rider tanking and gobs/witch bringing up the back. Hold Skeletons and Cannon to kill Hog Rider when it comes.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please pm me. I’d love to hear your opinions!

  • Mr.Randomly Random

    What of your witch is lvl 1? I dont buy gems so could i still use it at lvl 1?

    • Will Potter

      Hello dude!
      I don’t know man :(. What is your level and what league are you in now mate?

    • WestPKMN

      I have gone on streaks with lvl 1 Witch. You just need proper support for it. Don’t play it if you don’t have hog at that moment.

  • Trump Wall
    • Will Potter

      You cant contact me via the facebook fanpage buddy!

  • aleander clash

    Replace the canon with bomb tower. Hut decks are back even in Arena 7. Great answer for those pesky spammers. Atleast you get the draw.

    • Will Potter

      Truly I love draw and usually try to get the draw, especially when I face Hut decks or Rocket deck lol.

  • Monad
  • JH

    please advise a deck to counter mortar deck. damn annoying to me.

  • Pekka

    Best Clash Royale Decks, Strategies, Guides and more
    Good day!

  • Robmob3000

    How can I replace elixer collector?

    • Will Potter

      You can replace it with Tombstone buddy! Just give it a try! Good luck!

      • Robmob3000

        Thank you!

        • Will Potter

          You are very welcome man!

    • WestPKMN

      I have used this deck and I don’t suggest replacing it. It builds up elixir during your defense so you can counter right after. I suggest other decks if you don’t have it.

      • Robmob3000

        But I don’t have elixer collector…

        • WestPKMN

          Which is why I say to not use this deck, but it is my opinion.

        • Will Potter

          Please read his last sentence dude xD

      • Will Potter

        Agree with you man!

  • Boti Szakacs

    With this deck(2 witch, 6 skele, 7 zap, 7 cannon, 7 spear gobs, 7 minion horde, 5 hog rider and 3 elixir(numbers equal with level of cards) I cought the Royale Arena, thanks for sharing this deck 🙂

    • Will Potter

      Nice. Glad to hear that dude! Congrats and thank you very much for sharing this!

    • Ultimit☆Cuest

      How? I haven’t yet used this deck but I plan to. Is the general strategy to swarm???

  • Daniel Gao

    Hello, I’m Gaodzilla, and I’m here for an amazing arena 7 deck that got me from to throphies. Now first off, I’m here to tell you that this is an Offensive/control deck, similar to another deck that I will show soon.


    The main damage dealer in this deck. At the high price of 7 elixer, you will need to put this card in the front of your arena tower, or in the very back. It serves as an amazing tank and powerful offense. This can be replaced by Giant Skeleton.

    This is your go-to card to counter minion horde and barbarians. When your P.E.K.K.A is slowly going to the bridge, put this card behind it for some Major Firepower!

    Dark Prince
    The point of this card is to push the P.E.K.K.A. Yes, Push the slow P.E.K.K.A. It is your second card to counter Barbarians.

    Elixer Collecter
    You gotta spend elixer to make elixer.

    Yes, I’m using the minions. The minions are a powerful card at only 3 elixer. The great thing about it is that most players don’t have the natural instinct to arrow them. Most olayers think of them as spear goblins, and that their arena tower can take tephem out in one or two shots. But no, these little demon-things can wreck an army, as it quickly wipes out barbarians.

    Fire Spirits
    These are used to take out Minion Horde, and are like 3 wizard fireballs. At the cost of 2 elixer, these little coal pack quite the punch!

    Spear Goblins
    Okay, first, why are you reading this? You know what to do with Spear Goblins. Use them as weaker but more versitile Archers.


    Game Plan

    Early 2 minutes left
    Try to scout out what cards your opponent have. Don’t do many major pushes, and try to play defensively. The largest amount of elixer you should spend for a push is 6. Place down your elixer collecter as soon as possible

    Middle, 1 minute left
    Now you can place diwn your P.E.K.K.A down. Put it in the back and keep on cycling though Dark Prince and Wizard, until you have 2 of everything. LITERALLY. Now crush your opponent.

    P.E.K.K.A- Inferno, which is why you have Dark Prince
    Dark Prince- Barbs from all 4 sides.
    Wizard- Barbs.
    Elixer collecter- rocket
    Everything else- Fireball
    need more? Check out Imperial Gaming’s Video on this deck.

    I dint know how to post cuz im a noob at pastebox, so yeah

    • Will Potter

      Sounds stunning! Thanks for sharing buddy!

  • Sady

    Hi! this is a great guide imho. I just have one question. after the Skeletons being reduced to 3, is it still worth it or would you replaces it for Goblins, which cost one more elixir but the dmg is insane.
    thank you for an answer and good luck to all my enemies

    • Will Potter

      Thank you so much Sady! Enjoy!