Arena 7 Prince Rocket Deck: Easily push to Royale Arena

Hello my friends, today I am going to recommend lyingroyale’s new Arena 7 Deck to you guys, which successfully helped him push to 2300 trophies at level 7. I tested this Arena 7 Deck yesterday in Arena 6 and after 10 battles, I got 7 wins, which is very impressive! The latest 20 games from lyingroyale had 16 wins, 2 draws, and 2 losses. Sounds great?

Arena 7 Deck with Prince

Arena 7 Prince Rocket Deck

The use of Cards

Spear Goblins

Spear Goblins is are still a key of this deck. They are extremely useful for both offense and defense. When they get protected by a tanker, they can deal a decent amount of damage to everything. At start, If I have this card on my hand, I usually drop it right onto the bridge to deal some decent damage to the opponent tower. When you reach 10 Elixir and don’t have any great card to use, simply drop the Goblins to deal some damage. With just 2 Elixir cost, this card is extremely useful for the rotation.

On defense, for better elixir trades, you want to make sure Spear Goblins are not being targeted by any splash damaging troops as their HP are not good at all. In most case, you should drop other troops or buildings in front of them for soaking damage. Also, Spear Goblins are very useful at luring the enemy troops to the middle so your Towers will have more time to hit.
On offense, make sure you have a tanker in front of them since they can be easily killed by most troops.


This is the main spell of this deck to get ahead in Elixir. I usually use it to deal with Minion Horde and Goblins Barrels also. Never use Zap unless you are going to take a lot of damage without it. Don’t Zap 3 Spear Goblins coming along towards your Tower but you should zap 3 Spear Goblins behind a tanker.

If your prince gets distracted by Goblins, Skeletons or Archers, just Zap them as soon as possible and also make a great Elixir trade as Zap costs only 2 Elixir. A Zap can rip the whole Skeleton Army. You will love it for sure!

You can replace Zap with Arrows but Zap can give you more Elixir advantage. Also, Arrows is a bit slow and not fast enough to clear Goblins/Skeletons in some cases.


Cannon is the main defensive building of this Deck. It is very excellent against Dark Prince, Hog Rider, Hut Decks, Giant, P.E.K.K.A, Giant Skeleton and other troops. Cannon is very cheap and perfect for its purpose. Along with Spear Goblins, I usually drop Cannon at the start. Just don’t place it too soon and don’t place it at first If your opponent drops Elixir Collector at the start. Also, you will want to hold your Cannon and wait for the opponent Hog/Giant/Prince/…

I prefer Cannon to Tesla because Cannon gives you better trades and also helps you lure troops easier. Tesla can’t lure Balloons If the opponenets place them at the corner.


This is a great card with good damage, decent HP and excellent at killing Baby Dragon, Balloon,.. she can take down goblins before getting hit by them and also snipe down Cannon with ease. After a successful defend against Balloon, you can drop your tanker and launch a big push.

Minion Horde

The Minion Horde is extremely useful at defending with their impressive DPS. Unless they are getting hit, they can take out almost everything within seconds. When they are taking out tankers, you can drop Prince after the tanker to take down support splash damaging troops and keep your Minions safe for the next push.


On defense against Hog and Balloon Freeze Decks, always use your Cannon or Musketeer first and wait until they drop the Freeze to release your Minion Horde. Sometimes, Zap is not enough to deal with Barrel Decks, then you should use Minion Horde.

If you know that the opponent doesn’t have any splash damaging card on his hand, you can play your Minion Horde offensively which can deal hundreds damage to their towers but you also need to make sure he won’t use Balloon in the next turn.

If you have neither Spear Goblins or Cannon at the start, launching a sneak push with Prince and Minion Horde is not bad at all, especially If the opponent drops defensive building or Elixir Collector at first.


Barbarians, the most popular cards in Clash Royale. They can easily counter the Prince, have nice HP and awesome damage. At the same level, Prince takes out a Barbarian with 2 hits, which is very nice. Some players say they are too expensive for the purpose of countering the Prince and there are better options but after a defend, you still have 2 Barbarians and you can start launching a big push them them. Otherwise, 3 Spear Goblins behind 2 Barbarians always can deal a decent amount of damage.

Similar to Minion Horde, you want to play Barbarians in order to deal with P.E.K.K.A, Prince, Giant,… Although they have pretty nice HP, you may still want to take out support troops after those tankers, especially splash damaging support troops.

On offense, use them when your opponent already used splash damaging cards (Fireball/Wizard/…). If your opponent use Barbarians to deal with your Barbarians, throw the Rocket right onto the tower to take down those Barbarians and deal additional damage to the Tower.


Prince is the primary win condition in this Deck as he deals a lot of damage onto the opponent’s Tower. Our gameplan is to let your Prince locks on the enemy Tower, along with him, use other troops such as Spear Goblins or Musketeer to deal massive damage.

I usually use Zap to clear out Skeletons/Goblins on my way. Most defenses can’t stop the Prince unless they have the same Elixir cost. Also, don’t play your Prince If you know your opponent still has Barbarians on his hand.

Sometimes, you may want to use Prince defensively against Golem and PEKKA decks but you should drop him behind for support high DPS troops and you other troops to take down PEKKA and Golem.


I haven’t seen many players using Rocket in game and I really want to introduce this card with you. Rocket can be effectively used to counter Elixir Collectors. X-Bow, P.E.K.K.A, Golem,… Rocket is an amazing card which deals massive damage onto everything.

Shooting a Rocket on an Elixir Collectors will take down it immediately before it can generate anything, also deal additional ~400 damage to tower/troops nearby. If the opponent places his Collector in the middle, it’s better to just ignore it. If you don’t have the Rocket on your hand, the next target for it should be either X-Bow or Golem/PEKKA.

X-Bow decks have the X-Bow as the only one win condition. If you constantly Rocket their X-Bows, there is no way for them to win, for sure. If there are both X-Bow and Collector on the ground, I prioritize X-Bow over Elixir Collector as defending against X-Bow is tiring.
If you your opponent launches a massive 15+ Elixir push, you may want to rocket the Wizard/Baby Dragon/support troops behind.
If your opponent uses non of these, you still can play Rocket to take out Witch/Barbarians/… If you can damage the tower as well.

MusketeerWizard/Baby Dragon


  • Golem/PEKKA: Use Rocket on Elixir Collector and defend with everything you have. Don’t rocket the Collector If PEKKA/Golem is already placed, rocket troops behind them and deal with Golem/PEKKA with your troops.
  • X-Bow Decks: Rocket X-Bow and push the other lane.
  • Mortar Decks: Rocket Mortar, push the other lane. Sometimes you can trade Cannon with Mortar.
  • Dark Prince + Prince: Use Barbarians + Minions, Rocket Elixir Collector.
  • Hog-Freeze: Use Cannon and drop Barbarians/Minions after freeze.
  • Balloon-Freeze: Drop Musketeer and drop Minion Horde after Freeze.
  • Barrel-Freeze: After freeze, use Minion Horde.
  • Hut Decks: Rocket Huts and defend with Cannon/Musketeer. Push the other lane with Prince.

Okay thanks for reading guys! I hope you can get a lot of trophies with this outstanding Deck! Don’t forget to share this Deck with your friends If you like it!

  • aimos

    This deck doesnt work for me 🙁

    • aleander clash

      mate, no deck is perfect. it depends on your cards level and execution. there always someone who can outrun you with a cheap deck bcoz he/she is more experienced in this game. Some of us just started playing it as android was last to receive clash royal whereas IOS ppl have been playing it b4 us.

      • sepehr pirhayati

        yeah, i think its true

    • Will Potter

      Hello mate,
      It’s because of: Your card levels, your level, your playstyle,…

  • Adam

    I luv Barbs cause srsly no one is dumb enough to place a solo Prince. They usually at least place a Musketeer or Spear Gobs behind, and the Barbs still can single handedly destroy the whole rush.

    • Will Potter

      Great share! Thank you so much Adam!

  • Tee Jay

    Hey will. I only have prince lvl 1 so what can i substitute with it ? Or you recommend using lvl 1 prince. And i have lvl 2 lighting so i guess will switch on rocket.

    • Will Potter

      Level 1 Prince is a bit weak but I think you can use him to push to at least Arena 6!

      • Jack

        Can i use lvl 2 prince to get to arena 7? My barbs are lvl 7 btw.

        • Floppy Kong

          Definitely, I got to ~2200 trophies with this deck (but i subbed wizard for musketeer) before I got my level 3 prince.

  • sepehr pirhayati

    my deck likes it but with some diffrent things 😀 i have arrow instead of zap(however i have zap! 😀 but i think arrow is better)and tesla instead of cannon and bomber instead of rocket and the other troops are like this deck:D is it good? or if you think some part of this base is not good tell me :D(im in arena 5 lvl6) and in 1500(trophy) 😀 and an other question 😀 i have 2700 coins and i want to buy a card:D which card do you think its better for me in arena 5( i think i need xbow) becouse i saw many players in the arena 5 and they had just xbow! and with it they have won me 🙁 they just put xbow in the corner and tried for keep xbow safe (sorry if my english didnt good:( ) and these are my troops

    • Will Potter

      Hey dude!
      Thank you very much for sharing this. I hope more and more players will share their own Decks on ClashRoyaleArena in the future!

      • sepehr pirhayati

        Yw 😀

  • sepehr pirhayati

    and the last part of my troops 😀

  • Chayuth Jiraphanvanich

    I have a question which deck is suitable for ice wizard i really like to play this guy but i cant find any deck that suitable for him

    • Will Potter

      Hello mate,
      Truly I haven’t seen any decent deck for the Ice Wizard.
      Did you try some Decks by referring top player’s decks mate?

      • Chayuth Jiraphanvanich

        Actually i am tried almost every deck which u posted and its very useful thank you for post these fantastic deck. I have another question about the rocket do i should keep the rocket till the opponent send their troop near tower so what if yhe opponent send such as witch etc near the brridge how can i use the rocket

        • Will Potter

          Hello man.
          It depends on lots of things but If you can 1 hit a troop which is more than 5 Elixir with your Rocket, just Rocket it!

  • Hasan Dzily

    this deck is pretty good but i would prefer tesla than cannon. btw which is better lightning spell or rocket?

    • Will Potter

      It depends on your Deck Hasan. If you have enough damage dealer, you should use Lightning Spell :D.

      • Wesley Van den Berg

        Hey Will…. does this mean you’d prefer to use Lightning Spell over rocket? (I have both 🙂

        • Will Potter

          Yes, Lightning Spell is better for this Deck. Sorry about my late reply mate!

          • Stephen Leung

            i have lv2 lightning and lv5 rockets … which do you think I should use? rockets can kill xbow and elixir collectors, but lightning can kill wizards and musketeers easily … I’m so torn between them

          • Will Potter

            Hello mate, Tesla is the main damage dealer of this deck. Just use it!

          • Stephen Leung

            … that didn’t quite make sense, given my previous comments -_-“

          • Will Potter

            My bad in the previous comment LOL. So sorry buddy!
            Just use it! The Rocket!

      • Hasan Dzily

        ok then i will replace rocket with lightning and tesla with cannon because the update 😀

        • Will Potter

          I hope you can get a lot of more trophies with the deck dude :D.

    • Stephen Leung

      after the recent HUGE tesla nerf, maybe cannon is better 😉

      • Will Potter


  • Mr.Randomly Random

    This deck is actually good but the only problem is the only splash damaging card is zap,(its not smart and very tough to use rockets on defense due to its high cost and low radius…) how do you deal with a goblin barrel using this deck? i dont think zap is enough to kill goblin barrel goblins… Very impressed with this deck!

    • Will Potter

      I will try to make a video for this deck as soon as possible. Thank you buddy!

      • Floppy Kong

        Once I get the cards on my 2nd account (that I play on bluestacks), I’ll make some videos. I have climbed up from ~1400 trophies up to 1800 with this deck on my phone account and really enjoy the play style.

        • Will Potter

          Awesome. I’m very glad to hear that Floppy! Thank you very much!

  • Bambang petrus

    Can rocket replaced by Fireball?

    • Will Potter

      Hello Bambang,
      Rocket is the main damage dealer of this deck. You just can’t replace it with anything else!

  • Kolten Zak

    Awesome deck. Just won 4 straight, 2 being higher level than me. Props

    • Will Potter

      Awesome! Thanks for sharing this buddy!

  • Hazmat

    Hi. Can I switch minions for minion horde as do not have minion horde. And can I swap zap for lightning, arrows, fireball or rocket. As don not have zap?

    • Will Potter

      Yes you can try to do that buddy :D.

  • Carlos

    Really really good deck!
    I’ve climbed up 370 trophies in 48h! (from low trophy arena 5 to 1850 arena 6)

    Here’s my experience with this deck so far.

    So I was looking for a decent deck since I had been on a loosing streak for the past few days. At earlier levels I was always on the same arena as my level (eg: lvl4 at arena 4) which is great, but since lvl6 I only made it to arena 6 once for a few hours.

    Currently at lvl7, I was struggling to even get close to arena 6! I came across this deck and I cannot express how effective it is.

    It seems like a simple, powerless deck, but trust me – it’s the opposite.

    The author explained very well the best way to play it, so I sugest you take a read.

    However, I did change one card that seems to be a bit useless if you’re at arena 5 – the rocket.

    In the first 12-15 games, I probably only used the rocket 3 or 4 times. Why? X-bow / mortar users are rare in this arena, and I wasn’t dealing with to many hut spammers. So I decided to replace the 6 elixir rocket for a 4 elixir fireball.
    This little tweak made the deck even better because the fireball is cheaper, faster to hit the target and also has a slightly bigger range.

    In just 24h I went from 1485 trophies to 1750. Another 24h and I’m currently sitting at 1850.

    Now, I do recommend to use the rocket once you get to arena 6. It deals much better with barb huts, elixir pumps and groups of troops behind a tanker. Heres a little example of how I use the rocket to gain elixir advantage:

    Eg: Opponent counters with pekka(7), wiz(5), bomber(3) and spear gobs(2) – total 17 elixir cost
    Counter: cannon to lure the pekka (3), rocket to destroy all troops behind it (6), mosketeer to finish of pekka (4) – total 13 elixir cost. You can even place spear gobs if the Pekka doesn’t die with the mosketeer, and still profit 2 elixir.

    -Whatever cards your opponent uses behind a tank like a Pekka or Golem, if they are all grouped the rocket will finish them off.

    The best enemy card to deal with this deck is the bomb tower IMO. Usually I use minion horde to take it out, but they often have arrows ready. It’s a bit of a pain to get it down, so I advice you to be patient. Using the rocket is a bit expensive and you might get countered right after, so play with caution.

    Well I guess that’s it! I’m having a blast using this deck.

    For the record, my stats are around:

    40 games / 24W / 11L / 5D


    • Will Potter

      Thanks for the great share my friend! I really appreciate it!

  • Floppy Kong

    My main arena 7 account (highest trophies: 2545) uses this deck except i sub wizard in for musketeer. I find this really helpful behind the prince to insta kill minion hordes that they might use to counter or other minion groups. It’s also nice to drop the wizard in the middle of a pack of barbs and then they cant drop there barbs directly on top of him.

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for the great share as always buddy xD.

    • Albert Wilcox

      Good point surrounding the wizard with barbs. I never thought of that

      • Will Potter

        Yea I mentioned this a lot!

  • Albert Wilcox

    I found that it works a lot better with wizard subbed for musketeer. This is because there are no high damage splash troops, and the wizard is a great option, helping back up the prince to become almost unstoppable.

    • Will Potter

      Thank you so much for sharing this Albert!

  • Rowan Adams Waters

    I’m using a variation of this battle deck and it’s working great! Thanks for posting this!

    • Will Potter

      Glad to hear that my friend!